Convention In St. Petersburg “Day One” – 09.19.14

Convention in St. Petersburg, “Day One,” “Conclusion of a Union”

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Convention in St. Petersburg, “Day One,” “About Thrill,” Lesson 1

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Convention in St. Petersburg, “Day One,” Workshop 1

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Convention in St. Petersburg, “Day One,” “About Circulation of Evil in Nature,” Lesson 2

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Convention in St. Petersburg, “Day One,” Workshop 2

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Corrected Vision

Dr. Michael LaitmanUnless we attain the end of correction, our world will continue to exist in the way we feel it now; it’s not going anywhere. 

We have to live in a state that is detached from spirituality so that we can constantly enter it and exit it, bringing particles of the corrected desires into the spiritual states. This will continue until the perfectly corrected soul is created.

When all the desires are corrected, we will not have the means to feel the matter called our world. It will simply disappear because we will have no more uncorrected desires.

What is the difference, for example, between who I am now and who I was 60 years ago? I had different desires then and what I felt in them is called a child.

The desires have changed and the child became a man who sees the world and others differently now. This means that a person’s desires gradually go through changes during his or her life , a movement, and the world seems different. It is the same here: The desires move to a different level and we cease to see this world.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 3/12/14

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The Secret Of The Ten Tribes, Part 3

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What is “Egypt”? Is it a country or a certain concept or state?

Answer: Neither geography nor history matter here.

The group that came out of Babylon united in the right line (“Abraham“), in the left line (“Isaac”), in the middle line (“Jacob”), and reached total unity under the name of “Joseph.” He is also called “Joseph the Righteous,” “the Righteous, the foundation of the world.” The “foundation” (Yesod) is what connects everyone together, part of the overall spiritual structure, their inner unity.

Now, as they are united, we can talk about how to raise them to the next degree. But to do this, they needed to be given a huge ego that would rule between them so that they ascend above it.

This means that at the beginning, this huge egoism has to pull them inside. It pulls them and they begin to feel the egoistic development within themselves and become aware that it is possible to advance to the goal with its help. This is called: “the seven years of satiety in Egypt.” That is, egoism of “satiety” is developing in them and it does not interfere with them.

Then “the seven lean years” come, when their egoism begins to be manifested as evil. The evil Pharaoh then rises in Egypt and acts against them, that is, tries to divide them. They fight against this division up to the point when Moses kills the Egyptian, which is located between the Jews, that commanded them.

That is, there is such tension, such shifts in society, that they have to do something about it to such an extent that they have to simply flee from this state, get out of it, because they will not be able to exist in it.

They do not agree to exist in this egoism, but if they remain in it, then the evil Pharaoh will immediately appear as good. He suggests to them: “Why are you making troubles? Why are you making noise? Stay, live quietly, mind your own business, and you will be fine.” In other words, don’t touch ideology and everything else will be all right. This is common to all the rulers in the world: “Leave ideology to me, and I will provide you with everything you need.”

The Jews of course do not agree with this. Moses begins to “warm them up.” “We need to get out of here; otherwise we will remain as ‘animals’ in this Egypt. In order to rise to the level of the ‘Human Being,’ to reveal the Creator, we need to escape the power of this egoism, which exists between us, the power of Pharaoh… To ‘exit Egypt’ means to rise above one’s egoism internally. And to do this, we have to connect with each other even more. But we cannot unite more unless we break away from it…”

Consequently, the desired action is to rise above egoism with the help of some special force, to unite with each other, and then gradually correct this egoism, which is below. This is what they do; they rise above their egoism and unite. This is called “standing at Mount Sinai.” Then, united and receiving the force of unity, which is called “the Torah,” they gradually correct this egoism for forty years.

In other words, they begin to correct the Pharaoh who is between them. At first, they neutralize him so that he does not spoil any relationship between them, does not disturb them. Thus, they become united in a single force.

The next move forward is called “entering into the land of Israel,” when they begin to apply this egoism of Pharaoh in order to further connect with each other. That is, they begin to “excite” it, to awaken it in them, to reveal it.

First, they left it alone, worked over it, rose above it, all the time contracting and “covering” it. This is called “the forty years of wandering in the wilderness.” And then there is the entry into the land of Israel when they reveal this egoism, the Pharaoh himself, and then begin to “convert” it to altruism.
From KabTV’s “Babylon Yesterday and Today” 8/27/14

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“World Bank Warns G20 Employment Ministers Of ‘Global Jobs Crisis’”

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (from International Business Times): “The world faces a global job crisis if the current employment growth trajectory continues, according to a joint report from the World Bank, the International Labour Organisation and the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development.

“The organisations said there will need to be 600 million extra jobs created across the world by 2030 to cope with expanding populations, and there will be not be enough quality jobs.

“’There’s little doubt there is a global jobs crisis,’ said Nigel Twose, the World Bank’s senior director for jobs. …

“The weak labour market performance is also threatening economic recovery because it is constraining both consumption and investment, with more than 100 million people still unemployed in the G20 economies and 447 million ‘working poor’ living on less than $2 a day in emerging G20 economies.”

My Comment: The solution is not to create jobs. Unemployment will continue to grow with the development of new technologies. Working “in vain” means depleting resources only to occupy people. In the long term, no more than 2-3% of the population will be engaged in work in order to provide for the world’s population with everything necessary.

The solution is to include everyone in integral education, and then, to the extent of its assimilation, changing the social structure to a society of rational consumption.

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Where We Come From

From the brochure: “Who Are You, People of Israel?”

It is well known that the people of Israel came from ancient Babylon, between today’s Iraq and Iran. Some 4,000 years ago a thriving civilization sprawled over that vast, fertile land, and its people felt connected, sharing the same fate. In the words of the Torah, “The whole earth was of one language and of one speech” (Genesis, 11:1).

But as their ties grew stronger, so did their egos. They began to exploit one another and became hateful of each other. So while the Babylonians felt connected to each other, they also grew alienated from one another due to the egoistic nature intensifying within them.

In consequence, the Babylonians felt caught between a rock and a hard place, not knowing what to do. They began to search for a solution to their plight.

The complete text of the brochure is here.

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The Essential Secret Of The Jews, Part 45

From the book The Essential Secret of the Jews, M. Brushtein:

The Appearance Of The Living

It’s time to proceed to the search of trends of unification on a qualitatively new level. On the level of the living matter.

“Living matter is the totality of living organisms of the biosphere, which is numerically expressed in elementary chemical composition, mass and energy.” (Academic Dictionary)

Unfortunately, how the living matter appeared is not known much more than about the appearance of the Earth.

Life as such is simply one of the fundamental properties of matter, and the question of the “origin of life” stands in the same row as, for example, the question of the “origin of gravitation.” (Kirill Y. Eskov, Amazing Paleontology)

Only one thing is reliable. Life appeared on Earth long ago. Much earlier than it could be imagined.

“We do not know any amount of time on this planet, when there would be no living matter, there would be no biosphere. In metamorphic rocks, the last and final product which is the Earth’s granite shell, we see the last stable product of former biospheres.” (Vladimir I. Vernadsky, The Chemical Structure Of the Earth’s Biosphere and Its Environment)

In general, the questions about the time of the appearance of life on the Earth have no relationships to the hypothesis that we put forward. We are interested in other things. When did the first signs of “social trends” appear in living matter?

It turns out that the question is incorrect. Since “Life is a collection of living organisms.” (Vladimir I. Vernadsky, Scientific Thought as a Planetary Phenomenon)

Life is social by definition. It is not our opinion; it is the conclusion of a specialist.

However, maybe it is not relevant today? It is known that much of what was said in the last century is hopelessly obsolete today. Just in case, let’s look in a modern textbook on natural sciences.

“Life is the process of existence of complex systems, consisting of biopolymers.” (O.S. Gabrielyan and others, Natural Science, Grade 10, 2013)

All right. The conclusion of academician Vernadsky is not only obsolete, but even was augmented. It seems unlikely that today someone will challenge one more conclusion of the great scientist.

In reality, not a single living organism on the Earth is in a free state. All these organisms are firmly and always connected – primarily by breathing and nourishment – with the physical and energetic environment that surrounds them.

“They cannot exist in natural conditions without it.” (Vladimir I. Vernadsky,  “Some Words About the Noosphere”)

Thus, living organisms are not just made social. It appears they cannot even exist in another form. I wonder why?

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Aspiring To Advance

Dr. Michael LaitmanWhen we speak about the sources of the wisdom of Kabbalah, the civilization and the Jewish people, we should understand that it isn’t about history or philosophy but about real matters that are directly connected to our life and to our wellbeing. The processes that started in ancient Babylon are now coming to their inevitable end.

During that crisis, there were two men, or rather two thinkers, two rulers—material and spiritual—Nimrod and Abraham. They were teachers, leaders of their generation, who symbolized two approaches of evolution, the two currents in humanity. What is more, Terah, Abraham’s father was Nimrod’s spiritual mentor.

First, Abraham belonged to Nimrod’s stream, until he discovered the system that governs creation. Therefore, he broke away from his father and became the opposition to his father Terah and Nimrod.

Nimrod believed that we have to use our ego as much as possible while keeping the public order but allowing competition. Even though there was virtually no competition in ancient Babylon, the ego suddenly erupted and surged in each and everyone there and in all of them together. Nimrod suggested using it in order to compete, to develop and use it to reach new heights and to rejoice at its growth.

However, in order to get along with one another, they had to disperse a bit, like residents of a collective apartment who leave it and move into private homes; then everyone is happy and even remains in touch, although previously they didn’t speak to each other for years, didn’t say hello to one another, etc.

Nimrod is the recognition that there is an ego that keeps us apart. “Well, if the ego separates us, let’s separate.” It is very logical, very corporeal. This is Nimrod’s position.

Abraham’s position was totally different: There is no need to separate, but rather to connect, and then in the right mutual connection we will find the way to the next state, to a state that is really called Adam (a human being), stemming from the Hebrew word “Domeh,” to resemble the upper nature.

We will bring humanity to homeostasis, to harmony with all of nature not only with our nature. We will establish harmony between us and include the ego in it (after all we cannot escape it), so that we will include it correctly, work above it, and use it correctly, meaning not for the sake of competition but for the connection between us against our self-love that separates us.

Here we use a totally different method and activate forces that are opposite in nature: plus and minus, attraction, and repulsion, etc. We balance the two opposite forces with one another and eventually discover a totally new existence, which is altruistic not egoistic. We create it by ourselves, above our ego with its help. Therefore, the ego is called help against. That is what Abraham said.

On the whole, Nimrod offered a partial solution: that we draw away from each other a bit, that we compete against each other and live a good life, etc. At the same time, we crowd the earth and multiply since the ego turns in different directions: we want more children; we want to build more, to create more to conquer more, etc. Thus, the ego leads a person from a small home in the village to domination, conquests, and so on.

But that is still not the solution to the problem but simply the fulfillment of what awakens in me now, meaning the impulses and the egoistic forces that are concealed in me. Therefore, it is not a global solution, not the exit to the next level of existence; it doesn’t look to the future.

On the other hand, Abraham doesn’t prove his approach. His proof is only logical while Nimrod’s is practical. Nimrod is materialistic while Abraham is actually an idealist to a certain extent. He claims that if we ascend above the ego, we will reach the next level of existence. Our whole civilization can ascend to this level.

However, the ego that is being revealed in us now and which separates us from the corporeal existence cannot be used as we are accustomed to because eventually we will only harm one another when we have to really come together. When we gather, we will be like the greatness of nature that is totally global, integral, and in complete harmony.

The general nature and its one force is called our Creator. To the extent that we resemble this immense creation and this force, we will begin to reveal it and to adapt ourselves to it, to connect, to resemble it, and to get close to it. Then we will really begin to feel the world we are living in, the small earth and the relations between us, and to ascend upwards to a new dimension.

Question: What Nimrod says makes sense and everyone sees it. It is possible to feel it. If we separate we will really be better off. Today each of us lives in his own country, in his own home, in his own corner, and we like it. So who are the strange people who followed Abraham?

Answer: Imagine that there are those who feel they lack something in the egoistic evolution and are not satisfied by it. The ego, which is concealed in the few who join Abraham, tells them: you should go out and attain, conquer, develop…but upward. This means not in the corporeal sense, but in knowing who you are, where you come from, and what you are living for.

I want to move forward on the timeline and to know what is beyond the world we are living in. I want to understand where all this comes from and where I can get to in the end.

The point is not to develop the desires that are in me at the moment. Suppose I develop them and have a villa instead of a small apartment and become a great scientist, a first class expert and all that it involves… I see this picture and it isn’t enough.

Question: This means that you see the people who refused to follow the simple materialistic logic as wise people who can see what the future holds.

Answer: They don’t only see the future like Nimrod, whose decision postponed their coping with the problem for thousands of years. It is about people with a different egoistic desire, who understand why the other people follow Nimrod, but they have to find an answer to the question about the meaning of life. They are not interested in living a better life but in the meaning of life and what the point is in everything that they do.

If this question is not resolved, I simply have no powers to act. When there is no meaning, this life doesn’t interest me. It is tasteless and meaningless and there are no aspirations. “So I will study and work and provide for myself somehow…,” but this is actually a state of depression. I have to know what I need all this for. The end of my life, which is supposed to be in another thirty or fifty years, is here now and I care about what is beyond that. In other words, I have a global feeling in my ego that is not limited by ordinary life: a home, a family, etc. and so they cannot keep on living like that.

There are such people. Rambam (Maimonides), the great Kabbalist of the 11th century says Abraham collected about 5,000 supporters who agreed with him. They felt that it suited them and that he thinks like them and that he had found a way to work with the type of ego that characterizes them, which means the ego that wants to know: “What am I living for, and what is concealed behind that; who raises me and where am I headed? etc.”

Question: It turns out that those who followed Abraham were all the different depressed people who were not satisfied with what this world can offer.

Answer: Precisely. They felt empty and followed him and he took them from their homes to the desert.

Abraham taught his students that it is possible to advance only by ascending above the ego and by using it correctly. Nimrod developed by using the ego and so do we, but we develop above it. He is in the ego, while we are above the ego.

This system operated in them although their life wasn’t so easy: a desert on the outside and a desert on the inside. On the other hand, Nimrod led his supporters with red flags and slogans of “forward” toward the victory of the egoistic workers, towards clear and satisfying goals. The environment supports you and everyone is happy, advancing and singing praises to Nimrod.

Here, however, the development is different, in emptiness. After all, you don’t develop in the ego so you have to find another point of development that is revealed when you exit yourself and connect to others. All your work is to grow stronger and to build the exit from yourself.

What is more, your ego sees this work as leading to nowhere and that it will never yield any positive outcome. The usual formula: “work a little and then you will receive a payment,” doesn’t work here. In ordinary life you can wait for a month or a year, the ego simply enters a process of preservation and waits knowing that it will eventually receive the payment and that the more it waits the greater the reward will be.

But here everything is different. Here you will never receive anything in your current desires because they are egoistic. You have to exit them and establish a totally new dimension above them, a new level on which you will exist. Your whole existence is focused on bestowal and all your pleasure and your filling will be in order to bestow. The more pleasure that goes through you to others, the better the outcome will be.

Question: So what gives these people energy? They constantly work and don’t receive anything…

Answer: It is already a spiritual desert, an inner emptiness, and what gives them energy is the attraction, the inner conviction that there is no other point to our existence, what for? Is it in order to run around like everyone else looking for profit?

There are many people in this world living according to a different principle, like artists and painters for example. They too don’t chase material goals but are looking for a more internal reward that brings them great pleasure, although it is egoistic.

Here, however, we have to create totally new vessels of perception that are external to us. If we connect, a state in which I am ready to give everything to others and to exist solely in them, when my “I” totally melts and disappears in them, it will be created. But then a new “I” exists in them and I begin to feel that I am truly free of my current nature.

This is what they want. This is what Abraham teaches them: the way that everyone can exit himself with the help of others who assist him in exposing himself and getting rid of the old “clothes.” He cannot do that by himself, but together they get rid of the chains of their ego, and when that happens they become real spiritual figures.

They get rid of their egoistic clothes, use them correctly because they are above them, and connect by their new impulse. Then, unlike Nimrod’s followers who establish an egoistic community, together they establish an altruistic community that merges into one whole, because every one exits himself into others.

Then they begin to feel, to accept, and to be filled by the force of nature that exists and surrounds all of reality, including our egoistic world, the egoistic desires and the way we picture it, but this force isn’t felt here since we cannot feel it without having a suitable vessel to feel it. There, however, we create new senses that resemble the integral force. This is called the dressing of the Creator in the created beings.

Question:  This means that they do receive pleasure.

Answer: They receive great pleasure; absolute filling for all their desires, but not in the old desires that were never meant to receive anything. When you go through the desert, turn yourself from a receiving creature into a creature that bestows, and tie yourself to work in order to bestow together with people like you, you begin to see the world as a world of forces instead of a corporeal world: a great many forces existing in perfect harmony, and now you are part of it. This is what we call the spiritual world.

This is what Abraham taught. This phase is called Adam (man), similar to (Domeh) the Creator, the one force.

The emptiness that was felt in them becomes the vessel that the pleasure now enters. They are filled with attainment, connection, and a common feeling, mutuality, when all the forces, the attributes and the energy of nature, not the nature of our world, but of the general reality, go through you. They exist in a new dimension that is eternal and whole.

Question: Did they feel all that when they followed Abraham?

Answer: In principle they knew that without this attainment there was no meaning to life. They didn’t know anything more than that. They may have guessed it by somehow feeling that there was something beyond this, but on the whole, it is the ego, of course, that pushed them forward.

This group became the foundation of the Jewish nation. The Jewish people are those 5,000 people who gathered into one whole above their ego in one altruistic yearning for a common desire, a common thought, as one man in one heart, in one thought. Israel is called “Yashar-El,” straight to the Creator, and the general connection is called Adam.

Thus, despite the egoistic fuel, this connection, this nation, was created and consolidated according to a spiritual perspective that is altruistic and not egoistic. They came from different tribes that lived in Mesopotamia and were totally different people. They even spoke different languages that were formulated just then. They had nothing in common, except for their yearning to advance.

Abraham united all these people, and they received a common language, Hebrew, since this is the most accurate and shortest code that stems from their spiritual attainment, in which it is possible to convey spiritual discernments, spiritual mathematics, the combination of different forces. Thus, this language was created out of the daily yearning to advance to connection.
From KabTV’s “Babylon Yesterday and Today” 8/18/14, Part 2

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A People From A Spiritual Test Tube

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: The people of Israel have an unusual characteristic that is not typical of any other people, an ability to criticize and blame itself. This phenomenon especially received strong expression in the recent war. Even though most of the people wholeheartedly supported the military operation, sometimes pointed and sharp criticism was heard. What is the origin of this phenomenon and what do we do with it?

Answer: There is a very interesting phenomenon among the people of Israel that we don’t see in any other people. For example, you won’t find a Frenchman who will suddenly want to be a Spaniard or Englishman. But among the Jews there are those who don’t want to be Jews and would be happy to be French, or English, anything, just not to belong to the people of Israel.

Is there something flawed in our attitude regarding our people if we have these thoughts? Because of this, people began to criticize its people, its current state, the general attitude and his personal attitude. All this follows from the uniqueness of the people of Israel.

It is not the people according to genetic characteristics; it is not established according to a particular ideology, and it did not sprout from a particular area or from an ancient tribe that with time became a people like all the rest of the peoples. Even though people may wander from place to place, according to their genes they belong to the same father and mother.

That is, some kind of family grew gradually, at first became a village, after that a city, and finally became a whole nation. Humanity came out of ancient Babylon and scattered over the face of the globe according to tribes. Many small peoples and tribes lived in Babylon who later spread all over the globe according to their nature. From them emerged Germans, English, French, Spanish, and all the European nations. Some tribes reached India, China, Japan, and Africa.

This dispersion from Babylon throughout the world happened 3,800 years ago; this is described in great detail, by Josephus in a very interesting way. But of all the tribes of Babylon there were people who joined Abraham according to their spiritual yearning, according to the spiritual principle. They wanted to become connected to each other, to discover the higher power in nature.

This is a unified force that acts throughout the whole world within a general global system, so it is possible to discover it only in a situation when various people connect who formerly were strangers, distant and even hated each other. And if they connect among them beyond the hatred, then they build a general sense of unity.

That is how the people of Israel were created, so a multitude of different opinions and different streams always exists within it. Essentially it is a gathering of representatives of all the tribes that lived in ancient Babylon. From all seventy of the nations of the world, those who left were not willing to remain on the level of a regular mundane nation but wanted to connect and belong to the higher power, to discover and explore it, to reach the goal of creation, its peak.

These people gathered into a group that eventually became the people of Israel. Therefore, within the people of Israel there are the roots of the seventy nations of the world, and on the other hand, there is a spiritual root. The earthly and spiritual roots are opposites, and in addition to this, the roots of the seventy nations of the world oppose each other. Thus Jews are so different, argue with each other, and don’t want to connect. We can connect only during a time of trouble, in contrast to the other nations who feel a mutual connection between them and belong to their people. After all, biologically they belong to the same root, to the same father and mother, whereas this is not so for the people of Israel.

So the people of Israel are a unique nation, one could even say it was created “artificially,” unnaturally. So our enemies justly claim that there is no such thing as the people of Israel. It is a people that cannot be measured by the usual mundane standard.

Only later, after many years, by natural development and mutual integration, have we become something that resembles an ordinary people with our own national characteristics. But also among us are special groups: priests, Levites, and Israel, that are genetically different.

Apparently it is impossible to measure the people of Israel in the usual way and compare it with other nations. We will never succeed in drawing any useful conclusions as a result of this comparison because the people of Israel are a most unique people.

This explains the great self-criticism of the Jews and the divisions within the people. After all, in every Jew there is a spiritual root from the seventy nations of the world, and in addition there is also a spiritual root that determines one’s belonging to the people of Israel.

We once ascended with the help of the spiritual root to the spiritual world. We reached connection; we discovered the one higher power of nature within that. After that, we fell from the spiritual level; we lost the feeling of the higher power and the connection with it. Within every Jew there are Reshimot (reminiscences) from the different states, so he is not able to relax and be at peace with himself, for he is built in a very complicated and variegated form.
From Kab TV’s “A New Life” 7/22/14

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