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What Will Let Us Cross The Rubicon?

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: The Chinese wisdom talks about two forces, the Yin and the Yang, which represent the negative and positive, or the female and male beginnings. Is this somehow connected to Kabbalistic concepts? Where did these notions come from?

Answer: This is open to everyone. Our world consists of two opposite forces, manifesting in all areas and on all levels. Their balance defines the state of the matter, and the level defines its essence, expressed in the still, vegetative, animate, or human nature. Everything depends on the correlation of the opposite forces in the system and their interconnection. In the still matter, their balance is unchangeable, in the vegetative one, it obtains dynamics and begins to change, and on the animate and human levels, this dynamic increases.

What the Chinese sages discovered thousands of years ago is true. Throughout history, it has also been discovered in other parts of the world. However, this has no relationship to spirituality. This is about the phenomena of our world, accessible by experiments with the help of traditional science that is based on the intention for the sake of receiving.

On the other hand, the spiritual is the intention for the sake of bestowal. It is completely detached from our calculations, from the nature of our world. Here, the science of Kabbalah plays the role of the means, an instrument, a “device,” allowing a person to raise from the reality of receiving to the reality of bestowal. Kabbalah explains how to pass this border between receiving and bestowal, and further on, the soul of a person teaches him, since he already knows what it is about.

There is no other methodology, capable of implementing this transformation, this inversion in a person to cross him over the Rubicon. By myself, I cannot destroy my natural egoism inside of me, but Kabbalah offers me the opportunity to summon the external force, which will change me for bestowal in order for me to place my neighbor higher than myself and by that means to be giving him pleasure.

Today, the neighbor does not matter to me, to say the least, not even talking about hate or the selfish use of him. In reality, it is hate that turns into love, and the more of it, the more love it is able to splash out. However, besides Kabbalah, there is no other means in the world with the help of which we can summon that force from above, which will change our view of things.

“Let’s help each other,” the enthusiastic benefactors suggest, and we must really beware of that so that we would not be placed in the same line as them. As opposed to them, we are not utopians. On the contrary, we say that human nature is bad. At the roundtables we experience the need for unity for a moment and immediately we discover that we cannot and do not even want that.

Then we arrive at the two extremes. On the one hand, it is worth it for us to unite, but on the other hand, we are not capable of doing that. So what to do? This is the real question, and one has yet to arrive at this question.

We explain it little by little, to the extent that people are able to receive it and to bear it. We are not saying that it is impossible to unite by our own means until they see it themselves. We will later have to bring in some changes into our practice, into the joint events, seminars, roundtables, the education system, and integral education and upbringing. Gradually, we will develop the methodology.

In any case, there is no other path for the world, and there cannot be any. However deeply Yin and Yang may be known, it will not give us the solution. However, they can entirely be used as a starting point for our dissemination in China.
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/15/12, The Study of the Ten Sefirot

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A New Nature Beyond The Boundaries Of Corporeal Logic

Dr. Michael LaitmanLight is an impression within the desire, a special phenomenon within the vessel, and so I feel and identify it. It says that every Light that ever appeared on a certain level remains there. This means that all the states that were within the matter of creation, which we call “Light” or the opposite “darkness,” all the individual impressions, always remain within the desire and exist in it simultaneously, without interrupting each other.

It’s like the air that is filled with millions of radio waves that don’t interrupt one another since they are on different frequencies. They don’t collide with each other. The same thing happens in the vessel that includes even more components. Everything that ever took place in it remains within the vessel and the vessels are incorporated in each other from the first to the last.

This means that in every vessel there are all the other vessels and also all their states. But the point here is not the quantity. The quality is not a result of the quantity, but it comes above it when I rise above this immense quantity of impressions to the one operator who summons them. Thus, I draw the Light that turns all this quantity into one.

No additional quantity will generate a new quality. You can even count to Ein Sof (Infinity). There is no limit to the rational numbers. There are physical numbers that are expressed by irrational numbers and so can’t be expressed accurately, since they include an infinite number of digits after the decimal point, like the number pi, for example. It’s these fixed and irrational numbers that show us the elements of nature. But by attaining the limits of the numerical approach, a person demands the new qualitative approach.
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/10/12, The Study of the Ten Sefirot

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We Are Part Of Nature

Opinion (Nikita N. Moiseyev, prominent Soviet and Russian mathematician, full member of the Soviet and Russian Academies of Sciences): Setting the task: We need to explain that people are also part of Nature, and we follow its laws, its logic. And a violation of this logic is destructive to society. Already at the first lecture, we should explain that a person has free will that may open the future for him, and at the same time, it can be deadly for him. And we need to learn to just talk about this duality, this contradiction, which is the essence of the science about man and his behavior in nature, the ambiguity of its reactions, the essence of intelligence.

There should be different views: The difference between people, their living conditions, produces a difference of interpretation. And these differences should not be feared. They help to see the subject from different angles.

The human being belongs to the system: The Universe is a system, that is, a collection of interconnected elements. The solar system, Earth, and the Human Being are part of this system. This human being, belonging to the system, can study its properties only from the inside, just what is available around him.

“That’s why people are able to comprehend only some of the properties of the Universe. And it will always be so: No matter how science advances, only the smallest facts about it will be available to us. We will always know only a fraction of what the Universe means, only the finite part of an infinite set.

Periods of calm replace inevitable catastrophes: To understand the present, let alone look beyond the horizon, is possible only by knowing the process of formation of human species, as a biological type, its culture and civilization in general. We need to know the origins and characteristics of self-organization processes of the biosphere, which have created a man. And we already know a lot. We know, for example, that the periods of calm replaced inevitable disasters that direct development to new channels.

Mowgli would not become a man: The phenomenon of the spiritual world is the effect of evolutionary development, not biological, but social. I would specifically analyze an example like Mowgli and explain why he could never become a man. Did Freud understand this?

The multiplicity of society: It is important to explain the phenomenon of multiculturalism as a guarantee of the stability of society, as an analogue of biological diversity. For this purpose, it is convenient to use the example of Rousseau’s argument and show where he was right and where he was wrong.”

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Workshops: A Vehicle To The Spiritual World

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How important is for everyone who arrives at the Kharkov Convention to participate in the workshops?

Answer: Everyone without exception must participate! Workshops are more important than lectures! The workshops are the spiritual practice through which a person enters with the help of the group, within it, like in a means of transportation into the spiritual world. He will not arrive anywhere without the workshops. Nowhere! It’s a pity to come to the convention and not participate in the workshop; it just will not work.
From a Virtual Lesson on Fundamentals of Kabbalah: “Harkov 2012″ 7/8/12

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Levels Of Attaining The Creator

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How is the unity of the vessel of the general soul expressed?

Answer: The vessel itself is the unity. A vessel isn’t seven billion parts, but the connection between them. The connection between me and all the others is my spiritual vessel.

By establishing a relationship with you I restrict my ego and begin to treat you in bestowal and love and discover the Creator in our relationship and thus bring Him contentment. I know that I bring Him contentment by treating you well. It says, “from the love of the created beings to the love of the Creator.”

So I had to choose you and to start loving you although I didn’t want to. I thought that you had nothing to do with me, but I do it only for the goal, which you raise so high that it gives me enough power to begin to fix my relations with you.

When I begin to restrict my ego and to treat you with love, when I do it in order to bring contentment to the Creator, the Creator, the upper force, is revealed in our relationship. But in the meantime He is revealed on the level of the still nature, Nefesh. I begin to feel His presence, which is passive for now. After all, the extent to which I discover Him is up to me.

Then I develop my attitude towards you in order to bring even greater contentment to the Creator and discover in our relationship the Light on the next level, on the vegetative level, Ruach. I begin to feel that I, you, and the Creator are changing and advancing in our relationship. There is a kind of vitality in it, support and mutuality that fills me with life.

There is someone I can mutually cooperate with; I am not facing a wall. Then I continue to develop my relationship with you in order to bring contentment to the Creator on the level of Ruach, to learn this like a flower that lives and dies, that responds to the sunlight, to day and night. I discover that I can revive this love and to feel what weakens or deteriorates it.

Thus I develop my sensitivity and rise to the next level, to the level of the animate. This means that I am already independent to some extent. I don’t just respond to different conditions, I can also move from place to place and give birth to new life. I begin to feel more and more deeply the desire to receive that I have discovered before, and I see I can continue working with it, to change it and to generate new actions and to be independent as the animate level should be. I begin to feel the Creator as the Light of life.

Then I build the relationship until the level of the speaking and attain self-management from the Creator. It’s just like in our world when a child grows up and becomes old enough not to be under his parents’ supervision. In the same way, the more I do that, the more I resemble the Creator and merge with Him. It’s because I begin to perform His part and by that become totally independent. The Creator doesn’t control me; I perform this function by myself.

It all depends on how much we work with our desire to receive. Only in it do we discover all of reality, by penetrating deeper into it and discerning more and more details there. Thus you will suddenly discover the spiritual world in this world. It was here all along, but you simply lacked the sensitivity to see it. Your detector didn’t have enough determination; it didn’t have the desired frequency range to perceive the spiritual world.
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/9/12, The Study of the Ten Sefirot 

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The Convention In Kharkov: The Next Degree

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What should happen at the convention in Kharkov, Ukraine so that it really becomes our next stage?

Answer: As it is known, there is force in quality and force in quantity.

When we gathered at the convention in the North of Israel, we tried to create this qualitative force, and we succeeded.

It was indeed a very powerful “ball” by intensity, force, and people’s abilities. There were people who study with us seriously and perform minimal, but important conditions necessary to advance towards unity.

The Kharkov convention is intended as a general convention of the entire Russian-speaking area. Of course, our friends from Europe will also arrive, but in general, there will be representatives of Russia and nearby countries, the former Soviet Union. So, unlike the convention in the North of Israel, this convention is for a fairly wide range of participants.

But the combination of that concentration of quality that has been achieved in the North of Israel with the quantity that we hope to reach in Kharkov should give significant results and the next degree.
From the Virtual Lesson 7/8/12, “Fundamentals of Kabbalah”

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The Science Of Cooperating With The World

Dr. Michael LaitmanBy “locking” us together, nature will gradually make this picture clearer. We won’t, of course, see that we are connected internally by our thoughts and desires like scientists say, but in general we will discover this by everything around us.

Everyone can see this picture quite clearly. It will bring us to a state in which we will be obliged to educate a person integrally so that he will be able to exist in our world. Having no choice, he will feel that he has to attain the wisdom of cooperating with the world, not willingly, but by feeling that he must as it is in everything that we do.

It will be basic knowledge, habits that will be acquired over a period of many years. I think that throughout a person’s lifetime, he will have to support and develop this because our society is quickly developing in this direction. In previous generations, society developed slowly and there were hardly any differences between one generation and another. Today, however, there is a huge gap between the generations because of this integral closeness.

This is why we are intensively developing the general, global, integral education system that will include courses for different cultures and for different ages.

Our branches in different countries around the world will gradually offer courses to prepare lecturers to give introductory lectures, teachers to teach the courses after these lectures, educators to give group workshops, and organizers to organize lectures, classes, and group workshops.

At the same time relevant literature will be published for the staff: teachers, educators, lecturers, and organizers. It will also be for people who come to the lecture and who can receive some of the material as introductory material. The special aids for the courses and the workshops all have to be organized too.
From a “Talk on Integral Upbringing” 5/29/12

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The Task For The Next Six Months

Dr. Michael LaitmanOur main task over the next six months is to organize integral education and upbringing throughout the world, or at least, to begin the process of organization. At the beginning, it is essential for the developed countries of Europe and North America, not the developing countries of South America or China and all the Asian countries, namely for the developed countries that are already exposed to the global crisis. I think that in the near future, the crisis will be strongly manifested in Europe, and then will hit America like a boomerang.

As Europe is in crisis and everything there is in a deplorable state, then the dollar, as the funds are invested in the US economy, there is transferred some share of finance and the economy in general. That is why, the crisis is not demonstrated in the USA clearly; it is felt only by the fact that people live in debt, and positive interest might be seen. And when Europe ends this fall, this bubble will burst in the USA, and then it will be really bad.

By this time, we need not only to prepare people and the basic system of integral education and upbringing, but also widely disseminate information about it in the media, in society, and be prepared that then people will start listening to you.

Naturally, until then, human egoism is not ready to hear anything because it is much nicer to watch football than to listen to some courses and some transformation, development: where we have come to and why. While I can survive from today to tomorrow, I am not interested in your explanations. But when tomorrow I have neither football nor basic necessities, then it is a problem.

That is why we are preparing the basic system of integral education and upbringing.
From a “Talk on Integral Upbringing” 5/29/12

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