The Next Phase Of Human Development

Dr. Michael LaitmanBy uniting with others, a person becomes similar to nature, which is entirely unified like a single organism. And when one puts oneself in balance with nature, in union with it, that person begins to feel the inner force that maintains all of nature, to sense its program and its course.

He begins to attain the laws that are hidden in nature, which could not be discovered with our previous egoistic sciences and research capabilities, since now he becomes different: integral. He begins to feel this, and a new sensory organ of integral perception awakens in him.

Through this sensory organ, a person enters a new state that fills him completely; moreover, it gives him an opportunity for infinite fulfillment, because here he is interfacing with the common force of the entire universe, with nature.

By the way, physicists and astronomers are already talking about it, since they feel this while working with the cosmic voids, laws, and motions. Just as a person who lives in the woods feels the forest and nature, similarly, many researchers begin to sense the overall force of nature. They are saying, “We feel that the entire universe is a thought, a conception, it is an inner program!” They cannot translate their sensations into the language of numbers and formulas, but they feel it.

And this program really does exist in nature since we’re developing and living within it, and it created everything around us. In other words, within nature is the force, which on the one hand, evokes all of development, and on the other, through its cause-and-effect influence on all parts of nature, it leads it towards a specific purpose, meaning that we can reveal this goal. And because now a person is no longer a passive element as it was before the present time while evolving inside nature as its still, vegetative, and animate parts, we are now entering a level of conscious development.

Thus, our whole challenge now is to discover the next level of existence. Then we will come to a completely new dimension, to a state where we’ll feel being above time and space; that is, we’ll come in accord with those forces that govern all of matter. We’ll discover them and be able to interact with them.

This is possible only through integrality, when we’ll join nature itself as its integral part, not devouring everything like a cancer, but interacting with it in balance and harmony. And because we’ll be included in nature by our own desire, deliberately, I would even say tenderly, striving to feel all of its hidden plans and forces, our mind will begin to develop now in accordance with the attainments that will be revealed to us. This is the next phase of human development.
From a “Talk on Integral Education” 5/25/2012

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