Art Of The Future

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How do you relate to art?

Answer: Art constitutes the natural expression of our inner world, that part of a person, which he wants to express, display, to sing, forever.

Question: Is this art egoistic or altruistic?

Answer: Of course it is egoistic.

Question: Does that mean we have to get rid of it?

Answer: No. We need to completely change it. All our nature is egoistic, but we don’t need to destroy the ego.

It is here we touch a very interesting question. Egoism is not destroyed but transforms into altruism. It becomes the opposite, and this is called, “help against you.”

Question: Is it possible to express it by creating art?

Answer: And how! You will see what masterpieces will be! This is because man can achieve and demonstrate not only his egoistic impulses but also the altruistic ones by connecting to others as one unique whole. He does this by feeling the others as himself, and in this cooperation (symbiosis) creates a new creation. In him will appear completely new sensations and feelings and also ways to express them!
From the Interview with V. Kanevsky, 8/5/14

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