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Convention: Unity Of Knowledge and Feelings

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What should be the connection or continuity between the lesson and the workshop following it at the convention in Kharkov? Will it follow the regular scheme or not?

Answer: This depends on the people there.

On one hand, we want people to receive certain information and knowledge at the lesson. However, a workshop is usually not about knowledge, but about feelings. Therefore, we should unite knowledge and feelings in a way where they will mutually complement one another.

But in principle, everything depends on the audience. That is why I would like to receive questions, suggestions, and wishes from our friends. This will enable me to understand what proportion of knowledge, perception, and feeling to have and to what extent people in Russia today perceive information through the heart and the mind.

When holding a convention in Europe, for example, I have to speak through the mind in a rather cool manner. But gradually people get so involved that by the end of the convention I can already speak in a way that aims them precisely at unification and everything unfolds wonderfully.

I wonder how much time we will need at the Kharkov Convention to enter a mutual sensation, to create a common field? In this common field we will feel its center, its warmth, its mutuality, the emergence of new waves in it, in which we will already begin to feel something higher than our psychology. We will feel our unification, our sensations—that which exists independently of us and is not only between us but above us.

This is the state to which I would like to bring the participants so they will begin to clearly feel that when people interact correctly, a special energetic, informational, governing field emerges, and if a person tries to remain in it, it begins to communicate with him from the other side. Then a person starts gradually working to reveal and sense it further, and that is the revelation of the Creator. The Creator is a force, a single, enormous field that governs us.
From the virtual lesson on 7/8/12

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The Commandments Are The Steps Of Unity

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What is the meaning of the demand indicated in the books to accustom oneself to fulfill the Torah and the commandments, which ultimately will help us obtain a second nature—love of the neighbor?

Answer: The actions of correction that I want to implement are called the commandments. First, I must reveal inside of myself what I need to correct, as it is written, “It is impossible to implement a commandment if, at first, one has not violated it,” meaning that first of all we reveal the lack, the evil inclination inside of ourselves, and then we see what we need to correct.

The correction of the desire to enjoy for the sake of bestowal is called the implementation of the commandment because that is the precept of the Creator. But to realize this is possible by means of the Light, the force that is called the Torah.

That is, I am given all of the conditions for the revelation of my egoistic beginning, working relative to friends and clarifying my relationship to them. And when I am revealing my ego, then I understand what needs to be corrected since this is the real evil because it separates me from the upper force, from the Creator.

Then I use the force of the group. If we have the desire to unite for the sake of receiving the force of correction, the Torah, then we receive it from above and it unites us. The steps of our unity are called the commandments, which have been implemented. That is, I am implementing these successive portions of the precepts of the Creator, His will relative to me, and, in the end, I arrive at the fact that my desire to enjoy becomes a giving one, and, according to the similarity of qualities, the force of bestowal, the Creator, is revealed inside of it. All of this is realized right in the spot where I am located on this earth and not somewhere in the heavens as it seems to us.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/1/12, “Matan Torah (The Giving of the Torah)”

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Where Do Jews Come From?

Research (from ScienceDaily): “Using sophisticated genomic analysis, scientists have probed the ancestry of several Jewish and non-Jewish populations and better defined the relatedness of contemporary Jewish people. The research, may shed light on the question, first raised more than a century ago, of whether Jews are a race, a religious group or something else.

“The genetic, cultural and religious traditions of contemporary Jewish people originated in the Middle East over three thousand years ago. Since that time, Jewish communities have migrated from the Middle East into Europe, North Africa and across the world. The migration of Jews to new locales is known as the Diaspora. This study shows that although Jewish people experienced genetic mixing with surrounding populations, they retained a genetic coherence along with a religious one. …

“‘We have shown that Jewishness can be identified through genetic analysis, so the notion of a Jewish people is plausible. Yet the genomes of the Jewish Diaspora groups have distinctive features that are representative of each group’s genetic history,” says Dr. Ostrer.

“Dr. Ostrer noted, ‘The study supports the idea of a Jewish people linked by a shared genetic history. Yet the admixture with European people explains why so many European and Syrian Jews have blue eyes and blonde hair.’”

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Modern Science On The Verge Of The Unknown

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Today we already see that in order to raise the level of research, a scientist has to change; will he agree to that?

Answer: Will he have a choice? It refers not only to scientists but to other professionals as well, for example, teachers or businessmen. Because otherwise, businessmen will not be able to make deals. Today they suddenly discover that they cannot do it. This is why the middle class is disappearing, because people don’t know how to run a business and how to work integrally. They have not found the reason for the crisis yet.

Today the weak remain weak and don’t feel any meaningful changes; the rich take every opportunity, even in a time of crisis, to increase their profits, and the middle class suffers. But eventually people will understand that they have to change, because there is simply no other way. It will be clear to them that it is impossible to go on using the old methods of business management.

Today the big reliable commercial mechanisms cease to work. The elite are losing control and eventually it will force everyone to think about how to regain control of things. Then it will be clear: The only way to regain control is to switch to bestowal. Only then will you control the situation.

Everyone will feel the need for that, including scientists who will understand it more than others—on the basis of scientific data. Actually every scientific field has reached a dead end, and scientists already understand the need for radical changes. In a short while they will admit that these changes have to be made internally.

Thus they will recognize evil, but they won’t be able to switch to goodness by themselves. Here we have to introduce the force of correction to them.

What is more, a scientist himself is drawn to this force and will do the right thing if he sees the need for the integral approach. This is because the totally connected integral nature is revealed to him. He sees that he will not be able to come to any results since he encounters Ein Sof (Infinity), the unknown. There is an integral picture in front of him and all its parts are connected by infinite interrelations, and he cannot explain all that, he cannot “digest” this wholeness and work by it. He cannot build a model of the general unified picture inside him.

In the meantime, it is impossible to manage without such an internal model. Even known scientific concepts, like Einstein’s theory can be deeply understood by very few people. So what can we say about phenomena that are being revealed today that do not stem from our world and can only be understood by the integral mind.

Therefore, scientists will understand that they have to change their approach, themselves, their perspective. But how? The answer to this question will not be found without our help. We have to be the ones who explain to people how to fulfill the internal changes.

Question: But our method operates only within a group and scientists are used to working and discovering things individually. Will they agree to the principle of collective work as a means for the integral revelation?

Answer: They have no other choice. Of course, they will agree to that. Furthermore, the great scientists do recognize the need to connect. They feel it.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/16/12, “Introduction to The Book of Zohar

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Leaping Over The False Clothing

Dr. Michael LaitmanIt’s a very simple principle, but it’s very hard to keep it since it constantly disappears. It is said: “There is none else besides Him,” and “His honor fills the land,” but at the same time everyone is asking: “Where is the Creator? Where can we see, feel, and discover Him?”

His revelation is the real goal of our life, although we don’t understand or feel it. It seems as if there are different goals along the way, but it isn’t true. Behind everything that we want, (food, sex, family, money, respect, control, knowledge, spiritual attainment, and eventually everything a person is attracted to) there is a concealed desire for the Light, for the Creator, which includes and brings a person all the fillings.

So even the smallest desire that is evoked in a person, is eventually for the Creator, but it’s concealed from us. I don’t perceive or feel that for which I really yearn. I want to rest, I want to enjoy life with friends and family, but behind all this there is always the Creator.

We are chasing different images and their clothing, but our true yearning is actually only for Him. What should we do so that we won’t be fooled by all these false garments and so that we won’t spend our life searching in empty corners, smashing our heads against the wall, and wasting our time? After all this can take forever and lead to nothing.

The process we go through teaches us that we will never be able to be filled egoistically! All the enticing clothings are false and fake. How can I discover that behind all clothing, even when I want to enjoy the children and the family, tasty food or rest, I am enjoying the Creator? The difference will be felt immediately.

If by receiving pleasure from an ordinary filling I am aware that I am actually enjoying the Creator, my enjoyment will be whole. It’s possible, but we have to enjoy in the same way He does, to neutralize the external clothing and to enjoy in order to bestow upon Him, to repay Him by this pleasure, so that we will enjoy each other mutually. Then the clothing will disappear and instead you will see the pleasure itself in its revealed form that will be revealed in your clothing.

So we have to constantly evoke the truth in the group by reminding each other that we are yearning for the revelation of the Creator, the revelation of the attribute of bestowal, and this is what we actually enjoy and not its clothing. The main thing is the Creator’s honor, which means His greatness, the greatness of the attribute of bestowal that constantly takes care of us.

The Creator has created different false goals and clothing that will constantly draw us until we reach Him. These false clothing attract us to the way of suffering. If these clothing help us receive the clothing of bestowal, the Light of Hassadim, we advance by the way of the Torah, the way of the Light.

We always work vis-à-vis the Creator and we should try to change the clothing: to take upon ourselves the Creator’s clothing in which He conceals Himself and to hide our desire to receive under this clothing. Then we will adhere to the Creator, which means that we will leap over the false clothing. I annul the clothing He conceals Himself with, and it’s as if I get closer to Him rather than to this clothing by dressing my desire to receive with this clothing. Then my intention, my soul, is adhered to the Creator.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/8/12, Writings of Rabash

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How Best Can I Prepare For The Convention?

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How best can I prepare for the convention in Kharkov, Ukraine? What depends personally on me to make it most effective?

Answer: First, it is advisable to attend our classes because they are revolving around this topic.

Secondly, you should read the materials required for the convention that have been published in Russian and other languages. I am guided by the fact that the convention will be completely in Russian. Of course, there will be translation into other languages.

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Feeling Pain For The Children

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Currently there is a lot of conflict in schools. Visiting a school seems to highlight the disagreements: The teachers aren’t satisfied with the kids, the kids aren’t satisfied with the teachers, and the parents are not satisfied with either of them. When my wife returns from visiting the school, she shares this pain. You say that this needs to be corrected. How can I, as a man, correct this; what should I do?

Answer: Nothing. What can you do?

You must change the system of upbringing: the upbringing and not the education! The education might be good and teachers of various subjects may also be good, but there is no upbringing! There is no such subject; there are no people that know how to bring up children or who work on the upbringing. There is none of that.

Just think about what will happen in the next generation. It won’t even exist. Nobody wants such a generation. It is why people don’t want to have children today, to create a family. What for? So that what we see today will continue to happen? Why have these unhappy children?

If your children are important to you, then get together at the school and decide what more you can do with them within its framework. However, you simply don’t care about them, you only drop them off at some organization called “school,” the “department of education,” and that’s it. You let them work with the kids. This must not happen!

I once had a problem with my son. I sent him to study at a special boarding school, and he used to come home once every few weeks. After one and a half years, they called me: “He is misbehaving. We want to expel him.” I was outraged: “How is this possible? Where was he for the past year and a half? He was with you, so who made him this bad? It was you, and now you want to expel him? You spoil the children, and then you kick them out according to your system; that’s all. How did he become this way by himself if he was in your hands all of this time? So go ahead and correct him now!”

So we have to rebuild the school. We see what kind of a generation it is producing because this is how we are bringing them up.

We have such an opportunity! See how everything is structured in nature: We can make anyone out of a human child, from the biggest villain to the most righteous man. Everything is in our hands. And who do we create? An unhappy person who suffers all of his life, who walks with his head drawn into his shoulders, hiding from everything, afraid of everything, drowning his sorrows in vodka, and has nothing from this life until he leaves it. What is the purpose of having such a life? Let’s finally take a good look at what we have done. We are the ones who did it.

Question: So if some of my friends tell me that they are having difficulties at their school, then basically it is possible to go to the school and show them how the integral methodology works?

Answer: Of course it is possible. You will always be accepted. No principal of the school will ever tell you: “No!” You are a certified psychologist, you have the recommendations and you are known on television. You want to give a demonstration lesson, a master class, and so on. Please, do it! They will gladly agree. Unobtrusively place a small camera there in order to not make the students inhibited and so that others can watch the lesson from the next building. Today all of this is not a problem.

Question: You believe that the moment has already come to give the integral methodology to the people?

Answer: Include the parents like we do in a school, or involve the management, which suffers from the fact that violence and a very low level of performance is thriving in their school. You have two paths, either through the parents or through the school management. Try to take action. This is what you have to start with! You will see what a benefit this is. You will have no obstacles, no opponents in this field, since everyone feels the pain of what is going on with the children.
From a “Talk on Integral Upbringing” 5/28/12

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Let’s Only Talk About The Good!

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Who must take care that the wife has a positive image of the organization where her husband spends most of his time getting the integral education and upbringing if he returns and talks only about the negative things?

Answer: Why negative? You take an example from one system and you transform it into a completely different one. I absolutely do not see it.

If I come home after discussions at the roundtables where a lot of people have felt what an integral interconnection is and what a positive influence it has exerted on everyone, then I come home with positive emotions, with positive news. At the same time, famous, influential people have participated there, and we were all making decisions about the introduction of integral education and upbringing in other places. Why then, will I come to complain? There is nothing to complain about!

Of course, I understand those people, who are resisting! I understand that a person cannot adopt this methodology right away; preparatory work is also needed.

Question: Must a man worry about bringing home positive information about what he is working on?

Answer: He is obligated to! The wife, the husband, and the children.

I have an agreement with my wife. If yesterday we had some kind of misunderstanding, we do not carry it over to today. We begin from a clean page. There is nothing left back from yesterday. Of course, we do not suffer from memory loss, but we do not talk about it, we move forward because you will not be able to solve anything this way anyway. Start a new day with a good mood, with good news. Only the good ones! This takes a long time to get used to it.

I remember how for a long time I used to hear from my wife criticisms of the neighbor ladies, about the nursery schools where my son and daughter used to go to, and so on. I said that I didn’t want to hear anything negative, since we are not solving anything by this. What for? This only spoils our impression of each other. We meet, you tell me about the children (now about the grandchildren); very well, I am ready to hear only the good. If, God forbid, some problems come up, some diseases, then yes, but just negative impressions, they are nothing.

Question: What if someone had offended her, whom is she going to complain to?

Answer: Then it needs to be corrected! If it can be corrected, then yes. While if it is simply her impression about something she saw somewhere earlier, then there’s no need for it! The negative things a person sees are on the account of his own personal distortion.
From a “Talk on Integral Upbringing” 5/28/12

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Good For Humanity

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What skills does a person acquire when he deals with the integral method? How is possible to use it in the family, for example, or in places outside the integral circles?

Answer: He will see to what extent the integral system is essential for the world, and how positive and desirable it is, how economical it is and what we can save by it, and what we can do by using it. This means that it is actually a tool for changing all of our society, our life, and our attitude to nature, to production, to economy, to commerce, to education, to everything.

By gradually changing the relationships among us, we totally can change our life; it is true about every aspect, in production, everywhere. By creating new, mutual relationships that, at the same time also resemble nature and are in harmony with it, we will receive the right response from nature itself.

It seems that nature is something inanimate, and although there are parts of the vegetative and the animate levels in it, we generally perceive all of space as still. We don’t understand that this is how it is revealed only relative to us.

We don’t feel that behind all this there is a plan, a program of forces, a thought that manages us, leading us somewhere in the process of evolution. We, thus, become harmonious with the upper plan, with the upper force, and actually summon goodness in all our actions.
From a “Talk on Integral Upbringing” 5/28/12

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