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  1. To Doctor Laitman,

    As a student of Kabbalah and regular follower of your published content, I appreciate the dedication to explain the current situation over COVID-19 and what it means for society going forward.

    I do understand and perceive the significance of how nature is forcing society to rebalance and to quickly adapt to a new reality. The long term will bring the necessary change in attitude and intention, and yes, it will all be for the good of humanity: there will be rainbows, unicorns and puppies… all wonderful.

    But before getting there, I guess we will still need to go through the process that Kabbalah refers to as “the revelation of Evil”. Forcing people to stay at home will lead to economic collapse. That’s fine, as you say we also need to “wash away” all those industries we no longer need. That will bring unemployment rate to skyrocket and people are already in despair only just after two months.

    Governments and central banks are already bickering with one another, there will be high risk of debt defaults, which will inevitably lead to civil unrest and even more draconian and stringent measures by governments to keep societies in check. This is already leading towards loss of liberties and a growing tendency to authoritarianism, if not plane and simple dictatorship in some countries.

    My question to you: could you please provide a more realist path as to how we will move towards what lies at the end of the tunnel according to Kabbalah? Are we destined to sacrifice liberties to authoritarian regimes in order to get there?

    Many thanks in advance.

  2. Dear Rav , a couple of questions related to Corona please:

    1. Why does Nature punish us for actions that it obliged us to do? Why does He blame us for His actions? You said elderly people are getting this as opposed to kids because they built this world and must feel it back. Isn’t the Creator to blame for building this terrible world?

    2. Now more than ever, you are taking about how the virus is forcing people to become closer with their families. My question pertains to single men on the spiritual path. We have an obligation from Above to get married, yet the Creator does not let it happen. Especially in these times, it’s more impossible than ever. Why is it this way and what are we supposed to do?

    3. How can a student successfully disseminate when he has no attainment of what the teacher is saying, and the teachers message sparks only anger and despair I’m him? How do I pretend I feel what you are saying in regards to Corona and write about it authentically?

    Thank you

  3. what are you observing when you confirm that you are connected or not?

    on feeling ? on though? or on awareness by itself?

    What is sure to be connected is not action but being, isn’t it?

  4. don’t worry about doing rather on being ,isn’t it ? by being you are connected, that is what you need isn’t it ?
    first, be relax and be in peace than right doing will come, isn’t it?
    your shift has to be from doing to being if not you are cooked, isn’t it?

  5. Hi

    I study on and off now for many years. Even visited a congress.
    The more I study the harder it is to keep going on. There is a resistence building up that I think is going to win. What to do?

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