A New Stage Of Mankind’s Development

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What does the next integral stage of man’s development require of us since it will happen whether we want it or not?

Answer: It requires a reasonable approach. For the first time in the history of mankind, we will be able to control our destiny if we understand that we need to change.

We need to build a new, completely interconnected society which will be like nature itself. Once we enter this level, we will acquire and distribute all the things that we need for our corporeal existence according to individual needs. And this will satisfy us, and we will dedicate all our strength and time to working on unity because we will discover our new degree in it.

This way we begin to discover a completely new existence on the level of forces, thoughts, in the virtual world. And our corporeal world will remain a physical world where our bodies will continue to exist, but our spirit will simultaneously exist in a parallel, higher world where we find a new, absolute, and eternal existence in the communication between us.

Question: Will unity be the source of pleasure for future mankind?

Answer: Yes, unity will be the source of pleasure. This is a completely different kind of fulfillment because when we connect between us, we create a common desire so big that it receives a powerful energy that exists in the Universe.

We enter a level beyond time and space; we go to a completely different field that quantum physics talks about. We must enter this field with our new, common, integral feelings and mind. Nature is leading us towards this; it is the existence in this field that is called “man.”

It is possible to reach this state consciously either by accelerating our development and directing it down the path of good or through resistance, which is what we have been doing until now. This is why even though we are still going towards the very same state, currently we advance through suffering.
From KabTV’s “Through Time” 3/17/13

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