Studying Nature: The Way To Solve Our Problems

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What exactly do you mean when you say that nature’s plan has changed? How can we explain to ordinary people what exactly has changed?

Answer: We must simply show a person some movies about the interconnection of the people in the world, so that he will have a clear picture of human connections on all levels—not on the scientific cultural levels, which are remote to ordinary people, but on the technological, industrial, and commercial levels—different forms of mutual guarantee.

First, we should show a person the need for connection on the level of basic necessities: He will not be able to take care of himself or his children if he is not well connected integrally with the world. If I depend on others, I have to be in good relations with others, if they feel good, I will feel good too. This means that we have to understand that there is no other way to exist.

So what’s the problem? Why can’t we exist the way we should? Why can’t we lower the exorbitant prices of goods, of transport, of connection? Why can’t we stop the allocation of half our budget to security if we are so closely connected? Why is health care so expensive that we have to sell extra pills? Why have we developed so many redundant and harmful things? Perhaps we have to shake off all this and reach a normal common denominator?!

We have to study nature, to focus all our efforts on that, and accordingly accept the laws of behavior of human society. We must spread the method of the integral society worldwide and thus gradually change our environment, so that it will influence every individual in society.

Our society has to be general, integral, and not divided by borders and nationalities, which actually don’t exist any more. It’s all only symbolic in the era of modern technology, with modern transportation etc. After all, whom do these borders protect, and who needs them? Who wants to conquer whom?! Today millions of immigrants move from place to place!

We have to arrange all this gradually and sensibly. Then in several decades, we will be able to build a totally egalitarian society. We have all the options, especially if we are free of all the unnecessary expenses.

We have to present this to people and gradually let them understand the importance and the need for our connection through TV series, theater plays, songs, teaching materials in schools, courses during work hours in different companies, etc. We have to take the social and the public relations work very seriously. This must simply be the obligation of every member in the group.

This obligation will of course be completed by the importance of the goal and publicity. All the important people and celebrities will have to show how involved and supportive they are by feeling that importance of facing nature’s call. It isn’t some political party or an individual who wants to climb to the top. No one intends to rule or to achieve anything, it’s simply us, the people on this planet who are facing this need.
From a “Talk on Integral Upbringing” 5/29/12

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