A Tuning Fork For David’s Violin

Dr. Michael LaitmanI cannot tune myself to the Creator without first properly calibrating myself with the help of my friends. I do not have any other tool for checking myself: not its foundation, no boundaries, nor qualities of reference.

I first must reach the correct setting, like the white balance in the camera or the initial calibration of any instrument. I need to connect to a certain system report.

It is the same in relation to the Creator because I do not have any points of reference when it comes to Him. Every religion and belief gives Him its own definition; there are plenty of opinions, everyone imagines whatever they like.

And this is why the breaking of the desires gives us the opportunity for verification, so we will not get confused. I am able to perfectly tune myself with a tuning fork in relation to a group of friends. I need at least one more person (two is the minimum number) who I could use to determine the correct direction and the starting point for advancement, by combining “Israel, Torah, and the Creator.”

But I must start working by turning myself into a properly calibrated instrument, as precisely as possible. The entire ladder of spiritual degrees where I am constantly working on greater adhesion, unity of all souls, all the people, represents a better quality and finer calibration to something called the Creator until I focus on a single point, which points in the absolutely precise direction.

All my qualities, all my desires, connect in this point, giving a pure sound, like of David’s violin. This means that I am attaining real adhesion, revealing this phenomenon called the Creator in all my qualities.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/3/12, Writings of Baal HaSulam

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