Is It Possible To Manage Without Descent In The Work

Dr. Michael LaitmanRabash, “On the Matter of Suffering in the Work”: How is it possible not to fall to a low state? Advice for this is that if the person takes account of himself, he will see how far from adhesion to the Creator he still is in his thoughts and desires. That is, at a time of ascent he already begins to seek advice how to raise his level.

But usually the order is that at the time of ascent, a person doesn’t want to search for his shortcomings. Therefore from Above they are compelled to give him descents. The sages said: “An old man walks around bent over, always looking at the ground as if he is searching for something.” An old man is someone who has acquired wisdom, that is, sees a new state being born. …He begins to seek how to rise spiritually even before he loses an elevated state, and hence he searches for shortcomings in his current state. And so there is no need to throw him down.

If the opinion of society, the opinion of the environment, will not support a person and will not hold him, he cannot relate critically to ascent. When he is in ascent, when he feels perfection, it is very difficult to search for shortcomings. On the contrary, a person wants to maintain this perfection.

However, it is necessary to understand that searching after additional shortcomings does not destroy the past, the perfection that he has already attained. A very subtle approach is required here. Therefore, he must connect to the group more strongly, be included in the studies more to attract more Light that will illuminate for him his lack of connection.

After all, he has not yet attained the final correction, and he has more to add according to the root of his soul. The Light that is added through learning will reveal to a person the places that need correction so as to advance.

The search for deficiencies should be conducted above the previous perfection achieved by the person, meaning happily. He has no feeling of deficiency now, so through his search for additional unfilled shortcomings, he finds possibilities for satisfying the Maker. Specifically now, at a time of ascent, he searches for deficiencies because he is sure that he has been cleansed of egoistic calculation. In this way a person advances.

The essential work is done at a time of ascent. However, if the person already has fallen and is in descent, he loses all the Light, and it is difficult for him to have the right intention. Only the group can hold onto him if he communicates with it correctly. However, at a time of ascent, a person has to exert more in his studies in order to hold onto his ascent and to add to it. He adds more and more to the right line until the deficiency in the left line is discovered.

We always need to yearn for the right line, for connection, as much as it is possible, until hatred becomes revealed. It is necessary to work with an ascent specifically using this method.
From the Preparation to the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/9/13

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