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My Thoughts On Twitter, 1/23/17


The Power of Women is Huge




The Pope: “A new Hitler may arise in Europe.” It is today’s extreme liberalism that has created extreme nationalism, isn’t it?

If women truly wish for a better world, it will come true. Not by protests though, by pushing for unity above all differences.
From Twitter, 1/23/17

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In This Contrived And Illusory World…

Laitman_022Question: The Big Bang and the big black hole that the entire universe revolves around perfectly complement each other and are the embodiment of the law of the conservation of energy. Infinity, gravity, and entropy are in constant balance, and thanks to the flow of energy from one form to another, an infinite number of universes appear.

The cosmic microwave background radiation reminds us of a gene, a Reshimo, which contains all of the information of all of the states of the universes. This history will never end because the energy does not disappear. A series of infinite explosions and compressions will continue to occur, and therefore, will follow the development of the desire from the inanimate level to the level of the speaking.

This makes sense since everything was created in resemblance to spirituality, which is eternal. It turns out that the Creator created the created being, but from a slightly different quality because he contains all of the previous information inside him.

We can consider it to be infinite abundance or infinite darkness, but does that mean that this entire game was created as a goal in itself (to sustain life itself), and when will this end?

Answer: When we ascend above the ego, we ascend above time, motion, and space, and we realize that we have existed in a contrived and illusory world.

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Revival Of The Dead

Laitman_632_1Question: What is the “revival of the dead” according to the wisdom of Kabbalah?

Answer: In Kabbalah, the revival of the dead means the revival of dead desires. Desires are called dead if they are egoistic and alive if they are altruistic, i.e., are working with an intention for the sake of bestowal. When lifeless, dead, egoistic desires become living, altruistic desires, this is called the revival of the dead.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 9/25/16

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The Forces Are What Operate And Not The Sounds

laitman_934Question: The language of the Light of Torah penetrates through all the worlds. Does the language of people only create vibration in this world?

Answer: Certainly. You can shout, curse, sing nice songs, or pray, do anything that you want. There is no significance to this; nothing influences the Creator.

You can be heard only when your desires are selflessly directed toward good through your friends‘ “spiritual weapons” directly to the Creator.

This is a language of sensations, a language of friendship, connection, love, and unity. It is not even necessary to clothe it in words and express it; it operates even this way. After all, the forces are what operate, not sound waves.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 7/24/16

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What Does The Future Hold For Israel?

Laitman_414In the News (Ynet): “According to a report by Credit Suisse, 17,000 Israelis became millionaires in 2016 alone, an increase of 19% from 2015; However, while the average Israeli’s wealth has doubled since 2000, income inequality has steadily risen.

“According to a report published by Credit Suisse, approximately 2% of Israelis have holdings in excess of $1 million, while 32% total between $100,000-$1,000,000, 42.5% between $10,000-$100,000 and 23.5% under $10,000. …

“According to the report, in the last 16 years, the average Israeli citizen’s wealth has doubled from $92,589 to $176,263. The median wealth of an Israeli citizen stood at only $54,384—about a third of the average wealth.

“The Gini Index, which measures income inequality in countries, measured Israel at 77.2%. The index is measured on a scale of 0-100, with 0 representing perfect equality and 100 representing perfect inequality.”

My Comment: This is true and there is a vacuum in the middle. This is a global trend, which will continue until the world transitions to fascism or communism.

Question: What will happen to the Israeli millionaires or billionaires then?

Answer: They will immigrate to other countries and live there. Only the poor and the idealists will remain here. But I don’t know how long they will be able to exist here if we don’t pull ourselves up by the bootstraps and establish the correct Kabbalistic society in which everyone lives thanks to the force of goodness that dwells among us. If this doesn’t happen, the whole world will advance toward a terrible world war.

Question: Do you call the new society “Israel.”

Answer: I call it “Israel” because of the yearning of Jews to unite according to their natural Kabbalistic method, which is the only way they can become a nation. The role of this nation is to show the whole world how to unite, something that humanity lacks.

Question: Are you sure that only such people will remain in Israel?

Answer: Yes, I am sure. Only Kabbalists will remain in Israel and will fight to the end because it is actually in this state that the point of connection between our world and the upper world is. All the others will escape if we don’t manage to establish the spiritual basis in time, the spiritual basis that will draw Jews and non-Jews, most importantly those who have the point in the heart and understand that this is the future of humanity.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 12/5/16

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To Protect The Future States

laitman_622_02Torah, Deuteronomy 12:31: You shall not do so to the Lord, your God; for every abomination to the Lord which He hates, they did to their gods, for also their sons and their daughters they would burn in fire to their gods.

In the process of correction, egoism loses everything and dies in the end. After all, the sons and daughters are future properties, future actions of man, future states, and we must make sure they will be alive and that he will not burn or kill them.

In other words, our desires must go through correction and then move forward in the correct way. Otherwise, it is like you kill your children, burn them, and give them to your gods, meaning to your egoism.
TV Program “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 7/13/16

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New Life #335 – Conflict Resolution In The Workplace, Part 1

New Life #335 – Conflict Resolution In The Workplace, Part 1
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Tal Mandelbaum ben Moshe


What causes anger and conflicts in the workplace, what is the right way to resolve these situations, and what techniques help us build relationships of connection and cooperation between us?

Case: Employees are required to perform a task beneath their level due to the absence of another employee.

  • Everyone could sit together with the boss in a circle and talk about the situation and find the solution together.
  • The wisdom of connection can develop the feeling of acting together, in support and mutual responsibility.
  • The connection between people means that they feel a mutual responsibility for everything that happens at the workplace.
  • We live to feel good, joy, and happiness. Arguments and stress damage our health.
  • We should try to build a society where the feeling of thoughtfulness, concern, and connection exist between everyone.
  • Don’t relate to conflicts that exist in the organization, but raise people to a higher level.
  • All problems, ultimately come from the ego, arrogance and control. Thus connection solves everything.
  • Do not talk about problems, but about relationships that aren’t connected to work, like partners and family.
  • The aim is to soften the tension, to get everyone to agree to a shared feeling of warmth.
    From KabTV’s “New Life #335 – Conflict Resolution In The Workplace, Part 1,” 4/1/14
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