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The World On A Rotten Raft

Dr. Michael LaitmanUnity holds the greatest value. If we achieve unity, we will solve all problems. If we don’t reach it, no actions will help us fix the problems.

In essence, this is a very simple principle. But it is not directly perceived and accepted by people; it is absorbed indirectly through exercises and games. The main thing is to let the Light act so that it can tell a person through sensations that awaken within him.

Then people will understand that this is indeed the case. One would wonder why he changed his mind so suddenly? But he began to feel inside that it was exactly in this way that everything could be arranged.

Look, how crazy the world behaves struggling to hold on to the old systems that are already crumbling. Everything is falling apart. The state is a thousand times worse than it is presented to an ordinary person and even worse than it is felt by those who are informed and in power.

It is like we are on raft that is rotten through and through, in the middle of the ocean. And we don’t know about this! We are surrounded by sharks, the ropes holding the raft together are about to break at any moment, and we will find ourselves in the depths of the sea.

Such a feeling arises when you look at the world today. But people cannot do anything. They cannot understand themselves that they can solve the problems only through unity, because this is already a higher, spiritual principle. That is why we are trying to bring it through workshops, discussions, games, and through everything we do.
From a “Talk About General Questions” 6/29/12

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A Kabbalist And The World

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Can we say that only my attitude separates my current state from the next state?

Answer: Attitude determines everything, or in other words, the intention. When you change your intention, you change the worlds in your perception. The difference between this world and the world of Ein Sof (Infinity) is in the intention. All the states differ only according to your attitude, to your intention. In fact there is nothing but the state of Ein Sof. Everything else is a picture that we depict by our intention.

Question: Today I hate and I don’t like the people I come in contact with during the day. On the other hand, if I respected them, any contact with them could bring me pleasure and I would gladly help them all day long. Is it a good connection that I need or is the force that will be revealed the important factor here?

Answer: It is the main thing. The point is not to be “nice,” or “sweet.” You have to unite with others because in the unity you discover the Creator. In Kabbalah, this is called a Mitzva (commandment): You are fulfilling a commandment.

On the whole, the purpose of all our actions is so that we will become equal to Him, like a guest who becomes equal to the host. In other words, to bring the Creator contentment, just like He brings us. So the right attitude towards others should be aimed at attaining a good attitude towards the Creator. Without it, why do I need to be in good relations with those around me? For my own good? This is absolutely contrary to what is expected of me.

So it says: “The end of the action is in the initial thought,” and “Israel, the Torah, and the Creator are one”; it is on this principle that we should establish everything.

A Kabbalist uses any contact with others only in order to advance. He performs necessary physical actions in order to make a living, but he always calculates what energy, what attention is required of him in order to perform spiritual actions and thus bring the Creator contentment. Thus a Kabbalist uses the world in order to please the Creator.

Question: Does he enjoy doing this?

Answer: Yes, not in order to enjoy, but in order to perform the necessary actions. The pleasure is not the reason for his actions anymore.

Such an attitude changes everything and thanks to it you see the spiritual world. After all, your relations with others and with the Creator become clearer and you discover the network of forces, the network of relations, the network of thoughts, the network of intentions, and the network of operations. This is what actually exists. Then our world gradually becomes less important for us and so does its form, as it “evaporates” into this network, since it becomes meaningless.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/01/12, Introduction to The Book of Zohar”

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Looking For A Real Taste Of Bestowal

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What is the evidence that we are making a real effort in work?

Answer: A person makes a true effort when he works together with others as much as possible in order to understand with his heart. All the understanding comes to the heart when the Light of Hochma, called understanding, is revealed in the heart, in Bina, the vessel of bestowal, as it is written: “It is the heart that understands.”

A person, in the beginning of his spiritual work with the purpose of correcting himself and becoming a detector of the revelation of the Creator, the Light of Hochma, needs to attain an inner conviction that all these notions: the Light of Hochma and its vessel, the Light of Hassadim, reception and bestowal, must manifest in him, in his desire, his sensations.

He needs to try to free the space from different opinions, feelings, and impressions that are now perceived closest to his body in order to fill this space with spiritual impressions. He needs to strive to feel the real taste of all these notions: Hochma, Hassadim, reception, bestowal, connection, closeness, and distance.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 6/28/12, Shamati #145

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Three Steps To The Creator

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: When we speak about different lights and about how they work together, do we refer to the direction of the vessel that determines the shades of the Light that is in a state of absolute rest?

Answer: The Light is the level of bestowal that is revealed in the created being, the level of bestowal that is revealed during the restriction of the desire to receive is called the Light of Hassadim. The level of bestowal that is revealed while the desire to receive participates in the process is called the Light of Hochma.

There is nothing new here, we always draw three levels: the preparation time, the level of Bina and the level of Hochma or Keter, and they all work on top of the correction of the desire to receive.

This means that there is nothing but bestowal instead of receiving. When you restrict your desires, it means that you bestow, although you do not actually bestow, but by that you only want to resemble the attribute of bestowal in some way. Therefore, the more you can allow the attribute of bestowal to be dressed in you, the more you are on the level of Hassadim, the level of Bina.

If you can bestow while you reveal the vessel for the Light of Hochma with your desire to receive, it means that you attain the level of Hochma.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 6/28/12, The Zohar

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Roundtable Barcelona 06-22-2012

On June 22nd, the first roundtable meeting between the representatives of the movement Juntos Nos Movemos and the representatives of the local media took place in one of the central urban centers of Barcelona (Spain). The topic of the meeting was “The media: a mechanism for social change.” The discussion was broadcast in the interactive mode on the website of the movement Juntos Nos Movemos. (There were 217 connections around the country.)

Participants in the roundtable discussion included: Robin Greer (Irish journalist, Belfast newspaper the Ulster News Letter, Barcelona), Enrique Ordeisch (academic director of Global Strategic Communication School of Journalism and Communications, private University, Barcelona), Elena Garcia (teacher in a Spanish school, Madrid), Enrique Ordeisch (academic director of Global Strategic Communication School of Journalism and Communications, Barcelona), Edna Panting Crespo (Honduran national, writer, living in Barcelona, a writer), Rosa Bales (representative of the movement JNM, Barcelona), Carlos Pourrat (moderator Roundtable, a representative of the movement JNM, Huesca).

The parties spoke about the role and influence of the media on changing social values of the population and the urgent need for open, close collaboration between the media and society. The discussion took place in a suddenly warm and sincere atmosphere with plenty of interesting ideas. It should be noted that there was a constructive and hearty conversation without political declarations and mutual claims of the representatives of different countries, working and living in Spain now, who are really concerned about the future of the country.

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The Apparent Failure Of The Environmental Summit

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (from Inosmi): “Almost a week since the Rio+20 Earth Summit ended, civil society is coming to terms with the ‘epic failure’ of global leaders to agree to meaningful action for addressing the worsening planetary and social crises. Campaigners were nearly unanimous in decrying the inertia and lack of urgency shown by governments for tackling issues related to sustainable development, with national self-interest overriding any possibility of dealing with global problems in a genuinely cooperative and global manner. (Source: Celsias)

“Ecology, which some (perhaps justifiably) consider the only new ideology for the last half century, cannot make progress on the issues raised by it. Green activists managed to drive the idea in the minds that the Earth is a finite object, and that society must live in harmony with nature. But this was the easiest part.

“Green extremists: As soon as it comes to concrete action, everyone will inevitably be disappointed. …

“Why? The first reason is that, like any other ideology, there are fanatics among environmentalists. These people require us to “change everything” in our way of life. …

“The second reason is that the division of the world in countries prevents solving problems on a global scale. There is an elementary game theory before us: The principle of egoism of governments is stronger than the principle of cooperation. …

“The failure of ecology is largely associated with the restrictive nature of its initiatives. …It is based on legislative restrictions, and bypasses the international and European laws to directly raise issues of international parliaments. …

“Attitude towards innovation: The greens strive to fight simultaneously on the environmental and social fronts. …The crisis of course, played a significant role in this. It changed the order of priorities, and the central imperative in the current conditions is employment.

“It remains to deal with the main part of the problem: the attitude towards innovations. Too many Western environmentalists continue to perceive science as a problem rather than as a solution: they believe that it has been sold to the capitalists who pollute nature.

“However, to change the way people live in vast territories, you must not try to force them to change habits, but to offer acceptable economic alternatives. Today, the reality tells a different story. A bio-carrot is too expensive, electric cars don’t go far, and renewable energy is not stable and too expensive for taxpayers.”

My Comment: The reason for failure is that the program of social evolution should lead people to the realization of the need to change their nature from egoistic to altruistic. And that is why no efforts of environmentalists can help us make our lives healthier and safer or prevent an ecological catastrophe. This can be achieved only by changing human nature, and not by changing a person. Our “ecological” efforts will only show our helplessness, and failure is inevitable.

Conclusion: It is not ecological principles that must be explained to everyone, but rather, the natural program and the goal of development of human society, based on which if we realize it consciously, we will arrive at an optimal society and existence.

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Who Will Pull Us Out Of The Gutter?

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Now most people, from factory workers to scientists, cannot perform the simplest actions, and in essence, everyday it gets harder and harder. It turns out that in a few years, the only working system will be the system of integral interaction. But why then are we talking about it so quietly? Why aren’t we developing it more actively?

Answer: Unfortunately, we can’t shout. However, we observe this phenomena even on those people who are taking the integral upbringing courses with us.

When they are interacting among themselves, they feel an ascent.

When they temporarily move away from the interaction with each other, they feel a descent in which they feel emptiness and an absence of any energy of movement, internal energy, thought.

However, in the integration with others, an ascent immediately happens in them, an influx of new strength, opportunities appear for the analysis of what is happening. We see this clearly.

Unfortunately, we come across an apathetic attitude of people everywhere to what is going on. They send a person who is in a state of depression to psychologists and give him some kind of medicines, antidepressants and so on. Meaning, that they believe that one needs to fight against this, not understanding that you can’t fight against nature. And this tendency continues to develop. It is already clearly being observed by the young generation, not to mention the adult one.

How do we come out into the wide circles of society, through the upper echelons or the lower ones? How do we approach the middle class without conveying information through the mass media or the attractive elements of conviction, and express our methods? It is not simple. We are trying to move in different directions, but we cannot say that we have succeeded on a large scale yet.

Everything rests on the fact that people do not want these changes. It is very difficult for them to transition from their linear egoism to the public, closed one.

He will lie on the sofa and will not be able to stand up even if he would be told that tomorrow there is a war. Let the war happen, I will just lay here.

We need to convince him that if he will make a small movement forward, will sit into a circle with others, will enter a new method of socializing, then he will receive totally different desires, totally different thoughts of a new order; he will start to fly compared to his previous state.

But this transition for him is purely psychological. We cannot do it for him, and he is not able to. It has to happen as some kind of internal change. Strictly speaking, he must be “attacked” by the group, which will shake him up, will take him into the collective by force, and will convey its new inspiration to him. Something must happen because the man cannot pull himself out of this gutter by himself.
From a “Talk on Integral Upbringing”, 5/24/12

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Not For Pride, Control And Respect

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Well-known corporations such as Sony and IBM have long been implementing group motivation in different ways. The corporate culture is built on the concept of “We are one whole,” but they are doing all this in order to profit.

How is our social integral organization different from such corporations?

Answer: I wouldn’t emphasize the differences, but rather would come to them with our integral method and invite them to use it: “Let’s try. We’ll show you how our training and workshops lift people’s spirits.”

They may ask: “And what’s the difference between your workshops and what we’ve been doing?” After all, perhaps they have a lot of different methods.

The difference is in the fact that in our actions, we are trying to create a feeling of a totally new world. We lift them above themselves into a new state, but not according to the principle of “we are one group” like football players whose actions are generally the direct sum of their efforts. Of course, the spirit and the feeling help them and make them feel they are part of a great mechanism, and having the support of a strong organization brings the company certain profits. Here, however, we are trying to lift them spiritually.

What does “spiritually” mean? First, it isn’t for material success, not for pride, control, or respect. We are trying to lift people above our nature not in order to use it, but in order to be above it. In this case, the group gets together in order to rise above its egoistic group “self” and feel that it is on the next level of existence.

This is achieved by a very simple method. The work in the group is managed according to a certain method: When I rise above the others, descend below them, and become equal to them, I reach mutual guarantee; I try to build a relationship with others above my ego, which means that I don’t act egoistically like they do. In today’s corporations, egoists, who are trying to develop their own ego on the account of others, get together based on competition, respect, envy, knowledge, and other qualities that only humans have. They try to spur themselves, make a profit, and get rich within the same ego.

We, on the other hand, don’t. We first try to rise above our ego. We want to reach the opposite attribute, the attribute of bestowal, above the ego. Here it is not all the egoistic attempts that get together, like in the case of the members of the IBM and Sony corporations, but attempts to reach the attribute of bestowal. This is a totally different method.

Eventually we get a totally different result, a different creation. We give birth to the collective force of bestowal, the force of love, not the egoistic force, but above the egoistic force. This is exactly what we call “the attribute of bestowal.”

Within the same attribute of bestowal, we begin to feel what an integral society really is, what mutual guarantee is, and what life outside ourselves is.

“Outside ourselves” means outside the ego, above it, on a new level, in a new dimension, where I measure everything according to the attribute of bestowal, according to the new relations among us, where I don’t take myself into account at all, but only the new existence, which is my life. It isn’t I that am included in it, but it is my “self.” My body exists next to it as a corporal appendix.

It is hard to explain this to ordinary people, but they will be able to understand this even after one practical lesson.

Comment: But people don’t only want to feel good, they also want to get more efficient production.

Answer: This will surely be the outcome. Production will not only be effective, but above the efficient production, each of them will see new opportunities in his work that he didn’t see before by using his egoistic perspective. He will see totally different goals, relations, and possible solutions; there is no doubt about that.

A person’s actions will become much more productive. A person will be much wiser, brighter, and sharper. Each one will radiate a totally different upper energy, especially those dealing in high-tech and various creative professions. And today they are the majority. Besides, all these special ways are necessary even for those who deal with marketing; the outcome will be felt immediately.
From a “Talk on Integral Upbringing” 5/24/12

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Stand Fast In Front Of Greatness

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: When I receive for the sake of bestowal, the abundance flows through me. May I enjoy it?

Answer: You do not enjoy the abundance that goes through you. It is a completely different kind of abundance, not like the egoistic fulfillment. You, like a guest, want to try a delicious cake in order to do the owner, who prepared it, a favor. It would seem that the cake should have the same taste, but it is not so.

Question: But, when I love someone wholeheartedly, forgetting about myself, this feeling emerges in me nevertheless. Love is directed towards another, but I am the one who feels it.

Answer: Yes, the feeling emerges inside of you; however, it consists of several parameters. After all, you receive the pleasure of wanting to bestow to the loved one.

Imagine this. There is the receiving desire of the Creator and the receiving desire of the creation, which is what you are. You must feel His receiving the desire, feel how He wants to bestow to you, to assimilate this receiving desire inside of yourself and to please Him.

Mainly, you are experiencing pleasure in the “head”, meaning in the desire you received from Him. So it turns out that there, inside of His desire, you make the calculation, “How can I fulfill him?—at least to the extent of how much you will involve your receiving the desire.” In other words, in your desire you feel the extent, to which you are fulfilling Him, and this is already the garment of the Light of Hassadim.

As a result, we are talking about pleasure of a very different kind.

Stand Fast In Front Of Greatness
Question: So how does separation emerge if everything is inside of me?

Answer: The intention lays out the difference between the one and the other. When the urge towards bestowing to the Creator reigns in your “head”, accordingly, pleasures become different as well.

Question: May we compare this with the love towards our own child? Do I give him a cake without even having tasted it?

Answer: No, pleasure passes through you, but now everything is defined by his desire, not yours.

Question: How do I carry out this differentiation inside between me and him?

Answer: In the first stage, we rise above our own desire and only at the second stage are we able to perceive something foreign, making it ours.

In order to please the Host, I must feel His pleasures, feel how much He enjoys the bestowal to me and what pleasure I must receive from Him. I must feel that this pleasure has arrived from Him and is gifted out of love, and not reason.

By the means of this love, He conveys to me the feeling of shame, which now helps me cope with the situation and to understand it in order to build a different relationship. I take His pleasures, I receive them for Him, but I do not make the calculation for the “cake”, but specifically for this bestowal. The “cake” is the lowest level, Nefesh de-Nefesh, and the pleasure, which I give to Him, it is the whole of the NRNHY.

Here is where one should beware not to consider oneself: “Since I am giving pleasure to the Creator, Himself! Just look at how He enjoys me!” It is here, where the main calculation is located, and not in the “cake” itself, which was given to you simply as a means, allowing you to build the connection with all of the worlds. The calculation in the head of Partzuf is directed at the relationships with the Creator.

And that is why you need to know who is the Creator, how He acts, and how to please Him, since His vessels, desires, are infinite. So how to protect oneself in such a situation? Compared to it, the direct pleasures are no more than a spark, which has created the desire, while everything else is conditioned by the greatness of the Giver.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 6/27/12, “Introduction to The Book of Zohar”

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