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“Is it possible to benefit from a crisis?” (Quora)

Dr. Michael LaitmanMichael Laitman, On Quora: Is it possible to benefit from a crisis?

We can benefit from a crisis if we understand its true cause and how we heal the world through it. Otherwise, we cannot say that we benefit from a crisis.

At their core, all crises we endure emerge from negative human connections. Likewise, their ultimate solution is for us to positively connect above our negative drives.

As much as we positively connect, we will accordingly see positive changes in the world. Positive connection means that we will trust, help, support and encourage each other more and more, and harm each other less and less.

Based on KabTV’s “Blitz of Questions and Answers” on January 6, 2023. Written/edited by students of Kabbalist Dr. Michael Laitman.

The Singing Planet

712.03Some doctors explain harmful addictions as a person experiencing a pleasant sensation and afterward he wants to repeat it. But over time, the sensitivity is dulled, and the sensation weakens. It turns out that a person is forced to constantly increase the dose in order to reach the initial sensation.

It is the same in ordinary life; we never manage to repeat the experienced pleasure with the same intensity. This is possible only in one case. If the desire to do good to others, to bestow, to share, becomes such an addiction, then we will really feel happy because this makes us similar to the upper force of nature, the Creator.

In this form, we come to the fact that there will be a wonderful world around us. We will hear trees, bushes, and birds singing, we will understand and feel that all of nature wants to share good with everyone.

All nature wants to sing only about love, connection, and a happy life. But because of man, there are birds singing sad songs. We are just not sensitive to it.

If we felt nature, we would hear this melody in the rustle of trees, bushes, and grass, in the voices of birds and animals, even in the howling of the wind. We would feel them singing about a good, beautiful world if we, humans, did not spoil nature, did not bring the force of malice and greed into it.

We just need to understand the general mechanism of nature and turn it in a good direction by turning there ourselves. This can be achieved in the shortest possible time. After all, if we change at our human degree, then all degrees below us will change, all of nature will calm down, and harmony, perfection, and world peace will be established in it.

Man will have only one addiction: listening to the voice of nature, to its inner strength aimed at mutual understanding and care, as it is said in the Prophets that the wolf and the lamb will live peacefully side by side.
From KabTV’s “An Inside Look” 1/15/23

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How I See the World of the Future

249.01People often ask me how I see the world of the future, what it will be based on, and how we will interact with each other in it.

Unfortunately, I must admit that I do not see it coming in the near future. There will be many more problems that accompany the birth of a new world. But when it is revealed, it will be a different world, one that exists in the minds of people who will understand that it is necessary to live in such a way that we do anything to avoid wars and hatred between us.

We must fight among ourselves so that no one has hatred for the other, but on the contrary, mutual love, respect, and desire for contact.

I hope that we will reach this. At least now all the events in the world are aimed at revealing what is good and what is bad between us.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 1/26/23, Writings of Baal HaSulamIntroduction to The Book of Zohar

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Decline of the Level of Consumption

507.04The depression that envelops the world is not quenched by any yachts, villas, travel, or banquets. Of course, this depends on the level of development of countries and societies because in more developed societies it is even stronger.

The fact that the era of consumption is coming to an end is evident through the increase in the number of psychologists, psychiatrists, sedatives, drug legalization, and so on. When it comes to industry where there are people who want to profit, and the masses do not allow them to profit because they do not buy the goods they produce, this is where the problem arises!

What will those who need to add another zero to their wealth do? They have a lot of things: both weapons and power, but no one buys anything from them. How will their bank account be replenished?

They created an economy that depends only on the purchasing power of people. If you buy and throw it away, earn money again and buy and throw away, then they profit from it and that is what they need. This is what they enjoy. The fact that all of this is thrown away pollutes the Earth and depletes it of minerals does not matter. The main thing is to see an additional zero in the bank.

But what do you care? No matter how much they try to convince you that you need to buy, you no longer want to. Here is the crisis, and they do not know what to do with it.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. How to Make a Revolution” 2/10/12

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The Civilization of Global Love

632.3In the News (Big Think): In 1973, a computer program was developed at MIT to model global sustainability. Instead, it predicted that by 2040 our civilization would end. … But what the computer envisioned in the 1970s has by and large been coming true. Could the machine be right?

“The prediction, which recently reappeared in Australian media, was made by a program dubbed World OneIt was originally … commissioned by the Club of Rome to model how well the world could sustain its growth. …

“The model’s calculations took into account trends in pollution levels, population growth, the amount of natural resources and the overall quality of life on Earth. The model’s predictions for the worsening quality of life and the dwindling natural resources have so far been unnervingly on target.

Question: If the collapse of civilization in the form in which we know it is predicted, then in what form will civilization exist?

Answer: Let them broadcast what the computer indicated for the next 20 years. And we will see to what extent it is right or not. I have not heard or read anything about this computer. I want to see what it has written and what came true, not some retellings of it.

Question: Even if these are stories and fairy tales, please tell me your feelings, “What kind of civilization would there be if there was no one like today?” In general, such a civilization is most likely not needed.

Answer: No. It is needed only to realize the wrongness of its path.

Question: What kind of civilization will there be in the future? Not in 2040 or 2050, but in general, what kind of civilization are we going to have?

Answer: Civilization will be built on universal love, interconnection, and mutual assistance. It is concrete. But this is after realizing the evil of our civilization.

Question: And how will we be aware of it? Via blows?

Answer: Here is our problem. Either we realize it in a good way or in an evil way,  with a stick to happiness or awareness of the correct path.

Question: I am interested in your opinion of how will we realize this and see what is happening?

Answer: I think with a stick. So far, it is improbable that humanity has realized anything at all. There needs to be the recognition of the evil of their nature by every person. And then he will do something with himself and not others.

Question: For us to do something with ourselves, strong blows will be needed?

Answer: I hope not, but in general everything is leading to that.

Question: And how does this vector unfold? We have said more than once that we live in criticism of others, in capturing others. And how does the vector unfold?

Answer: The common vector should lead us to realize that we are enemies to each other and in this we are enemies to ourselves.

Question: So, this is not my enemy, but my enemy is inside me. Is this the main thing we should come to?

Answer: Yes.

Question: Then we come to the future through love, as you say?

Answer: Yes. Then we come to the future through love and to the victory of good over evil.

Question: And when love, kindness, and a kind attitude prevail, what will people do?

Answer: People will give up all unnecessary work and will go fishing, to the beach, to the sea, take care of children, walk in the park with flowers in their hair, listen to birds singing, and record birds singing. That is what life will be like. Everyone will bow to each other.

In general, this is an idiotic vision of the future.

Question: What do you think is real? When love…

Answer: A person cannot exist without a struggle. And the struggle for what? For the harvest? For territories? Where does a person feel that he is doing something, creating?

Question: But what happens if love rules the world? Where is the struggle, what is the struggle?

Answer: The struggle will be in being able to show love more and more. It will be very difficult. This is the hardest part.

Question: So there are dramas and everything else?

Answer: Of course.

Question: But with joy, with love?

Answer: It will still be with dramas. Without this, a person cannot exist.

Question: But is it still that we are moving toward love?

Answer: Yes.

Question: So such a goal will be set, and a person will go toward it. What do you mean by the word “love” now when you say it?

Answer: When I value another above myself.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 12/15/22

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Life Based on Egoism

115.06The multifaceted development of egoism has led to the fact that it simultaneously kills the feeling of the family in us, the relationship between children and parents, our nature, arts, science, and the whole culture in general.

It does not only work in the economy. It works in everything! As a result, the ego destroys our family, public, state, political, and social structure. But we still have to act. There is more than one factor at work here. Our whole life is built on egoism, and we have to change all this.

We are so egoistic that we do not care about anything, not the fact that families are falling apart or about the terrible social atmosphere; it does not matter to us. When it comes to our pocket, to the economy, then we believe the crisis has come. Yet we are used to the fact that before that “I treated everyone like a dog and everyone else treated me the same way. It is okay, everything is fine.”

This indicates how much the crisis and our development in general has led us to such a low state: I do not care, I retire at home, I do not need a wife, I do not need children, I can order everything for myself, easily serve myself and that is all; I do not give a damn for everyone.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call, How to Make a Revolution” 2/4/12

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The Era of Overproduction

220Question: According to statistics, many of us have more than what is necessary, but still are unhappy because we fear losing our jobs. We live by the principle that we must hold a job to earn money. How can we change this consciousness? At the expense of what can it be changed?

Answer: Neither people nor economists understand how to properly organize the economy.

Now all kinds of theories are emerging on how to build an economy in a non-developing technological society. All we need is to optimize a few sectors.

Let’s say we develop the agricultural sector, and even then, to an extent, manage it so as not to eat anything artificial. In the same way, we would improve only the devices and appliances we need, for example, consumer electronics. What else do we need? What for?!

We need to conduct a thorough revision of what we have achieved, and in a conscious and obligatory manner begin to remove everything unnecessary. Otherwise we will not survive; we will exhaust our reserves. Let’s say I am the owner of the Earth. The globe is my vegetable garden and whatever is in the earth or in the air is not self–renewing.

In the near future this will be quite realistically understood by people. They are not able to limit themselves. Egoism will drive us into a corner. Our nature is made in a way that will force us to think about self-restraint. Such a need will arise.

Look, suddenly millions of unemployed people are on the street and businesses are closing. Why? What for? There are hundreds of theories. What now? They are closing down because we have passed all stages of development; we have reached overproduction.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call, How to Make a Revolution” 2/10/12

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Orange Sun, Orange Sky!

427.01According to statistics, the birth rate is falling sharply in Western countries. That is, in the richest and most developed European countries where there is an opportunity to give children all the benefits, education, and upbringing, people do not want to give birth to children.

It turns out that the world will be growing due to the  population growth in poor countries that do not have the opportunity for a good, normal life.

Since children there will not be able to receive education and all the needed conditions for their development, the world will become increasingly gray and colorless. It will be filled with dim people, without light in their eyes, without any hope of a good life.

The wisdom of Kabbalah warns that the world may even come to a global nuclear war, and who knows what will remain after it. I do not see the world moving toward a good future.

It seems to me that we have gone through a relatively favorable period in the last forty to fifty years, and now the decline has already begun. More and more often there is talk of a global nuclear war, new conflicts, and clashes between countries are flaring up, and they are such that they can destroy the world.

Humanity does not understand itself. We have great forces, powerful weapons, the army, the police, a lot of highly educated people, and teachers at our disposal, and all this does not help to change the world’s population for the better, make the world brighter, and guarantee it a good future so that people are not afraid for their future.

What color would you like to add to this gray, joyless world? I would add to it the colors of the sea, the colors of the sun. It depends only on people to want such a life.

It seems like everyone wants a bright, joyful life, but we do not do anything for it and do not know how to do it like little children who have started a dangerous game and continue it further and further, not suspecting where it will lead them.

It turns out to be a very sad picture, but it is us who create it. We are the ones who start wars and disputes, and we rejoice when our neighbors feel bad. The Earth is able to provide us all with all the benefits, but we are destroying it. There is no good future for such a world.

Although the upper force wishes us all the best, it cannot take away a person’s freedom of choice. If a person is drawn toward evil, then as the great Kabbalist of the twentieth century Baal HaSulam warned, humanity is approaching nuclear war.

Man is given freedom of choice to cover all crimes with love. There is nothing better for people than to love each other. We can do it. Love will make our gray life bright and colorful by adding the color orange  to it—the warm color of the sun.
From KabTV’s “An Inside Look”, 1/15/23

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How Can We Achieve Absolute Balance?

232.08Question: How can you balance the other person?

Answer: You cannot do anything with the other, you can only change yourself, work on yourself, and understand how you can bring a quality that is opposite to the current one into yourself so that these qualities balance each other, and you are between them. It is the existence between these opposite qualities that will be felt as absolute comfort.

The entire work of a Kabbalist is to absorb the whole spectrum of sensations, emotions, qualities, and definitions, and exist between them, because only in the center of this huge collection of forces and qualities is the central point to which we must come, the point of our absolute rest and fulfillment.

One cannot be without the other, just like in physical laws. How can you use only one plus or one minus, the north pole of a magnet without the south one? You have everything built on the use of two opposing forces. Necessarily! Otherwise there is no existence.

But in our world, at the human level, we use only one quality: the egoistic quality of reception without bestowal. Therefore people are special beings, not like the rest of the flora and fauna, since we have only negative egoism without positive balancing.

No matter how we compensate for it, we bring ourselves to a general crisis that shows us the need for an additional second force, a positive one. This force is called bestowal or love. Within it, just as in egoism, there are a huge amount of all kinds of forces, sensations, definitions, and emotions.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. How to Transform Hatred into Love?” 2/4/12

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To Give Birth or Not?

627.1Comment: Nina writes: “The other day, the cat that lives with me gave birth to kittens. A few days later, it killed them. Tell me, please, is this a natural phenomenon among animals? If so, what is its root? Maybe this is a consequence of our terrible behavior?”

My Response: It is quite possible that the cat feels what is happening around, and this is how it acts with its children, with the kittens.

Question: Does it mean that this option is possible?

Answer: It is possible.

Question: So, we do not deny that there is such a natural phenomenon?

Answer: Of course there is. What is a natural phenomenon in us? People do not want to have children. In a way, it is also like a murder that I do not want to give life to another.

Question: That is, I can and I do not want to. Is this what you call practically like a murder?

Answer: How else? I do not want to give life to another.

Question: Why do we have this in us? Why do I not want to?

Answer: Because I do not see any sense in this for myself, for my egoism. Because it will obligate me. This is the first. I do not consider that I can give life and thus correct some other soul, another piece of the world. I do not think about this. I think about myself.

Comment: Going back to the cat, you say that such an option is possible, that the cat feels…

My Response: It feels the environment and thus the hatred that it feels around it transfers to its children and does not want their lives.

Question: What is the conclusion from all this?

Answer: If people correct themselves, animals will be corrected.

I am talking only about changing the attitude of man to man, which is the highest of all natural levels.

The attitude of man to man, man to animal, man to plant, man to earth, and so on—all this is included in the attitude of man to man. If we correct our attitude, then all of nature that is below these levels will be corrected, and everyone will be fine.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 9/22/22

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