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Recording Of The Spiritual Program

526The Book of Zohar, VaYetse, Item 13: King Solomon established his book on seven Havalim [Hevel means “breath vapor,” as well as “vanity,” “futility”] on which the world stands. These are the pillars and ledges that form the existence of the world, and this is why they are called Havalim.

The seven Sefirot, the seven parts, the seven desires, of the soul, by turning from egoistic into altruistic, become the pillars on which the spiritual world stands.

As the body cannot exist without Hevel, the world exists only on Havalim [plural of Hevel]. There are seven of them, as it is written, “Hevel Havalim [vanity of vanities] says Kohelet; Hevel Havalim, all is Hevel [vanity],” thus seven Havalim.

Comment: But the word Hevel is repeated only five and not seven times.

My Response: No. The fact is that the word “Havalim” is plural. Each of them is two. This is what The Book of Zohar says. It is written Hevel Havalim (vanity of vanities). “Havalim” means two.

Question: It is like a mathematical riddle. Why is everything concealed so much?

Answer: No, it is not concealed; it is just that there are double parts that need to be treated this way. After all, everything that is originally written in The Book of Zohar or in the Torah is a purely mechanical and very accurate record of all our consecutive states of cause and consequence, a step-by-step movement that we must go through one after another. This is usually how a program is written.

I remember when I started studying cybernetics, the first time I was very surprised at how programs were written. You record one movement after another as it should happen in a computer.

Thus, this is a record of the work of our soul, that is, our inner computing center, which understands only one thing: pleasure or suffering, plus or minus, and the difference between them relative to its complete saturation, the perfect state that is set ahead.

The Torah, from the word “Hora’ah” (instruction) is a program according to which we work at each degree, line by line, letter by letter. Therefore, you cannot change the letters and words in it. This is a consistent text because it tells us how we go from our world through all 125 degrees to our full, final, perfect state.

Therefore, when you start reading it, the words, their meaning, their singular or plural form, their masculine or feminine form, the letter combinations, and so on become important for you.

After all, all this has a meaning in the program. There are all sorts of elements in the letter. The order of the letters indicates the transition that you must make from your current state. Each letter is a symbol, a block, a matrix of your particular state.

Let’s say that one moment I can explain my condition with one letter and the next moment with another. If I make a word out of these letters, it tells me what kind of final inner changes I accomplish through a certain number of changes. And then I move on to the next one, and so on.
From KabTV’s “The Power of The Book of Zohar” #12

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Hebrew—The Melody Of The Upper World

525Comment: Before discovering the wisdom of Kabbalah, I lived in Israel for nine years and during all this time I did not learn or speak Hebrew. It was only the need to penetrate into the sources that prompted me to learn the language.

My Response: Yes. Only those who practice Kabbalah break themselves because they begin to understand that Hebrew is a code through which one can learn a lot and enter the spiritual world.

Comment: And the main thing is that Hebrew is constantly expanding. We read the sources so many times and they always sound different. Everything flows and merges.

My Response: Exactly. If we begin to see in which combination the letters are in every word, you suddenly feel the melody that conveys the inner meaning of that word.

Question: What would you wish for your students in 2019?

Answer: First, I wish them a happy new year! Still, 2019 will be very complex. Humanity does not hope for anything particularly good.

Let us firmly hold onto each other, and through the letters, through the heartfelt connection between us, let us invite the upper light so that it embraces us and makes clear even without letters and words everything we need to understand about our eternal existence. We will then swim eternally in the vast upper light, which will gradually be revealed to us through these grand letters.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah” 1/6/19

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Letters Are The Creator’s Attitude To The Created Beings

526Question: One of the most interesting chapters in The Book of Zohar is the chapter “The Letters of Rav Hamnuna Saba.” Why is it so important?

Answer: This chapter is about the creation of the letters and how people can depict the revelation of the Creator to man.

Question: The text describes how each letter came to the Creator and said, ” O Lord of the world, it is good for You to create the world with me.” What does that mean?

Answer: Although each letter is the lowest egoistic revelation in relation to the light of the Creator, it believes that it is actually in this manifestation that it can express the inner essence of the Creator’s attitude to the created beings. This is the reason that it makes the claim: “It is befitting that the world will be created with me.”

Question: The Creator replies, “You are comely and upright, but you are unfit to create the world with you…. Moreover, you are the seal of death, since Tav is the last letter in the word ‘Mavet’ [death], as well.” Why does the Creator praise each letter first?

Answer: It is because there cannot be anything bad in the world.

Is there any phenomenon or revelation in the creation that has no right to exist? There is no such thing. Can there be life without one of the letters? No. Can there be life without death? No. Without hate, without anything else? It is impossible. That is, everything is built on the right combination.

Why can’t the world be created by any of the letters other than the letter “Bet”? It is because this letter is not related to anything and there is only blessing in it. This is what the Creator’s bestowal unto the world comes down to.

Question: So, if a person eventually makes place for the Creator, everything will make sense?

Answer: Yes, well said.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah” 1/6/19

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A Word — An Imprint Of The Upper Force

151Question: There are no words in the spiritual world. And yet, Kabbalah uses them to pull us into the spiritual world. What is a word? How should we use it?

Answer: A word is a set of forces that combine with each other in certain ways, passing from letter to letter and word to word, forming a specific order of forces that, by changing and mixing with each other, create words out of letters and sentences out of words.

In general, these are the forces of the universe, which includes still, vegetative, and animate natures, and us—all of it together. That is, words tell us about what is happening in this world and in all of the worlds.

Words are a record of vectors, a record of upper forces. Thus, when we read the Torah correctly, as it is explained by The Book of Zohar, we are talking about the entire program from the beginning of creation to the end, with all of its sequence, how it passes through all the matter of the universe, dividing and creating it.

It is as if it sculpts the universe and kneads it, as dough is kneaded, from the inanimate, vegetative, animate, and human parts. In this case, all the parts are connected to each other, and each of them develops. This is what the Torah talks about from the beginning to the end.
From KabTV’s “The Power of The Book of Zohar” #8

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Hebrew Is The Language Of Spiritual Attainment

522.03Question: Will there come a time when we will be able to penetrate the spiritual potential of the Hebrew letters a little? After all, modern Hebrew does not totally match this potential.

Answer: It is actually because they didn’t want Hebrew to be the official language of Israel at the time. It was never been used as a spoken language, only during the time of the Temple when the people were on a spiritual level. They used it only in order to explain spiritual actions, while for any other purposes they used Aramaic and then Greek.

Moreover, it was possible to use any language. There was no such thing as “we have our language and we will not use any other language.” On the contrary, Jews in Israel spoke different languages in different periods, which means that they used Hebrew only for spiritual purposes.

So when at the end of the 19th century Eliezer Ben Yehuda and other settlers came to Israel and suggested making Hebrew the official spoken language and many objected to this approach.

“Why should we use the holy language that was intended for expressing spiritual forces, for mutual cooperation between people above the ego, and for mutual cooperation between a person and the Creator, to print newspapers and to curse, etc.?” There are still such disputes today. Orthodox Jews don’t use Hebrew for any purpose other than for studying; they speak other languages, mainly Yiddish.

It isn’t a coincidence that the word “language” in Hebrew is also “tongue” because it is expressed in speaking, in writing, or in hearing.

When I express different letters, it affects the eardrum in different ways and also the auditory nerves, different parts of the brain, and so on. All the means of producing the letters, my “transmitters” are divided according to the division of the letters into five parts.

The forces that descended from top down, created and shaped a person, which is how the letters were formed through the four phases of direct light in the world of Ein Sof, which accordingly created our senses, our physical body, and everything else. We can therefore say that the letters created the world.

Question: Does this mean that for the time being Hebrew is a language that no one can attain?

Answer: Yes, it is attained only according to the level of a person’s spiritual attainment, not in any other way. We can speak about it and write different theories, but on the whole, it is not clear how it can be attained unless it begins to “speak” inside you, and for that to happen you must really be able to attain spirituality.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah” 1/6/19

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What Is Behind The Images Of Our World?

231.02Zohar for All, Shemot, Item 81: It is written: “He took those arrows and lowered them to his nostrils. Blood came out of his nostrils, implying Dinim in red color.”

Question: How should we understand those phrases: “arrows,” “blood came out of his nostrils”?

Answer: Many of the terms in The Book of Zohar sound strange to us because behind all the images of the corporeal world stand upper forces, and we name them by names of our world.

Kabbalists took the earthy language to talk about the upper forces, their states, relationships, and combinations. They have no other way to describe the upper world because there are no words there. But forces descend from there to our world and we can take names from our world to describe the forces and properties of the spiritual world.

Therefore it is allegorically said “three arrows,” “nostrils,” and so on. And immediately there is a transition to another purely Kabbalistic language: HGT de Zeir Anpin. Thus, The Book of Zohar tells us about everything in a mixture because it wants to take you out of this world so that you enter the next depiction, the spiritual world.

It is as if it places before you two screens. You automatically look at the picture that depicts some images from our world. Yet in fact, you should try through them to penetrate inside and see the combination of two forces, the bestowing one (Israel) and the receiving one (Rome), and in what position they are with each other.

When a person recognizes them correctly, he becomes the third force between them.
From KabTV’s “The Power of The Book of Zohar” #8

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Why Are All The Spiritual Sources Written In Hebrew?

527.04Question: Why are all the sources, all the global spiritual writings like the Torah, Ecclesiastes, and the Book of Psalms, written in Hebrew?

Answer: It is because the letters of the Hebrew language don’t change, and it is impossible to express them differently. Take any source you like that is thousands of years old and a modern book and you will see that not a single letter has changed.

It is just like a mathematical formula, if you change one symbol with another, you would not be understood, and it would also lead to nothing.

Besides, it isn’t about just another symbol, although a letter in the pure sense is a symbol. When you express your feelings through letters, you affect the world. A letter connects you to the internal system of the world, and by that you seemingly press the buttons, and do something inside the internal system.

Comment: But when we look at a book now, we don’t see or feel anything at all.

My Response: It is a multi-layered system, and even when an ordinary person looks at these letters, he still penetrates the system to a certain degree and receives some illumination. The light operates on him.

There are people who don’t understand the language at all, but during the lesson they place the book in front of them and look at it, even if they cannot follow the text, and the text impacts them.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah” 1/6/19

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Allegories And Spiritual Properties

560Question: At Passover, we eat Matzah and not bread. What does this mean spiritually?

Answer: The fact is that the rejection of egoism symbolizes the exodus from Egypt, from the power of the ego. By us eating Matzah, we seem to demonstrate what exactly the rejection is. A person should refuse to use bread because flour is one property and water is quite another.

Flour (the property of reception) and water (the property of bestowal) cannot be together. The holiday of Passover symbolizes the absolute separation between the property of receiving and the property of giving.

Question: Did the people who came out of Egypt go through all these states?

Answer: Yes, they felt that this was the way they should behave.

Question: And it was in such allegorical stories that they were supposed to describe everything? Couldn’t it have been something else?

Answer: No. There was no other way because spiritual properties had not yet appeared. How could you describe it? Only in the language of branches.

There are spiritual roots. It all happens in our inner forces there, and it is impossible to describe it because I do not know these forces, I am not familiar with them, I do not even have names for them.

And if I take spiritual roots and draw branches (consequences) from them into our world, because our world is arranged in exact similarity to the upper world, then I can already take the words “flour,” “water,” “Egypt,” “Red Sea,” and so on, and operate with these meanings while imagining that we are in the spiritual roots.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 4/15/19

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The Secret Code Of The Torah

151Comment: It is said that the first letters that appeared after rock paintings [pictographs] were the letters of the Hebrew alphabet: Aleph (א), Bet (ב), and so on.

My Response: They did not appear. They were discovered by Adam who lived almost 6,000 years ago.

He discovered these letters because he began to understand the correlation between the quality of bestowal and the quality of reception and the connection between them. He saw that there are only 22 connections, and that through these connections between reception and bestowal, he could express all the qualities of the world. Therefore, he depicted them in the form of lines and dots. From that time, we have the alphabet.

Question: What is the black dot in a Hebrew letter from which everything starts?

Answer: It is something that is completely opposite to the quality of bestowal and goodness. Bestowal, love, and goodness are the positive qualities that flow from one object to another only for the benefit of the other, and they are called light. And the opposite of it is called a black dot.

Question: Does any letter start with this black dot?

Answer: Of course.

Comment: And then we draw a horizontal line, and a vertical line.

My Response: Yes, on the background of white light. On the background of the white sheet of paper.

Question: When the whole letter is written, what does it mean?

Answer: I depict to what extent negative qualities can become similar to the positive qualities.

Question: Do you mean that this black letter can become similar to the white sheet of paper, to the white light?

Answer: Yes.

Question: And when I combine letters into a word?

Answer: By this you just explain how you move from one quality of bestowal to the second one, and then to the third, fourth, and so on.

Question: And when I write a sentence and completely fill this, for example, white light, this sheet of paper?

Answer: By doing this, you lay out all your capabilities of bestowal against the background of the white light. After the Torah was written, which depicts absolutely all potential mutual qualities of bestowal and reception, there is no point in writing anything else. Everything is just all sorts of additions and commentaries to the Torah.

Question: So, does the Torah describe all the desires and aspirations of man to become bestowing and loving?

Answer: Yes.

Question: What if a person writes in English, Russian, German, Armenian, or any other language?

Answer: The fact is that what is being written now, you cannot read correctly because the languages are constantly undergoing changes. If you take a modern Frenchman today and one who lived during the Crusades, they would not understand each other. The language has changed so much!

Question: What about Hebrew?

Answer: No. Hebrew has not changed. We read books that were written two or three thousand years ago. Adam wrote his book The Angel Raziel 6,000 years ago, and we read it as if it were written today. It is not very clear, but we read it. We could talk to Adam just as we would to our contemporaries.

There is no other nation that could meet their ancestor who lived thousands of years ago and understand him and speak with him in the same language.

And the Jews could easily!

Question: Is it because the code did not change?

Answer: Yes. It cannot change because it is the interaction between the light and the darkness, the interaction between two forces.

Question: When they say that there is a certain code embedded in the Torah, is it about this interaction between the light and the darkness?

Answer: Yes. Darkness is the letters and light is the background on which we write.

The letters represent the equivalence of a person’s quality to the quality of the Creator. When man comes to this equivalence, then there will be no difference between the letters and the light. All the letters will only express the quality of light.

All the letters exist only to emphasize all the qualities of the light in those lines, in those images where it is absent.

Question: Is it true that horizontal and vertical lines represent different lights?

Answer: Yes, of course. There are many different signs, and there are many secrets in this, that is, things that we have not solved yet.

Question: Are there really unsolved secrets in the letters?

Answer: Of course! There is nothing but letters. The letter is a sign between us and the upper force. There is nothing else but these signs.

Question: Can we say that the light passes from above through a stencil called “letter” and is imprinted in a person?

Answer: Yes, that is also true.

Question: You once told a story about a completely ordinary person living in Siberia who wrote you a letter in Hebrew in the highest, purest, poetic language.

Answer: Yes. I showed it to my teacher Rabash. And he said that it was a Kabbalistic text written by a simple man because he had such spiritual enlightenment.

Question: Can we conclude from this that all the letters are within us, within each person in the world?

Answer: Yes. Later I met this man, and he did not understand or know anything. He came to Israel when he was released from Siberia after many years. There was nothing left in him from the state he had experienced then. It was given to him as such a brief flash because he was suffering so much. He wanted to exit himself, his body, with all his might! And this tension brought him to such a state that he was able to write in Hebrew. It just came out into the world through him.

Question: But can we say that it was his prayer?

Answer: Of course.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 1/4/21

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The Mythological Language Of The Book Of Zohar

522.03There are texts in The Book of Zohar that seem very strange to an ordinary person. Therefore, to introduce a person into them, to explain them to him, it will take, perhaps, several years.

It all depends on the qualities and states that one must experience in order to begin to feel them. Just like a small child, you cannot tell about the experiences of an adult, about his art, etc. He will not understand this.

The allegorical, mythological language of The Book of Zohar is very conventional, but accurate. After all, if I know the inner meaning of the concept “crocodile,” then through the image of an earthly crocodile, I see the forces that stand behind it, determine its general background, properties, appearance, character, absolutely everything! I see all spiritual properties in this earthly image, and I deal with them.

Thus, The Book of Zohar tells about our inner properties. Through reading it, I reveal everything in myself. The Garden of Eden is the highest level. The four rivers, the crocodile, the big sea, this is Malchut in which souls exist, and with them I must merge.

That is, this whole picture is in me. Everything exists in the person himself. Even the world that is supposedly around us, in fact, we feel what is inside ourselves. It only seems to us that it is on the outside.
From KabTV’s “The Power of The Book of Zohar” #1

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