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United Towards The Light!

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What new level of connection should our world group attain in the coming unity congress that is taking place this weekend in northern Israel so that the internal unity, the internal force, the Light, will reside among us and so that after the congress, all our dissemination activities will already be on a new level, on a spiritual level?

Answer: We have to reach such a connection between us that resembles the Light in its minimal form. The vessel (Kli) should take on the form of the same attribute, like the Light. How is that possible? What does it mean? We have to connect in such a way by our Galgalta ve Eynaim (GE) and AHP, so that we all will influence one another like the Light, and will be ready to bestow upon them. In fact there is nothing to bestow, but each one should be ready for that, and so he is connected to others. We form different connections among us, and when they work out correctly, the Light is revealed. If someone is not connected correctly, we feel that in the meantime we haven’t succeeded, but still identify where there is not equivalence with the Light yet.

This means that there are a certain number of souls that are doing everything in their power to connect and are trying to find the way to do it, and the Light helps them by various sufferings and tension. The moment they receive a form that is similar to the Light, by trying to connect correctly in every possible way, when one person’s attribute connects with the attribute of another, when one’s desire to bestow connects with another’s desire to receive, and so on, the Light is revealed in their connection. Now we don’t know how to connect correctly, but later, in the future levels, we will have to clarify all our desires and attributes: how exactly we should connect, to what extent, by which attributes. This is where life is.

Here, in the meantime, we are like babies looking for a “pacifier” and that’s all. But that is enough on our part; we will already receive it. The moment a small desire appears in us, mother will give us the “nipple” which means the Masach (screen) on top of it. In the meantime, the giver has the Masach and not us. Later we will have to receive this Masach. Then we will evaluate and weigh what we receive by ourselves.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/3/12, The Zohar

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The Soul Is A Tool For The Revelation Of The Creator

Dr. Michael LaitmanOur sensitivity to the revelation of the Creator depends on our yearning for the revelation of His greatness. It is like raising the sensitivity of a detector 10 times more, 100 times more, 1,000 times more, 10,000 times more.

I tune the detector by raising its level of sensitivity, and thus it helps me discover what I was looking for. Raising the sensitivity means raising the importance of such a phenomenon compared to other phenomena.

Suppose I am in a certain space where different phenomena take place: electric fields and magnetic fields, and many radio and television waves going through it in different frequencies. I tune myself to a special phenomenon and my sensitivity rises specifically to that. I focus on it and choose it out of all the other processes.

Our world is full of different noises in different frequencies. Suppose I want to know what is being said on a certain cell phone, I have to tune my detector specifically to that frequency. In the same way, I have to focus all my attention of the greatness and the importance of the Creator and raise my sensitivity to that as much as I can. Being persistent at that allows me to discover the phenomenon called the Creator, which is the general force active in the world, the “general frequency.”

It is like a basic carrier frequency or stem cells, which are the basic phenomena in our world. I have to discover the force that is at the basis of all of reality.

When we speak about greatness, importance, and respect, we want to express our increased sensitivity to this phenomenon specifically, and thus we reveal it. So a person who tries to feel that there is none else besides Him, the good and benevolent Creator acting behind the scenes and generally hiding behind the friends and the group, this person will constantly raise the sensitivity of his detector, of his soul, and will advance that way.

This is because the soul is the tool for the revelation of the Creator
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/3/12, Writings of Baal HaSulam

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Healthcare For One’s Pocket

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (from Dawn): “Indian pharmaceutical tycoon Yusuf Hamied revolutionised AIDS treatment more than a decade ago by supplying cut-price drugs to the world’s poor – and now he wants to do the same for cancer.

“Hamied, 76, was pilloried by Western drug giants 11 years ago when he broke their monopoly by offering to supply life-saving triple therapy AIDS drug cocktails for under $1 a day – one-thirtieth the price of the multinationals.

The firms branded him an intellectual property thief while he accused them of being ‘global serial killers’ whose high prices were costing the lives of AIDS patients.

“In 1972, India made only the process for making drugs patentable, not the drugs themselves. This meant firms could ‘reverse-engineer’ or change methods used to make medicines and sell them at up to one-fiftieth of US prices. …

“But in 2005, India brought its law in line with World Trade Organization (WTO) rules recognising 20-year patents, pushing up the prices of newly launched drugs.”

My Comment: It is not surprising that a healthcare system in any country is only a hidden means of collecting taxes and feeding trough for its supportors. This happens to any egoistic system and to any altruistic initiative that quickly turns egoistic if it doesn’t include integral education and upbringing.

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United Europe Turns To Fascism

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion (Yuri Gavrilechko, Strategic Culture Foundation): “The fifth year of the global financial crisis reveals the inability of existing institutions to overcome the crisis on the basis of the dominant neo-liberal ideology. Capitalism, as it turned out, is also unable to cope with the problems, generated by it, as once feudalism or socialism of the Soviet kind. As a result, in the near future, we will be able to observe a combination of the old ideological concepts and possibly the birth of new forms and patterns of social organization.

“The failure of multiculturalism in Europe and the strengthening of the crisis have already led to an increase in support for nationalism and socialism. … Because as opposed to socialism, professing internationalism and brotherhood of nations, Fascism and National Socialism was based on the idea of exclusive supremacy of one race over another; it is more logical that they would lay the basis for a pan-European identity. …

“The peculiarity of pan-European fascism might be a symbiosis with the leftists and even the radical left-wing tendencies. … The situation in Germany in 1933 was largely similar to the one that has developed now in Greece, Spain, Portugal, and will very soon become a reality for most EU countries…. Another factor contributing to the popularity of fascism will be the growth of left sentiments in society and the possible reincarnation of communist slogans.”

My Comment: According to Kabbalah, if humanity doesn’t head towards its correction along the good path, it will come to it through the path of suffering that will bring us fascist regimes and global nuclear war that they would start from the powerlessness to overcome the crisis.

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Take A Flyer, You Won’t Regret It!

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What happens on a spiritual level when I give a flyer to a person?

Answer: In general, there is no material world. There is only a spiritual world, the world of forces. A desire is a force, and its fulfillment is also a force. There are only two forces: the plus and minus, the North and South poles, etc.

So, what happens when you give a person a flyer?

At the same time, you connect him to your desire, and whether he wants it or not, he is already connected to us. When you pass him information, it is not just something printed on a piece of paper; this piece of paper represents the same desire. And when a person reads it, he will connect his desire to it.

That is, we have here not an imaginary physical world, but the force field, which works with our physical participation. We see only the outer shell, bodies, but really they are not bodies but forces. So, if I take a person from the street, a boy, and pay him $10 to distribute flyers, this also works, and works at the same level of forces.

So, this is very important. Moreover, it is especially important for people who are not yet in spiritual attainment because they perform spiritual actions in this way. It cannot be overestimated. It turns out that in our world there is an opportunity to carry out spiritual actions when you are not in spiritual attainment. That is why this world was created as the last stage from which we can begin to act. A person always thinks that he is in the material world, but in fact, it is all spiritual forces.
From a “Talk During the Meal in Toronto” 6/19/12

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Disillusionment Is Not Too Far Away

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: 99% of the people want to know what they actually have to do so that there will be changes in society. How can we convey the sense of security, unity, and connection through dissemination?

Answer: It seems to us that we are doing something in this world—I manage the banks, the factories, international trade, and military technology—that I run everything that happens in our world, it all passes before me, and I give the instructions and activate this whole machine. The only thing I don’t understand is that I am being activated.

There is a video clip in which a child plays with his toy car in the supermarket, and as he makes it run, he makes the sounds of an engine.

We also don’t understand that we are actually being activated, and that we are performing the will of the upper one on the lowest level.

Now we are starting a new era in which the upper force doesn’t dictate what we have to do directly and draws away from us, as if courting us, thus wanting to draw us to it. By drawing away from us, it summons a feeling of confusion in us, a lack of understanding of what is going on and of how to manage in this world. Suddenly I don’t want a family or children. I don’t know what to do in life. There are drugs and alienation and this leads to the great crisis. When the upper force draws away and doesn’t manage me, I suddenly feel that I don’t know where to go or what to do; I don’t know anything and don’t want anything. The crisis is a call for us so that we will advance by ourselves towards this force. “Towards” means to become more similar to it.

People, however, think that they can go about as before: “I will manage everything!” Well, and what can governments do? Today they cannot do anything. The only thing they can do is to print more money, but this doesn’t lead to anything either. They only activate the printing machine, and we seem to have more money, but in fact it is the same thing. The specific buying power doesn’t change; they only give people paper, that’s all.

So the politicians, the economists, sociologists, psychologists, scientists, educators, and parents, no one, have any effect on anything; no one can do anything!

People have not been disillusioned to such an extent yet, so that they feel everything, but the world is advancing in this direction. We see that many scientists are discovering this in their research.

This is a problem in the world, it will need to accept this because this is a physical law, which is manifested in the fact that the force that managed us internally and dictated all our desires, both in our mind and heart, is now slowly withdrawing. It wants you to take this role upon yourself, to learn from it and to manage yourself by yourself. This is the problem. We will have to learn this and Implement it.

If all kinds of pundits are still saying: “We really should do something…”; well, what is really going on? They still simply don’t feel how the upper force is managing them.
From a “Talk During the Meal in Toronto” 6/19/12

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Turning Fear Into Advancement

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: When I feel hungry, for example, I have to fill myself. What can I do if I fear that I will not be able to do that, if I feel the lack of filling?

Answer: The fear of being hungry, ill, or old and the fear of death are the fear of the defeat of the ego. The fear of lack of filling, of lack of fulfillment, is already on a higher level, but it is still an egoistic fear, but can we fight it; why was it given to us?

It is impossible to run away from fears, starting from the most primitive fear of death and all the other fears that turn into awe. They were given to us so that by running away from them, since we will have no choice, and by seeing that there is nowhere to run and that we cannot compensate ourselves, we will suddenly discover: “If I rise above them, if I live in a system of bestowal and love, outside myself, I will not fear anything. It may well be that if I exit myself, which means my desires and my thoughts, I will be able to imagine that I don’t exist, since I have no desires or thought about myself. What do I have? I have thoughts about others, about everything that isn’t me. So this is probably a good thing. By that I don’t suffer from anything. But if I don’t suffer, I don’t feel anything either. So it may well be that by getting rid of myself, of my fears, I will have to be full of the sufferings of others and to live in such fears. Thus I will get the feeling and will be able to fill them.”

This means that all these thoughts are essential in order to push a person forward. He mustn’t get rid of them; he mustn’t avoid them, but on the contrary, only try to aim them correctly.

We are constantly managed by fear until the end of correction, Gmar Tikkun—it is either fear about ourselves or fear about others, which depends on how distant the people I fear for, worry about, and feel concerned about are from me; this is how a person’s height is measured.

In what sense? If we say that everything is connected in one single system, then I think about those who are closest to me since I depend on them, and I think about those who are distant from me not because I depend on them but because I simply think about the system and maybe about the Creator since I can already operate on Him through this system. I can bring the system to a state in which He can be revealed and thus cause Him pleasure, etc. This means that I become an active partner sharing His work in the world.

There are always worries, sufferings and fears, and that’s good. By their intensity, I measure my degree, my spiritual ascent—to what extent I turn the fear into advancement.

At the same time, don’t think that when you are advancing spiritually your fears change drastically. You can be given the simplest mundane fears although you may be on a high spiritual level.

All this will continue until you complete the correction. How else can a person be pushed forward if not by fears? Fear is a feeling of a desire that is not full.
From a “Talk During the Meal in Toronto” 6/19/12

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The Volcanoes Of Our Desires

Dr. Michael LaitmanBaal HaSulam, “Introduction to the Book of Zohar,” Item 18: And we must not ponder the state of other beings in the world but man, since man is the center of Creation, as will be written below (item 39). And all other creatures do not have any value of their own but to the extent that they help man achieve his perfection. Hence, they rise and fall with him without any consideration of themselves.

Just as we study in the four phases of the Direct Light, the first three phases of the Direct Light also stabilize and support the fourth phase. They correspond to the inanimate level of nature, the vegetative and the animate, while the fourth level is the level of the speaking. On the level of the speaking, there is a feeling of restriction, of the Returning Light and of equivalence of form with the Creator, through the first three phases that precede it. This is the reason why the inanimate, vegetative, and animate nature rise and descend together with the human level. When it attains perfection they will also be included in that state, of course.

Then, as it says: “The wolf will live with the lamb, the leopard will lie down with the goat.” The bestowal among humans will also reside in all of reality.

Today we want to correct the environment, to decrease pollution, and in the meantime storms, floods, volcanic eruptions and other natural disasters are expected in the near future. This will remind us of what happened on earth billions of years ago. We must understand that we cannot correct anything in the inanimate, vegetative, and animate nature directly.

Only by the correction of the human level can we balance the other parts of nature. They rise and descend together with man. No matter how much we try to improve the world, it will only smile at us when we correct ourselves.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/3/12, “Introduction to The Book of Zohar

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