At The Mercy Of Unknown Forces

293We must understand that corporeal life will depend every day more and more on our spiritual state. We see how humanity is plunging day by day into ever greater global problems and into ever greater misunderstanding, confusion, and uncertainty about the future.

The Creator wants to make us feel that we are dependent on forces unknown to us. All the systems of this world that we have built to gain greater strength, security, and confidence in life are being destroyed. Day by day, a person will feel less and less confident and he will not know how to build the future or what tomorrow brings.

This lack of security will break people because it will be impossible to make any plans either for today or for tomorrow. It will be impossible to know what to do and how to live. Humanity will lose all hope and prospects for the future and will feel like a lost child who stands and cries not knowing where to go, where his parents have disappeared.

There is another problem here, having lost its support in life, egoism grabs at straws and starts looking for the guilty one. If I find who is to blame for everything, then I will have a goal and a landmark that will not let me hang in the air between heaven and earth.

And this is a very dangerous turn to confrontation. Therefore, it is necessary to show humanity that there is no choice, and that the solution can be reached only through connection.
From the International Kabbalah Convention 9/25/21, “Entering Impregnation – Revealing a New World”, Lesson 1

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