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Do Not Dwell On The Past

Laitman_037Question: Since the dawn of history, humanity has laid ideological, economic, and political conflicts in many varieties and colors.

How can the masses of people relate to each other positively, above the conflict of religions, economies, historical revenge, rejection, and hatred?

Answer: All of the negative baggage from the past of humanity means nothing. What does it matter what we were and how we related to each other? After all, these came from Above! Neither I nor you are “guilty.” Nature caused us to collide like this! Could we have escaped from this? What was, was, and everything that directed us toward this was from Above.

There is no room for self-flagellation! We were moved through these states so that we would feel and recognize evil! The Creator is the one who created evil, “I created the evil inclination” (Kiddushin 30b)! So now our task is to balance this evil with the good force!

So it is not necessary to dwell on the past. It was good that the past was revealed as negative, for that is specifically what pushed us to discover the positive force.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 7/3/16

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The Wisdom Of Kabbalah In Russian

laitman_262Question: Is there a translation of the language of Kabbalah to Russian?

Answer: Yes. There are a variety of texts on our Kabbalah website, translated word for word, and also dictionaries in Russian and Hebrew. Interestingly, the Kabbalistic literature is mainly in Russian. I believe that the major force of people who truly aspire for and focus on the upper goal, on the upper world, are Russian speakers.

Question: Is it possible to break through to the spiritual feeling by using Russian?

Answer: Not through Russian, but when studying the wisdom of Kabbalah, even in Russian it is possible.

Question: Did Baal HaSulam know Russian?

Answer: He didn’t write in Russian, but he did know and understand it.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 7/24/16

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There Are Many Ways To The Creator…

laitman_628_2Question: You once said that there are many ways to the Creator. What does that mean?

Answer: It says in the Torah that there are twelve tribes and that each tribe has its own way of getting closer to others.

Every person, man or woman, has his own way of getting closer to others.

A person is a small world, which, in fact, includes everything that exists in the world. This is why we have to value every attribute a person has, to keep them, not cut them off, not kill them, not force them to be given up, but only to look for a way of using every attribute a person has correctly.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 9/18/16

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Kabbalah And The Development Of Society

laitman_231_03Comment: I came to the wisdom of Kabbalah via Freemasonry. I was interested in its history and gradually everything related to Freemasonry came down to the wisdom of Kabbalah for me.

From an evolutionary perspective there was a breakthrough in human development when the Kabbalists met the Templars: the invention of the banking system, medical advancements, etc., which can be regarded as evolution on the level of the speaking, including fighting wars.

Then came the next phase, the 13th century in which Europe was not developed, then the 15th century when it reached unprecedented heights. Then there was the fast development of the US in the span of 200 years, which is hard to grasp. This is a purely Kabbalistic project whether we admit it or not.

Answer: This is a true account of human history, but the problem is that during these periods the wisdom of Kabbalah went along with man’s egoism, pushing and developing and helping him like a mother who teaches her small child. Therefore, our development was in the direction needed for man’s understanding.

Now, however, we have reached the next phase that is opposite from our nature. It isn’t about the establishment of the banking system and profit making, or the development of industry and making society more egoistic, closed, and intricate, but rather about a different humanity, a different kind of communication.

This is why we have to get closer to others not in order to benefit from them but to lower our ego a bit and give in to it. Then a system of mutual consent will be created, and this is already a totally different approach, a different method.
From a webinar “The Year in Review” 12/26/16

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International Cinema Day

laitman_922In the News (Planetary Project): International Cinema Day is a holiday of both those working for the film industry and anyone interested in this amazing art. On 28 December 1895, the Lumiere Brothers showed their first film in the Grand Café on the Boulevard de Capucinnes in Paris. This day was commemorated as International Cinema Day.”

Question: What is the significance of the birth of cinema? You once explained that viewers feel a moment of empathy while watching a movie.

Answer: It is only natural that people sitting in front of a screen identify with what is going on; it means a lot. Today only cinema lovers or young couples go to the movies. Also, it is preferable not to identify with today’s movie heroes.

If a movie can draw a person into his new internal form, allow him to identify with its internal problems, and inspire him forward not through external window-dressing, but by the fact that external changes spur internal changes in the viewers, which in turn lead to changes in the whole society, and these changes spur the next level of the world… then everyone benefits from it. After all, a movie presents internal experiences in the form of external plots.

Therefore, through external circumstances we have to show the changes in a person’s internal world to the extent that he is ready to somehow step on himself in order to attain the next level, in order to understand the reason for his existence or even for a more sublime idea.

This is basically what the art of a socialist taught us, but then a movie  was created in order to confuse people. I am saying the opposite: we should turn a movie into an art that will inspire a person, raise him, unite him with others, enter his life, and change it. This is a great thing!

Cinema is the most effective tool that can change the world, but unfortunately it is used for different purposes because it is naturally included in our egoism. This is the reason that the ego is revealed in movies in the most terrible ways.

After all, a person can be shown such a transformation of himself, of society, of the world, in the duration of two hours or even one hour, which cannot be illustrated by any other means. A person has to identify and feel sympathy in the most acute manner, which is not invoked by special effects, somersaults, or color.

I hope that this is what will eventually happen and that this instrument will become noble. Then we will really celebrate cinema day.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 12/28/16

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“However, There Will Be No Needy Among You…”

laitman_746_03Torah, Deuteronomy 15:04: However, there will be no needy among you, for the Lord will surely bless you in the land the Lord, your God, is giving you for an inheritance to possess.

A person should care about correcting everything that exists at the new level called “the land of Israel” by becoming closer and connecting everything.

Therefore, he must “kill” even those nations that exist there. In other words, he should kill the egoistic inclination of his uncorrected desires, i.e., stop using them. In this way he corrects them and they remain in the corrected form.

Question: What does “there will be no needy among you” mean?

Answer: You have to provide your screen to everyone without exception so they are in connection with you and can receive the Upper Light.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 8/3/16

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New Life #331 – Ideological Revolutions

New Life #331 – Ideological Revolutions
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Nitzah Mazoz


How are the revolutions of today different from the ones in the past, how do they influence us, and which revolution will bring us all a better life?

All revolutions arise from the development of human egoism on four levels: slavery, feudalism, capitalism, and the fourth stage—all humanity connected as one family.

There were changes stemming from a desire for economic gain or others wanting to impose their religion, then came the Industrial Revolution and we began to make a healthy calculations according to income. Karl Marx predicted the material stage of development would be followed by the stage of social development. That is, after the Industrial Revolution and the era of material abundance, there would be a social revolution. You now see that Marx was right. We are all slaves, in a constant race and under constant stress.

The social revolution is that everyone will live better, equally, will be connected and will learn to live in brotherly love. After Marx presented his vision, others came and spoiled it, when they tried to implement it before its time. Marx knew a social revolution would come only after capitalism had been completely exhausted.

The essence of the social revolution is upgrading human nature from egoism to altruism. Lenin and his party tried to start it in Russia but in an aggressive and distorted way. The social revolution cannot come through oppression and aggression. Understanding and acceptance are necessary, and education.
From KabTV’s “New Life #331 – Ideological Revolutions,” 3/30/14

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Daily Kabbalah Lesson – 01.22.17

Preparation for the Lesson

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Lesson on the Topic: “Preparation for the Convention, ‘All As One,'” “Arvut Between the Tens”

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Lesson on the Topic: “Mismah Arosa” (Arosa Document), “Altruists and Egoists in Society”

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