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Rich And Poor

273.02Question: After reading your books, I realized that you are not a socialist and you are not going to take property from the rich. But why would the rich start to pay scholarships for 80% of the population for their studies?

Answer: Naturally, such a gesture on the part of the rich cannot be voluntary at first. But, like during the revolution, these things are dictated by necessity. One person cannot have a billion while another does not have enough money until the end of the week to feed his family. This is a clear imbalance. Therefore, it will be necessary to balance these relations.

At first, it is necessary to force our relationship to a completely different structure—what is “money – commodity – money”?

As a result, a law must be adopted according to which everyone will receive a certain quantity of funds necessary for him, sufficient for a dignified existence. This will be accompanied by a commitment to work for the community in accordance with the capabilities of the individual and at the same time receive training in proper parenting.
From KabTV’s “The Post-Coronavirus Era” 6/4/20

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Money Is The Equivalent Of Our Connection

600.02Question: Money is the language of communication between people. Will the world exist without money in the future?

Answer: No. The concept of money will remain, but not in the sense of dollars or other pieces of paper, but in the form of an exchange of services between us: me to you and you to me.

This is not material money, but support, reciprocity, and a good attitude to each other. Money, from the words “kesef, kesuf, lehasot,” means covering, when I cover my egoistic inner core and relate to the other through an altruistic covering.

In other words, money is what I can pay for my egoism so that it turns into the quality of bestowal and connection.

Question: So money is the equivalent of our connection, which consists in the fact that I want to egoistically use other people, but I make efforts on myself, and cover my desire to use another person with them?

Answer: Yes. This is your good attitude over the evil attitude and it is called “money.”

Question: So it turns out that there will be no paper money?

Answer: I think that material money will be credited to each person and deducted from his account for a long time to come. But gradually it will begin to be replaced by shared connections.
From KabTV’s “The Post-Coronavirus Era” 6/4/20

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New Life 1276 – Using Power As A Means For Bringing About Change

New Life 1276 – Using Power As A Means For Bringing About Change
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Yael Leshed-Harel

The power of the fist will fail to produce the desired outcome because it goes against nature. The use of force is a dead end of destruction and harm for everyone including the still, vegetative, and animate levels of nature. Nature does not act according to the ego or the rule of money. Rather, the balance between two forces rules in nature. Nature is demanding that humanity participate intellectually and emotionally with the same approach.

We need to educate humanity regarding how to think and behave in the new era. Together, we must learn where our free choice is and how to work with our desires in order to build a balanced society. As employment rises, people will need to be paid by the government to learn and study at home so that everyone does what society demands of them and will receive whatever society can give them.
From KabTV’s “New Life 1276 – Using Power As A Means For Bringing About Change,” 8/17/20

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“Desperate For An Economy Of Sharing” (Medium)

Medium published my new article “Desperate for an Economy of Sharing

Despite the insistence to keep the economy running, it’s grinding to a halt. “The U.S. economy shrank at a dizzying 33% annual rate in the April-June quarter — by far the worst quarterly plunge ever,” wrote Time magazine.

In the near future, people will realize that only the well-being of society guarantees the well-being of the individual within it.

There are consequences to a slowdown. According to Bloomberg, “A special project by the Census Bureau has set out to map and measure all the anxieties that Covid-19 has brought in its wake.” And the findings are alarming: Almost a third of people in some states have little or no confidence they can pay August’s rent or mortgage. Almost 127 million Americans experienced a loss of income since mid-March, and millions were forced out of work dealing with the pandemic. Worse yet, people’s health was adversely affected by the virus, even if they didn’t catch it. In fact, in addition to high levels of anxiety and depression that the virus stirred, 71 million adults did not get medical care that they needed for a condition unrelated to Covid-19, between mid-June and mid-July.

We’re clearly at a crossroads. Eventually, the government, any government that is elected, will have to make the necessary changes to secure people’s well-being. Otherwise, the chaos we are already seeing in some cities will spread throughout the country.

Although a pandemic is troublesome enough, Covid-19 is much more than that. The transformations it is imposing on us are not merely measures to curb its spreading; they are revolutionizing our entire civilization. The job losses we have experienced until now will dwarf compared to the job market that we will see in the near future. In fact, we are racing toward a reality where not working is the norm and working is the exception. In such circumstances, relief packages will not do; we will need a deep change in our perception of the concepts of work and society.

Only essential jobs will remain. Production of food, clothing, housing, healthcare, education, and other basics are necessary. But even here, automation and robotics will shrink the number of workers. In such a state, it will be impossible to maintain the existing model of salaries to those who work, and a few months of benefits for the unemployed. You can’t have the majority of the nation living on food stamps and in affordable (low-income) housing.

Therefore, we need to establish a two-arm program where one arm adapts the economy to the evolving circumstances, and the other adapts the society to those same evolving circumstances. The economy-arm will reshape production so that monopolies cannot exploit their power and people can afford to buy everything they need to support a modest but reasonable standard of living. If the society-arm works correctly, there will be no need for austerity measures of any kind, everyone will have a decent life, and the country’s budget will be balanced.

People’s income will come either from jobs or from the federal or state governments, a bit like today’s public sector employees. However, these people will not work in public service jobs, but in building a completely new society, since the current structure of society is the cause of the crisis.

The economy is a reflection of the society we live in. The current society fosters excessive consumption, unbridled competition, cruelness, and apathy to the plights of others. These, in turn, create depression, violence, substance abuse, suicide, homicide, bullying, racism, eating disorders, numerous mental health issues, sexual, physical, and emotional abuse, and any form of conceivable misery. The task of the society-arm of the program will be to create solidarity, mutual responsibility, and care among all people. As a result, the economy will become an economy of sharing.

In such an economy, the role of production is not to further pad the already bloated bank accounts of companies’ shareholders. The redesigned economy produces only what is needed, and with an added goal to bring people closer together. Whether one works in manufacturing or provides services, the salaries will be similar and the goal the same: to increase social cohesion and solidarity.

To foster such a society, people will need to understand the shift that the world is taking and participate in it of their own volition. To facilitate this understanding, governments will provide mandatory courses that will show how we are becoming an interdependent society where our lives depend on the lives of everyone else, similar to the way we must keep social distancing in order not to infect other people.

Until today, society consisted of individuals who tried to exploit others for their own needs without any accountability. However, that model has failed and exhausted itself. In the near future, people will realize that only the well-being of society guarantees the well-being of the individual within it. Therefore, people will learn to care for society so that it will care for them. The sooner we realize that this is where we’re going, the better and easier it will be for all of us.

“No Black Without White” (Medium)

Medium published my new article “No Black without White

When society is falling apart, it’s not because one side is wrong and the other side is right; it’s because neither wants to unite. By nature, we want anything that doesn’t please us to disappear. If you think differently from me, I want you out of my life, and preferably out of existence. This is the natural thinking of every person, to various extents. But nature didn’t endow us only with this nature; it also gave us the ability to think and choose.

When we learn that our lives, their meaning, and their continuity depend on the persistence of the ones we hate, we will value the reality that created everything, and we will be able to build love for the wholeness above the hatred for the part. Only then will there be peace and happiness.

Nature endowed us with the ability to observe and to learn that nothing exists unless its opposite supports its existence. Planet Earth, for example, is kept in orbit thanks to the balance between the Sun’s gravitational pull toward it, and the centrifugal force that pushes it away from it. Likewise, our lives revolve around the hours of darkness and light, and our vision relies on the range between seeing all the colors together, creating the color white, and no colors at all, creating the color black. Heat and cold, hunger and fullness, attraction and rejection, love and hate, all those are opposites that make our lives what they are.

The opposite of our lives don’t deny or refute one another; they enable and complement one another! If we could only realize that as it is in all of reality and as it is with us, so it is with our fellow people, imagine what an inclusive, welcoming world we would have. Imagine what richness we could experience if we could embrace the diversity of people’s colors, races, beliefs, penchants, perspectives, and everything else that makes us different, yet complementary.

Imagine also what a dull and stagnant world we would have if everyone were the same. We wouldn’t develop thinking since we would have no need to articulate a point of view. We wouldn’t develop imagination since nothing would stimulate or intrigue us. We would lose our creativity, vitality, and the zest for life. In fact, we owe even our fierce hatred and the delight of indulging in self-righteousness to the fact that there are people who are different from us. What would we do if they did not exist?

The bottom line is that we need to look beyond the differences and see the wholeness that engenders them, and that the differences maintain the wholeness. When we learn that our lives, their meaning, and their continuity depend on the persistence of the ones we hate, we will value the reality that created everything, and we will be able to build love for the wholeness above the hatred for the part. Only then will there be peace and happiness.

“Love Is A Pet That Feeds On Mutual Concessions”

Dr. Michael LaitmanFrom My Facebook Page Michael Laitman 8/7/20

My teacher used to say that love is a pet that feeds on mutual concessions. These days, it seems as though we’re not very fond of love precisely because it feeds on concessions. But the problem is not with love; the problem is with our perception of concessions. We think that by conceding, we are losing something, such as social status, respect, position of dominance, or control.

It’s unclear whether differing opinions create hate, or if hate creates different opinions, but one thing is clear: When there are different opinions, you need love in order to rise above the differences, but if there is no love then there is no motivation to rise above the differences.

There is only one solution to this catch: to realize that if we don’t rise above our differences and unite above our hatred, we will destroy each other, physically, there will be bloodshed. If we want to survive, we must confess that if hatred does subside, it’s going to end all of us. Afterwards, we must stop the demonization.

Once we have done that, we can take an example from nature and learn what it means to make concessions without losing face and why we should do it. When parents make concessions to each other, they don’t do it because they are weaker than the other partner; they do it for the sake of the child—their mutual creation. If the parents focus on getting their own way, they will divorce. But if they’re focused on raising a happy child, they’ll always find a solution that everyone is happy with, and their joy will be in seeing their offspring grow up in a good and happy family.

When two political schools of thought engage in power struggles, they must do the same. In their case, the child is the country. If the parties find the way to put their love for their country above their desire to see their dogma triumph, there is hope for the future. But if they entrench themselves in their positions and want only their view to exist, then catastrophe is a certainty.

“What Are Some Ways Of Changing The Society?” (Quora)

Dr. Michael LaitmanMichael Laitman, On Quora: What are some ways of changing the society?

Before discussing ways of changing society, we should question what changes society should acquire.

In our era, the needed change in society is a change of values, that instead of valuing egoistic pursuits, to be more individually successful, wealthy, famous and/or powerful, if we want a society that is full of healthy, happy and confident individuals, then we need values of mutual responsibility, consideration, cooperation and positive connection permeating society.

In order to reach such a change of values, we cannot implement this change by ourselves. Rather, we need an outer influence to enable this change. However, we can persevere to reach such a change, and we need to understand nature’s general tendency to increasingly connect us for that to happen.

Outside of our perception and sensation, there is a single force of nature that acts out of absolute love, and which takes every single detail of reality into careful consideration.

It created and evolved many layers of the reality we experience, from inanimate matter, through plant and animal life, and finally, us humans.

Therefore, in order to enable a change in society, we need to invite the force of nature that creates and sustains all life, so that it operates on us and guides our change to a new set of values that bring us closer to balance with nature.

We simply need to gain more awareness about how nature works, how human nature is an egoistic and self-centered form that opposes nature’s general attribute of love, bestowal and connection, and how from the negative pole of creation, we can invite the positive force into our lives, to let it connect us, change our values, and likewise, our perception and sensation of the integral reality we ultimately share.

Above photo by Javier Allegue Barros on Unsplash.

“A Merry Requiem To An Old World” (Linkedin)

Dr. Michael LaitmanMy new article on Linkedin “A Merry Requiem to an Old World

The old world has died, and I couldn’t be happier. Everything we’ve known will not be the same: relationships between couples, children, workplaces, international relations, everything will change. The ego that reigned in all those contacts is dying, smothered by recurring lockdowns and other fetters imposed on it by a virus.

Humanity is chanting a requiem to the old world, and I am cheering for the new one to come. I have been waiting for it for decades, and now it is finally arriving. Naturally, it is not an easy transition. There will be many pangs and pains along the way, but any person who understands like me that the world to come will be governed by love and mutual responsibility is very happy these days.

Once we are free from the chains of egoism, we will understand what freedom really means. Every person will not only be able, but encouraged to develop one’s potential to the fullest. Society will actively support each person in fulfilling one’s dreams, as the realization of these dreams will contribute to society, make it richer, more united, and more vibrant.

The first stages are already happening: No jobs are coming instead of the ones that have faded, and more and more people are realizing that the coronavirus is not a crisis; it’s a transformation. They are recognizing that they won’t only have to change their jobs, or even careers. They are realizing that they will have to change their entire lives.

But even this is still only part of the truth. The whole truth is that they will have to transform how they think about life. People will learn to perceive everything differently: themselves, other people, and their relationships with other people and the world.

Instead of an individualistic, self-centered perspective, where each person cares only about oneself and (in the best case scenario) about one’s loved ones, people will transcend their egos and form a realm where every person is equally important, equally contributing, and equally caring about everyone else.

People will develop group consciousness that will override the individualistic one. That group consciousness will determine what happens in their lives, rather than the ego, which knows only how to fight for survival until it loses and we give up on life. There will be no losers in the approaching world, since winning will mean making everyone feel valuable, worthy, deserving, or in short, happy.

Material worries will be people’s least concern. Machines can do these jobs better than humans, so why should humans trouble themselves with them? People will be concerned with building the new society, something that only humans can do.

Everything we know today, and which is based on restraining the ego, will change dramatically. Law, education, the job market, healthcare, housing, every realm where we currently express our egos will be revolutionized as we will use our skills to express concern for others.

If we feel resentment when we think about such a world, it is our ego that resents it. Once we are free from the chains of egoism, we will understand what freedom really means. Every person will not only be able, but encouraged to develop one’s potential to the fullest. Society will actively support each person in fulfilling one’s dreams, as the realization of these dreams will contribute to society, make it richer, more united, and more vibrant.

Vast amounts of energy and funds will become available, since they are currently tied up by authorities that have to keep our reckless egos at bay. But when we work for the benefit of society, these entities will not be needed, and the abundant human and monetary resources dedicated to keeping them running will be at the service of society.

We have no idea how much wealth humanity produces. Every person produces each day several times over what he or she consumes. Currently, that surplus goes to the state and the wealthy. But COVID is forcing everyone to act more socially; it will teach everyone that unless everyone is happy, no one will be happy.

In fact, we can accelerate the oncoming of the transformation through simple and helpful exercises. For example, if we start wearing masks not in order to avoid catching the virus, but to avoid transmitting it, it will already create a shift in our perception of the world. This is just an example, a first step, but as the saying goes, “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”

Humanity has seen plenty a revolution in its time, but it has never seen a transformation. We are the first generation that gets to morph into a new being—kinder, wiser, better.

The Time Of The Last Generation Is Coming

laitman_621Comment: Currently there is a lot of speculation about what will happen after the coronavirus. There are a lot of fears, mostly from the fact that there will be no work. People don’t have money right now. They are afraid of new viruses, they are afraid to leave their homes, they are afraid to send children to kindergartens, etc.

Surveys show that few people see the light at the end of the tunnel. Kabbalists say that this is the time of the “last generation.”

Many people are afraid of this word “last” generation. After all, the last one means that there will be nothing after it.

Please explain to ordinary people what the last generation is.

My Response: In the state of the last generation, we gradually prepare ourselves to move to the next state, the state of soul. To do this, it is not necessary to die physically, but simply to start living, to exist in a state of spiritual connection.

A sign of the last generation is that humanity has come close to correcting and getting rid of its egoism.

We will not need to pursue all the material and egoistic values. We will quietly be able to exist very simply, to the point that we will no longer pay attention to material values, to material life. We will only have direction toward the spiritual, meaning the connection between us. We will come to a state where we value only mutual interconnection in each other.

We will begin to work together to be even more than friends, even more than one whole.

Question: Do you think that humanity is now moving in this direction?

Answer: I see it absolutely clearly. Moreover, this movement is quite intense.

Question: You keep saying that nature will make us come to this connection. If we resist it, it will constantly force us. How do I make a person feel it? He needs to feel that he is a complete egoist? Isn’t that what’s important?

Answer: He will feel this as he goes along. On the one hand, he will feel that he has pressure to get closer to others, and on the other hand, when he begins to do this, he will feel the resistance of his egoism. He will understand that what is preventing him from connecting is his ego. As it is, he doesn’t even know where he is, his egoism.

Question: What are the laws of the last generation?

Answer: In principle, these are the laws that come from unity.

Question: A person should understand that there is no other way out?

Answer: Absolutely! We have no other choice. We have already stepped out on the road. There is no turning back now.

Question: So my task now is to agree, accept this, and start moving smoothly, little by little, toward this connection, to start talking and thinking about it?

Answer: Exactly. Understand that everything that exists is integrally interconnected. And we must be mutually connected with each other and with the rest of nature. Until we can love each other so much that “the wolves will dwell with the sheep,” we will not achieve our mission.

In other words, we must lead all of nature to reciprocity and love where all in nature will only care for each other because people care for each other.

Question: Does everything start with people? Is this the top? As soon as a person reaches this state, everything will be settled?

Answer: Yes. If I go to integrality in nature, all of nature will become integral.

A person can already see it from the virus. And the virus won’t let us go so we don’t think we can get out of this business. We must go only to global integral interaction. There we will find a right, good, easy existence. Which means, here we need to reconstruct ourselves.

Question: In order for us to rebuild ourselves, a humane, loving nature can bring us to great pain?

Answer: We, as egoists, do not want to change. It seems to us that a humane and loving nature should accept us as we are. It has created us to be the opposite of our final, correct state, and brings us to it gradually, so that we learn and understand the difference between these states. And then we’ll be adults.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman.” 5/11/20

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“Vaccination For A Social Epidemic” (Medium)

Medium published my new article “Vaccination for a Social Epidemic

There is no stronger trigger to anxiety than the unknown. And we are currently going through a challenging time heading toward the unknown. This terrifies us. Confusion, isolation, and agitation are some of the threats to the American state of mind due to the repercussions from COVID-19. Experts believe the situation is close to a social epidemic. The only way to stay afloat in these turbulent waters is through a support network, to build an immune system against anxiety through human connection.

Far from nature and disintegrated as a society, we have declined into perpetual uncertainty.

There are so many unpredictable and uncontrollable elements in reality, which themselves depend on myriad hidden causes, that we have lost trust in multiple aspects of our society. This makes people apprehensive.

Fifty years ago, we were not so fearful about the future. We thought we would progress and things would get better. Now we do not know what tomorrow will bring and if things improve for our children. It is no longer a speculation; we see that the world is declining. We are already facing a very real fear of approaching hardships.

A person naturally wants to know the probabilities for the future; otherwise he would not be certain about how to act in the present. In the past, most people could largely expect what would be the course of their lives. Life was simple, close to the earth, guided by the seasons and close to nature.

As we internalize this premise and begin to work on our connections, we bring about warmth and affection, supportive thoughts, and concern for others.

Over the years, we moved away from the perception of nature as the root of life, as the supreme system in which we exist. We distanced ourselves from each other, glorified individual achievements, and encouraged heartless competition between us to the point that the growing egoism caused us to feel that others and nature were created only to serve us.

We do not know what will happen next. We do not understand what is affecting us or how to respond correctly. Far from nature and disintegrated as a society, we have declined into perpetual uncertainty.

Slowly, we are getting used to the shocks that impact the world, while we still wonder what force acts in reality and brings all these events upon us. It takes the element of uncertainty for us to try to find the source of everything around us and to realize that it is nature. It is the same force that is compelling us to become similar to it, interdependent and synergic.

Through tremendous pains and troubles we are gradually coming to terms with the importance of building a fortress of strong and meaningful human relations. As we internalize this premise and begin to work on our connections, we bring about warmth and affection, supportive thoughts, and concern for others.

These actions will foster our confidence in the future and navigate us safely through our current state of uncertainty.

The future society must be one where people live in order to attain connection among them because in the connection, they will discover joy and wholeness.

People are social beings. We are so dependent upon society that it should be our safe haven when we feel scarcity and fear. We need to create an environment that provides a sense of confidence, of mutual guarantee. This is all it takes to heal the social epidemic.