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Has The Dream Come True?

294.4Herzel’s inspirational dream about an independent Jewish state has come true. But let’s find out why Ben Gurion was so disappointed with everything that was happening to the people of Israel and left Jerusalem to go to a kibbutz. Why, instead of true Zionist idealists, did different parties that fought with each other begin to be created?

I don’t want to touch politics, but it is worth raising and discussing these issues in order to understand where we are. Maybe it will be possible to find words and gather human forces for a better and broader explanation of the need to unite the people of Israel in the land of Israel.

What can we say to the younger generation who want to know if there is a future for Israel? Understandably, there is! After all, we are inside a process, inside a program established from above. Everything that happens in the world day by day is determined from above, from the highest levels of nature. And our obligation is to support this program and get involved in it.

Only we, in our time, in our generation, and in our state can add the power of the science of Kabbalah to the process of our development. After all there is no other possibility to actively participate in this process if we do not make our movement international, multinational.

We are not just returning from exile the fragments of Jewish people left in different countries, but we invite all people who understand that the future of the world is only in unification of all mankind to join this movement. In this way we will acquire the shape of a single people, like the natives of ancient Babylon who followed Abraham and went to the land of Israel, which means “straight to the Creator – Yashar El” and thus became one nation.

The wave of anti-Semitism is rising again in the world. But exactly this will help the world understand that we cannot return to the same catastrophe that we have already gone through and have seen where it has led both the Jews and all of humanity. We are obliged to pull the world to another peak, another state, and to open up a perspective of the future for it.

Considering what is happening with the Jewish people in Israel and other countries, I think that people will listen to us and many will join us. And in such a way we will influence the spirit of the people and their government and awaken people to unification and unity, to one huge embrace around the entire planet.
From KabTV’s “A Conversation with Journalists” 10/17/21

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“Why Israel’s PR War Is Hopeless” (Linkedin)

My new article on Linkedin “Why Israel’s PR War Is Hopeless

Last Friday, Israel outlawed six Palestinian NGOs linked to the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) terrorist organization, and the world is up in arms. The Biden administration is asking for “more information regarding the basis for these designations,” which Israel insists are “cast in concrete,” the UN and the EU question Israel’s decision, and Left wing parties within Israel condemn the decision of the Israeli government, of which they are a part. Israel will never be able to justify itself since rational explanations and solid proof are useless in the face of ingrained hatred. As long as Israel does not unite its ranks, its PR war is hopeless.

Every country can criticize decisions of other countries. However, with Israel, it is not a matter of criticizing a decision of the Israeli government; it is an inherent objection to the very existence of the Jewish state. Therefore, whatever the Israeli government decides, even if it is complete acceptance of the demands of the Palestinians, without any reservations, the world will still criticize Israel for things it should have done but didn’t. The point we are missing here is that the world is not trying to show that it agrees or disagrees with the decisions of this or that Israeli government; it is demonstrating its resentment of the very fact that the State of Israel exists.

After World War II, the world was tolerant toward the Jewish state because of the Holocaust. However, there is only so long you can justify your existence through the death of millions of your people. Today, humanity does not feel that the atrocities committed against our people in the 1940s justify our sovereignty in the Middle East in the 2020s.

There is a good reason why even members of the Israeli government agree with the world’s criticism. We ourselves don’t warrant our existence here. Without understanding the reason for the existence of the State of Israel, and even more importantly, without carrying out the reason we are here, even Israelis condemn the State of Israel and would gladly live elsewhere if they could.

If we want to succeed in our PR efforts, we must abandon the focus on what the world thinks or feels about Israel, and concentrate instead on how Israelis think and feel about each other. Since we are always under scrutiny, we are always an example—for better or for worse. Therefore, our relationships project on the entire world. When we are connected among ourselves, we are an example of unity and the world appreciates us. When we are divided within, we set an example of disunion, and the world hates us and accuses us of warmongering.

We exist in a sovereign state in order to set an example of how a sovereign state should conduct its affairs. If we conduct ourselves in unity, in mutual responsibility, in the spirit of loving others as ourselves, we set a good example and merit our sovereignty. If we despise each other and treat each other with contempt and derision, as we do today, we set a bad example and the world spurns us.

In the days of the Second Temple, when there was unity within the people of Israel, kings and scholars from abroad would come to learn the wisdom of the Jews. They translated the Torah from Hebrew to Greek, and their scholars learned from the sages of Israel who lived during their time. Many people also came to watch the festivities in Jerusalem during the three annual pilgrimages and cherished the feeling of brotherhood that the Jews projected.

But when infighting erupted in the Jewish people, the nations became increasingly hostile toward us. After centuries of growing division within our people, we were eventually expelled from the land and the Roman Emperor Hadrian changed the name Judaea to Palestine, to erase the memory of the Jewish presence in the land.

Today’s circumstances are similar. We are still judged by the example we set. If we are united, the world will welcome us. If we are divided, the world will expel us.

For an in-depth discussion about this topic, read my latest publication on this topic: The Jewish Choice: Unity or Anti-Semitism.

Relationship Between Male And Female Tens

559Question: The ten is a Partzuf. What kind of relationship should there be between male and female tens?

Answer: There is no difference between a male and female ten, but there is no need to mix women and men. Gender differences impose certain restrictions on our communication. In Kabbalah, this cannot be.

Love in our world and spiritual love are two different things and you should not mix them.

Women’s groups should help men’s groups, and men’s groups should recognize their responsibility to women by their confidence, through their moving forward.

The right combination between the tens is very important. There are many of you, and you are a great power if you connect above all distances.
From KabTV’s “Videoconference”

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The Study Of The Soul

202.0Question: “Psychology,” translated from Greek, is the study of the soul. In Hebrew, it sounds like Torat ha-Nefesh. Kabbalah is studying the concept of Neshama (soul). Still, there is a difference between Neshama and Nefesh. I would like to know what is that difference?

Answer: Neshama is a common soul, the totality of all our desires that raise a person to a level opposite to the nature of our world, the level of bestowal, love, unification. Kabbalah deals with the opposite of the originally created egoistic quality of man.

Question: Can we say that Nefesh is something of my individuality and Neshama is something in common?

Answer: If you do not consider that there are levels of Nefesh, Ruach, Neshama, Haya, and Yechida in Kabbalah, but simply take the feeling of a person within the framework of our world, then this can be called the nature of Nefesh (soul), i.e., the egoistic soul of every person in our world.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 10/15/21

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“What Is The Meaning Of Life And Why Are We Here?” (Quora)

Dr. Michael LaitmanMichael Laitman, On Quora: What is the meaning of life and why are we here?

The meaning of life is to change our nature from receiving to giving, from hatred to love, from rejecting others to drawing closer to them.

When we undergo this transformation, we will feel a completely different existence, a reverse world. We will find fulfillment in fulfilling others, and by doing so, we will feel a complete and eternal state of perfection.

Based on “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” on December 7, 2020. Written/edited by students of Kabbalist Dr. Michael Laitman.

Borders Will Just Explode

448.3Comment: According to the latest World Bank report, 216 million people will be forced to leave their homes by 2050 due to climate change. The most difficult situation will be the countries of the sub-Sahara. There, the number of climatic migrants is 86 million, in East Asia, Oceania, 49 million. The problem is that the world will not be able to contain migration. This will happen due to lack of water, wars, crop failures, and so on.

Answer: Yes, of course. Is America the only one to accept people? Everyone will accept. Borders will just explode.

Question: And what will happen? Will we all mix, will all humanity mix? As a Kabbalist I want to ask you: What is this mixing for?

Answer: This is a gradual realization by people of who they are, how much they do not love anyone and anything but themselves, and how much they still need, without fail, to love their neighbor.

Question: And that is why they give him such a neighbor whom he would never love? And they say: “You must love him. He will live right next to you and that’s it.” And you have to love him? Does nature do it forcibly?

Answer: Of course.

Question: That is, her goal is such that we still come to “love your neighbor”?

Answer: Yes. I don’t think that we will go this way, but it doesn’t matter. Still, rapprochement will be necessary.

Question: Can this be done only by pressing?

Answer: Forced.

Question: Do you think this is exactly what is happening?

Answer: Only for solving the world problem of nature. It wants to see us all together, absolutely united without any conditions with each other, on the principle of universal brotherhood.

Question: But in general, a person is able to rise above himself?

Answer: This is horror! Nobody imagines it. But they will force us with a “stick to happiness.”

Question: And we can still somehow by our own effort, to the point?

Answer: I do not yet see any possibilities to resolve this issue. I don’t even see it in myself, not like in others.

Question: That is, one way or another, we will be given this task, and we will have to solve it in only one way?

Answer: It’s already standing! And everything emanates from it, and these incipient pandemics, and all the problems, they will all be, in general, global.

Question: Does all migration exists for this purpose, to put us in front of this question?

Answer: Yes.

Comment: Still, “love your neighbor as yourself” is the main and fundamental law of life.

My Response: Yes. This is the law of life of the last generation. And we are its beginning.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 9/23/21

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Work Is Only In The Soul!

594Question: Why was it impossible to build a Temple during the time of the twelve tribes?

Answer: What does it mean to build? It would have been better if it were not in stone at all! It is all just dust in the eyes. There is something built up and here we are sitting behind the walls of this temple, as if behind the Kremlin Wall, and everything is fine with us.

Why do we need a material symbol? At one time there were a lot of opponents to this. But, as a rule, those who understand the least are stronger in the material world. People need a toy, so here it is. Apart from that, we have nothing. They replaced the spiritual goal with a wall.

Imagine today that you are going out to the people to tell them something, show them, summarize, present them with a goal, but you have it all purely spiritual, based on the quality of bestowal.

But instead, you show them a huge room, a palace, although it was really very small, sacrifices are burned here, Levites pray there, and Cohenim (Priests) do work here. Everything is clear to both young children and adult children. Man is fighting for symbols, braces.

Question: How else can you approach a person’s heart?

Answer: It is precisely by correcting the heart when you begin to determine in the heart what is holy and what is not.

The people will understand this in accordance with how they rise above themselves, by how much they realize that there is nothing on this earth and all this is just a phantom world. Work should be only in the soul, only in the desire to unite! Only the various stages of our connection represent the material part of the spiritual world.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 8/23/21

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Two Concepts Of Existence

115.06Question: Why is all of humanity divided into Jews and other nations in our world?

Answer: A clear division of humanity into two parts occurred once in ancient Babylon. The small civilization that existed suddenly plunged into huge egoism.

The Babylonians decided to build a tower to the sky to reach the Creator, to fight with Him, i.e., with nature. They became so egoistically opposite that they stopped understanding each other.

This is how two concepts of further existence appeared. One of them was formed under the leadership of Abraham; the second was under the leadership of King Nimrod.

Abraham believed that the egoism that manifested itself, which makes us reject each other and forces us to be separated, was created specifically so that we would rise above it. If we do this despite the fact that we are in contradiction with each other and remember how we lived together when there was one law and one nation, then we will reveal a completely new form of existence in connection with each other.

And then, feeling ourselves above material nature, we will feel a completely different life: eternal, perfect, and not within the boundaries of our animal existence.

Abraham said that egoism is the means of our elevation. Let’s treat it this way, separate ourselves from it, look at the ego from the outside and begin to rise above it. Egoism will constantly grow, and we, constantly rising above it, will become like a common force of nature: love, bestowal, unity, harmony.

This was the methodology revealed by Abraham who became one of the leading ideologists of that time.

And Nimrod’s theory said: “No, egoism develops in us in order for science, art, and human society to progress. Let’s develop together with the ego, not rising above it, not looking at our egoistic nature from the outside, but living inside it.” Naturally, this theory received great support because it does not require a person to fight with himself.

So humanity was divided into two parts: a small part went with Abraham (literally a few dozen people) and the rest followed Nimrod. Abraham’s method was for connection, and the second was for separation.

Otherwise how can egoists who mutually hate each other get along on a small piece of land? Then the Babylonians settled all over the world. This is written in the book Genesis Rabbah, in the works of Josephus Flavius, and in other ancient sources.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up. The Difference in Souls” 12/11/09

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How To Come To Terms With The Death Of A Loved One

631.5Question: Alena Glushchenko asks: “How can you come to terms with the death of your husband at the age of 30?”

Answer: This is indeed a tragedy. It knocks down and kills a woman. Also, a man, too, in general, is not strong in this.

What to do? We must continue to live; we must continue to seek and understand the meaning of life. To understand that if you have been given such a fate, then you need to use it correctly for some purpose. There is nothing accidental in nature.

I can tell her only one thing, if she orientates herself correctly to the right goal, then she will see that everything is for the better.

Question: What is the correct goal in your understanding?

Answer: In my understanding, the correct goal is to find in our world the upper force that determines everything, that determines our destiny. In connection with this force, we can each find our own destiny and gain real happiness.

Question: Then I would ask a practical question. If her husband died, can she think about another person who she can meet, about another man?

Answer: Why not? Yes, absolutely.

Not to reproach yourself, but seriously think about how to get on with your life anyway.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 8/12/21

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