The World Is A Network Of Connections Between Each And Everyone With The Creator

Dr. Michael LaitmanIf we could turn on our inner sight (like an x-ray), then we would discover a giant information network, which connects all the inhabitants of the world.

We need to reinforce the unacceptability of strict and one-sided criterion. In the past, there was the globalization of countries, then the globalization of corporations, and now there is the globalization of people in small societies. And as long as we divert our opinions to general questions about politics and economy, we divert ourselves from what’s important, from the integrality of the world.

The economy, is to maintain the life of the living or social body. The more complex the object is, then the amount of the interrelationships in its body are greater, as well is the density of its communication and reciprocal relations. Their knowledge is needed for modern financial management, for support in living, and the results of the lack of this information is the entire reason of our failures and of the crisis.

And in countries that still haven’t developed such connections, they still don’t feel themselves in a crisis, but they will come to it also. And if we invent our own laws, we, as if, erect walls on the way to the natural connections of society, and in the end, we cancel the natural connection and the development.

Without a doubt, all the objections to integration, the organization of all kinds of coalitions and alliances, are against social development and the plan of nature, and thus will bring its participants to their downfall.

At the basis of integration stands the aspiration of the unique upper force of nature which brings everyone to one form, to consolidation, to participation, to unity, to mutual understanding, to upper justice. Thus, the various kinds of private forms of alliances will discover their lack of coordination to the general nature and will force the creators of the alliances, in one way or another, to turn to complete integrality.

Thus, the entire system of new values, the principle and secondary ones, also those of individuals and of the society, will need to be built in coordination with natural priorities, which will bring civilization to harmony and unity.

To clarify the priorities, it is important to hold discussions and forums and to hear public opinion, but not for the purpose of changing the priorities which are determined by nature and were transmitted to us by the Kabbalists, but only in clarifying the level of development of the society and correction of its integral upbringing.

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