The Way Of The World Group

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Which way is our world group going? How can we connect the internal work, unity, and what is expected in the Novosibirsk convention? How do we see our future way?

Answer: We deal with internal unity as if there is no external world and there is only us, the world group alone, and we have to unite to such an extent that we will reach the level that within this unity we will begin to feel the upper world, the attribute of bestowal, mutuality, connection, and love.

The upper force, the upper state, the next level of our existence, will be revealed in that. It is a movement inward toward our unity.

There is another movement, a movement outward toward the rest of humanity. There we don’t speak about Kabbalah, but only about unity as a necessary action in order to bring the whole world to a balanced state, to resemble nature, the general law of balance and general harmony.

These two actions are seemingly opposite and many of us find it difficult to unite them internally. But the movement inward is our personal movement that is common to all those who study Kabbalah. In it there is everything we learn from the sources.

We change the same material a little, by changing its external form, getting rid of the Kabbalistic terms and leaving only the concepts of cooperation, connection, and mutual guarantee, which we disseminate outward as we call people to notice that our unity will make us equal to nature and will thus remove all the negative phenomena in life. By that we want to draw people to unity, to ascend. After all, they don’t know what a spiritual ascent is, what the next level of our development is, and why nature obligates us to reach it.

These two opposite movements evoke in a person and in the groups great internal conflicts, disagreements, and separations. People don’t know exactly how to act, what to actually do, and whether they should delve into the matter or mingle with the external movement.

We get many questions about that and although on the whole we have been dealing with this for quite a while, many people who have not really entered the system of the change in the world and man as the leading part of the world, begin to acknowledge this now.

So there is a lot of confusion, and we have to put an end to it.

Otherwise, it will lead to great misunderstandings in the groups, and the friends will not understand one another. One will be drawn inward and another outward and suddenly the groups will be divided and will become smaller, and people will leave as some of them do not accept this.

People don’t understand that on the whole our role is to create such a force, such an opportunity, by our internal unity that the upper force will be revealed in us and we will be able to spread it to other people who are attracted to us, not because the upper world and its attainment interest them, but because they see the need to unite by what nature offers us today; for ordinary people it is a call of nature.

I hope that everyone will gradually understand this and whoever still feels that he is still divided internally and cannot internalize these two opposite trends, will accept it and acknowledge it and will start working in the two directions.

I understand that it isn’t simple for a person, but we have to separate the two trends. A person has to clarify that our internal unity, what we deal with in the lessons and in the workshops belongs only to us, the world Bnei Baruch group; and what we do with the 99% of the population is not Kabbalah anymore, but mutual guarantee, integral education, etc.
From a Virtual Lesson 10/14/12

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