Mutual Concern Is The Solution To Problems

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: If people were to change themselves, by all appearances they would just stop wasting their power and energy. Today, two trillion dollars a year is wasted only for armaments. In this process an immense amount of waste and garbage is produced that must be processed, using great amounts of energy. People continue to live in places that are incompatible with life, continue to draw the earth’s resources that are not renewable. Humanity has no clear concept of what is occurring. Most people don’t want to talk about this because they don’t think about it but only about their daily bread….

Answer: The reason for this is that a clear solution to all problems remains hidden from people. Yet it exists, and in order to discover it, the leaders, the ruling elite, must be replaced so that a new humanity can take into their hands the process of organization.

Question: Are you sure that these people will not want to use their control over minds and will not create a new cycle of elite, a redistribution of wealth and government?

Answer: No, because our desires are changing. People have lost their relationship to life that they had in the past, which was to acquire and to accumulate without limit. The result has been a great disappointment in everything. It’s necessary to change a person and nothing else.

According to the assessment of the Red Cross, many people in the European countries like Greece, Spain, Italy, Portugal, and Romania are starving; this is in spite of the fact that millions of tons of food are thrown away!

The problem is not that there is not enough food; the problem is in the relationships between people. If we correct the relationships between us, we will bring everything in the world into balance. Yet this cannot be unless there is concern for everyone.

Through integral education one acquires this sensation within weeks. Had those countries in Europe entered into integral education before the formation of the common market, everything would have been otherwise. It was necessary to begin not with a single currency, not with common economic rules, but with a uniform education, with an understanding that humanity is one whole body.

First they would need to create a particular commonality between people, to create a synergy of character, understanding, and communication. As in a family, everyone is different but it is, in fact, one family. This is the problem of Europe.

The same thing happened in the Soviet Union when they began to impose the new regime forcefully without the preliminary education of the population. And now this could happen again in Europe if they begin to use force. To our great sorrow, they are going in this direction at the present time; here and there, they have adopted various economic sanctions. Stalin did this much more simply with the Red Terror, and that was that. We see what is happening in Cyprus. This is also a type of terror against the will.

But there is a very clear program of development for humanity. We must reach the next stage of development, and we will reach it. The only problem is how to reach this in the softest, best, and fastest way. And this depends on the preparation of people, on education.
From KabTV’s “The Global Crisis” 3/19/13

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  1. Thank you Rabbi Laitman for addressing this vital solution for humanity of today. If only more and more elite groups will work together and not resist the process. It begins at the poorest communities first. If they are not taught to care for the children they bring into the world and practice mature thinking, crime and illness cannot be resolved and the animal cycle goes round and round like a merry go round. Preventing the causes and not fixing it with old ways that did not work in the first place would take humanity into a better future much quicker.

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