International Cinema Day

laitman_922In the News (Planetary Project): International Cinema Day is a holiday of both those working for the film industry and anyone interested in this amazing art. On 28 December 1895, the Lumiere Brothers showed their first film in the Grand Café on the Boulevard de Capucinnes in Paris. This day was commemorated as International Cinema Day.”

Question: What is the significance of the birth of cinema? You once explained that viewers feel a moment of empathy while watching a movie.

Answer: It is only natural that people sitting in front of a screen identify with what is going on; it means a lot. Today only cinema lovers or young couples go to the movies. Also, it is preferable not to identify with today’s movie heroes.

If a movie can draw a person into his new internal form, allow him to identify with its internal problems, and inspire him forward not through external window-dressing, but by the fact that external changes spur internal changes in the viewers, which in turn lead to changes in the whole society, and these changes spur the next level of the world… then everyone benefits from it. After all, a movie presents internal experiences in the form of external plots.

Therefore, through external circumstances we have to show the changes in a person’s internal world to the extent that he is ready to somehow step on himself in order to attain the next level, in order to understand the reason for his existence or even for a more sublime idea.

This is basically what the art of a socialist taught us, but then a movie  was created in order to confuse people. I am saying the opposite: we should turn a movie into an art that will inspire a person, raise him, unite him with others, enter his life, and change it. This is a great thing!

Cinema is the most effective tool that can change the world, but unfortunately it is used for different purposes because it is naturally included in our egoism. This is the reason that the ego is revealed in movies in the most terrible ways.

After all, a person can be shown such a transformation of himself, of society, of the world, in the duration of two hours or even one hour, which cannot be illustrated by any other means. A person has to identify and feel sympathy in the most acute manner, which is not invoked by special effects, somersaults, or color.

I hope that this is what will eventually happen and that this instrument will become noble. Then we will really celebrate cinema day.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 12/28/16

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