The Creator Sets the Bar

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Today at the lesson you proposed enforcing extremely harsh conditions to those who wish to attend the Unity Congress on July 6th through the 8th: consistent lesson attendance, paying maaser, actively disseminating, arriving no later than 6 AM on the 6th and not leaving until it’s over, and so on.

Why are you so strict with those who want to participate?

My Answer: The purpose of unity is to push the participants to the conditions necessary to reveal the Creator via unification.

We gather at such unity congresses periodically, and each time around we must draw closer to these necessary conditions under which the Creator is revealed. Otherwise, what’s the point of exerting and only doing the job halfway? We might as well have just had a picnic or something.

But if we’re determined to get the job done, we must be serious about it. We don’t set the bar; it is the Creator who sets the bar for us.

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