The Globe Is Shrinking

275If we do not acquire the quality of bestowal, we will constantly suffer and simply will not be able to continue such an existence. The quality of bestowal is the only salvation for us and it can raise us above egoistic desires. After all, if you only feel the desire to receive, then this is the feeling of death.

Therefore the Creator again and again awakens a little light in the bestowing desires, and as a result we feel a lack of light in the receiving desires. We are not aware of what is happening; we only feel that the world is getting darker and darker. We are on the threshold of a period when people around the globe will begin to feel that with all the achievements in modern science and technological developments, we are nevertheless suffering.

All this is due to the lack of connection between people. We are facing severe trials: extreme cold, extreme heat, famine, all kinds of cataclysms—and all this because of our separation. Every person will feel it, no matter which corner of the world he lives in.

Then we will understand that connection does not just provide a good harvest or save us from drought, but through this connection we invite a blessing upon us, we invite the upper force that will bless us, connect us, advance us to good, and bring to us abundance from above.

It is said that man does not live by bread alone. We all depend on one force that surrounds us and supports us. If we do not want to suffer from a lack of the sun’s heat, water, and crops, or from pandemics suddenly spreading all over the world and other problems, then it depends only on coming closer to the force of good and moving away from the force of evil.

How can we get closer to good and move away from evil? Only if we do it within ourselves, that is, when we understand what good is and distance ourselves from evil. If we direct ourselves to more and more connection and support around the globe, we will see that in this form we can control the world, like turning a steering wheel. We will be able to manage our lives.

Soon it will become clear to many people that the globe is shrinking and becoming smaller and smaller, and is forcing us to become more connected and dependent on each other.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 8/18/22, “The Ways of the Lord Are Straight”

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