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Rise Above The Oppositions

Dr. Michael LaitmanAll of the confrontations, conflicts, and wars in the world are initiated from above so that we will require the Light of the Creator, so that we will understand that we cannot do anything by ourselves. We must simply lift up our hands and scream. What is happening in the world is unbelievable. Suddenly everywhere in the world intense hatred has flared up that is derived from all kinds of sources and for various reasons.

Moreover, this is a kind of confrontation and conflict that we couldn’t even conceive of before, nor could we even suppose that it was possible. It is awful to look at such a vast country like the Ukraine, which is being torn apart.

I don’t think that it is necessary to blame America or the European Union. The Creator has arranged all of this for us. There is one reason; we must rise above our oppositions. We must rise above them so much that they stop. This is very serious work.

The Creator is playing with us from above and we must focus entirely on connection and unity. Our worldly ways will not result in anything.
From the Convention In Sochi 8/25/14, Lesson 4

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Working Joyfully

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: We are passing through various states. First, when we encounter the ego, we ask for them to raise us above it, meaning that we work with the “left line.”

Then there is a miraculous transformation; we reach the “right line,” we unite and connect, the Light floods us, we are well, we have a gleam in our eyes, and we look like fanatics. And here we understand that we can’t go out to the public like this because they will not respond to us. And the moment we begin to extinguish this, they ask us: “Where is your joy?” So what is working joyfully?

Answer: We must have calm confidence: “Please hand me the scalpel, I am going to operate on my ego.” This means that we have full confidence in the fact that we are all doing the right thing together.

Question: So where is the joy discovered?

Answer: Isn’t this joy? There are various levels of joy: the joy of a little child, the joy of an adult, and the joy of a wise person.

In this case, during the convention we are in our circles and how we seem from a distance doesn’t interest us at all. We can hug each other joyfully or express our joy differently. That is not important to us.

It is not important how we convey joy and confidence to each other. Be honest! You are in your collective, in your family.

All spiritual work is built upon infinite joy! We are happy about what we have received, about the time we are living in, what the incarnation of our soul is, and how we were chosen by the Creator to help humanity and be a conduit for its development. Whatever we touch, everything must be built on joy, on the confidence that we can attain the goal.
From the Convention In Sochi 8/25/14, Lesson 4

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The Art Of Shooting At An Invisible Target

Dr. Michael LaitmanWritings of Rabash, “Come unto Pharaoh – 2”: …And when he completes the work of love of friends, he will be able to be rewarded with love of the Creator.

We should know that there is a virtue to love of friends: one cannot deceive himself and say that he loves the friends, if in fact he doesn’t love them. Here he can examine whether he truly has love of friends or not. But with love of the Creator, one cannot examine oneself as to whether his intention is the love of the Creator…

A person doesn’t receive any feedback from the love of the Creator, he only can imagine and fantasize as he likes. Here, however, in working with the friends, he constantly can examine to what extent he loves them or not, to what extent he sees the group and in what form.

This is why the Creator arranged the shattering that separates us from Him and has left it for us to correct. This is the only way that we can depict our state correctly, imagine the right state, and assess the exact distance between us, and thus be able to get close to Him.

Otherwise, there is no feeling of the Creator. So, how can you advance toward something that you don’t feel and is concealed from you? Therefore, the group appears before us instead of the Creator so we can find our way around.

It is like shooting at an invisible target. If you cannot aim directly at the target, you should calculate all the parameters: the wind, the distance, the temperature, the weight of the shell itself, and the quantity of explosive. Only when everything is calculated can you shoot.

However, how can you calculate accurately in order to hit a target that is ten kilometers away or even ten thousand kilometers away from you? You must use all the means at your disposal in order to do it. The same thing happens with the vessel, with our soul. If we arrange it correctly, we will discover the Creator in it.

Otherwise, it is impossible because the Creator is concealed. So, how can we focus on Him? Humanity imagines the Creator in different ways in its egoistic imaginations. We cannot focus on the Creator, and that’s a fact. If you cannot focus on the group, then of course you cannot focus on the Creator.

Therefore, it says that the Creator is in the center of the group. The shattering is a great help for us. Without it, we would never find the Creator. It is impossible to reach Keter straight from Malchut, without Bina in the middle. This is the point that connects us with the Creator.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 9/7/14, Writings of Rabash

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Saint Petersburg Convention “Aquarium”

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Can three hundred people who undergo an experiment in unity and connection in Sochi give this feeling as a practical skill to the three thousand people who will come to the convention in Saint Petersburg? Is this realistic? Is this a physical activity, or do we need to seriously include the Creator here?

Answer: It would be wonderful if we could bring the convention participants to a “vibrating conveyor.” It is you who have passed a big “aquarium,” that must agitate and shake everyone internally. I suppose that this is possible.

We must attain a state of unity such that we will feel the shaking (vibrations) of each other and of everyone together. We need to bring the people to this sensory feeling that the tension that you feel here will be strengthened many more times at the convention in Saint Petersburg.

People require inner fulfillment. Yearning and longing for spirituality is felt in them, they want only this! We must make a convention where everyone will be filled with tears and will cry: either sorrow or happiness, or everything together. We must bring people to the feeling of goodness and pleasure from unity and connection, to begin to feel a preliminary sensation of feeling the Creator in unity, some kind of similar illumination, a glow. This is our mission.

You must make the Saint Petersburg convention an “aquarium” so that in the three days a trembling (vibration) like this will be created that will awaken the Upper Light.
From the Convention In Sochi 8/25/14, Lesson 1

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I Pray For You!

Dr. Michael LaitmanComment: When our friends in Sochi went out to disseminate, the rest of the people who didn’t go out arranged a “mirror” workshop, carried out the same activities and discussed the same questions. We did this as a support for our friends; we tried to be with them as a single whole.

Answer: Your concern for the success of your friends is the main thing. You created an atmosphere for yourselves that you can only dream of. What can be more spiritual and more useful for attracting the Upper Light?

Wherever our friends go out to disseminate, we are concerned for them. We feel them.  Make it so that everything will succeed for them! We are ready to give everything, only so that they will succeed. There is nothing higher than a prayer like this. Certainly everything will work out for the best for them!

If we create such a state at the Saint Petersburg convention, or in whatever other circumstances, then this is destined to succeed from the start! So, you have grown! It is called the “prayer of many(Tfiflat Rabim) when I pray for my friend. Believe me, there is no need here for anything else!
From the Convention In Sochi 8/25/14, Lesson 1

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Moving From Corporeal Fear To Spiritual Fear

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How can we move from corporeal fear of the blows to spiritual fear?

Answer: This transition is possible only by the help of the environment. If the Creator is important to me, then the most important thing for me is not the blows that I receive but being able to bestow unto Him. Everything depends only on how important it is.

If a baby is ill, God forbid, the parents don’t think about themselves and about how they feel or about having a nice meal, but will run with him from one doctor to the next, since the most important thing for them is his health. Everything is determined by the importance of the goal.

Therefore, we have to increase the importance of the Creator, the importance of the goal, through the environment. If the goal is important, nothing worries me anymore. It is to such an extent that I constantly dream and think only about how to delight Him. It is like a baby about whom I constantly think and care about: what to do for him and how to make him feel better. My love for him obliges me.

If the environment impresses me with the greatness and the importance of the Creator, I will begin to think about how to give to Him. Then the giving to the Creator becomes my receiving because I enjoy the fact that I give to Him, that I give to the one I love.

But now the question arise as to why I am giving: Is it for my own delight or for His benefit? This is where the clarification begins. Perhaps the Creator is suddenly so important to me because I fill myself and attain the upper world through Him? This means that I am simply using Him.

I have to know that I am actually giving to Him without any self-benefit. Here I understand that I have to detach myself from any receiving for myself, from any self-benefit. It is better if I don’t know that I am giving to Him, since this fact is already a great pleasure.

If I know how much I have given Him and how much He enjoys it, then it is already a great pleasure for me. The Creator knows about me and we give to each other, we are connected, and I see that this effort is worthwhile for me. Whoever serves someone great becomes great as well.

I have to reach a state in which I don’t want to receive any reward for my giving in any way. Then I begin to look for a way to detach myself from any reward, as if I throw all my efforts into space, all my love, and don’t feel anything in return. I only ask for the power to do this and for some discernments that I am giving to the Creator, and that I am not just playing and practicing by myself.

Here I feel the desire to recognize the Creator in a spiritual form, which is detached from me, and at the same time allows me to work accurately with regard to Him. It is a very special system that allows me to detach myself from my desire to receive, from my ego, and at the same time, to use it in order to give and to bestow unto the Creator, and thus receive accurate discernments of how I should work.

This is very difficult, but this system is revealed to us; it was already created by the shattering and the corrections that come later in the upper worlds of Atzilut, Beria, Yetzira, and Assiya.

But the main thing is to be incorporated in the group, which will bring us to this spiritual state in practice. It makes no difference whether we read about it or how much we understand it or not. We begin to understand the Creator as a result of the practical work, as it says: “We know You from Your actions.”
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 9/4/14, Writings of Rabash

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How Frequently Do You Remember The Creator?

Dr. Michael Laitman Question: What kind of fear should I feel, should I fear forgetting the Creator?

Answer: It is good if you already have a fear like this. How many times per day do you remember the Creator, if at all?

Question: That is a spiritual level, so how do we reach this?

Answer: This is through mutual guarantee, through the greatness of the importance of the Creator. The main thing is the importance of the Creator. You must arrange and organize such an environment that will strengthen this importance in you.

You yourself are simply an egoistic desire to receive, nothing more, that wants to lie still and receive pleasure without investing any effort. And suddenly you announce that you are thinking about the Creator. How can you think about Him? It is impossible. The Creator is completely opposite to my nature. So you must get the importance of the Creator from the environment.

The shattering makes us dependent on the environment, and we need to use it. If a person puts himself under the influence of the environment, this helps him and influences him. If he remembers the Creator, this means that the environment reminds him. But he must arrange and organize this environment himself.

There must be an external cause, an external stimulus, which reminds us of the Creator. This is because you never look in His direction yourself and don’t think about Him. Sometimes the Creator reminds us of Him. And in general this is what happens to us; suddenly we remember the Creator, the spiritual path. But it’s because of an awakening from above, and this is not considered to be advancement.

Or the environment reminds us about the Creator, about the path, and strengthens us with the importance of spirituality. But this is a result of our preliminary work and so this is considered to be on our account. I invested energy in the environment and the environment influences me.

Without the Creator and without the environment, by myself, I will not be raised above the ground. My nature is like that. So what is left for me is only investment in my environment or to wait until an awakening will come from above and arouse me. And in general we wait for an awakening from above. But this is the path of suffering.

The Creator awakens us several times and after that leaves. This means that a person apparently must receive a bit more suffering to become a little more sensitive to the awakening from above.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 9/04/14, Writings of Rabash

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Get Out Of The Black Box And Enter The Spiritual World

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What is the force of bestowal?

Answer: We do not know what it is in our world. My entire “I” is the ego or the force of reception. I do not know what it is to “bestow,” and I do not know what “neighbor” means. I can only feel my neighbor do good or bad things to me; I can express my solidarity with him, but I do not feel anything outside of me.

In other words, I represent a certain black box, and I only live through the things that go inside it and that make an impression on me.

I do not know what is happening around me. All I know is the impressions that the things around me make on me. This is why we say that we experience the entire perception of reality inside us.

I am not able to come out of myself and feel what is happening around me, as if my senses were a mile away from me. I think that I see something a mile away, but this is not true. My imagination paints everything for me.

The property that helps me feel the things outside of me (whether they exist or not) is called the property of bestowal. We do not have even the slightest degree of it.

However, when we begin to work on mutual bestowal in the group, according to the principle of “love thy neighbor as thyself,” we begin to acquire a certain need for obtaining the property of bestowal.

Only after this do I begin to read, let us say, The Book of Zohar together with the group. Through this, we evoke the influence of the force of bestowal over us.


So far, I do not know what bestowal is, but Kabbalists tell me that it is a wonderful force.

Since this book speaks of phenomena that happen outside of you, you need to read it together with the group, and, if you really want to attain the property of bestowal and you are connected with your friends above your ego, then the Light that Reforms, the force contained in the Torah, will come during the reading of The Zohar, and you will begin to acquire the property of bestowal against your ego.

As it is written, “I have created the evil inclination; I have created for it the Torah as a spice, for the Light in it reforms.”

Once you acquire the property of bestowal, you will begin to perceive things outside of you, that is, the upper world. The exit into the spiritual word has levels. You will be able to attain infinity to the extent of your entrance into the spiritual world.
From the Lecture at the Study Center, Kabbalah for the Nation, “Perception of Reality” 11/23/10

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Daily Kabbalah Lesson – 09.11.14

Lesson on the Topic: “Preparation for the Convention”

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Shamati #56 “Torah Is Called Indication”

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Talmud Eser Sefirot, Vol. 6, Part 16, Item 43

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Writings of Baal HaSulam “The Love for the Creator & Love for the Created Beings,” “And to Cleave Onto Him”

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