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197.01Question: You have explained for so many years that we should be mutually connected, and only a few hear it. But even those who hear still continue to resist it. Why?

Answer: Because we are all egoists. Of course, we do not want this. But what you hear, slowly adapt inside yourself, and agree with, although you cannot implement it, already means a lot. Nature challenges us. We do not understand it yet, but at least we are starting to hear it.

Today we must definitely equip human society; otherwise, we will destroy ourselves.

Countries need to come to an understanding that people should work only for what is necessary for existence without any excesses. Development should go toward the public domain, not the personal one.

We have entered a new world; new laws of nature exist around us, and we need to understand them in order to learn how to live in a new world; otherwise, we will be lost in it.

Nature is inanimate. It has no sympathy for us. It does not matter if you are thoughtful or not, religious or agnostic, smart or stupid. If you follow its laws, you feel good; if you do not, you feel bad.

Now, when we are together closed into one global humanity that depends on one another, if someone somewhere does not comply with the laws of nature, I suffer from this. That is, we need to come to a common consensus and literally study the new world we find ourselves in.

The new world is an addition to physical, biological, and social nature. Today we depend on the structure of society. We must make it the same as physical and biological nature: global, integral, interconnected, and structured into inner harmony.

To do this we must study nature and arrange ourselves into exactly the same structure as nature itself. Then we will be fine. If not, it will simply destroy us. We are leading ourselves to destruction. If I do not follow the laws of nature, I suffer. I can cry all I want, nothing will help.

The wisdom of Kabbalah says that we need to be mutually compliant, mutually connected, mutually loving, and bestowing, that is, to be in harmony with each other. If we succeed, everything will be good; if not, it will be bad.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. The Future Society” 6/11/11

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