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You may ask me any questions you like on this page. I receive questions in many languages so, unfortunately, I am unable to get to every question. I try to select questions which speak to the widest readership, and you can search for my answers in upcoming blog posts.  

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Moreover, if you are studying Kabbalah materials, you can ask me questions related to the materials, and get answers live, in the daily Kabbalah lessons I teach from the Bnei Baruch Kabbalah Education Center, Israel, which are broadcast live on Kabbalah TV: 3:00am until 6:00am Israel (GMT+2) time, Sunday to Friday [Time Zone Converter].

Recent Questions

  1. It explains in Hecholztoo in Se’if 17 that the reason that it is taking so long to rectify our sins for the destruction of the second Bies Hamikdash is because it was destroyed as a result of the sin of baseless hatred. How can this be proven, since there is a well known concept of Yiridas Hadoros. This means that the reason it is taking so long to rectify our sins for the second Bies Hamikdash isn’t necessarily a result of baseless hatred, rather a result of our low level. Like we see with the 288 sparks that we must uplift, it took the Yidden a short period to uplift 202 of them, but the last 86 is taking very long.

  2. Hello Michael,
    What should we do if we have an existential crisis?
    If we see atheist t-shirts and tattoos everywhere and many intelligent people dismissing God.

    I find it quite depressing and I am not sure what I am looking for, but I am looking for something to hold onto.

    Something meaningful.

    Any thoughts?/


  3. Dear Rav,
    As someone who uses Facebook to teach the wisdom of kabbalah and for dissemination . What therefore is your opinion on the possible breakup of Facebook?

  4. Shalom,

    I have been reading the Kabbalah along with the Zohar of which are both very interesting and complicating; Judaism is very deep.
    I would like to create a story in a limited sense of the Kabbalah concerning the Briah World along with the liberating angel Metatron.

    Obviously, you are very experienced and understand all the facets of the Kabbalah, would using either of the latter names violate a copyright or trademark?



  5. Hi, what is your stance on the legalization and usage of marijuana?
    Thank you
    Andy from Chicago

  6. Does that Kabbalah teach that the sun is inhabited?

  7. I have a question about the creator.

    Who is the creator? In Zohar, several creators are mentioned and there are several names for God. For example, “in the beginning GODS created”…. Do I have a creator that created me and they have a creator that created them and and another one and so on till the first creator? And how all creators relate to me? Is my creator less perfect than the creator that created him and so on like I am less perfect than my creator? In a way as we go down the levels or worlds, are they less and less perfect (complete) because who created them are less and less perfect (complete)?

    Is there a first creator that we all unit with at the end?

  8. If Kabbalah has NOTHING to do with religion- why are you Jewish? Why do the Jews hold the influence over the world and its correction? Why do you practice the traditions?

  9. How do we know what is our Ego vs what is the Light?
    I went back and forth with a decision for a year, one where I couldn’t tell which was truly better for my fulfillment and that of others.

  10. Dear Rav Laitman,

    What are your thoughts on “stay-at-home fathers?”

  11. Dear Dr. Laitman,

    What does Kabbalah say about re-marriage to an ex-husband? I was married twice. My divorce to the second husband was due to him leaving me and our son due to a mental illness and attempting a suicide. Three years later, my ex-husband is medicated, somewhat stable and wanting to get our family back. In my turn. I have discovered the wisdom of Kabbalah and met another man who wants a family with me, approves of me studying Kabbalah and agrees with its wisdom. I’m torn now between them two and don’t know what to do. I will be fine with either man. But what’s the right decision, now, that I have been awaken by Kabbalah?

    Thank you so very much,

  12. Dear Dr. Laitman,

    After watching your lesson today on the Tree of Life, I Actually understood the first 10 minutes on your explanation of the line and the first two circles. Your sketch helped greatly. I was so pleasantly surprised, I had to let you know. Questions to ask, but I shall leave it as is.

    Thank You, and Regards,


  13. Dear Rav,
    Your opinion on Congresswomen Ilhan Omar?

  14. Dear Rav
    Your feelings and understanding on Ilhan Omar(Congresswomen) on her attacks on Israel and possible Anti-Semitism?

  15. Dr Laitman,
    In your teachings you mention for us to develop through group gatherings. You mention, questionnaires and exercises, this is good. How can we start a group?

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