“Humanity’s Last Chance”

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion (from LaRouche): “An international conference of the Schiller Institute took place in Germany on April 13-14, dedicated to a new paradigm for the survival of mankind, with panels on ‘Hope for the Future,’ ‘Energy Security in the 21st Century,’ ‘Eurasian Integration,’ and ‘Life after the Euro.’ Representatives of 27 countries took part, among them a delegation of the Izborsk Club composed of Alexander Nagorny, Mikhal Delyagin, and Andrei Fursov.

“‘We’re in a situation now, where mankind is in the greatest danger of virtual extinction of the species ever known to us in historical times. …[N]ever before, since prehistorical times, has mankind ever faced a danger to the human species as great as the world as a whole faces today,’ said Lyndon LaRouche. He explained that billions of people are doomed to die of hunger or disease, unless we change the current global system by which mankind is ruled.

“’The policy being implemented … is to reduce the world’s population to somewhat on the order of magnitude of 1 or 1.2 billion people. That policy is a policy of deliberate genocide.’ LaRouche said that Barack Obama was implementing precisely this policy, worldwide, including the USA, Russia, and the Middle East. He added that the Queen of England, through her puppets in the European Union, and through the euro itself, was imposing the same policy on the nations of Central and Southern Europe.”

“Current economic problems are only a particular expression of a systemic crisis of mankind, a crisis whose character is changing. The most important developments, as usual, are taking place outside the realm of the economy. They involve a fundamental change in mankind’s relationship to nature.

“Meanwhile, since the beginning of globalization, the development of technology has turned the shaping of consciousness into the most profitable type of business that is easy for people to get into. Being ‘the most profitable that it is easy to get into’ makes it also the most widespread. This means that a person’s main preoccupation now is no longer to change the world around him, but to shape his own mind. Mankind’s very mode of action is changing. In our entire history as a biological species, there has never before been such a transformation.

“The human mind is being turned into an object of the most intense and chaotic influences. The appearance of a huge number of feedback links makes the world more difficult to grasp. This lessened intelligibility of the world increases demand for mysticism and reduces the thirst for science, and therefore, for education, too. Education then degenerates into a tool of social control. Mankind is becoming more primitive and dehumanized, sliding into a new Dark Age.

“The purely economic aspect of the current crisis is the state of decay of the global monopolies. …Therefore, the decay of the global monopolies will continue until it leads to a breakdown into depression. Due to lack of demand, the single global market will disintegrate into an intricate system of macro-regions; the reduced size of the markets will lead to the loss of a number of technologies and to technogenic catastrophes.

“The macro-regions will engage in harsh and chaotic cultural, political, economic, and technological competition, as in the period between the First and Second World Wars. Perhaps the very formation of these macro-regions will limit the absolute power and, therefore, the decay of the global monopolies; despite their power, their access to the macro-regions of “others” will be limited. That is precisely why this scenario is unacceptable to the global ruling class and the U.S. leadership, which comes closest to expressing the interests of that class. They prefer to plunge potential macro-regions into chaos, rather than allow them to hive off from global markets that are controlled by the global monopolies.

“The fundamental problem of development today, however, is not the egoism of the United States, not the lack of liquidity, and not the debt crisis, but the lack of a source of economic growth in the United States, and along with it, in the entire world economy.

“One manifestation of the exhaustion of the liberal paradigm is the elimination of the middle class.

“After all, democracy exists on behalf of and in the name of the middle class. After its downfall, democracy will degenerate into a new dictatorship, based on the reshaping of minds. This will complete the process of dehumanization and the repudiation of civilization. We will see the West reject individual sovereignty and self-consciousness, that most important achievement of the Enlightenment, and revert to the Middle Ages—perhaps because of a disaster that smashes the public and individual psyche. The first step in this direction has already been taken: Descartes’ maxim, ‘I think, therefore I am,’ has been replaced by a more profitable business formula: not even ‘I consume,’ but rather ‘I buy, therefore I am.’

“Traditional democracy and the market have come to an end; we just haven’t recognized this fact yet. … Thus, a painful and deep retrogression awaits us, with considerable loss of life: a kind of plunge into a new Dark Age…” Source: The Schiller Institute

My Comment: What is written above reflects the view of many researchers. No one offers a solution that comes anywhere close to Integral Education because due to an absence of the method of correction of man, no one believes in changing a human being, and thus in the emergence of a more developed society that is, most importantly, more similar to Nature (the Creator).

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