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Prepare Seriously Or Have Fun, You Decide!

Dr. Michael LaitmanEverything depends on the preparation and there is the issue of the group here, since the connection is the expression of the acquisition of the attribute of bestowal, the closeness, the adhesion between those who work together and follow one path; it is an expression of the attribute of love that they acquire.

The unity among them is similar to the uniqueness of the Creator, since if they want to be “as one man in one heart,” which means to be mutually incorporated in thought and desires, without any differences between them, as one integral system, they yearn to resemble the Creator who is One.

Thus they prepare themselves, all of them together and each one on his own, to feel the true taste of the meal that was prepared by the Creator.

This is why we were given freewill in our world, in order to enable us to reach the meal of the wicked or the meal of the righteous. You decide whether you prepare yourself seriously, or whether you play with toys!

We speak about those who have reached the wisdom of Kabbalah. We cannot demand anything from those who have not reached it yet. They simply continue to suffer from the general crisis that pushes them to correct themselves from below. These poor people don’t understand what is going on. They expect salvation, but salvation can only come from those who have prepared themselves correctly for the King’s meal. Then through them, the meal will reach all the others who have not started preparing yet.

So all our work is in the group, in mutuality, “as one man in one heart,” as it says: “Each man shall help his brother,” “Don’t do unto your friends what you hate,” “Love thy friend as thyself,” and “From the love of the created beings to the love of the Creator.”

All these principles can only be fulfilled through connection, since this is the preparation for the revelation of our relationship with the Creator, so that He will be revealed within our preparation, within the connection. This means that the attribute of bestowal and love is revealed in the vessels that we have prepared and corrected, in order to reveal this attribute according to the law of the equivalence of form.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/13/12, Writings of Baal HaSulam

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Step By Step Towards Unity

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How can we explain to the 99% of the population about the internal work they have to do?

Answer: When we gather, we think only about how our discussions can help us feel the general force, the general warmth, the general connection, and unity so that each one will stop feeling himself and feel only “we.” “We” is not the general sum of all of us, but “together.” And the “together” has to constantly melt so that you will totally lose all your individuality in it.

In the individuality that is lost, in this new force, in the new thought, just like in one man, in one figure that we create, we discover the inner part of nature and start feeling that this is the plan; that this is the motion. On the whole, we don’t create this, but surprisingly we discover within the unity the new level of our state, of our recognition, the existence outside the body, above corporeality and even above our existence, in another dimension. We can explain all that.

Gradually as a person begins to feel things, he will begin to hear and to believe. First, of course, he may say that it’s “new age” or mysticism and that he doesn’t want to come near such maneuvers of consciousness, etc. but we can bring him to that.

When people gradually turn to unity, by feeling relaxation, warmth, and the energy of life, and that they can solve all their problems correctly from this perspective, etc., it will fill them. They will understand and feel that they depend on us and that we have to organize them since they cannot do it on their own. They are like kids pretending to be grownups and instinctively, internally they will feel that they do need a leader to help them get started. We will have no problem holding unity events with them in the future too. Since we will be connected to them, they will begin to connect through us to the more internal levels of nature and to feel its plan, its motion, and the force of unity. Nature will begin to appear as one single thought.

I think that it will happen quite soon, and that within a year we will be able to speak about this openly. Actually, not just to speak about it, but to hold workshops presenting the task of uniting to such an extent to be able to feel the hidden natural forces and the hidden options.

In general everything stems from practical work. We are not managed by theory. Although we have many sources, we cannot rely on what we don’t understand correctly. We have to feel every step we make, and to what extent we get a response from society, from nature, from within, and by comparing all this, to advance step by step.
From a “Talk on Integral Upbringing” 5/30/12

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Good Negative Phenomena

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: When a person encounters a negative situation in life he usually begins to ask questions such as, “What’s going on? Why did it happen to me?” As a result, it “triggers” either inherent religious mechanisms or thoughts about balance or fairness.

Answer: The paradigm is very simple. If I understand that there is one force that manages us and that we operate according to this plan, whether willingly or without choice, we still have to carry it out just as we have done throughout our whole evolution. This means that everything that happens to me is fulfilled according to this plan. Thus the positive or negative events occur only in order to help me and the people around me advance.

After many discussions about these states where I am impressed by others and by how they understand and see their life, I begin to understand that the most negative phenomena lead to the best outcomes when I use them to unite and to rise above myself.

It’s these phenomena that push me out of this life and help me rise in my feelings and my mind to unity, and so they are actually the best and the most desirable. I have to be more thankful for them rather than for those positive feelings that make me relax and not yearn to advance. It’s because in this case my desire is full so why should I rush anywhere.
From a “Talk on Integral Upbringing” 5/30/12

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A Family Is Support And A Model

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: If I see that my husband doesn’t appreciate me, do I have to put this feeling aside?

Answer: No, you shouldn’t extinguish the feeling, but try to rise above it. You establish such an attitude regarding your husband that is as if you are receiving absolute love from him.

Question: Should I share my feelings with him?

Answer: Yes, of course. Tell him, “According to my nature, egoistically, I feel that I am not getting enough love and care from you. You don’t care about me like you used to; you don’t bring me flowers; you don’t show that you care. We don’t live the way we used to when we were young, when we were happy together and used to spend more time together. Today, it is as if each one is sitting in his corner and my demands from you have grown to such an extent that it’s as if they are filling our whole mutual relations.

But I don’t want anything from you except for one thing: Instead of complaining to one another, let’s present the complaints to ourselves. Let’s see each other’s deficiencies as our own. Let’s do this psychological exercise.

This exercise will help each one see his partner as perfect and yourself as not so perfect. Then above all our flaws, we will try to treat each other like partners, this is the actual wholeness. Eventually, despite everything that’s going on, I will treat you only with love, like a mother treats her child according to the principle “Love covers all transgressions.”

I demand the same thing from my partner, since his attitude towards me will increase my attitude towards him. I also need a good and correct model from him so he has to treat our efforts in the work above the ego seriously. The better my partner’s example is, the higher and more important he will seem to me, and the more respect I will feel towards him. This will give me the power to repay him to the same extent.

On the one hand, I have to raise my partner in my eyes and to appreciate the model he portrays. After all, he overcomes his impulses, and at the exact same time I discover a “weakness” as my ego pulls me by the legs downwards and doesn’t allow me to rise above myself. On the other hand, I should always be responsible and be a model for my partner and thereby empower him. Thus we become models for each other. Each one tries to be both the other’s teacher and student at the same time; once he raises his head and once he lowers it. This mutual support is already the right equal mutual connection. Thereby our mutual interdependence is revealed.

We have to discover the benefit that we get time after time, the new system of our mutual relations that is based on mutual concessions and on each one overcoming himself. We rise to the level of mutual love by leaving the mutual complaints below, but we don’t destroy anything and don’t “sweep under the carpet” anything, but only build something new from the same blocks, the same inner urges that constantly increase the ego.

Therefore, we constantly feel mutually dependent. I have to constantly support my partner and be a model of overcoming, and I need the same thing from him. Thus we become true partners against our common ego, against our common enemy, which we call the “serpent.” By confronting it we begin to get closer to each other and this makes us one whole.
From a “Talk on Integral Upbringing” 7/11/12”

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How Will The World Discover The Upper Force?

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Why is it so important that the 99% of the population, in any case, reach integral unity? Is it possible to say that if they unite, then they will receive a form in which it will be possible to transfer the inner force from the 1%?

Answer: Absolutely correct. If people exist within the egoistic breakage, then it is impossible to transfer anything to them. Furthermore, we need to not only transfer this energy to them, this knowledge, but to draw them into the same state.

This means that 1% of the 100% of humanity does this actively, in connection with the upper force, in disclosure of the upper force within them.

And 99% of the inhabitants on the earth do this in a more passive way, by building integral relations, under the new integral conditions: “How can we, “squares,” “ triangles,” “rectangles,” transform into circles in harmony with the new world, to the new demands.

When they think about this and receive education and learning from the 1%, then gradually they turn into integral people. They begin to understand, in a natural way, what this new world is, and they discover the same upper force that the 1% discovered. The upper force operates and is revealed to them through the 1% of humanity, which constitute its “conductor.”

It isn’t some kind of artificial system, essentially, the same thing happening in our world. If we look at our world and dissect it as a pyramid, then we would see that only 1% operates it, creates, and dares. All the rest are the receivers. They participate physically, but actually they use the profits obtained from above, and only add to this their “fertilizer,” their strength.
From a “Talk on Integral Upbringing” 5/29/12

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To Each His Own

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: In the process of the workshops, the practical work on integral upbringing is being implemented. While these workshops are conducted not only for the 1% of the population who are working on the correction of themselves and the world, but also for the 99%. Both of these groups hold discussions in circles of ten people. What is the difference in this work for these two groups?

Answer: The difference is that in the circle of Kabbalists, the intention is directed towards unity among each other. They long to create a common desire in this unity, which would summon the emergence of the governing force of Nature that is hidden from us.

However, when regular people gather into a circle, they focus on the emergence of a common desire among them in which they would see the solution of their earthly problems.

They have no incentive for contact with the upper force, the inner force of Nature, which moves, controls everything, and leads it forward, but they also lack such a relationship, understanding, and aspiration for this. That is, they consider nature as simply, nature, and since we have arrived in our development at such a state, then now we should simply find how to further arrange ourselves in order for everything to be normal, that’s it.

These people discuss among themselves all of their material problems: the upbringing of children, family, work, the disparity in income, social security, health insurance, and how we can settle all of that. They establish government, international, or even worldwide roundtables, where all of that is gradually being discussed and clarified: how we see the solutions of these problems, based on our unity. This is what they should lead to.

As they participate in unity events, they will begin to change. By exchanging their impressions about unity and becoming more imbued with unity, they will go further, and through the force of unity, they will gradually change all of our past egoistic structures.

But the Kabbalists will work on the attraction of the upper force and the manifestation of it in their unity. It will show and reveal the hidden levels of the world, and as a result, they will see what to do and how to solve everything in this world. However, the most important point for them is for the upper force to evidently fill them, give them their new states of bestowal, love and mind, that, which it possesses.
From a “Talk on Integral Upbringing, 5/29/12

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One Big Village

Dr. Michael LaitmanFirst of all, we need integral education where, based on many facts, on the opinions of scientists, researchers, and political scientists, we describe and clearly show people where we really are.

A person doesn’t know anything about life outside of his work, soccer, beer, and all those things seem a matter of course. He cannot even imagine that if one day, suddenly the connection between us would break, then all of this wouldn’t exist: not what we see surrounding us, not what we have at home! That is, without international trade, political, cultural, or military exchanges, no matter at what levels, nothing would exist.

First, integral education speaks about the path we went through in evolution, and were locked into. And today we are not able to open up. On the contrary, the evolution continues; every day, nations and countries, and all kinds of civilizations are tied together tighter and tighter, and the only thing that we can do is to learn to exist in an integral way.

But it becomes evident that the countries don’t know how to do this. We see this in examples of the common market, international banks, etc. So what can be said about simple women’s and children’s organizations, and even educational institutions where everyone pulls the “blanket” to himself? It turns out that in these cultural and educational organizations it isn’t possible to come to something common. Each one pulls towards itself, and each one thinks it is greater, better, and that the others should listen to it.

And mostly important is that the system is moving forward and is closing, joining, and tightening in each of the cogwheels, even the smallest one. Thus, everyone depends on the other.

If today you approach a simple farmer from China, Russia, Europe, or American who grows rice or potatoes or produces milk or meat, etc., he would tell you that one needs to do this or that because in the world certain things take place: Argentina produces meat, China something else, and so on.

I often come across this. Not long ago I was in South and North America and spoke with people who are involved in agriculture. They have a huge awareness about what is happening in the world in this field and not only in their area, but in related fields.

Today, a farmer who grows, let’s say red peppers, knows all the scientific news that is relevant to the cultivation of red peppers and is fully aware of what is happening in the world in this field. It turns out that a person is constantly closed and completely dependent on others. He knows that if somewhere something happens or if his crop would be lost because no one needs it, then in the end, he himself will become poor.

This means that the general feeling of dependence reaches even the smallest farmsteads, and in the coming years it will reach even the ordinary people.
From a “Talk on Integral Upbringing” 5/29/12

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Studying Nature: The Way To Solve Our Problems

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What exactly do you mean when you say that nature’s plan has changed? How can we explain to ordinary people what exactly has changed?

Answer: We must simply show a person some movies about the interconnection of the people in the world, so that he will have a clear picture of human connections on all levels—not on the scientific cultural levels, which are remote to ordinary people, but on the technological, industrial, and commercial levels—different forms of mutual guarantee.

First, we should show a person the need for connection on the level of basic necessities: He will not be able to take care of himself or his children if he is not well connected integrally with the world. If I depend on others, I have to be in good relations with others, if they feel good, I will feel good too. This means that we have to understand that there is no other way to exist.

So what’s the problem? Why can’t we exist the way we should? Why can’t we lower the exorbitant prices of goods, of transport, of connection? Why can’t we stop the allocation of half our budget to security if we are so closely connected? Why is health care so expensive that we have to sell extra pills? Why have we developed so many redundant and harmful things? Perhaps we have to shake off all this and reach a normal common denominator?!

We have to study nature, to focus all our efforts on that, and accordingly accept the laws of behavior of human society. We must spread the method of the integral society worldwide and thus gradually change our environment, so that it will influence every individual in society.

Our society has to be general, integral, and not divided by borders and nationalities, which actually don’t exist any more. It’s all only symbolic in the era of modern technology, with modern transportation etc. After all, whom do these borders protect, and who needs them? Who wants to conquer whom?! Today millions of immigrants move from place to place!

We have to arrange all this gradually and sensibly. Then in several decades, we will be able to build a totally egalitarian society. We have all the options, especially if we are free of all the unnecessary expenses.

We have to present this to people and gradually let them understand the importance and the need for our connection through TV series, theater plays, songs, teaching materials in schools, courses during work hours in different companies, etc. We have to take the social and the public relations work very seriously. This must simply be the obligation of every member in the group.

This obligation will of course be completed by the importance of the goal and publicity. All the important people and celebrities will have to show how involved and supportive they are by feeling that importance of facing nature’s call. It isn’t some political party or an individual who wants to climb to the top. No one intends to rule or to achieve anything, it’s simply us, the people on this planet who are facing this need.
From a “Talk on Integral Upbringing” 5/29/12

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