Start Corresponding To Nature Instead Of Trying To Make Nature Correspond To You

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Why is it that the majority of people fail to notice that their desires are seriously changing?

Answer: Because there is nothing to replace them with. They are failing to see the crisis because the mass media presents information in a way that benefits those who pay and organize it. This must make it easier for someone to stay in power.

The problem is that there is no other solution. If you were to turn to the same government or mass media and ask: “And what do you propose?” They have nothing to offer, and because we do not have anything else, we continue to “smile at a bad performance.” We have no other option. But on the inside, we are all shaking because we do not know what will come next. People just want to live a peaceful, pleasant day. And those in power feel the same way.

This is why I always explain that people are the ones who need to change whenever I talk to people. Mankind has reached a completely different level of development; we need to stop breaking nature, making it suit us. Instead, we need to break ourselves to correspond to nature, and this is a completely new stage.

People often react to this the following way: “So what can we do? We cannot change people. No one will listen to us. You are proposing a fantasy, plans that can never become real. So let things stay the way they are, and we will see what happens later. What can we do, life will…”

All hands are raised when faced with problems that change people because people need to become integral beings and their lifestyle needs to become united with the full understanding that they depend on one another. This is the only way for them to come to harmony with nature and begin to receive good forces from it.
From KabTV’s “Through Time” 3/17/13

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