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New Life 1328 – Rank Discrepancy In Organizations

New Life 1328 – Rank Discrepancy In Organizations
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Yael Leshed-Harel

How can organizations ensure that employees at every level feel important and appreciated? While hierarchy is necessary, it can lead to comparison, competition, and separation between higher, middle, and lower workers. These obstacles can be overcome if everyone is included in working together toward a common goal.

Management should hold regular talks to emphasize that mutual benefit can be achieved only through the efforts and participation of every worker and all will prosper through working together. All are equal participants toward accomplishing the goal, and even simple work is essential. We are all mutually dependent, each one does their part for the good of the whole, and recognizes the value of each one’s unique contribution. Everyone is responsible for creating an environment where everyone is valued, where each one is greeted as a friend by all the others.

Upon entering the gate of the workplace, each one should peel off all their shells and enter with a warm heart and uplifted spirits for having been granted the opportunity to work together in common purpose.
This summary was written and edited by students of Kabbalist Dr. Michael Laitman
From KabTV’s “New Life 1328 – Rank Discrepancy In Organizations,” 12/19/21

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Hatred Is An Opportunity To Show Love

504Question: How should we respond when someone attacks us, shouts at us, accuses us and makes us feel very bad?

Answer: This can be seen as an opportunity to connect with this person in a beautiful, higher, more corrected, and complete manner.

Question: Is hatred an opportunity?

Answer: Hatred is an opportunity to show the other side—love.

Question: Do we reach this through correct education or only through spiritual attainment?

Answer: Through education and many exercises.
From KabTV’s “Conversation with Journalists” 12/2/21

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“Protestant Americans Becoming Unaffiliated Is Not Good News For America” (Medium)

Medium published my new article “Protestant Americans Becoming Unaffiliated Is Not Good News for America

According to a recently published Pew research, in 2007, 78% of Americans identified as Christians. Now, in 2021, that number is down to 63%. At the same time, the share of Americans who identify as having no religion (nones) went from 16% to 29%. When you look at the Christian population, you will find that the share of Catholics in America has changed very little, and the vast majority of Christians who become nones comes from Protestant denominations.

Taking into consideration that this development is not a result of a revolution, but a gradual and voluntary trend, I think it is a problem. It is a deflection from the spirit of the founders of the nation, and quite a rapid one at that. If religion becomes a matter of culture, without any commitments to certain codes of conduct, it will not be good for America.

Religion used to give people a sense of belonging and a purpose. It gave them a moral code and a system of rules by which to behave at home, at work, and everywhere throughout their lives. People would learn the laws of their religion at childhood, and would continue with them through their lives. It was the people’s “philosophy” of life.

Religion no longer gives people any of that, so they leave. For the most part, as the survey shows, they do not leave for anywhere in particular. They don’t venture into other religions, at least not yet, but rather away from their own faith, and often away from faith altogether.

Today’s young people do not need religion; there are no advantages in it for them. In Russia, the authorities are reviving religion after decades of being stymied under the Soviet regime. They are doing it to keep people in check, so they do not go too far to the extreme Left or the extreme Right. Instead, religion is used to manipulate the public and control it.

But America is not Russia. Americans do not feel about religion what the Russians feel, and so the whole structure is crumbling.

Ironically, the only part of life where religion can still give answers that people might want to hear is death. We are all afraid of it, and religion has comforting answers. Because contemporary life offers no comfort over the passing of our loved ones or the fear of our own demise, we suppress the fear through distractions. Video games, online broadcasts, movies, and other forms of entertainment are taking the place of religion. But for those who still believe in the afterlife, religion offers a welcome comfort.

Previously, religious centers also served as community centers where people would gather for community meals or to celebrate holidays. But today, people keep more to themselves and have no interest in community life. We have become very materialistic; everything is a bargain, a give and take relationship. People want to see immediate results, and religion does not offer it. At best, it provides a soothing promise of a good future in the afterlife, but fewer people need it as a source of comfort, so religion is losing its appeal.

The ebb and flow of people moving into religion and out of it will continue, and it will eventually lead people to ask about the meaning of life. They will begin to ask “Who am I?” “Why am I here?” and they will have to answer these questions or they will find no reason to live, no meaning in their lives. It is already happening in the younger generation, and it will continue to expand across all age groups.

Once they come to that point, they will find that the meaning of life is not in comforting answers about the afterlife or in imagining a world where everyone follows the strict rules of one particular God of one particular religion. Instead, they will find the meaning of life here and now, among us, in nurturing mutual concern and care for one another. People will find meaning in giving and helping, rather than in taking and defeating others. They will fill their hearts with love for others, and love itself will be the meaning of their lives.

Granted, it is a process, and we are not there yet. At the moment, matters seem to be growing darker, but isn’t it always the darkest right before the dawn?

The Impact Of Humanity On Volcanic Eruptions

962.4Question: Is there a connection between volcanic eruptions and relations between people?

Answer: We are all in one system on all the levels of still, vegetative, animate, and speaking nature so whatever happens on one level affects all other levels. People on the speaking level have the greatest impact. If their relations are imbalanced, negative energies that stem from them affect all other levels.

Question: Does the feeling of hatred attract energy that causes accumulative harm to the world?

Answer: Of course. Because everything is energy, feeling, attitude.

Question: Experts who speak about the emission of greenhouse gasses claim that the climate crisis requires man to change as well. What is the change that needs to take place on the human level?

Answer: A change in relations between people. If people change, the calm, balanced, and good connection they will bring to the world will impact all levels of nature: the still, the vegetative, and the animate. Man is responsible for everything, “His hand will be upon all, and everyone’s hand upon him.”
From KabTV’s “Conversation with Journalists” 10/28/21

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Children Must Play Together

503.02Comment: More and more adolescents suffer from depression, hyperactivity, and sleeping problems these days, which means that more and more children are less happy.

According to psychologists, this is because children do not have the opportunity to play anymore, it is not about computer games, but about games that we used to play in the past like hide and seek and tag, games that help kids develop important skills.

My Response: These games develop communication between children, which is a crucial phase in their development and growth. It happens through games because the whole world is a game. We always play, but different games. But when a person is at home and does not communicate with others, he will grow up to be an ugly person in the human sense. He will not be able to communicate with people.

Children will grow up to be miserable because they have no natural, normal communication with their peers. We will not be able to do anything about this because it is simply impossible to replace communication with anything else.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 11/18/21

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A Teacher Is Just Below God

504Question: Who is today’s teacher?

Answer: A person who teaches our children to read and write.

Question: Is this what should be expected of a teacher to teach today?

Answer: I don’t see any teacher teaching anything else.

Question: What would you like a teacher to teach?

Answer: It should be a different question. If I want a teacher to teach something else, society has to be different and parents have to be different. They should know what children lack and need to learn in life, and so, parents should also educate them. A teacher is a public representative who should educate the public, the new generation, correctly.

Question: What should a teacher’s salary be?

Answer: It should be the highest possible. No other profession is more important than teaching.

Question: And compared to a doctor?

Answer: A doctor is less. A doctor cares for the body while a teacher helps students develop their soul.

Question: How should parents relate to teachers?

Answer: With respect. A teacher is just below God because he teaches us how to relate to God. A teacher is a guide, he is the one who opens and teaches about the correct attitude to society, to life and death, to everything. A teacher is actually the representative of the upper force here in this world.
From KabTV’s “Introspect—Current Affairs in the Light of Kabbalah” 12/6/21

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962.3Question: What will make a disabled person feel equal?

Answer: We are not equal to begin with. None of us is equal to anyone else. It is only in the connection between us that we can reach a state in which we complement each other until we reach a state in which we assemble by ourselves a system of one man.

Question: If we gave an example of the right connection in Israel and integrate disabled people in the community, in society, at work, and everywhere, and give the feeling of equality above all the differences, would that be a kind of light unto the nations of the world?

Answer: Yes, if we did that disabled people would feel that they are on a special mission, an upper mission, that they ascend above their disability, and thus would be able to see real life. I believe that this is what they lack, that we should complete them with a soul through which they can reach a perfect world and not feel that they are missing anything.
From KabTV’s “Conversation with Journalists” 12/5/21

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Finding Balance In Inequality

959Question: We are all aware that there is inequality and that we are not equal to each other. Yet we constantly compare ourselves to others and measure what we are worth compared to others, which leads to great suffering. There isn’t a person who is not frustrated by something or anyone who thinks that he is the best in everything, since eventually there is always something that makes us feel bad.

Why do we do that?

Answer: We want to be at least like everyone else, not more than them.

Our nature pushes us to do that, and it seems that it is right. The only question is how to fulfill the call of nature that makes me want to be more. If I fulfill this correctly for the sake of others, I will probably have no conflicts with others and they will accept me and I will have something to be proud of without feeling any shame or being criticized, etc.

This means that everything depends on a person’s positive attitude to others.
From KabTV’s “New Life – 1323” 11/7/21

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The Advantage Of Psychology Over Philosophy

265Comment: Baal HaSulam in his article “Science of Kabbalah and Philosophy” welcomes empirical psychology in which everything can be measured and rejoices that the period of philosophy has passed because it studies abstract concepts such as God, the soul, and so on.

In particular, he writes: “The time of philosophers has passed, and the power of those who adhere to philosophical concepts has ended. For this, we should thank the researchers of empirical psychology, which built its foundation on the ruins of philosophy and won public opinion.

“Everyone already recognizes the insignificance of philosophy since it is not built on a real basis. That is why we are grateful to empirical psychology, which dealt a crushing blow to philosophy.”

My Response: We can learn about people, their behavior, everything that lends itself to our measurements, but we cannot rise above this. Empirical psychology still gives us the opportunity to exist on some real basis, while philosophy is just bare words.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 10/15/21

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The Four Attributes Of Upper Governance, Part 12

962.3Who does Society Need to Aim at?

Baal HaSulam, “Peace in the World“: But in truth, the naturally strong and nimble in society benefit from the labor of others and exploit them maliciously against the attribute of truth, for they labor very little compared to the weak and lazy in society.

Question: Why is it bad to be a strong, nimble, quick person who takes initiative? After all, progress and development take place thanks to such people and not the weak and lazy.

Answer: I do not consider progress being that people work many hours a day and also oblige others to work so many hours. Such “smart,” strong, vigilant people gather together and connect easily. And the majority is weak and lazy and it is hard for them to do so.

Baal HaSulam says that in principle society should not place the strong and clever ones at the top because they set a standard of work and success that others cannot match and as a result they feel disappointed.

Eventually, they are considered to be losers. But they are not really so, they are ordinary people. Therefore, society should focus on average people and not on successful ones. Just like in a family. I cannot punish my son for not being a genius or a great sportsman. Each one has his own abilities. I need to simply enable him to develop correctly, and then, it is his business.

Question: Does the fact that there is a big gap between rich and poor today, a gap that is ever growing, indicate that we have lost direction?

Answer: Of course. Entrepreneurs inflate society with unattainable goals, and they artificially make these goals unachievable for others. It turns out, eventually they get to keep everything.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah” 7/28/19

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