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When The Means Is Inseparable From The Goal

Dr. Michael LaitmanBaal HaSulam, “Introduction to The Book of Zohar,” p. 39: Now we have shown that the Creator’s desired goal for the Creation He had created is to bestow upon His creatures, so they would know His truthfulness and greatness, and receive all the delight and pleasure He had prepared for them, in the measure described in the verse: “Ephraim my darling son, is he joy of his parents?” (Jeremiah 31, 19). Thus, you clearly find that this purpose does not apply to the still and the great spheres, such as the earth, the moon, or the sun, however luminous they may be, and not to the vegetative or the animate, for they lack the sensation of others, even from among their own species. Therefore, how can the sensation of the Godly and His bestowal apply to them?

Humankind alone, having been prepared with the sensation of others of the same species, who are similar to them, after delving in Torah and Mitzvot, when they invert their will to receive to a will to bestow, and come to equivalence of form with their Maker, they receive all the degrees that have been prepared for them in the Upper Worlds, called NRNHY. By that they become qualified to receive the purpose of the Thought of Creation. After all, the purpose of the creation of all the worlds was for man alone.

Question: The sensation of others is inherent in us, by which, through love for created beings, we can obtain love for the Creator. It turns out that the attitude towards the other is the means that we just use?

Answer: In our world a “means” is what we use along the way and throw away when we reach the goal. If I found a more effective means, I give up the previous one because the main thing for me is the goal.

In spirituality, things are different: Here, the goal is revealed in the means itself, and the means becomes the goal because it is not the I who reaches to the Creator, it is the system that I reveal and put up together by my own effort, by identifying with it like one whole. If I had stayed the way I am, I would have used the means only on the way to the goal. However, the process is different; being included in the means, I obtain the willingness to adhere to the goal.

Thus, the means is sacred for me because I reach the goal not with its help, but within it. I become it. My soul is this, the entire collective system.

It turns out that who I am now is not the real me. The real me does not exist yet because my current “I” came from the Creator, it is His part from above, that does not exist on its own. It represents the force of breaking and is intended to feel itself “cut off,” separated.

This helps me to adhere to the group, and in it, one step higher, I find myself. And here, in this one whole, I find fulfillment: the Creator.

When The Means Is Inseparable From The Goal
Thus, I cannot reach the Creator by bypassing the means, the group. And besides, I do not throw away the means when I reach the goal. On the contrary, by being cut off from it, I build in it the system in which I discover the life, called the Creator, the reviving inner Force, the “elixir of life.”
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/12/12, “Introduction to The Book of Zohar

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Clouds Over The Horizon

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe point of truth is revealed today: The whole world is like a kindergarten without a teacher. It doesn’t know where to go and feels puzzled and lost. This is an excellent state. We’ve already spoken about that, although we assumed that it would happen much sooner. Now we must prevent the problems and riots that can result from all this mess.

We are facing a very painful crisis and a world war. We are sliding towards it according to the laws of creation. Today those who “rule” the world have lost their power and think: “Perhaps it’s better to resort to military actions in order to start from scratch.” There is undoubtedly an option to resolve the situation, to stop the war and to “sweeten” the way, and its success depends on us. Baal HaSulam says that if we don’t stop this deterioration, humanity will be heading towards a nuclear war. This is the natural course of events guided by the ego if we don’t bring the Light into it.

What is more, Baal HaSulam mentions a fourth world war, which means that there will be someone who will manage it after the third world war. Is this possible? Of course. And it may even be very soon.

So what can we do? It’s dissemination and the reinforcement of inner unity. We need these two powerful forces: the external and the internal. There is no other force in the world that can change the balance but us. Think about this seriously. We need as many teachers, as many educators, as many lecturers as possible and we are preparing them the best way we can to go to the general public.

The situation is really critical. All the current crises that are revealed are just a very small tip of the iceberg compared to what is concealed from us. The elite are spending lots of money to hide the real situation in the world. It’s only since they have no choice that they release drops of information through the media.

In addition to the economic problems, there are ecological problems: We are facing dire disasters compared to those we’ve just experienced are nothing. There is going to be shortage of water and food, and our actual existence on this planet is under threat. The point is not to cut off the “layer of fat,” to cut down on food and to move into one room with the whole family. No, it will be much worse.

Question: This means that I have to dedicate all my life, all my powers to connection and dissemination?

Answer: Yes. And as to everything else, make do with the basic necessities, to such an extent that I will also be happy to get rid of it, but I can’t because it’s necessary to sustain my body.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/10/12, “Introduction to The Book of Zohar

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The Correction Of Evil: Going All The Way

Dr. Michael LaitmanA person must discover the whole corrupt vessel of the desire. But he discovers it only if he wants to reach bestowal, goodness. So if a person hasn’t started his spiritual work yet and doesn’t connect with the group hoping to reach bestowal upon the Creator, he doesn’t even approach the evil inclination.

So the evil inclination Kabbalists speak about doesn’t exist in our world. Our corporeal desires are aimed at food, sex, family and the human desires are aimed at money, respect, and knowledge. On the whole it is called the “animal” level.

As for the evil inclination, it starts on a higher level if a person is inclined to love, connection and mutual guarantee. If he acts in this direction, then to that extent he increasingly discovers the size of the evil inclination. At the same time the Light is revealed to him, which evokes in him the desire to correct himself. Eventually, a person comes to a state where he can’t bear the evil and from that certain point he begins to turn it into a good inclination.

There are two levels here: Bina, which means to bestow in order to bestow (the correction of 248 desires) and Keter, to receive in order to bestow (the correction of 365 desires). Eventually a person corrects all the evil inclination.

The Correction Of Evil: Going All The Way
But evil is first revealed when a person makes the first attempts to bestow. So the evil inclination is not revealed in our world, which means not in a person who doesn’t draw the Light that Reforms in order to correct himself. All the discernments that are revealed in ordinary people don’t need correction since it’s their nature. Their desires and their attributes don’t stand in the way of true connection.

The truth is only being revealed these days. In the center of humanity there are Kabbalists (the forefathers) and we, Bnei Baruch, are around them. All the others do not yearn for bestowal, but they will receive an “illumination” from us and then they will understand that there is only one way—connection.

The Correction Of Evil: Going All The Way
A person who tries to form a system of mutual connection is the one who discovers the evil inclination, the force of resistance, his reluctance, and the unpleasantness of this idea. So if a person doesn’t discover his connection with the environment, with the group, he doesn’t discover the evil inclination since it’s only discovered in what is against the shattering among us. So it’s a great thing to discover all the matter of creation, the whole evil inclination, and only the one who advances further and further until Gmar Tikkun (the end of correction) can do that.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/10/12, “Introduction to The Book of Zohar

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Weekly Torah Portion – 07.13.12

The Book of Zohar, Weekly Torah Portion, “Pinchas” Selected Excerpts

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“Eurozone Crisis Will Last For 20 Years”

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion (Wolfgang Münchau, from the Financial Times): “The consensus among observers had been that the EU had taken an important step in the right direction by agreeing a pathway towards a banking union, but that they did not do enough on crisis resolution. I disagree with that statement. I think it was a very large step – in the wrong direction. The summit made a concrete crisis resolution decision contingent on a future decision, which will be even harder to reach, and thus even more likely to fail.

“They agreed that there shall be no common bank recapitalisation until a full banking union is established. And the Bundesbank has reminded us that the latter is not possible without a political union. The logical implication is that we won’t solve the crisis for the next 20 years.”

My Comment: The program of correction implicit in nature will soon force us to work on our correction due to total despair and the threat of destruction.

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The World Is A Network Of Connections Between Each And Everyone With The Creator

Dr. Michael LaitmanIf we could turn on our inner sight (like an x-ray), then we would discover a giant information network, which connects all the inhabitants of the world.

We need to reinforce the unacceptability of strict and one-sided criterion. In the past, there was the globalization of countries, then the globalization of corporations, and now there is the globalization of people in small societies. And as long as we divert our opinions to general questions about politics and economy, we divert ourselves from what’s important, from the integrality of the world.

The economy, is to maintain the life of the living or social body. The more complex the object is, then the amount of the interrelationships in its body are greater, as well is the density of its communication and reciprocal relations. Their knowledge is needed for modern financial management, for support in living, and the results of the lack of this information is the entire reason of our failures and of the crisis.

And in countries that still haven’t developed such connections, they still don’t feel themselves in a crisis, but they will come to it also. And if we invent our own laws, we, as if, erect walls on the way to the natural connections of society, and in the end, we cancel the natural connection and the development.

Without a doubt, all the objections to integration, the organization of all kinds of coalitions and alliances, are against social development and the plan of nature, and thus will bring its participants to their downfall.

At the basis of integration stands the aspiration of the unique upper force of nature which brings everyone to one form, to consolidation, to participation, to unity, to mutual understanding, to upper justice. Thus, the various kinds of private forms of alliances will discover their lack of coordination to the general nature and will force the creators of the alliances, in one way or another, to turn to complete integrality.

Thus, the entire system of new values, the principle and secondary ones, also those of individuals and of the society, will need to be built in coordination with natural priorities, which will bring civilization to harmony and unity.

To clarify the priorities, it is important to hold discussions and forums and to hear public opinion, but not for the purpose of changing the priorities which are determined by nature and were transmitted to us by the Kabbalists, but only in clarifying the level of development of the society and correction of its integral upbringing.

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Entering The World Of Emotions

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Should the participants in the first course of integral education know about the distant limits of the evolution of human awareness, about the new mutual relations, or about how new opportunities are revealed when moving in the same direction?

Answer: I don’t think so, what for? In the first course people are told about the history of the egoistic evolution of humanity, that the ego has reached its limits and there is nothing ahead. Nature, it turns out, is integral, and humanity has become integral. Only we humans are not integrally connected to each other, and so we feel a crisis, a state of both inner and external material emptiness. Then we must talk about the integrality of nature, which is a closed system, about its systems of mutual provision, mutual support, about the analog system, etc. We should educate people about what this system provides us with.

Here we put them through a roundtable workshop or simply a circle. They must feel that the force of unity and connection revealed among us creates something that is totally new, which allows them to feel, to dare, to be filled, and most importantly, to understand and explore our world and everything else directly through it.

Suddenly new options are revealed, and they begin to see that there is a greater chance in that, but they discover it by themselves. Why do we need that? So that it will not seem farfetched and unbelievable, or even mystical and imaginary. It is best to bring them consistently and wisely to the point where they can actually feel. After all, if a person is actually just an organ that wants filling since we all simply want to fill ourselves no matter what, and then we suddenly begin to feel that there are opportunities here and we don’t need anything else.

Later, while working in the group and listening to lectures, a person begins to understand where he is in his current state, then it is easier for him to understand his past state. Everything humanity has been through becomes very simple, a short egoistic period of development. After all, what are 100 – 200 – 300 million years?
From a “Talk on Integral Upbringing” 5/25/12

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In The Heart Of The World Arguments

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Recently, you often mention that the world is rapidly advancing and that we are falling behind. What do we do to realize this?

Answer: I try to express it in my blog where I cite the most current events covered by the press and give a short comment. In fact, my comments are very similar, there is nothing special, but when someone reads them or scrolls the blog, he gets the impression of the world dynamics. This is exactly what I pursue: focusing people on current problems. Personally, I also do it to keep myself in the midst of these problems.

It will change soon. Many facts can no longer be concealed since it’s impossible to hide everything.

It provokes a huge antagonism, a very acute, complicated, secretive battle among sociologists, politicians, and the wealthy, since for several decades the world has been run by the rich and we see now where they have brought us.

Politicians cater to them because they cannot do anything on their own. No one can resist money; everybody needs it. As a result, the world is where it is.

Today, we are facing a huge problem: We have to pay for it! In Russian, it’s called “razborka,” a mafia term that reflects a blame game about “Who is to blame?” The guilty party is a pool of rich people who overtook the world and suppressed politicians.

On the other hand, to a certain extent, they inadvertently prevented wars, since those who think of profits are afraid of wars, so they didn’t let politicians expand their ambitions. However, at this time, neither the circles of rich people, nor the politicians have any idea what to do next.

As strange as it may look, we have to emerge on the scene at this time, a tiny, “useless,” insignificant, ideological organization. Really, who and what are we?

However, you’ll see that our ideas will be perceived as the most realistic; moreover, nobody will be capable of implementing them. We are totally open: Everybody is welcome to browse the Internet, take anything they wish from us, but no one will “steal” anything from us even though we are eager to give it to others so that they can start implementing it. Nobody except us can make roundtable discussions and unity meetings since they don’t possess internal power, from the source, something that our organization has. So, we are about to begin a great work and are facing a very serious period of time.

Gradually, there will be some tension spreading from Europe. It will be felt in the USA, and subsequently in Canada. Slowly but surely people will begin thinking about these problems. Although, we don’t have to wait for that, since we don’t want the world to take the path of suffering. Small afflictions are necessary to make people open their ears, but not more than that.
From a “Talk During the Meal in Toronto” 6/19/12

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The Ceiling of Egoistic Growth

Dr. Michael LaitmanToday we have an opportunity we have never had before. The method of correction is being revealed, and if we were to use it, it would be very easy for us to attain the very necessary mutual guarantee and unity. Many people, among the nation of Israel, already understand this and are coming closer to this. We have created a large organization, which brings to life the principles of mutual guarantee in Israel, and I am full of hope that correction will happen in a good way. Because otherwise, gently speaking, our journey will be unpleasant, but it will lead to the same place. One way or another, the goal is clear: Everyone must become a single whole.

Question: Why did the time specifically come now?

Answer: We see this by the state of mankind and nature. The world has come to a common crisis, and the first to reach the crisis was the part of the world that determines the lifestyle and the form and rate of advancement of mankind. Moreover, we are not speaking about problems with technology, economy, education, culture, science, personal life, divorce, drug addiction, depression, which is becoming the number one disease, and so on. No, this is an inner and very deep crisis of our ego caused by the fact that the left, the egoistic line, has completed its development.

Over the course of the last two millennia while the Jewish people were in exile, growing egoism was pushing people towards different goals and forced us to discover new continents, build industry and trade. We kept moving forward, forming new systems and mechanisms. We thought that egoistic existence was enough to reach a good life. In the last one hundred or two hundred years, egoism grew exponentially, but it has suddenly as if reached the “ceiling” and stopped.

Fact: We no longer desire anything new. The young generation does not set any grand goals: to become wealthy or powerful, or to make scientific discoveries. On the contrary, despair and fatigue are growing, as if young people were born old. They no longer have the same aspirations as before; they do not want to know, learn, and excel. Studies show that these desires have reached saturation and faded. Thus, the left line has stopped developing, and we no longer see the light ahead of us.

Nature is also showing us a sad picture of the end of the road: The sources of energy are nearing exhaustion and the environment is collapsing.

Human society is also falling apart before our eyes: Family and interpersonal relations are being broken, separation is increasing. All this points to the end of the left line, and now, the people of Israel must activate the right line.

During the two thousand of years of exile, the people of Israel only advanced in the left line, together with the world. The world is not able to advance in the right line, only the people of Israel are capable of this. This is why they are now entering a historic stage: They carry the responsibility to realize the right line and combine it with the left line.

The past two thousand years have already introduced the left line in the Jews. It is written that the sons of Israel went into exile in order to connect the souls of the nations to them. This is the left line, egoism, which today the people of Israel have plenty of, even more than the others. Thus way, the only thing that is left for them to do is to realize the right line inside them and balance it with the left line, by creating the middle line. This way they will show the direction to the entire world, and it will be easy for the people to accept this path
Excerpt From “A Conversation” 6/5/12

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