“Eurozone Crisis Will Last For 20 Years”

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion (Wolfgang Münchau, from the Financial Times): “The consensus among observers had been that the EU had taken an important step in the right direction by agreeing a pathway towards a banking union, but that they did not do enough on crisis resolution. I disagree with that statement. I think it was a very large step – in the wrong direction. The summit made a concrete crisis resolution decision contingent on a future decision, which will be even harder to reach, and thus even more likely to fail.

“They agreed that there shall be no common bank recapitalisation until a full banking union is established. And the Bundesbank has reminded us that the latter is not possible without a political union. The logical implication is that we won’t solve the crisis for the next 20 years.”

My Comment: The program of correction implicit in nature will soon force us to work on our correction due to total despair and the threat of destruction.

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