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The Time When Kabbalah Is Revealed

254.02Remark: Until the 17th and 18th centuries, Western civilization lived with a sense that there is some kind of cosmic order in society and in nature, that there is an upper force.

My Comment: Man in Western civilization walked, as they said , under the grace of God, a God they invented for themselves. This was useful for kings, clergy, and other controlling structures. It gave a king legitimacy that he was God’s representative on Earth.

But then everything turned upside down because egoism grew and it was no longer possible to reign over people. Various movements appeared: Calvinism, Lutheranism, and so on, which gave a powerful push for future development.

Very quickly those movements started to transform religion into new social forms because the old ones were already useless for the development of the population. In its social, economic, and political relationships, the population outgrew the framework of the old religion; it needed a different religion. So various faith-based movements appeared.

The Middle Ages were distinguished by rapid development. It only seems to us that it was somewhat slow. But serious processes were taking place that gave significant impetus for new possibilities in the development of the sciences and arts, and the birth of a new freedom. The individual started to emerge from the control of the clergy.

And then the question of how to keep the individual reined in arose. All sorts of nationalistic movements appeared, and opposing them, socialistic and communistic movements.

Question: What was the goal of leaving ordinary religion? To prepare humanity for a more enlightened perspective?

Answer: The goal of nature is giving people the opportunity to understand their own destiny and to find the means of solving the most important question of life: “Why do I exist?”

During those years, even if such a question arose, it was suppressed by the fears and opinions of society. But after the Middle Ages, it began to manifest more forcefully according to the inner development of people who no longer feared calling themselves atheist, not connected to the Creator. Theism is connection with the Creator, atheism is the absence of this connection.

Question: Didn’t the atheists also try to build a social system based on morality, but without the control of the upper force?

Answer: Yes. They tried to figure out how a government could be structured if there is no upper power, not in the form of God and not in the form of a king. This was a very serious leap forward, when the individual comes first.

But the individual is not capable of controlling himself, he cannot do anything “without the king at the head” and without God at the head. That is why all kinds of terrorist movements appeared: fascism, Nazism, etc. People were searching for how to control themselves, to hold the system in order, and saw they could not succeed. And so they went, from blow to blow.

Therefore, in the beginning of the 20th century, after rapid development of science, culture, and self-consciousness, the science of Kabbalah began to be revealed. When the era of scientific discovery and arts ended, it became clear they did not provide an answer to the question about the meaning of life, which appeared even before the Middle Ages. Even the Age of Enlightenment did not give us this answer.

Then, Kabbalah was revealed. It began explaining that it had the solution to these problems. But since it is irrational to humanity’s way of thinking, it is as if taking the theory of relativity and trying to apply it to daily life.

In our world it is not understood, and even if it is understood, then only by a few people. So what is there to talk about with the simple person? But according to Kabbalah, everyone must be raised to a new level.

Therefore, even though Kabbalah is being revealed, it is apparent that a great deal of time is needed before people understand that society must exist on its principles and will otherwise not have the ability to sustain itself.

Humanity is gradually approaching this state, but it does not yet exist in it. Right now our Kabbalistic group is engaged with modeling these principles, analyzing them, and developing them internally, like in a laboratory. But, eventually, this will be the realization of the basic law of nature in humanity.

Kabbalists are obligated to demonstrate to humanity that their methodology is the only one that has the answers to the future structure of nature, society, humanity, family, and upbringing. And without it, the world will not be able hold itself in any kind of a framework.
From KabTV’s “The Last Generation,” 7/3/17

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Lie And Truth, Part 4

laitman_283.01Question: Are love and truth always inseparable?

Answer: Love exists in the heart and truth in the head. Love must come from the heart; that is, I need to change all its qualities, all my desires, in order to direct them to the benefit of the loved one. This is called “an open heart.”

I measure the truth relative to the level of a person’s development: how much is beneficial for him to hear, how much can he feel and understand, and I treat him accordingly. Perhaps I will have to hide something from him or maybe even to lie if from my loving heart I see that it will be better for him this way.

A person who seeks the truth constantly checks himself for what lie he is in.

Question: Why is a person attracted to the truth? Why does it acquire value for him?

Answer: An informational gene from the upper degree begins manifesting in him. The upper force is called truth. The word “truth” consists of letters “Alef-Mem-Tav,” that is, it covers the entire alphabet from the beginning to the end; it is the general name of the Creator, who is good and does good, absolute love and bestowal outside of Himself. We need to think how to become similar to Him, even just a little. This is what is taught by the wisdom of Kabbalah.

There are people in whom such informational genes are awakening. Apparently, in their basis, they were closer to the Creator and therefore the corresponding records have remained in them. Now these genes begin to manifest in them and pull them to reveal the qualities of the Creator.

This gene is called a point in the heart, a desire to reveal the truth. No matter what it turns out, the main thing is that it is the truth. Even if I do not like it, I nevertheless aspire to it, as it is written: “Buy the truth and do not sell it.”

Question: I know many people who absolutely do not believe in God, but nevertheless are very much drawn to the truth . Why is it so?

Answer: The aspiration to truth is completely unrelated to faith. Everyone who seeks the truth is invited to come and reveal it. The wisdom of Kabbalah has nothing to do with religion, but striving for the truth is a necessary condition.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 11/16/17

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Religions Around The Wisdom of Kabbalah

Laitman_115Question: In Wikipedia it is written that “Kabbalah (Hebrew: קַבָּלָה‎, literally ‘parallel/corresponding,’ or ‘received tradition’) is an esoteric method, discipline, and school of thought that originated in Judaism.” What can you say about that?

Answer: The wisdom of Kabbalah is a science that is learned by people who feel the upper world and have attained it with the help of particular internal actions within them and not through mystical actions. They learn and investigate laws of the higher structure, all the upper forces that exist around us now that we don’t feel, but the Kabbalists have revealed them.

These forces are called higher because they are found in the realm of bestowal, these are forces of the characteristic of bestowal, not of characteristics of reception, and therefore, we explain and define them like that.

There is nothing religious, mystical, or esoteric about the wisdom of Kabbalah. It is pure science. That is also what was written by the ancient philosophers who learned this wisdom from Kabbalists in ancient Israel. Also, scientists from the Middle Ages to our day actually wrote this about it.

It has no relevance to Judaism. Judaism was founded much later; it emerged from the wisdom of Kabbalah and became the basis for actions customary in our world.

People who wanted and decided to aim toward relationships with the Creator in our world basically took external descriptions from the wisdom of Kabbalah, and created their religion from them. That is how spiritual teachings, which were transmitted through the ego, became the basis for Judaism and other religions.

Comment: In Wikipedia it is written that the wisdom of Kabbalah appeared in the 12th to 13th century.

Answer: This is also incorrect. The wisdom of Kabbalah appeared almost 5,777 years ago. We indicate this date as the Jewish New Year.

The appearance of Adam and the revelation of the laws of nature that he discovered symbolizes the birth of the wisdom of Kabbalah. We began our count from then.

The spread and dissemination of the wisdom of Kabbalah began in the 12th century and continued in the 14th century in its recorded form for everyone.

Therefore, the only correct point in Wikipedia is that the main discovery of the wisdom of Kabbalah began in the 14th century. Everything else was invented. The wisdom of Kabbalah is not philosophy, mysticism, religion, or Judaism. There is complete confusion about this, which includes the religious Jews, who consider the wisdom of Kabbalah is part of their religion.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 1/22/17

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Resistance To The Wisdom Of Kabbalah, Part 2

Laitman_060.01The wisdom of Kabbalah and Kabbalists have undergone special development throughout history because the desire to enjoy needs to grow and thus show that material progress is useless.

And every time, the wisdom of Kabbalah must adjust itself to coincide with those people in whom it is revealed, that is, with the people of Israel, the group founded by Abraham.

We see that the wisdom of Kabbalah was available for use by all people only for a limited time when it was revealed inside the people of Israel in the time of Moses. And this was accompanied by numerous arguments, clarifications, and wars within people.

Then, after entering the land of Israel—when Moses left the people and his pressure disappeared—the people of Israel began to descend from their spiritual height. At that time, religion and rules of behavior in the material world emerged, which copied spiritual Kabbalistic laws in matter. People began to create “idols” and “holy things” for themselves.

People went more and more into material traditions, and as it went, the wisdom of Kabbalah came out of it and disappeared. After the destruction of the Second Temple when people fell out of brotherly love into unfounded hatred, Kabbalah completely went into hiding.

One must understand that no one teaches love for one’s neighbor except the wisdom of Kabbalah. Although the principle “Love your neighbor as yourself” is the main rule of the Torah, the Torah itself—which is the wisdom of Kabbalah and the wisdom of Light—no longer exists in the people of Israel. It turned out that the people are in exile from the method of love and unity. The understanding of what the upper force is—the people of Israel, and their mission and development goal—has vanished.

Today, we are already in the very end of days of the genuine exile and on the verge of liberation. In each generation, Kabbalists were revealed that were suitable for that time or for the next generation. We need to understand that the actions of Kabbalists and resistance against them is a consequence of development.

Cruel forces rose against the wisdom of Kabbalah. But, there was a division between religious people. On one hand, there were Hasidim and, on the other, their opponents the Mitnagdim, and many other branches and movements. Kabbalists were also divided into those who were more concerned with the right line or the left, according to man’s nature.

Before the time of the Ari, Kabbalists followed the school of Ramak. Then, Ari’s method was popularized. The next important stage in the development of Kabbalah began with Baal HaSulam because there is a big difference between what was before and after him. Then, Rabash (Rav Baruch Ashlag) developed Kabbalah further. Baal HaSulam and Rabash prepared the method of Kabbalah for our generation.

Each time Kabbalah’s method improved and consequently, its opponents rose, rebelling against the new method, the “new Torah,” and the “new religion.” After all, people do not understand what Kabbalists’ actions are based on. It is very important to learn what claims are raised against Kabbalah to understand what to resist and how to turn these supposedly evil forces into good and useful ones. All this should help us realize the general process by which the Creator leads the created beings to bring their desire to complete correction.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 9/24/17, Lesson on the Topic: “The Resistance to Kabbalah”

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You Will See The Future World In Your Lifetime

Laitman_198.jpgTorah, Deuteronomy 28:45: All these curses will befall you, pursuing you and overtaking you to destroy you because you did not obey the Lord, your God, to observe His commandments and statutes which He commanded you.

The person is being slowly annihilated until he comes to the realization that all that the Creator requires of him is the similarity to Him, that is, performing all the actions for the benefit of others, not for oneself.

Torah, Deuteronomy 28:46 – 28:47: And they will be as a sign and a wonder, upon you and your offspring, forever, because you did not serve the Lord, your God, with happiness and with gladness of heart, when [you had an] abundance of everything.

At one time, we were briefly given the state of “abundance of everything,” but we learned nothing from it. Egoism prevailed and the people of Israel fell from the level of bestowal, love, and connection among them, plunged once again into an internecine war and this ended their history in the land of Israel.

The fall was terrible. People killed each other while fighting among themselves. Some were fighting for being spiritually pure and for doing everything only for the sake of bestowal and mutual love. Others did not understand them, believing that they simply steal from them by depriving them of a comfortable egoistic life. Therefore, the war was conducted at all levels, both spiritual and material.

The sages, seeing that the people could not keep the commandments in the way they were given in order to live in similarity to the Creator, gradually permitted them to perform them mechanically in the external form.

People began to believe that this was the realization of the Creator’s commandments. This is how the Judaism appeared that exists in this framework until now.

The wars gradually ceased, and the Jews received an opportunity to live in the state of exile and the simultaneous external mechanical keeping of the commandments, although, in fact, the commandments imply step-by-step correction of egoism in 613 of its particular desires up to the level of love your neighbor as yourself.

However, when the people transformed them into ordinary physical actions, then it became possible for every egoist who fell from the spiritual level to consider that by this he is fulfilling the Creator’s Commandments and can be called “the people of Israel.”

Let’s assume that ablution of the hands symbolizes purification of desires from the egoistic intention because hands represent a person’s desires. Dipping into the water means washing away all of egoism. Bestowing to others is exiting yourself. Yet people, by performing all this and sharing something with others, believe that they are doing noble deeds. That is, all the spiritual commandments turned into various actions of our world.

People began to believe that for this they were entitled to the future world after death. However, this is not so. It is written in the Torah, “You shall see your world in your lifetime.”

It means that if you follow the orders of the Torah correctly, then you immediately attain the upper world, where you act through your soul.
You perceive the new world through the correct inner feelings, that is, through the forces of bestowal and love and the general force that is called the Creator, which is revealed to you.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 12/19/16

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A Different Kabbalah

laitman_570Question: I can understand some of the grievances that religious people have against you, but why are you also criticised by scholars who study Kabbalah in universities?

Answer: Scholars who study Kabbalah sit in universities and nobody has any issue with them, whereas with us Bnei Baruch, everybody attacks us and everyone is unhappy with us. So the issue is not that we are studying Kabbalah, but precisely how much this type of study of Kabbalah is not tolerated by religion and religious and secular people.

University scholars write about each other, of what each one thinks about Kabbalah. This came from ancient Greeks who studied Kabbalah from the prophets, but they understood it on a purely superficial level and this is how they began to write about it. Then, following generations wrote about the previous generations of philosophers and what they believed.

In other words, academic Kabbalah does not pursue the goal of attaining the Creator and the upper world and of making Kabbalists of their students, it merely aims to study previous university researchers.

Perhaps such people also come to us with a desire to study Kabbalah on the surface like in universities, and so they leave dissatisfied with us, for allegedly, we are studying the “wrong thing.” Likewise, scientists who study us in universities do not understand us and internally resent us for being different, not like them.

They cannot comprehend that our Kabbalah is DIFFERENT from theirs: We have attainment of the upper world from Kabbalists who perceive it in practice, while what they have is studying the opinions of their predecessors who have not attained the higher world.

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Why Do Many People Prefer Religion To Kabbalah?

Laitman_507.03Question: Kabbalah says that the purpose of our life is to discover a higher force. Once I reveal it, I will receive the ability to control my life and get rid of all anxieties. This sounds very appealing, so why do people shun Kabbalah?

Why do they prefer religion, which promises a reward only after death in a future world from which someone is yet to return?

Nevertheless, people are ready to devote their entire lives to religion. Kabbalah offers them to achieve the same thing, but during their lifetime in this world. And yet they reject Kabbalah; I do not understand why?

Answer: In religion, a person deceives himself; in truth, he will receive nothing. There is nothing after death! A person dies; like any animal, the body decomposes and nothing remains.

Why, then, is the religious approach thriving? Because religion not only promise a reward and paradise after death for performing not very complex actions in this world, but even now, in the process of carrying out the ritual actions, a person receives pleasure. Even when he suffers, religion provides an egoistic compensation for that suffering. In religion it is not necessary to annul your egoism like in the wisdom of Kabbalah.

This is why people are prepared to carry out religious orders, to martyr themselves, fast, and subject themselves to all kinds of restrictions. They receive even more pleasure from it. The more suffering religious commandments bring, the more a person values the future world and is even more devoted to religion.

The wisdom of Kabbalah does not call on a person to exhaust himself and perform some sort of actions. He or she only needs to do one thing: to rise above his egoism, his nature. This, however, is a challenge!

It turns out that when a person fulfills religious orders in this world, he earns a reward for himself and his family in this world and in the future world. He feels as if he received an insurance policy and a higher force will take care of him and protect him from all ills, and after death he is guaranteed a life in heaven.

Kabbalah, however, says that none of it exists! It turns out that it is against religion, because it debunks it, and this is why religious people are against Kabbalah and don’t want to hear about it. They see it as a threat because it can lead them away from religion. This is the reason why Kabbalists concealed Kabbalah and did not talk about the truth, according to what is written: “Do not put obstacles before a blind man.”

In Kabbalah, the rule always applies: “One thousand walk into a class, and only one comes out to the Light.” In other words, 999 of those who come will leave, and after leaving, they will grow to hate Kabbalah because it is opposite to our nature.

Many of them become religious. They do not yet have a sufficiently big, burning, and strong point in the heart that is capable of holding them despite all the difficulties, problems, and disappointments that one has to go through during the practical study of Kabbalah.
From KabTV’s “The reasons for the negative attitude towards Kabbalah” 7/19/17

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Reward And Punishment In Our Lives, Part 2

laitman_571_08Kabbalists do not perceive rewards and punishment as the general public does; they view them as reactions to them from the system. This is why they calmly receive any criticism or accusation as the system trying to help them to advance.

They do not attribute it to some specific individual, but only to the general system. And so the accusations that may seem to another as punishment, to a Kabbalist represent the material with which to work until it is experienced as a reward.

Question: How can it be considered a reward when a person is accused or shamed?

Answer: For many years now I have also been criticized, accused of deceit and a desire for power. But I understand that this criticism does not come from specific people who have some kind of freewill, but from the system. And therefore, I must receive this criticism in order to feel myself in exile.

Their behavior is appropriate because they help me in my correction, and as I progress toward correction, I feel these negative manifestations as positive. And if I feel them as negative, it is only because I am still not corrected in my certain inner qualities.

In other words, rewards and punishments from a natural and egoistic perception are entirely opposite to what is perceived by one who desires to advance, and is, therefore, relating to them above his own egoism.

For this reason, people who want to free themselves of their egoism, perceive all negative criticism toward them as a gift, given to them in the form of an opportunity to rise and to turn punishments into rewards because this means that the system is paying attention to me, gently and with care, as a mother raising a small child and teaching him good behavior.

Question: Like a mother who gives her child healthy food instead of a can of soda?

Answer: Yes, to receive blows is very healthy. They should not trigger resistance or defensive accusations, but rather an analysis: What specifically is triggering me, what are these qualities, thoughts, and desires in me? All these I need to correct in the exact place where I am experiencing the blow.

This is precisely what I need in order to rise from my egoistic state. If I feel the blow there, it means that there is still a calculation for personal benefit and I need to rise to a higher-level calculation.

Question: But don’t you want to receive a positive reaction from others?

Answer: I want to receive a positive reaction as an indicator that this quality in me has reached correction, not because I want to see that others around me became corrected. It is written, “Each judges according to their own flaws”, so when I correct myself, I will no longer experience blows. The system is built in such a way that then no one will criticize or accuse me any longer.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 2/2/17

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Origins Of Culture

laitman_628_2Question: Where is the border between spirituality and culture?

Answer: Culture is not a separate concept.

The difference between culture, ethics, and spiritual situations, does not exist. Religion is the source of culture. Without religion, painting, literature, and music would not have developed. All of them began with religion, and developed externally later. But the foundations for all of them were laid in spirituality.

Question: There are tribes that do not maintain any of the world religions. They have their own culture, communications, behavior, and foundations.

Answer: Those tribes have their own customs. There are 2,800 kinds of religions and faiths that exist in the world.

Everything that there is in humanity has appeared thanks to religion. All the arts were created out of the religious need of humanity to express itself to the higher power.

Question: In the Torah, it is said: “Regarding his son, a father is obligated to circumcise him, redeem him, teach him Torah, marry him to a woman and teach him an art.” (Kiddushin 29a).

Answer: The intent of the word “art” is the characteristic of bestowal.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 1/8/17

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Ethics And Kabbalah

laitman_265Question: Why is Kabbalah not human ethics and philosophy at the same time if its main postulate is “love your neighbor”?

Answer: Kabbalah should become like that, and it will become like that. However, today humanity is not ready for this yet.

Currently, we undergo certain stages of the realization of the evil nature of man, and we learn through all the troubles that constantly haunt us. It leads us to the fact that we do not know what to do with ourselves and our world.

Therefore, we are already beginning to realize that we require knowledge about our world, about the depths of the actions of the forces in it. Gradually we will understand that without the knowledge of Kabbalah, we are just a lost generation.

When we discover Kabbalah for ourselves, that is already ready for use, we will enter into a very rapid, easy, and pleasant development, up to our final, absolutely good state.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 1/22/17

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