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“Is Democracy A Figment Of Our Imagination?” (Newsmax)

My article in Newsmax: “Is Democracy a Figment of Our Imagination?

Democracy, we know, comes from Greek and it means “the rule of the people.” The current power struggle in America shows one thing very clearly: There is no rule of the people in America. That is, there may have been a rule of the people in America, though a brief one, but when you let the people rule, what you get is tyranny. It does not matter whether the tyranny is portrayed as democratic, pretending to reflect the will of the people, or as it truly is: repressive despotism.

The problem with democracy is not that it’s a bad idea. Freedom, equality, and justice for all are noble notions. Regrettably, they cannot happen. They never happened and they never will until we teach ourselves the values required to even talk about freedom and equality.

Since we’ve never been taught it, we’ve never had a democracy. We’ve had plenty of bogus, manipulative governments who pretended to care for the well-being of the people while actually seeing to the continuation of their own control. And because we’ve never been taught how, or even why we should all be equal and free, we’ve always eventually succumbed to our basic, egotistical nature and tore off the democratic mask from the face of an actual dictatorship.

Simply put, democracies rise and fall because they don’t coincide with human nature. When an unnatural social structure is imposed on society, society eventually rejects it, however noble it may be, and retreats to its savage nature. If you want a truly noble society, which lives by noble principles, first make its people noble and then they will construct a noble society of their own accord, since this will be their nature.

One look at what is happening in America today shows you the level of education for nobleness that Americans have today. It may be painful to accept, but unless we accept the facts, how will we be able to change them?

Look, for example, at what is happening to the First Amendment today. Is there free speech in America? Is everyone encouraged, or even permitted to express what they really think? The public arena is governed by street gangs and online gangs, and anyone who steps out of line is immediately straightened out or silenced. And when you have no freedom of speech, you also have no equality, and therefore no democracy.

If you want to build a genuine democracy, you have to start from the premise that there is more than one opinion. If there is only one opinion, even if it is your own, then you should know that your society is not democratic. Uniformity of opinions should be your first warning sign. No two people have the exact same opinion, and certainly not an entire country. So when only one voice is heard, it is, by default, a non-democratic society.

Once you have two or more opinions, you have to know how to relate to them. You should know people’s views differ because they see reality from different perspectives. However, they are all looking at the same reality, which means that they are all seeing only part of the picture and not all of it.

So every part that you exclude from the pool of perspectives makes everyone’s perspective more deficient, flawed, partial and, therefore, unfit for making the right decisions. Only when all the different views are valued and included in the decision-making process can you reach a result that benefits the entire collective, and which is therefore sustainable. Otherwise, you are bound to create another “democracy,” the kind we’ve seen throughout history, which is here today and gone tomorrow.

For this reason, the rule of thumb in building a sustainable society, established on true freedom and equality for all, is the nurturing of diversity of views, refusal to silence any voice, and building a society that incorporates all those differences, and whose members value the union among them more than they value their own opinions.

Men And Women: Work As Needed

592.03Question: How can a woman better support a man in our world? There is an opinion that she should not work at all but should devote herself as much as possible to supporting a man.

Answer: I believe, in the near future, it will be so because we will stop producing an insane amounts of completely unnecessary products.

Life will gradually take on a more balanced state and, therefore, there will be no need for women to work. Even the need for a significant number of men to work will disappear. Everyone will be more engaged in the theory and practice of building correct relationships between themselves as well as between the genders.

All of this will be implemented very quickly and correctly. I do not see any big problems here. The problems are the same for both men and women. Especially in our time. I do not think that men will work more and women’s work will not be needed at all.

There are some professions that are better performed by women. Men, as they say, can rest, that is, they will be released from such duties that they are unable to do as a result of their internal, psychological organization.

Therefore, we are not talking about removing women from all jobs and keeping men only. I think that almost all women can really be spared from working outside of the home but, if necessary, will be involved in it. Men will be involved too to the extent that they are needed in order to produce what is necessary for existence.

The rest of the time will be devoted only to mastering the technique of mutual connection in order to raise all of humanity to the level of the system of the upper world.

Question: So, people were not created to work at all?

Answer: In principle, no. The same goes for the inanimate, vegetative, and animal levels. Strange as it may sound today, they will be fed only with the energy that we people will produce through our correct interactions. We have yet to see this special world.
From KabTV’s “Kabbalah Express” 12/7/20

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The Meaning Of Life Of A Useless Class

527.01Question: It would be logical to imagine that virtual communities could help people communicate and in real life, but it turns out to be the opposite. Why?

Answer: Because people are ruled by their egoism. You can do nothing about it. Until we correct it, any methods and forms of communication will harm us.

Question: Some futurists believe that computer games will turn out to provide meaning in life for a useless social class. This is what they call people who have lost their jobs. There may be billions of such people. They will be provided with a basic income and games so that they will not riot. Do you see such a scenario being possible?

Answer: Unfortunately, I do. However, this is not the final form of human development but only an intermediary one. Indeed, this could happen.

Question: Today, a person is in daily contact with so many people that he has never met in his entire life. What opportunity does this give to us? How can one properly use this phenomenon for personal growth?

Answer: I think that today, this phenomenon is hampering our personal growth, and an ordinary person does not have any opportunity to break away from it and grow.
From KabTV’s “Communication Skills” 10/7/20

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The Society With No Future

182.02Question: In ancient times, immoral people were kept out of science. Today, there is no connection between the moral principles of a person and his profession at all. Can this situation be improved?

Answer: We need to increase the moral level of a human, otherwise we will be forced to abandon our future because we will destroy ourselves in the end.

There is a convention that bans the production of toxic substances, yet who observes it? We cannot be guided by all kinds of restrictions that we introduce ourselves.

We must raise a person so that he can see that such things in the world work against him. A society that produces poisonous substances ruins itself. A society like this has no future.

Comment: Humility is inherent in people who have advanced in terms of moral self-improvement more than others. They don’t want to lecture other people.

My Response: That’s wrong. This is a reflection of their egoism. They must overcome themselves and publicize their ideas, their foundations, and their philosophy because these are all for the good of society. It does not matter whether a person feels good or bad because of this, whether he feels shy or not. He must do it!
From KabTV’s “Communication Skills” 10/9/20

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Live For The Sake Of Bestowal

261Where is the guarantee that in the society of the future leaders will not take more for themselves than everyone is entitled to and will not destroy all good initiatives like it happened in the Soviet Union?

The future society is an open society in which there is no coercion, no dictatorship from above. Everything is managed only by friends. Therefore it is not possible that the same thing would happen as it did in Russia.

Kabbalists, who understand the processes taking place in society and are credible in the eyes of society, will be at the head of it.

The society of the future will strive to establish the same standard of living for everyone. There is no fear that one will work hard and the other will be lazy. Everyone will work as much as they can give to society and will find the right role for themselves.

In such a society, there will be no need to force people to work because a person will see that by investing in society, he is investing in the upper, future world, in the correction of his soul. Therefore, he will not need encouragement or punishment—he will welcome any opportunity to benefit society, feeling that this benefits himself personally. For him, there will be no difference between him and society.

The goal of the corrected society is to “love your neighbor as yourself.”

There will be no money in the future world, so then how can we measure how much effort a person has invested in society? How can we check this? We will reach a state where we will all feel ourselves inside a common system that connects us, and within it, we will see how much each of us has invested. And accordingly, we will help everyone become even more involved in society in order to rise with it.

Gradually, the system of connections between us, called the Shechina, will be revealed to all of us, and we will need to raise it to the heavens.

Such a society will be built entirely on bestowal, and reception in it will exist only in order to be able to live and bestow. A person will perceive an opportunity to bestow as a reward.
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 11/26/20, “Connecting the World in the Last Generation”

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Who Breaks The Law Of Mutual Guarantee?

161Question: Baal HaSulam writes that only after society wants to achieve an integral state, becomes self-sufficient, and economically independent can people become guarantors for each other. So must everyone have the minimum necessary material first?

Answer: Definitely. This is not even a question. But the fact is that it is possible to achieve an ideal material state if at the same time we have a state of reciprocity.

Comment: Further, Baal HaSulam adds that when the society of those wishing to achieve a mutual guarantee is influenced by irresponsible, self-loving people, the provision of the necessary needs cannot be guaranteed. Even if one person still takes care of himself, everyone else will no longer be able to come to a mutual guarantee.

My Response: Naturally because integrity is violated.

Question: But how can it be that in a society where everyone cares about each other, one person stops doing this?

Answer: In principle, this is theoretically impossible, and even more so in practice. Because everyone will begin to influence each other there will simply be no place for such a person. He will not be able to remain so because under the influence of the environment he will be forced to voluntarily, consciously work for others.
From KabTV’s “Communication Skills” 8/21/20

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Where To Get The Energy To Bestow?

610.2Question: In the article “The Peace,” Baal HaSulam writes that “His Providence has commanded us to observe with all our might the Mitzva of bestowal upon others in utter precision, in such a way that no member from among us would work any less than the measure required to secure the happiness of society and its success. As long as we are idle performing it to the fullest, nature will not stop punishing us and take its revenge.”

Where can a person find the energy to fulfill the law of bestowal?

Answer: Only in society.

Question: It turns out that there is an upper plan that controls how much I give and how much I receive, not just physically but in communication with other people. In what way can I add?

Answer: In your attitude to others. A person has what is necessary and sufficient. Nature has provided us with everything much more than animals that spend hours each day searching for food. We only need the right interaction between us and others to achieve the highest goal.

Question: So, does giving to society mean running around and doing something for it?

Answer: No. Man is the most unfortunate element of nature. He must always take care of how to provide for himself. None of the animals work so much for their den, food, or for the sake of offspring. Everything is much simpler for them. Man is a creature enslaved by nature.

Look at how we live. A person is growing up to the age of 20. He is always obligated, obligated, and obligated. He does not do anything for himself. It just seems to him that he does.

Even when he gets some skills and thinks that he develops by visiting museums, theaters, discos, and whatever else there is, it is imposed on him by society. These are not his personal inner desires, but what he has received from others and is obliged to fulfill.

Question: What will people do in the integrated society that you write so much about?

Answer: In this future society, a person, through his correct integral connection with others, will experience the next level of nature and will rise up to it all the time.

For him, every day every minute will be the realization of the upper harmony, the highest perfection. In principle, this is what is meant to fill us. This is how we were created, but we just don’t feel it yet.

A person will explore what he lacks for complete happiness and he will receive it.
From KabTV’s “Communication Skills” 8/21/20

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Basic Income—To Each According To His Needs

592.04Question: Today, basic income has for the first time managed to penetrate the mainstream and it has even been tested in some places. It was a utopian idea until recently, but suddenly, times have changed. You are a supporter of this model. But don’t you consider it as equalization? After all, when we talk about basic income, we mean the same amount for everyone.

Answer: No, basic income should be given to everyone according to their needs. And the fact that today it is the same for everyone is only to help get rid of the problem.

Question: Who can determine a person’s needs? Our nature is that we will always cheat.

Answer: No, we are not talking about our nature when everyone receives like it is today, and everyone suffers from it. The true basic income is that everyone gets as much as they need and no more, according to their own choice.

Question: Can you imagine what kind of self-awareness a person must have for him to say: “I need just this much and no more”?

Answer: Self-awareness is very simple: man must believe in the highest reward, meaning, what he will be getting for trying to take only what he needs. He receives the highest reward for fulfilling this condition.

Comment: Here you introduce a new element; this is impossible without understanding the higher force.

My Response: Without the Creator, without God, without the higher force, without higher reward and punishment, without the higher state—call it a paradise or whatever—it is impossible.

Question: And how is this different from religion? Most people today are religious, but we see that they are not influenced in any way. What kind of faith are you talking about?

Answer: I am talking about the kind of faith when we sense the upper force, come into contact with it, exchange mutual reception and bestowal with it, and this is what we exist for.

Question: This is a very important point. It turns out that until a person feels the higher force, he will not be able to say: “I need exactly this much and I give the rest to you”?

Answer: No, he cannot. Otherwise, we will have socialism.

Faith means feeling the Creator, a sensation of the common force that holds the entire universe in itself.
From KabTV’s “Communication Skills” 9/11/20

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The Path To Truth

563Truth, justice, and mercy‚—everyone selects which principle to act according to in this world. It is clear that we cannot be guided by truth because we do not know it; therefore, we choose something else. That is why we create different systems to help those who are weaker: pay benefits, help single mothers and young families, etc.

It is as if we want to compensate for what the Creator did incorrectly and unjustly. The Creator allegedly arranged injustice in the world and we see that the world is initially corrupted, but we do not understand what is involved with the correction. We try to perform a correction outside of a person instead of correcting him inside. This is the whole problem.

If we want to be guided by the truth, we must correct everyone. Instead, we correct the external connections between us, and therefore we do not see success.

It is very difficult to establish the truth because we do not know the internal reserves of a person, but only see his external efforts. However, one is stronger and more energetic by nature and the other is lazy and weak, and it is impossible to assess what efforts this work really takes for everyone.

We must take into account the internal forces of a person in order to demand from everyone equal effort in the work. The strong one can do twice as much work as the weak, but we will be considered as equal.

It is written that “Truth shall spring forth from the earth,” meaning from the desire. If we use our desire correctly, we will find the criterion of truth there and will be able to use it correctly.

It should become clear to everyone how much each person has received from nature, from the Creator, and how much each one has supplemented, and then everyone will be evaluated equally.

We can achieve the criterion of truth only if we all feel each other internally. We need to come to such a connection between us and the Creator and to reveal such a force of connection that everyone is ready to bestow upon the other with all their heart and soul. Then we will reach the degree of truth. We will no longer count who has done more and who has done less—everyone will give one hundred percent and the truth will reign.

This does not mean equalizing everyone, it means that we unite in such a form where everything starts to work out. There are two conditions: everyone gives everything they have and uses all their abilities for a common connection. Then we complement each other like ants in an anthill.

The revelation of truth turns the entire universe into a sphere: everyone is integrated into each other so that the quality of the Creator, the upper force of bestowal, is revealed within them. And in this way, we achieve perfection.
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 11/9/20, Writings of Baal HaSulam “Peace in the World”

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The Essence Of Human Relationships

627.2The essence of human relations is in the emergence of a common general state. But even before it appears, all kinds of positive and negative impressions, understandings, and relationships begin to emerge in each of the two people who are communicating. And something new that was not there before is born from their encounter.

This all depends on how prepared we are for interconnection between each other by our previous upbringing. This is why we need to worry not about the interactions themselves but about how we prepare people for them. Like a mother who is sending her little son to kindergarten, or to school, or even to visit a friend, she instructs him how to behave, how to perceive others, etc.

A completely new feeling is formed in each of us this way, the feeling of perceiving another. From our mutual perception, these sensations turn into something common. Therefore, the goal of education is what kind of common platform we want to see between us.
From KabTV’s “Communication Skills” 7/30/20

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