An Inseparable Pair: Hebrew And Aramaic

Laitman_151The language of the wisdom of Kabbalah was developed by Adam, the first to discover the system of higher management of our world. He gave names to all physical objects according to their spiritual roots from which descended all forces and forms, all objects and interactions in our world.

That is how the two Kabbalistic languages were revealed: Hebrew and the language, which is its opposite, its inseparable partner Aramaic.

The Hebrew language has existed for around 6,000 years, whereas Aramaic developed during the period of ancient Babylon and is a reflection of the Hebrew language. The Aramaic language was not discovered before the Babylonian period since the ego had not yet been discovered in the human species. It began to appear only with the flourishing of the ego.

All of the ancient books were written in two languages, Hebrew and Aramaic. The Babylonian Talmud was mostly written in Aramaic since this was the spoken language in those times. They used Hebrew solely for writing spiritual texts, while Aramaic was used for writing earthly texts. So both languages existed together, supporting each other mutually. People who lived in those times used the Aramaic language in daily life and the Hebrew language in their spiritual writings.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 7/24/16

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