United Towards The Light!

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What new level of connection should our world group attain in the coming unity congress that is taking place this weekend in northern Israel so that the internal unity, the internal force, the Light, will reside among us and so that after the congress, all our dissemination activities will already be on a new level, on a spiritual level?

Answer: We have to reach such a connection between us that resembles the Light in its minimal form. The vessel (Kli) should take on the form of the same attribute, like the Light. How is that possible? What does it mean? We have to connect in such a way by our Galgalta ve Eynaim (GE) and AHP, so that we all will influence one another like the Light, and will be ready to bestow upon them. In fact there is nothing to bestow, but each one should be ready for that, and so he is connected to others. We form different connections among us, and when they work out correctly, the Light is revealed. If someone is not connected correctly, we feel that in the meantime we haven’t succeeded, but still identify where there is not equivalence with the Light yet.

This means that there are a certain number of souls that are doing everything in their power to connect and are trying to find the way to do it, and the Light helps them by various sufferings and tension. The moment they receive a form that is similar to the Light, by trying to connect correctly in every possible way, when one person’s attribute connects with the attribute of another, when one’s desire to bestow connects with another’s desire to receive, and so on, the Light is revealed in their connection. Now we don’t know how to connect correctly, but later, in the future levels, we will have to clarify all our desires and attributes: how exactly we should connect, to what extent, by which attributes. This is where life is.

Here, in the meantime, we are like babies looking for a “pacifier” and that’s all. But that is enough on our part; we will already receive it. The moment a small desire appears in us, mother will give us the “nipple” which means the Masach (screen) on top of it. In the meantime, the giver has the Masach and not us. Later we will have to receive this Masach. Then we will evaluate and weigh what we receive by ourselves.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/3/12, The Zohar

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