Unified Social System

278.03In the article “The Last Generation,” Baal HaSulam writes about a future world in which there will be no states, only one social system, you can call it communist from the word “commune,” social equality.

There will be no equalization, pressure, or artificially imposed relationships with each other. People will simply understand and feel everything because the upper world will be revealed to them. With the help of Kabbalah, they will discover it for themselves and see that if they live in good relations, it will be good for them too.

For example, I cannot hurt myself by jumping from a height of five-meters or sticking my hand into a fire because I can see clearly the damage I would be doing to myself. Similarly, if the global system of our interconnection is revealed to us, then of course I will not harm other people because I will see how it comes right back to me.

I just need to see the system of our complete internal communication, and then in no case will I wish harm to someone or strive to gain a better fortune at the expense of others, because by doing this I will hurt myself much more than I think I will gain. This is how the system of our relationship works, only it is not visible to us. We need to reveal it.

The science of Kabbalah allows us to do this. Then we will not need any teachings, philosophies, political sciences, formations, no abstruse stuff. We just need to reveal the system of connection between us that exists in nature. That is when we will act correctly among ourselves, like good kids.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up”

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