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Moreover, if you are studying Kabbalah materials, you can ask me questions related to the materials, and get answers live, in the daily Kabbalah lessons I teach from the Bnei Baruch Kabbalah Education Center, Israel, which are broadcast live on Kabbalah TV: 3:00am until 6:00am Israel (GMT+2) time, Sunday to Friday [Time Zone Converter].

Recent Questions

  1. Dear Rav,

    There is a rapidly growing movement both in Israel and abroad of parents who are against vaccinations and believe that they are linked to autism and other illnesses. As a result, miseales is returning in a big way and there were two deaths in Israel recently. Can you please address this topic and what Kabbalah says about vaccinating babies ?

    Thank you,


  2. Hello : my name is Manny from Indianapolis , Indiana

    Kabbalah shows Us how to attain the Higher Worlds. And it’s different levels. But as a student, How do I know what level I have attained ? If the 1st 2nd 3rd

  3. Please explain significant differences in views from the scriptures whether old testament or new, and Kabbalah. One example is on homosexuality. Consider the lesson of Sodom and Gomorah, and all the trangenderism of today which God clearly expressed as sin. Or when King David in the psalms calls the Lord to vengeance on his enemies. Thank you very much.

  4. I am a Sephardi Kabbalistic Jew; and live in Miami, Florida. I come from a mix of Spaniard; Greek; and Persian; then I was engaged to an Israeli’ Orthodox Jew for most of my life. Which means that I was fortunate by nature to receive an intensive doctrine in different aspects of the Jewish religion. I have learned during the years that Kabbalah is like a seed from a tree; that once planted it will grow and develop on its own as long as is provided with the environment necessary to grow. But the fact is that one becomes aware throughout life that it is inside of your mind and grows spreading branches of knowledge inside your intellect for whatever the reasons. I have also gone through the process of Natural Detachment since I noticed you can’t do anything to stop it since it happens by nature as the tree grows. That has been the most difficult for me to handle since it makes one question it existence a whole lot more; and also fear the outcome of it. Another issue I have is that I’m not sure now where to congregate at’ what type of synagogue I should visit that will be aligned to my spiritual level.?

  5. Why are we not relating the latest violent incidents to certain drugs usage which totally affects the judgement of these individuals committing this acts of violence such as massacres; hurting their children; and hurting their parents (things that did not happen in the past). Opioids drugs are still been prescribed instead of been DECLARED a silent weapon of Social Terrorism against our families and people we love. What does it take to help these drug users that are in need of emergency assistance in order not to go on over dose or commit a horrific-judgement impaired act.?

  6. when can I call myself a Kabbalist?

  7. you say that Kabbalah is a science not associated with Judaism.

    in the book: Kabbalah, an introduction to Jewish mysticism
    it says” Kabbalah is the Jewish mystical tradition.
    it is the mystical tradition developed and nurtured within Judaism. it is inextricably bound to classical texts, teachings, theology, and religious practices. Consequently, there is no authentic Kabbalah outside or detached from Judaism.

    I am asking how you can say that it is not associated, even a part of Judaism.
    Kabbalah came from Jews such as ;Rabbi Moshe Cordevero , Rabbi Isaac Luria,
    Rabbi Isaiah Horowitz and of course Nachmanides.

    it also came from such books as “the Bahir”, Sefer Yetzireh, and also the Zohar.

    how can it not be a part of Judaism?

    looking forward to your email

  8. Hello Sir,

    can I ask a question about some problems I live in my life, since i was born till this moment I want to find answers and solutions to my puzzeled situation.
    i don’t know if i can find the answers during reading or studying Kabala.

    So as i mentioned above it’s about my story in this life, i want someone to listen to help me find a clear and abvious answer and for sure clear and direct.

    it’s long story, how and where to start it?

    thank you

    Khawlah al Suwaidi

  9. Доброе утро! Если человек родился в духовном, он уже не возвращается на прошлую ступень?

  10. It’s too dangerous for Jews to disseminate the Wisdom of Kabbalah here in the United States of America. What is a possible alternative? I am already making efforts to connect to the daily lesson via the internet and have been with you for the past 6 years.

    -Michael Bloom (USA)

  11. Hello, I’m reaching out because I stumbled upon some khabbalah readings and, since I don’t know who else to ask, I’ll try my luck. Here goes. Why if so many men of Kabbalah, having reached such insight and wisdom were persecuted and killed? I mean, I understand that you should or shouldn’t do something out of conviction, not because you expect something in return, it’s just difficult to understand. Thank you for your time.

  12. I’m currently in a situation where I’m forced to cope with my girlfriend’s ex, who is the father of her child and has full custody. We are being forced to cooperate due to his parents funding a lawyer and us being unable to barely meet our needs.

    A few months ago he sexually assaulted her(we were dating at this time). Do to her previous experiences with the police in these situations she refuses to report it.

    I am now confused on the course of action to take. He seems far too detached from any sense of morals and uses manipulation constantly. I do not trust him around her daughter and do not trust him period. The wisdom of kabbalah suggests to forgive and love, yet he is a danger to my families(including my soon to be step daughter and my son who will be in the world in a few months ) safety.

    I want to curse him, I want to drive him away from our family so he could never hurt any of us. I feel wrong for wishing harm on him, despite what he’s done. But he is a danger and a poison to my family and I am lost on what to do..

  13. Does Kabbalistic teaching encourages one to pray for their family” salvation?

  14. Every morning – especially when I was working with children and parents who have children with disabilities. I listen each morning that the creator continue to give me the wisdom to receive the capacity to listen to you everyday. I only pray that the creator to ro keep my kli open to serve him through me – through my ten and also for those who work with you each day. Your students hear my intentions and seem to feel my heart.

  15. Hi Rav

    when a person die do you feel the same that you feel before a person is born ?
    Do you feel the same that when you transcend ??


  16. My name isElizabeth Fogel. What if I told you Kabbalah opened to me naturally at a McDonalds restaurant in Lexington, SC. I made the grade. Found you later….you energetically unlocked the Zorah and gave me a massive psychic test. I had a great swim……and voila where am I. We can talk.

  17. Paradox in that Adam cannot keep 612 commandments alone either. As is the creator desires creatures to bestow upon.

  18. Hi, I’m Francis LLanto from Cebu City, Philippines, I’m a Roman Catholic but I explore more and i see Kabbalah, my question is this, How Angels work or influence to mankind, is there a Purgatory and Hell? How these system created and function to us?. I am very thankful of your basic revelation of Kabbalah that enlighten me for the dynamics of our nature.

  19. Hi, I’m Marlon and I live in Brazil. I have two questions: 1) Has God not yet created creation? (it is in process, it is not yet concluded) … 2) The ascent of the “ladder of Jacob” – if the answer to question number 1 is yes – would not mean returning successively to higher worlds, whose next to us would be Olam Yetzirah , but to inhabit a new corresponding world created to support our kli together with our conscious choice to serve the Creator. Is that what Olam Habah would mean?

  20. hello,
    its Sam from Iran,
    first so sorry for my English, i am new in English,
    i try to study In Kabbalah from your free course,, thank you all so much for it in advance,, i feel i am in the right track and way,.

    i have a question, i hope i can explain it to you with my bad English,, and you understand what i want to know,

    about teaching to be altruism and after that bestow to creator will, that everything happens to us even good or bad is lead us then understand the enlightenment,

    my problem is i am tired of bad action and bad feedback that i receive from people around me, i do my best to be altruism, and understand all people, and give them love,, but i receive Opposite and negative, what should i do,

    after i read this

    ( )

    i feel i have to change my Environment like you said

    ( Starting from a certain sphere in the field of Light, the Light’s influence on the Reshimo elicits a recognition of the cause of the suffering. This is expressed as the question about the meaning of the suffering, about its reason and purpose. It is a question about the meaning of life. A person is then brought to the group (the environment) where he can start correcting himself to become similar to the Light (bestowal). )

    , cuz i don’t have power and energy to give people around me and receive negative from them,

    am i right? do i get it right? plz some advice,
    thanks, and sorry for my English,

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