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Go To The Craftsman Who Has Made Me

Dr. Michael LaitmanBecause all the good spiritual attributes fell into the egoistic desire, they begin to cultivate it and make it cunning, corrupt, and cruel. Thus a corrupt person who can correct himself in the future is made.

An animal doesn’t need correction since it has no desire to bestow in order to receive, it isn’t cunning. Therefore it is called non-cunning animal. A baby isn’t cunning either until he grows. When he grows he becomes a human being and learns to cheat. Until the age of two or three he behaves like an animal and doesn’t know how to “outsmart” others yet.

We love the animate form since it is simple and innocent, and we would like to see all the people that way. But we must understand that we were meant to be human and therefore, “he who is greater than his friend his desire is even greater than he.” We only have to correct the ego and then everything will work out.

Any negative or deceitful attribute that is typical of humans only shows us that the harmful force must be turned into the beneficial one. What can a primitive, undeveloped, naive person do? He cannot rise and reach the desired height. Great people are usually not very pleasant, until they correct themselves.

So we should love the friend in the group (in his ten) with all his corrected and uncorrected attributes. It is because he has received them from the Creator and wants to correct them, and everyone should help him do so. To criticize the friend’s attributes is to criticize the Creator who has made him that way. “Go to the craftsman who has made me,” but we have to help one another to reach correction. Baal HaSulam often says: “I am happy about the wicked that are revealed.”
From the 3d part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 5/27/13, TES

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Weekly Torah Portion – 05.29.13

The Book of Zohar, Weekly Torah Portion, Selected Excerpts

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Love As The Law Of Nature

Dr. Michael Laitman“Love thy neighbor as thyself,” Rabbi Akiva said this is a great principle of the Torah.

We must understand that a “great principle of the Torah” is the fundamental law of nature encompassing the entire universe. With a correct preparation, we see that everything exists only thanks to this law of love for the other like for oneself.

The relationship between anything is possible only by means of a special power, which allows and even requires various, even opposite parts—be they particles, fields, elements of living cells or people—to unite. This external force—the plan of creation—influences them, obliges them to communicate, and as a result, parts do not move from each other but gradually get closer, jointly building more complex systems of the still, vegetative, animate, human, and then spiritual nature.

All this together is the rule of the Torah, “Love your neighbor as yourself.” “Torah” is the essence, the system, existing between the Creator and the created being. And its law is love for the other as for oneself.

The “other” is the one who is diametrically opposite to me, just as we are opposite to the Creator. Nevertheless, the law of love works in the system obliging us to establish connection between each other because we cannot exist without each other at any of the levels.

This law of stage-by-stage integration is realized without the participation of the created being, by evolutionary processes in the still, vegetative, and animate nature, as well as the similar levels of human nature. Here, the universal law determines and dictates everything, and the created being is under the “press” of development.

However, at the highest level of human nature, the created being begins to adopt and take upon himself the realization of this law. He finds out that the principle of love for someone else or even the opposite is the law of life. After all, there would be nothing without the connection between the created being and the Creator. Being aware of the importance of interconnection, defined as “love for your neighbor,” the created being begins to realize it on his own accord, although at the beginning he discovers that all the other parts are not like him, are foreign and opposite to him.

In general, our entire work is to realize this law. But first it is necessary to study it, to see how it acts in creation. After all, beginning with the Big Bang, all our development, although it seems to us as the process of disintegration and disagreement, is in fact a gradual linking of all the parts of creation, until matter is compelled to realize the fundamental law of nature and perform it on its own accord.

Thus, the created being identifies himself with the Creator, and then they both will come to the basic principle, “Love your neighbor as yourself.”
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 5/28/13, Writings of Baal HaSulam

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The Revival Of Love

Dr. Michael LaitmanLove has turned into an emasculated concept, devoid of real meaning. Thinking about it, we turn away from its deeper essence, which is diametrically opposite to the commonplace views. In fact, we are talking about the wholeness of the entire creation, all the worlds, the entire reality, how to align all the opposite forces correctly. However, today, this word completely negates a serious attitude.

In fact, love is the power of unity. Don’t confuse it with the feelings and associations that our egoistic world triggers. Here, we “love” what pleases us, fulfills us, but true love is the essence of a partnership between the Creator and the created being, between the opposite parts, between the “plus” and the “minus” at various levels of the still, vegetative, animate, and human nature.

Love is a special force of a higher order, linking the positive with the negative. It is said that it “covers all transgressions,” i.e. the gaps between the opposites. It is the third factor that unites them into one. It is the middle line that is given to us from Above. It is the force of the Creator that belongs neither to the “plus” nor the “minus.”

It is in this light that we need to interpret the famous principle of love of others as for oneself. We and the others are opposite to each other, and that is why we need the third force that will connect us. That is when we come to love one another as ourselves.

In addition, this principle appears to us as the duty to reveal the Creator, to adhere to Him. After all, in order to overcome the hatred for others, I must appeal to the Creator for the Light that Reforms so that He becomes a partner, testifies to my connection with others, reinforces, and safeguards it.

Thus, at first, adhering to the Creator is our means to becoming united, and then we understand that all the breaks between us are intended precisely to reveal the Creator and adhere to Him.

Moreover, we adhere to Him on the basis of neither the positive, nor the negative, but on the basis of the middle between them. That is why it is necessary to seek the center of one’s group of ten, one’s group, and there and only there demand the Light that Reforms.

In the end, everything is connected in one action…
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 5/29/13, Writings of Baal HaSulam

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Seven Billion Happy Children

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: When people rise to the integral level, does their personal view remain, or do “shared eyes” appear for them, so to speak?

Answer: When a person rises to an integral level, his expanded personal comprehension remains with him, but in an integral manner. That is, he begins to see how he can be useful to this society in general and for each of its members individually.

Today, each of us sees how we can get something from our surroundings, take more for ourselves, grab, and so forth. This is a pretty narrow working track: In what way can I fulfill myself even if I don’t need it? It is because I don’t want something to be left for others. I take it from them, and not because this is something that I need for myself.

Integral relationships open a person, expanding him so much that his need becomes unlimited. That is, if I have seven billion little children and I want to give them all fulfillment, I have something with which to be involved and all of this activity brings me a feeling of happiness. In a case like this, we really reach the next level of existence, which is a level of virtually unlimited fulfillment.
From KabTV’s  “Wisdom of Crowds” 5/14/13

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A Network That Nourishes Us

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: The kind of network in which we now live is found in crisis.  Yet we are gradually passing to the next state which is stabilizing anyway.  What is this harmonious state that all of nature reaches when it leaves the crisis?

Answer: This is a state in which a person will transform, become integral, mutually linked.  He will think about everyone as partners in one system. What was obviously a purely theoretical plan will be clearly seen—a complete mutual connection in the world.

Moreover, this mutual connection doesn’t depend on everyone on the face of the earth being aware of all the rest through a chain of five people, or that what one person thinks in one place will immediately appear in another part of the world.  These are basic things.  We are in fact linked between us, like an underground mycelium within a network of roots, with all roots, with all plants, and so forth.

This network holds us, we live in it, are nourished by it.  This is beginning to be discovered now.  To the degree that we accommodate ourselves to it, we benefit; we understand how to live better, how to arrange ourselves in this new level, in this new world that is discovered.  If we don’t want to follow it, then nature will oblige us to do this through its pressure, and this pressure can be very tragic.
From KabTV’s “Through Time” 3/17/13

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About Angels, Satan, And Others…

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Where did angels, Satan, and the rest of the pure and impure forces appear, and what is their status?  When did they appear, on which day of creation?

Answer: In nature no strange forces appear, just the one and only force called the “Creator.”  You can call this force whatever you want.  It always reveals itself in a way that is identical to your ego, which is constantly changing.  So hold onto its identical behavior in regard to yourself as something that is absolutely good, as the discovery of all kinds of both positive and negative influences that you discover both inside you and outside of you.

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Start Corresponding To Nature Instead Of Trying To Make Nature Correspond To You

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Why is it that the majority of people fail to notice that their desires are seriously changing?

Answer: Because there is nothing to replace them with. They are failing to see the crisis because the mass media presents information in a way that benefits those who pay and organize it. This must make it easier for someone to stay in power.

The problem is that there is no other solution. If you were to turn to the same government or mass media and ask: “And what do you propose?” They have nothing to offer, and because we do not have anything else, we continue to “smile at a bad performance.” We have no other option. But on the inside, we are all shaking because we do not know what will come next. People just want to live a peaceful, pleasant day. And those in power feel the same way.

This is why I always explain that people are the ones who need to change whenever I talk to people. Mankind has reached a completely different level of development; we need to stop breaking nature, making it suit us. Instead, we need to break ourselves to correspond to nature, and this is a completely new stage.

People often react to this the following way: “So what can we do? We cannot change people. No one will listen to us. You are proposing a fantasy, plans that can never become real. So let things stay the way they are, and we will see what happens later. What can we do, life will…”

All hands are raised when faced with problems that change people because people need to become integral beings and their lifestyle needs to become united with the full understanding that they depend on one another. This is the only way for them to come to harmony with nature and begin to receive good forces from it.
From KabTV’s “Through Time” 3/17/13

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Is It Possible To Manage Without Descent In The Work

Dr. Michael LaitmanRabash, “On the Matter of Suffering in the Work”: How is it possible not to fall to a low state? Advice for this is that if the person takes account of himself, he will see how far from adhesion to the Creator he still is in his thoughts and desires. That is, at a time of ascent he already begins to seek advice how to raise his level.

But usually the order is that at the time of ascent, a person doesn’t want to search for his shortcomings. Therefore from Above they are compelled to give him descents. The sages said: “An old man walks around bent over, always looking at the ground as if he is searching for something.” An old man is someone who has acquired wisdom, that is, sees a new state being born. …He begins to seek how to rise spiritually even before he loses an elevated state, and hence he searches for shortcomings in his current state. And so there is no need to throw him down.

If the opinion of society, the opinion of the environment, will not support a person and will not hold him, he cannot relate critically to ascent. When he is in ascent, when he feels perfection, it is very difficult to search for shortcomings. On the contrary, a person wants to maintain this perfection.

However, it is necessary to understand that searching after additional shortcomings does not destroy the past, the perfection that he has already attained. A very subtle approach is required here. Therefore, he must connect to the group more strongly, be included in the studies more to attract more Light that will illuminate for him his lack of connection.

After all, he has not yet attained the final correction, and he has more to add according to the root of his soul. The Light that is added through learning will reveal to a person the places that need correction so as to advance.

The search for deficiencies should be conducted above the previous perfection achieved by the person, meaning happily. He has no feeling of deficiency now, so through his search for additional unfilled shortcomings, he finds possibilities for satisfying the Maker. Specifically now, at a time of ascent, he searches for deficiencies because he is sure that he has been cleansed of egoistic calculation. In this way a person advances.

The essential work is done at a time of ascent. However, if the person already has fallen and is in descent, he loses all the Light, and it is difficult for him to have the right intention. Only the group can hold onto him if he communicates with it correctly. However, at a time of ascent, a person has to exert more in his studies in order to hold onto his ascent and to add to it. He adds more and more to the right line until the deficiency in the left line is discovered.

We always need to yearn for the right line, for connection, as much as it is possible, until hatred becomes revealed. It is necessary to work with an ascent specifically using this method.
From the Preparation to the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/9/13

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