Confrontation Between Abraham And Nimrod

115.06Comment: One of the famous Kabbalists, commentator of the Tanakh, David Altschuler wrote that before the time of King Nimrod, all people were equal and none of them rose to dominate others. But Nimrod began to dominate and rule on Earth. Then people began to build the Tower of Babel.

MyResponse: The Tower of Babel, Migdal Bavel in Hebrew, from the word “lebalbel” (confuse), means confusion, mixing of languages. This means that egoism became higher than people, and they ceased to understand each other.

Question: Here two characters appeared, Abraham and Nimrod, symbolizing good and evil, a positive and a negative force. Abraham claimed that it was necessary to unite above the contradictions that had arisen, and Nimrod proposed to disperse and settle all over the world. What is the resistance here?

Answer: Abraham called for the same unity as before. Only earlier it was natural, and now when contradictions rose up, it was necessary to achieve connection above them. Nimrod advocated for what is called capitalistic development, for a rational decision.

Both of them were right. Because, on the one hand, Abraham said: “We lived well. Now egoism has risen, and it separates us. Let us unite!” Nimrod, however, thought: “Why do we need to unite? Everything that comes from nature is good. If egoism has appeared, it will develop us. Why should we level ourselves again?”

Question: It is clear that a conflict arose between them. But since the Torah does not speak about corporeality, what does it mean, from an internal point of view, that two forces manifest in a person: Abraham and Nimrod? What are these forces?

Answer: Abraham called on people who possessed these two points to raise the point of unity, to raise it even higher, because it is for this purpose that egoism was developing.

Nimrod claimed that egoism was necessary for its own self, so that by using it we will begin to develop corporeally and technologically.

Nimrod, from the word “mered” (revolution), opposed integral nature. He was convinced that egoism should be used wherever possible.

Question: Is egoism not nature? It seems that Nimrod was going in a natural way, following his nature.

Answer: It depends on what he was following. Nature is based on balance and is in internal homeostasis. Egoism, like cancer, violates everything.

It turns out that, on the one hand, nature is built on competition, and on the other hand, it is built on interaction, on the balance of two opposite systems. One system is Nimrod, and the other is Abraham. The problem is how to balance them.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 5/13/19

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