“Aliens” From Ancient Babel

Dr. Michael LaitmanHumanity is a collection of the parts of the existing desire to receive. Generally these parts are divided into the “seventy nations of the world.”

Besides, there is a desire to bestow that is external to our reality, the Godly part from Above, the attribute of bestowal. It was first revealed as the “point of the heart” of Adam HaRishon (first man), and later was revealed in the twenty generations that lived from Adam HaRishon to Abraham.

When it came to Abraham, this desire rose to a higher level and he began to publicize the method of the correction of the egoistic desire by the “point in the heart.” Then suddenly thousands of other people were discovered in ancient Babel with this inclination. When Abraham gathered them, they separated themselves from the environment of the Babylonians and moved to the Land of Canaan. The purpose of this transition was so they would unite as “one man in one heart.” This is what each one’s “point in the heart” demanded.

Thus the group that is led by the spark and which acts according to the attribute of bestowal and doesn’t belong to this world, which is absorbed in the desire to receive, was created. Abraham’s followers seemed to be ordinary people but they belonged to the spiritual world. They were like “aliens” in their attributes, their attitude; everything among them was infused in mutual bestowal, which means that it matched the attributes of the upper world.

This is the reason that the people of Israel are not part of the other nations of the world, with the seventy different desires to receive. It is a separate special desire aimed at bestowal.

Later in order to increase this inclination of bestowal, the children of Israel received the hardening of the desire to receive, called the “Exile in Egypt.” In Egypt something special happened—Abraham’s group entered this vessel, “absorbed” its desires, and left it. First it only had GE and now it received AHP.

When they left Egypt the children of Israel received an addition to Abraham’s method, called Moses’ Torah, which enabled them to correct the “Egyptian” ego. When they corrected it, they created a wonderful spiritual vessel called “the First Temple.”

But later this vessel was shattered because of the connection with external vessels, desires. After all, the First Temple that the children of Israel built was only their own corrected vessel, their own end of correction. They turned into bestowal the whole desire to receive they took from Egypt and absorbed into them. It was only part of the work, and then they fell once more from their level and got closer to the nations of the world in the “exile of Babel.”

Then the sons of Israel finally sank into the vessel of the nations of the world, in one last exile, which lasts until our days, in order to mix with them.

As a result, everything is mixed in our current world: There isn’t the smallest part of AHP that doesn’t contain GE, and there isn’t the smallest part of GE that doesn’t contain AHP. The ten tribes that disappeared during the time of the First Temple also added to that. There are no more vessels of GE or of AHP in their pure form if we speak about the internal essence and not about external expressions of the “genes.”

Now comes the next stage, in which we have to differentiate the parts of GE from AHP, to raise them and to correct them. Then we have to correct the parts of AHP that are in GE and then the parts of GE that are in AHP, and finally just before the end of correction the true AHP. This is the process.

GE is the people of Israel as we see it. In the second stage, its correction will influence the AHP that is in GE and then it will be the turn of the parts of Israel that are in the nations of the world, and the pure AHP will be corrected at the end.

"Aliens" From Ancient Babel

From the 3rd part to the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/19/12, “The Arvut (Mutual Guarantee)”

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What Is Darkness For The Ego Is Light For Me

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe group is the AHP of the upper. I have to annul myself, to give up my AHP and to remain only in GE in order to adhere to the AHP of the group. There I feel darkness and despite that, I have to annul myself and to incorporate with the friends.

This is our work. Now too we are in two Partzufim, in the upper and in the lower. I am below the Machsom (barrier), and the upper intentionally lowers his AHP, the group, to me. If I want to connect with it, with the friends, I have to leave only the GE with me. There is no other choice.

What actions are required in order to do that?

First of all, is the annulment of my own AHP (1). Next, I have to intensify my GE as much a possible. I annul them by that (↓), and then I can connect to the upper (→), to see it and to receive it.

The upper seems like darkness, and I am ready to receive it that way. It is good for me, since it is the upper, and I value it. It is depicted as darkness for my ego, but it is good for my “faith above reason.”

The moment I annul myself before the upper, we become one vessel, and then it already gives me the feeling of greatness, of connection, of expansion. It is simply because our GE and AHP together make up ten Sefirot.

Then it isn’t the AHP of the upper any more but my AHP of the upper. It is like a child who says, “This is my Dad! This is my Mom!” by that he understands that they belong to him.

In addition, this upper has his own GE and AHP, which is a totally different AHP from the one he displays to me.

But the upper remains in a state of smallness and begins to raise our ten common Sefirot, the AHP to which I am adhered and my GE, and then I transcend the Machsom.

What Is Darkness For The Ego Is Light For Me
By that we should understand that we have no other AHP and no other upper but the group.
From the 3rd part to the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/19/12, “The Arvut (Mutual Guarantee)”

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Different From Birth, Equal In Our Goal

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What do I have to aspire to, the greatness of the friends or equality with them? What is the true connection?

Answer: You have to aspire for unity with the friends, as one man in one heart. You rise above them in order to impress them with the message of the greatness of the goal, and you lower your head before them in order to receive the message of the greatness of the goal.

Otherwise, it will be as if you are equal, as if you neutralize one another, which means that you don’t impress one another. It is easiest to be “equal” to one another by turning our back to one another: “This is yours and this is mine.” Then I don’t compare what you have with what I have. Even if we just pretend to be equal, I still live calmly and have no complaints.

But true equality means that we want to connect and to impress one another with the greatness of the Creator as much as possible. In order to do that, we annul ourselves and value the society as much as possible. So all of us, who are created so differently from one another by the Creator, become truly equal, equal with regard to the goal.

If we yearn to bestow upon one another, if we yearn to subdue ourselves before the friends, if we yearn to ascend and to see the Creator as greater, if we only yearn for Him, if we want to connect, to restrict ourselves, to annul ourselves and to adhere to Him, we become equal by that. Eventually our goal is to connect with Him. By incorporating with Him, we all become equal even in the attributes by which we differ from birth. It is the Creator who has made us different and so by incorporating in Him the inequality disappears.
From the 1st part to the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/18/12, Writings of Rabash

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Two Roots From Which A Tree Grows

Dr. Michael LaitmanIf a person includes two roots, his ego that so far has been simply a corporeal ego and now turns into a real evil inclination and a spiritual spark, this is already a preparation for two lines. Without this he doesn’t even have one line, since one line indicates that that there is another line, another direction.

Without it, it is simply a desire to receive that belongs to the animal level, while the human level begins when two lines begin to grow in a person, as it says: “God has created them one in contrast to the other.” Then the third line appears, which decides between the first two lines; a Light comes from Above and ties the left and the right lines according to a person’s work, and builds the form of a human.

So a human is created when these two elements appear in him: a desire to receive and in contrast to it the spiritual spark. His desire to receive isn’t just a corporeal desire for this life that looks for ways to use others and to profit more. It already gives birth to questions a person has according to the spark that illuminates on him and demands him to ask: “What is the meaning of my life and what I should do with it?” This means that his desire is already aimed at complaining to the Creator in the left line.

When a person begins to develop these two lines, he reaches a group. First he doesn’t understand what he needs it for. He begins to study, and in the meantime he doesn’t know why. But then the two lines develop in him.

He begins to go through different states for the first time: ascents and descents. The first stage of preparation ends when he understands that the importance of the goal has to be above every private state he feels.

He may be in such a critical state that his life is in danger, but he still has to be above this state, as it says: “Even if a sharp sword is placed on his neck, he shouldn’t despair of mercy.” This means that you still have to be above that feeling.

It is the same in the opposite state: No matter which state of greatness he may feel, which makes him recognize the greatness of the goal, whether a state of elation, love for the friends, euphoria, he must still understand that it all happens because he is given an illumination from Above and he is like a small kid under the full domination of the upper force.

There is no need to annul or to suppress these states in you, like people who sometimes repress their joy in order to seem more serious. Here a person should try to intensify and to deepen these states as much as he can, both the fear and the gratitude, both his ego and his adhesion to bestowal. But he himself should want to be above these feelings, in order to examine them and to control them.
From the 1st part to the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/18/12, Shamati #212

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Kabbalists Write Only About What They Have Already Corrected

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe Book of Zohar, “Aharei-Mot,” item 316: When they do things that are wrong and leave the correct path, the morality of the right, the Light of Hassadim. And the left dominated the right vessel. Then there are incests, and the Dinim are revealed in Bina and in Malchut, which is pubic disclosure. Woe to the villains that bring this about in the world, since they will not be blessed from Above, before the villains below will perish. As it says, and all the villains are gone, my soul blesses the Lord, halleluiah.

There isn’t one word in The Zohar that was not written from the middle line, where bestowal is above receiving; the right line is on top of the left line. Here they are balanced: The left line provides the “matter,” the desire, and the right line provides the form, the intention.

So even if we read in the Torah about terrible things, we should understand that it is about forms of bestowal. Everything in Kabbalah books is holy and even Pharaoh is holy.

All the villains in the Torah are clarifying the middle line and putting together a “topic” for it. A Kabbalist can reveal them only through the correction in the middle line and only then does he write about it in the book. So all the words, all the names in the Torah are holy, and they are expressions of bestowal.

So we have to relate to the words of The Zohar like to expressions of connection and love. In fact there is no difference between what seems attractive and what doesn’t.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/16/12, The Book of Zohar

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The Way Of The World Group

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Which way is our world group going? How can we connect the internal work, unity, and what is expected in the Novosibirsk convention? How do we see our future way?

Answer: We deal with internal unity as if there is no external world and there is only us, the world group alone, and we have to unite to such an extent that we will reach the level that within this unity we will begin to feel the upper world, the attribute of bestowal, mutuality, connection, and love.

The upper force, the upper state, the next level of our existence, will be revealed in that. It is a movement inward toward our unity.

There is another movement, a movement outward toward the rest of humanity. There we don’t speak about Kabbalah, but only about unity as a necessary action in order to bring the whole world to a balanced state, to resemble nature, the general law of balance and general harmony.

These two actions are seemingly opposite and many of us find it difficult to unite them internally. But the movement inward is our personal movement that is common to all those who study Kabbalah. In it there is everything we learn from the sources.

We change the same material a little, by changing its external form, getting rid of the Kabbalistic terms and leaving only the concepts of cooperation, connection, and mutual guarantee, which we disseminate outward as we call people to notice that our unity will make us equal to nature and will thus remove all the negative phenomena in life. By that we want to draw people to unity, to ascend. After all, they don’t know what a spiritual ascent is, what the next level of our development is, and why nature obligates us to reach it.

These two opposite movements evoke in a person and in the groups great internal conflicts, disagreements, and separations. People don’t know exactly how to act, what to actually do, and whether they should delve into the matter or mingle with the external movement.

We get many questions about that and although on the whole we have been dealing with this for quite a while, many people who have not really entered the system of the change in the world and man as the leading part of the world, begin to acknowledge this now.

So there is a lot of confusion, and we have to put an end to it.

Otherwise, it will lead to great misunderstandings in the groups, and the friends will not understand one another. One will be drawn inward and another outward and suddenly the groups will be divided and will become smaller, and people will leave as some of them do not accept this.

People don’t understand that on the whole our role is to create such a force, such an opportunity, by our internal unity that the upper force will be revealed in us and we will be able to spread it to other people who are attracted to us, not because the upper world and its attainment interest them, but because they see the need to unite by what nature offers us today; for ordinary people it is a call of nature.

I hope that everyone will gradually understand this and whoever still feels that he is still divided internally and cannot internalize these two opposite trends, will accept it and acknowledge it and will start working in the two directions.

I understand that it isn’t simple for a person, but we have to separate the two trends. A person has to clarify that our internal unity, what we deal with in the lessons and in the workshops belongs only to us, the world Bnei Baruch group; and what we do with the 99% of the population is not Kabbalah anymore, but mutual guarantee, integral education, etc.
From a Virtual Lesson 10/14/12

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Preventing A Negative Reaction From Nature

Dr. Michael LaitmanUsually, we are afraid of war as if it were the most frightening thing. But the threat isn’t in that. The threat is in the response of nature: It can suddenly respond with such tsunamis, eruptions of volcanoes, or earthquakes that any atomic war will seem like a little toy.

However, in principle, the world is beginning to grasp what is happening, and today it’s already possible to talk and see that a broad audience understands the need for integral education at least. It is more difficult with upbringing: People still can’t imagine how it can be done since we are speaking about a large mass of people.

However, the Internet and the rest of the network services can, if desired, yield almost immediate results. If we examine this in groups of a few hundred people, we see that within a few lessons, people actually begin to understand their state and change drastically.

The matter is that we are mutually interconnected, meaning that 1) a common network connects all of humanity, 2) within us, it connects the flora, the fauna, and the still parts of nature, and 3) all these four spheres are interconnected. Thus when we, our students, our organization, the people who understand and feel think about and live this, then this is what happens. We see a great influence on the world.

In other words, the world is beginning to discover quite clearly this integral mutual connection whereby our thoughts and desires begin to work for one another. This is why in this network that is concealed from us, our inner work is also very important.
From KabTV’s “Building a Social Environment” 9/25/12

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News From The Book Fair In Frankfurt

The message from our friends, who participated in the book fair:
Thank you for your thoughts for our success at the Frankfurt Book Fair; we couldn’t do this without you. And indeed, we were successful in our continued efforts to share the authentic wisdom of Kabbalah with the world.

During the book fair, Kabbalah Books forged many new contacts with publishers, distributors, and booksellers and strengthened our existing relationships.

Also testimony to our success is that while overall book fair attendance was lower than usual, Kabbalah Books visitor traffic was higher than ever. Rav has stated that one day, we will be the only booth left.

With the addition of more than 20 new publishers, we hopefully will publish many new books.

News From The Book Fair In Frankfurt
Since October last year we published 32 books in foreign languages (not including 19 books in Hebrew and Russian): 4 in English, 2 in Spanish, 3 in Germany, 5 in Turkey, 3 in Taiwan, 1 in China, 3 in Macedonia, 3 in Georgia, 2 in Hungary, 1 Italy, 1 in the Czech Republic, 1 in Finland, 1 in Norway, and 1 in Sweden.

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Toward The New World Through Integral Interaction

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Is it possible that our aspiration toward the new integral level in our relationships will become the solution to a person’s suffering?

Answer: I am confident that integral unity will be able to distribute all pluses and minuses of the modern society in such a way that they all will become balanced. This harmony will be sensed by everyone.

It really will calm down everyone not only within the society’s relationships, but also in the political, economic, upbringing, and educational areas. It will lift humanity to a totally different level.

People will begin sensing that they live in the integral world, in the world of whole nature. I think that we will see a different world precisely through the expansion of integral interaction.
From KabTV’s “Building the Social Environment,” 9/24/12

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Daily Kabbalah Lesson – 10.21.12

Preparation to the Lesson

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Rabash – The Social Writings, “Love of Friends”

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The Book of ZoharSelected Excerpt “Aharei-Mot,” Item 369, Lesson 27

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Talmud Eser Sefirot, Volume 3, Part 8, “Ohr Pnimi,” (Starting with: “AVI de Atzilut, being ZAT de HB de BON“), Item 31, Lesson 19

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“Matan Torah (The Giving of the  Torah)”

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