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Recent Questions

  1. Dear Rav,

    You said many times that the next Holocaust will be in America. Why then aren’t you calling for American Jews to return to Israel? Thank you

  2. What does it mean when I say a Kabahlist rises above the Will to receive? If he is corporal he continues to need and to consume. This would clarify the journey for many students who need a goal to understand.

  3. Hello, Dr. Laitmann, I am a Christian by birth, and reading Kabbalah articles i find lots of similaritys and even resemblance of the teaching of kabbalah and those of Saint Paul in the Epistles of the New Testament. I find that as long Paul was a rabbi pharisee from the Temple, a disciple of the old Gamaliel priest of the Temple, there may be a internal connection with today Kabbalah wisdom, and the ancient Temple wisdom passed to the christian believers by Saint Paul. Does it sense my perception as true?

  4. Hey 🙂

    I asked G*d to please not to give me any hardness in life with my existence/carreer, and my relationship. Really, nothing bad ever happens there… all the more so, miracles happened. But, I really want to study from the hardnesses what are sent to me the other ways if G*d was so mercyful that listened me.
    I currently have a really crazy pain in my right bottom wisdom teeth, last week it swolled up, B”H a doctor had compassion on me, and immediately removed, it was a long and painful operation. It still hurts crazily there. Is it maybe a sign what I should take attention to?

  5. Good day Dr. Laitman

    On the interview with Larry King ( show you said men “people” are animals, which is our physical being. The Bible/ Torah on the other hand which I believe as I believe that G-d Hashem is Our Creator – Scripture Quote Bereishis 1:26 and Bereishis 2:7
    According to the Torah we are as it says living beings who were formed from dust from the ground, ….”
    You also said you are a scientist. I believe science is G-d’s Creation as well, Everything is of G-d, It is all G-d’s Masterpiece which we can never come to understand, as we will keep exploring from generation to generation.

    My wish is that we find a way to bring the Tanach and Zohar or spitualism with religion and science together in a way that when all concepts of all sides come together in harmony and peace where there would not be any contradictions just as the Creator made them to BE. These concepts should be put in a way that no one will struggle to understand. Creator Hashem that HE IS and that HE CREATES and that ALL belongs to HIM. Dineo Jeanette Chaka Kutumela with Tebogo Mpholo Kutumela and Thato Mpho Jamilla Kutumela South Africa.

  6. I just graduated with certificate 1 &2 in Kabbalah Revealed and now into Kabbalah in Action 1. I have learnt that Kabbalah is not a religion. Religion has taught me to do this and do that and I feel so burdensome and decide quit religious activities..what do I do?

  7. Dear Rav

    What does it to become a kabbalist? Does it require one to study Zohar/Torah or can one reach full enlightenment through reading any random kabbalistic materials?

  8. Dear Dr. Laitman,
    I am a scholar of mysticism currently working on what I call “states of descent.” I noticed this term appearing in Kabbalah studies and upon searching, found your post from 9 years ago — September 16th, 2010 ( I would be most obliged if you could say anything further about, or point me in the direction of materials wherein the usage of “descent” in Kabbalah could be further explicated.
    LC Ceriello

  9. Because Abraham was the first Jew and was the first to be imparted and Had the kabbalah revealed to him. Also read Book of Raziel. Plus every powerful person in the Torah and bible which manifested such power was based on kabbalah, the original name is actually called the Sefer Yetzirah it

  10. The destruction of the masculine nature is not a coincidence but a course planned in the evolution of nature.

    Sure. Thank God. I mean… Thank Laitman.

  11. I have been listening to the audio lesson today. I feel that you are generating at very high frequency. As I am writing this you are answering my thoughts. Now you just said that we are “linked”. How is this possible? I feel a very strong connection it is like being in another world.

  12. Is trustable community of spiritual teachers?

  13. Dear Dr. Laitman,

    If understood correcty, it is important to receive the light for the Creator, but only because he wants us to feel his full light and without any egoistic thoughts. I’m struggling with this because isn’t the desire to become like Ein Sof also an egoistic desire? How do you turn this proces in to something that is not utterly selfish. I cannot see how that is possible and that frustrates me ( Also selfish of course)

    With all my respect and love and gratefulness for what you give to us.


  14. Greetings dr.Lightman
    My questions are about ten sephirot why they have names and what they really mean. There are 22 paths between them, what they are and how can we use them in our study of Kabbalah.
    many thanks

  15. Dear Rav,

    This was a front page story today,7340,L-5568664,00.html

    An El-Al flight attendant died of the measles because she was not fully vaccinated. Today in Israel, as you may know, there is a big measles epidemic that has spread to other countries due to the antivaccination movement- people believe misinformation that vaccines cause autism and other diseases.

    This belief has spread worldwide but for some reason is especially common in Israel, maybe due to Israelis feeling very connected to herbal and alternative medicine.

    Can you please speak on this issue of immunizations and the belief that they are harmful? Is there any truth in these beliefs and how are people to differentiate between what is true and false information in this world in regards to health? Who are the authorities to turn to? People in Israel especially distrust pharmaceuticals and mainstream advice because they think it is all about money. Can you please give some insight as to what is correct?

    Thank you

  16. Dear Rav,

    Recently you said America will be the place of the next Holocaust, and then in another post you said it will not help themselves or the world for American Jews to leave America. Can you please explain this? Are you saying it is better for them to stay and die in a holocaust?

    Thank you

  17. If I bought a car in indiana with no tiltle got a bill of sale it got stolen off my property now the I pound don’t want to give it back money going up every what can I do

  18. Dear Dr. Laitman,

    There is a well known concept in Kabbalah of ירידת הדורות (decline of the generations), yet in the Nation Ba’al ha-Sullam writes in agreement with Marx’s theory that humanity is progressing gradually upward, “as if on a ladder.” How is this seeming contradiction resolved?

  19. Dear Mr. Laitman,

    My name is Yaakov.
    I found an interview with you today in which you said:
    “What every wife truly wants is to feel fully belonging to her husband. In essence this is ALL she wants. If this is achieved, she might not even be jealous if her husband was polygamous (except culturally).”

    How can I help my wife to feel as if she belongs to me?
    She is very afraid that I will “cheat” on her, and she grew up being told (unjustly!) that she was ugly, and made to feel worthless by her own family.

    The weird thing is that I actually greatly desire more wives. I want to go over seas to find a Sephardic Rabbi to perform a second marriage.
    But my wife is VERY jealous.

    This leaves me feeling unfulfilled because I feel like I NEED more women. And yet I love my wife with all my heart, and I need her to know this.

    Is there an explanation for this spiritually?

    Any advice is appreciated.


  20. My dear Rav., my dear Mr.Laitman,

    I am new in the group of your followers, but I know your work for more than 15 years. Your work, at that time when we met looked too idealistic and a bit naive because the way (part of it) you are teaching about the path of return is very common in my family, in my country and in my life.
    Now, after having spent in Vienna 7 years with Rosicrucian’s egocentrics, after 6 initiations, I left them, actually, the teacher pushed me out because of the unknown fear and respect of me he showed toward me all these 7 years. In November last year, he asked me to come back, and after 5-6 months of digesting the situation, I refused and been very glad.
    Finally, I decided to dig much deeper into your way, into your/Cabbalah’s science and feel this is it. This is my way of return. I bought and read all your books in English written until 2009 and this helped me to decipher my dreams with the donkey drive and the Jacobs, ladder. For some 3-4 years back I reached the continuous state of the faith above reason. When I say the continuous state, I mean in any situation, in a most difficult situation, I have immediately in front of me the answer, “there is no one except Him”. Shamati book helped me very much in that direction because parallel to my Rosicrucian school I was reading it at least one hour each day, for the last 4 years.
    I see the world developing, with high speed, toward the bottom, toward awakening. Everything is perfect, globalization, Internet, abundance, money losing value each day, school medicine and pharmaceutical industry lost in the universe without any foundation, the New medicine being applied in Israel for more than 25 years showing fantastic results.
    Everything is perfect, everything goes so well, and the only thing I am not able to understand why we are creating this Amalek in the form of a new Holocaust. I am sure you know what this kind of Amalek should cause in your group of followers, but it is making me nervous, tense listening something I do not understand and do not see the reason to talk about. And, it looks very much in opposition to the Shamati 1.
    On our side are so many great scientists who are through their research helping to dismantle, step by step, so big lies like “the virus” and many other fantastic dark businesses of the pharma industry and school medicine.
    Would like so much to be able to swallow/digest this Amalek’s challenge.
    Looking forward to meeting you on the next Congress in Bulgaria.
    Best regards
    alija sirbegovic

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