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Convention In The North (Lessons 4-6) – 07.05.12

North Convention, Lesson 4

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North Convention, Workshop 4

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North Convention, Yeshivat

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North Convention, Lesson 5

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North Convention, Workshop 5

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North Convention, Lesson 6

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Getting Ready For The Congress: Third Round Of Questions

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: You always guide us during the conventions, leading us from one lesson to the next.

Answer: I cannot say anything about that in advance. I don’t know how things will work out before I see you in the convention. You will summon my attitude towards you according to the state you will be in.

In bestowal everything depends on the one who receives and nothing is predictable. I am a power supplier—you will receive bestowal according to your connection to me.

So the matter is not in the subject of the lectures and the workshops, but in the preparation. Your intensive collective preparation will generate from me everything that you need in the right order. I listen to the friends, feel the general atmosphere among all those who connect to us, and this determines how the workshops will be managed.

Question: How can we raise the level of our question in order to add feeling to it? Before every convention there are the same questions to which we’ve already received the answers.

Answer: The questions may repeat, but we have to feel a new depth in them. The phrasing of the questions isn’t important, what is important is the depth. If a person is only superficially interested in how he should connect, it isn’t a question at all.

We have to be more serious since we are in a process of clarification, which means that we are constantly summarizing what we pick up along the way. So on the basis of all the clarifications and the conclusions, we reach new questions. Even though the questions may sound familiar, they are much deeper.

There isn’t much depth in your questions, there is no burning necessity for a new study of the unknown layers: “What should we do today in order to reach the unity that we have not reached yet? What do we lack? What should we add?” I must hear the echo of this search in your questions.

Question: How can we constantly soften our heart until the congress itself?

Answer: The key is the influence of the environment. It is this factor that influences the workshops. At first I don’t want to hear others, I look down upon them. I am not interested in what they say, who are they? Their words only irritate me.

But after a few minutes a new thought comes to me. Where do they come from? After all, they don’t appear out of the blue, this is how the Light operated, and there is nothing but the Light. Occasionally we manage to sink faster inwards and to feel ready for he influence of the Light. This is the whole essence of the workshop.

The “workshop” is our intensive, collective, integral group effort. This effort that is aimed at unity resembles the Light in its attributes and summons its influence upon us.

Of course it will eventually take us less time to reach unity in the workshops. Although it is impossible to explain, the desire already understands which internal movements are required in order to feel the excitement and the impression from the unity. Thus the workshop is our “tool,” our means.

But we can also do the same thing during the morning lesson. We need to do it every day for three hours!

Question: During the workshop we “rub” against one another and there is a kind of spark going through us. How can we reach the same feeling during the lesson?

Answer: During the lesson you don’t speak and don’t look at one another, which makes things more difficult for you. But you should overcome this. You should learn to feel one another without words and even independently of distance. The distances don’t exist, there are no walls, I only imagine all this; it is all depicted in my perception. So let’s make an effort and each one will feel the friends as his integral parts.

Don’t pin your hopes on me. I only operate the mechanism. It all depends on the connection among you. The upper Light is always ready and responds according to your desire. So there is no effort on my part: The moment there is a desire, I am ready to work on it. You are expecting something from me, and you need only one thing—to actually want connection. Thus, you will oblige me, you actually force me to act. Only your connection summons a real filling on my part.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/2/12, “Questions About the Congress of Consolidation in the North of Israel”

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A Tuning Fork For David’s Violin

Dr. Michael LaitmanI cannot tune myself to the Creator without first properly calibrating myself with the help of my friends. I do not have any other tool for checking myself: not its foundation, no boundaries, nor qualities of reference.

I first must reach the correct setting, like the white balance in the camera or the initial calibration of any instrument. I need to connect to a certain system report.

It is the same in relation to the Creator because I do not have any points of reference when it comes to Him. Every religion and belief gives Him its own definition; there are plenty of opinions, everyone imagines whatever they like.

And this is why the breaking of the desires gives us the opportunity for verification, so we will not get confused. I am able to perfectly tune myself with a tuning fork in relation to a group of friends. I need at least one more person (two is the minimum number) who I could use to determine the correct direction and the starting point for advancement, by combining “Israel, Torah, and the Creator.”

But I must start working by turning myself into a properly calibrated instrument, as precisely as possible. The entire ladder of spiritual degrees where I am constantly working on greater adhesion, unity of all souls, all the people, represents a better quality and finer calibration to something called the Creator until I focus on a single point, which points in the absolutely precise direction.

All my qualities, all my desires, connect in this point, giving a pure sound, like of David’s violin. This means that I am attaining real adhesion, revealing this phenomenon called the Creator in all my qualities.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/3/12, Writings of Baal HaSulam

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The Creator Sets the Bar

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Today at the lesson you proposed enforcing extremely harsh conditions to those who wish to attend the Unity Congress on July 6th through the 8th: consistent lesson attendance, paying maaser, actively disseminating, arriving no later than 6 AM on the 6th and not leaving until it’s over, and so on.

Why are you so strict with those who want to participate?

My Answer: The purpose of unity is to push the participants to the conditions necessary to reveal the Creator via unification.

We gather at such unity congresses periodically, and each time around we must draw closer to these necessary conditions under which the Creator is revealed. Otherwise, what’s the point of exerting and only doing the job halfway? We might as well have just had a picnic or something.

But if we’re determined to get the job done, we must be serious about it. We don’t set the bar; it is the Creator who sets the bar for us.

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Sleep Prepares The Brain To Process New Information

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion (Giulio Tononi, psychologist, the University of Wisconsin-Madison): “Without sleep, humans become irritable, inefficient and accident prone – but how sleep heals us still isn’t fully understood.

“Psychologist Giulio Tononi of the University of Wisconsin-Madison thinks he has the answer to what our brains are doing as we sleep.

“His theory is that the brain ‘resets’ itself – breaking connections made during the day so that the brain wakes up ‘fresh’ and ready to learn and process more information.

“Brain wave activity is particularly strong during sleep – a sign, Tononi thinks, that the brain is ‘wiping out’ unnecessary impressions.

“The brain literally ‘unwinds’ during sleep – wiping itself clean in much the same way as a computer reboots. …

His understanding of the brain and how it ‘rewires’ itself may also lead to a deeper understanding of what consciousness itself is.

“‘Sleep may be the price you pay so your brain can be plastic the next day,’ says Tononi in one of his papers on the subject.

“His hypothesis is that sleep allows the brain to regroup after a hard day of learning by giving the synapses, which increase in strength during the day, a chance to damp down to baseline levels.

“Sleep may also be important for consolidating new memories, and to allow the brain to ‘forget’ the random, unimportant impressions of the day, so there is room for more learning the next day.”

My Comment: Kabbalah has talked about this work of the brain during sleep for several thousand years. In addition, it explains how the process of wiping off, processing, and storing of information occurs, the reason for dreams as experiences during the day (fast-forwarding of information) and other resets

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Fingerprints On The Roundtable

Dr. Michael LaitmanOne can’t forget that we must unite precisely because the whole world demands correction. Otherwise, we would not have been given the desire for spirituality and Kabbalah would still continue to be passed on in a hidden way from one chosen Kabbalist to another like it has been done for thousands of years.

It is not by accident that suddenly the desire to reveal the Creator has emerged in thousands of people around the world. This is done so that they would unite together and become the “priests,” meaning those who teach and care about the whole world in order to lead the whole world to correction.

That is why, although at the end of next week we are getting ready for the congress with the goal to reach unity with each other, from the very beginning we must remember and never forget that our unity is needed for the sake of bringing the whole world to the revelation of the Creator.

We are carrying out the role of those who ignite the Light! We serve as the screen for the desire, like the wick of a candle. The oil, or the desire to enjoy, is the whole of the humanity, the light is the Creator, and we are the wick that helps the oil light up. This means being the servant of the Creator.

That is why if we are not longing towards unity with the Creator for the sake of passing His revelation to the whole of humanity, then all of our work will pass in the wrong direction. All of the time, we need to be thinking about both poles while we are located in the middle; this is the mission of Israel.

That is why at the congress, although we will basically be talking and working on our internal unity, we need to also touch on the topic of external dissemination. However, it is not demanded of us to perform too many actions in order to engulf the whole world with them. We only need to let the Reforming Light work, letting it pass through us.

We need to unite with each other with a much greater force and then the Light will go through us. We must only open the entrances for it, and it will do its job. Meaning, it is enough to be at some place, to arrange a roundtable there, to bring the people to some kind of unity, and you have already connected to it and you remain there. You have left your spiritual “fingerprints” there and that is enough! The Light will start to function through them.

Under the impression of only one of our meetings, people will start to feel themselves how they need to act further. It is clear that virtual systems need to be built and connection with them needs to be kept up, but the most important job is done by the Light.
From a “Talk About General Questions” 6/29/12

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Convention In The North (Lessons 1-3) – 07.05.12

North  Convention, Lesson 1

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North Convention, Workshop 1

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North Convention, Lesson 2

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North Convention, Workshop 2

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North Convention, Lesson 3

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North Convention, Workshop 3

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Deleting The Differences In Spiritual Work

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What is Arvut (Mutual Guarantee) from the standpoint of a woman? Is it support and raising the importance of the goal?

Answer: Since the world has begun to discover the general crisis, there is no difference between men and woman as far as attaining the upper world, in the work between them. Women also sit in workshops and participate in them just like the men, and they experience the same feelings no less than the men. So, I don’t think that there is any difference between the men and women.

It seems to me that all of that is gradually disappearing. All the previous differences will become more internal. This means that within each one of us there are two lines, a man and a woman, and we need to join them again into one common line, in that same Adam (human) that was created, not as a man or a woman, but as it included both from the start, it is understood that both the nature of the man and the woman operates in him.

When Rabash began to write his articles, he gave them to a group of women, and the women read and discussed them. This means that he was concerned about how they would perceive them.

In the time of Rabash, we had to enlarge the room made especially for the women where they attended and listened to our classes three times. I am convinced that nowadays, there is no problem with the presence of women in their support and their active and equal participation with the men. I simply don’t see any special differences, and with the years, we will see less and less. But in the places where the men connect and hug, there is no place for women, but this is because these disturbances exist in us.

And if the roundtables are arranged side-by-side, even in the same room, or in two different rooms, it is only so that we won’t be distracted on the corporeal level, so as not to disturb us. And so, there is no difference. I personally don’t feel inside that there is a difference. And besides that, I hear women’s responses in the workshops that we organize on Sundays and see how much they understand the essence and how much they grasp everything that happens, no less then the men. So, there is no need to pay attention at this.

We need to differentiate between women and men only in one thing. Entering the women’s organization and working in it is only for females. With all other things, there shouldn’t be a separation.
From a Talk During the Meal in Toronto, 6/19/12

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The Zohar: The Link To Perfection

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: If we imagine The Zohar as the center of the energy source, how does it permeate the soul?

Answer: There is no source that can come close to The Book of Zohar, which was written by ten Kabbalists, each of which was part of a group, part of the integrality that is the basis of nature. Nature is round, and with the help of the upper force a group representing the collective force of nature convened. And now this group, to attain all the laws, all of reality, all of Providence Above, and our work below, builds inside it the system of the Creator’s forces.

This group founded the whole system of correction. It did not exist before that. Before that there was the era of the forefathers, Abraham, Egypt, the first and second Temples—all this was a development from the top down. There was no real exile, since Egypt was only a prototype, the root of all the subsequent exiles. All this was preparation so that a group called “Israel” would be established, which is actually the same group of Rabbi Shimon. There are also the nations of the world, who are external to that group. The group of Israel is “shattered” and they go out and mix with the rest of humanity.

Therefore, there is no stronger connection than The Book of Zohar in which the authors expressed in writing everything they attained by building their internal system in spirituality, by building a hierarchy of all they did and attained, all the 125 degrees. This is all one system, and it makes no difference that I see the text and that I exist in my body. It is all a system of forces, there is no body here that understands or that doesn’t understand. These are forces that are now arranged as an integral system that can be corrected and brought to perfection.

So the composition that was created by the authors of The Zohar is not a book, but a system that was created by their work, and we want to be part of this system so that it will influence us. I want to enter its force field.

It is with this intention that we try to read The Book of Zohar. There is no other way to connect with that system, except for seeing the still letters by our corporeal sense of sight. But by that, with the help of the group and my efforts, I begin to develop my internal attitude, to enter the system of forces, by clarifying the force of reception, the force of bestowal, intentions, connection, rejection, repulsion, hatred, and love.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/2/12, The Zohar

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