Not For Pride, Control And Respect

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Well-known corporations such as Sony and IBM have long been implementing group motivation in different ways. The corporate culture is built on the concept of “We are one whole,” but they are doing all this in order to profit.

How is our social integral organization different from such corporations?

Answer: I wouldn’t emphasize the differences, but rather would come to them with our integral method and invite them to use it: “Let’s try. We’ll show you how our training and workshops lift people’s spirits.”

They may ask: “And what’s the difference between your workshops and what we’ve been doing?” After all, perhaps they have a lot of different methods.

The difference is in the fact that in our actions, we are trying to create a feeling of a totally new world. We lift them above themselves into a new state, but not according to the principle of “we are one group” like football players whose actions are generally the direct sum of their efforts. Of course, the spirit and the feeling help them and make them feel they are part of a great mechanism, and having the support of a strong organization brings the company certain profits. Here, however, we are trying to lift them spiritually.

What does “spiritually” mean? First, it isn’t for material success, not for pride, control, or respect. We are trying to lift people above our nature not in order to use it, but in order to be above it. In this case, the group gets together in order to rise above its egoistic group “self” and feel that it is on the next level of existence.

This is achieved by a very simple method. The work in the group is managed according to a certain method: When I rise above the others, descend below them, and become equal to them, I reach mutual guarantee; I try to build a relationship with others above my ego, which means that I don’t act egoistically like they do. In today’s corporations, egoists, who are trying to develop their own ego on the account of others, get together based on competition, respect, envy, knowledge, and other qualities that only humans have. They try to spur themselves, make a profit, and get rich within the same ego.

We, on the other hand, don’t. We first try to rise above our ego. We want to reach the opposite attribute, the attribute of bestowal, above the ego. Here it is not all the egoistic attempts that get together, like in the case of the members of the IBM and Sony corporations, but attempts to reach the attribute of bestowal. This is a totally different method.

Eventually we get a totally different result, a different creation. We give birth to the collective force of bestowal, the force of love, not the egoistic force, but above the egoistic force. This is exactly what we call “the attribute of bestowal.”

Within the same attribute of bestowal, we begin to feel what an integral society really is, what mutual guarantee is, and what life outside ourselves is.

“Outside ourselves” means outside the ego, above it, on a new level, in a new dimension, where I measure everything according to the attribute of bestowal, according to the new relations among us, where I don’t take myself into account at all, but only the new existence, which is my life. It isn’t I that am included in it, but it is my “self.” My body exists next to it as a corporal appendix.

It is hard to explain this to ordinary people, but they will be able to understand this even after one practical lesson.

Comment: But people don’t only want to feel good, they also want to get more efficient production.

Answer: This will surely be the outcome. Production will not only be effective, but above the efficient production, each of them will see new opportunities in his work that he didn’t see before by using his egoistic perspective. He will see totally different goals, relations, and possible solutions; there is no doubt about that.

A person’s actions will become much more productive. A person will be much wiser, brighter, and sharper. Each one will radiate a totally different upper energy, especially those dealing in high-tech and various creative professions. And today they are the majority. Besides, all these special ways are necessary even for those who deal with marketing; the outcome will be felt immediately.
From a “Talk on Integral Upbringing” 5/24/12

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