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Moreover, if you are studying Kabbalah materials, you can ask me questions related to the materials, and get answers live, in the daily Kabbalah lessons I teach from the Bnei Baruch Kabbalah Education Center, Israel, which are broadcast live on Kabbalah TV: 3:00am until 6:00am Israel (GMT+2) time, Sunday to Friday [Time Zone Converter].

Recent Questions

  1. Hi, I’m Marlon and I live in Brazil. I have two questions: 1) Has God not yet created creation? (it is in process, it is not yet concluded) … 2) The ascent of the “ladder of Jacob” – if the answer to question number 1 is yes – would not mean returning successively to higher worlds, whose next to us would be Olam Yetzirah , but to inhabit a new corresponding world created to support our kli together with our conscious choice to serve the Creator. Is that what Olam Habah would mean?

  2. hello,
    its Sam from Iran,
    first so sorry for my English, i am new in English,
    i try to study In Kabbalah from your free course,, thank you all so much for it in advance,, i feel i am in the right track and way,.

    i have a question, i hope i can explain it to you with my bad English,, and you understand what i want to know,

    about teaching to be altruism and after that bestow to creator will, that everything happens to us even good or bad is lead us then understand the enlightenment,

    my problem is i am tired of bad action and bad feedback that i receive from people around me, i do my best to be altruism, and understand all people, and give them love,, but i receive Opposite and negative, what should i do,

    after i read this

    ( )

    i feel i have to change my Environment like you said

    ( Starting from a certain sphere in the field of Light, the Light’s influence on the Reshimo elicits a recognition of the cause of the suffering. This is expressed as the question about the meaning of the suffering, about its reason and purpose. It is a question about the meaning of life. A person is then brought to the group (the environment) where he can start correcting himself to become similar to the Light (bestowal). )

    , cuz i don’t have power and energy to give people around me and receive negative from them,

    am i right? do i get it right? plz some advice,
    thanks, and sorry for my English,

  3. Hi Dr Laitman,

    I have a question regarding your logic

    1) We don’t understand G_D
    2) Our cries and our begging are useless
    3) We need to follow the Kabbalah system

    If the Kabbalah system requires following Jewish commandments, what’s the point if our cries and begging through prayerful participation is useless?


  4. Hello Rav, how can man communicate with the Creator? Or is that impossible? Thanks for your effort.

  5. Hello. I am Sarah from Beirut – Lebanon.
    First I would like to send you my deep gratitude for the beneficial episodes and for the show and for Dr Michael Laitman. Thank you for spreading light and knowledge.
    My question is: What’s the relation between Kabbalah and the Scientific-Spiritual idea that our minds & thoughts create our reality?
    Thank you

  6. Dear Rav,

    I know that we learn about the ten plagues, ten sephirot, ten commandments etc. as a spirtual negative and positive and a means to overcome.
    But before Kabbalah I was also taught about the 7 mortal sins, Pride, Wrath, Envy, Greed, Lust, Glutonny and Sloth and I find myself not able to act against those much either in thought or in action. Instead these desires we are told not to have/use only seem to be increasing in me/us and I have found no mercy in the words of the Kabbalists.
    Also can you tell us something about the first death and the second death and the beast that will be judged into the lake of fire? Why was it created only to then be judged like that? Can the Creator undo his creation?
    Thank you.

  7. A follow-up question:
    Isn’t the wish for all existence to become pure light, pure delight, connected to some death drive? The wish not to be?

    Thank you!

  8. Dear Michael Laitman,

    I find it hard to imagine humanity (or the world) reaching a final, perfect state. Wouldn’t it be the end of history, even more the end of change/time? What will be left (to do) when the pieces of the vessel are put back together?

    Thank you!

  9. The Gemara in Chagigah tells of four great sages who entered the Orchard. Only Rabbi Akiva was able to enter in peace and return in peace. I would like to find out what would have happened if all four had returned successfully, and what additional information is available in English on this subject.

  10. Do you have to follow a religion to study Kabbalah?
    For example, I grew up in the church and studied the Bible. So it has brought me to a point where I have went from Baptist, to non denomination, to Hebrew Israelite, to I haven’t been to church in 4 years and recently decided to go to a synagogue on Saturdays to learn the Torah. And I’m not really interested in following traditions and rituals. Because it makes me feel that I’m (for lack of better words) “earning points” for doing those things.
    So is it necessary to be religious?

  11. Dear Rav Laitman,

    Who are the foremost female Kabbalists, past & present?

    Thank you for considering this question.

  12. After all, after entering the kabbalistic society one feels the pressure for single men to get married. So I would like to know, if this is a requirement like it seems, why this is necessary for me to do. Until now I unfortunately couldn’t find a convincing answer.

  13. Why should there be a high recognition and appreciation for a woman being at home and caring for the family i.e. a division of roles in family life (or for couples or married ones), and why is this not happening in today’s society?

  14. I have felt a prompting to study specifically the second chapter of the book of Ezra. Any tips on this section from your materials? The focus is on emerging from Exile and the prompting of the light in a Gentile King.

  15. In my small amount of experience, I have noticed that, whenever I am invested, in the form of transactions, I can feel the effect there and then. Just like all things in the Spiritual path, its usually followed by a decline.

    In that sense, I will feel the next similar ascent when I’m invested again. Such as paying for group activities or paying for dissemination materials.

    Does this phenomenon have anything to do with the Congress? Because at that point, being vested fully in the form of tickets, bookings and generally spending towards the goal, I would consider that a similar point of ascent.

    Is that the differential factor? Is it a vested point in the world kli? Congress?

  16. The premise that money and its acquisition are based in egotism seems short sighted to me. Surely, as a means of acquiring safety, food, shelter, and potential to build something one believes in by investing in the mechanisms by which our philanthropic desires can be manifested, it is not so reasonable to assume that it’s accumulation is strictly egotistical but rather the intent with which it is used. Also, is not the notion that the conflict between work and vacation is resolved by complacency with balance between the two equally short sighted? Surely the idea of what is reasonable in terms of a ratio between duration of work and a respite from it has differed greatly over the centuries. Would a Roman slave not see our contemporary views of vacation as excessive according to this understanding? Is it not more reasonable to say that this question is a socioeconomic conflict as a result of our frameworks of government and society being in discord with the premises of Kabbalah? It’s my understanding that the goal of the Kabbalist is to attain a perception from which we view one another as different aspects of the same entity and to love one another unconditionally, selflessly and without regard to the ego. Would not a world that governs itself upon such premises appear alien to what we are familiar with? Such a world would provide the mechanisms to circumvent and mitigate suffering and natural disasters even without mandating taxes, which now only seem to perpetuate and amplify the same conflicts. Would a kabbalistic framework not provide and cultivate the basic necessities of life, even without mandating the collection of taxes, and would such a framework not resemble a world where “we are on vacation all the time”? Would not the value of our existence then be based on our productivity, which would be free for us to choose, instead of being predicated by the incentive of “what is most profitable”? If so, wouldn’t complacency be more the problem than the solution? Or is it more Kabbalistic to embrace complacency in the sense that it is better to desire nothing? Would not the former (changing our governmental and socioeconomic frameworks) work as a better catalyst for whole redemption?

  17. Dear Rav,
    What is your opinion on the JEWISH STATE BILL passed in the Israeli Knesset?

  18. It is said that the Jews have 613 mitzvot (commandments) and the gentiles only have 7 (given to the children of Noah). We also know that the 613 mitzvot correlate to the 613 parts of the soul. So does a gentile soul only have 7 parts? How can we understand the 7 for the gentile and 613 for the Jew according to kabbalah?

  19. Rabbi,

    Is there a syllabus for this website? Where should I begin and where should I go?

    Thanks and shalom,

  20. Was Balaam’s talking doneky a metaphore in the Torah or did this event actually took place? And if so, how do we reconcile this as we do not see animals talking in nature today, save humans, but humans are on a higher level than animals.

    Does the Kabbalah support this view?

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