Moving From Corporeal Fear To Spiritual Fear

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How can we move from corporeal fear of the blows to spiritual fear?

Answer: This transition is possible only by the help of the environment. If the Creator is important to me, then the most important thing for me is not the blows that I receive but being able to bestow unto Him. Everything depends only on how important it is.

If a baby is ill, God forbid, the parents don’t think about themselves and about how they feel or about having a nice meal, but will run with him from one doctor to the next, since the most important thing for them is his health. Everything is determined by the importance of the goal.

Therefore, we have to increase the importance of the Creator, the importance of the goal, through the environment. If the goal is important, nothing worries me anymore. It is to such an extent that I constantly dream and think only about how to delight Him. It is like a baby about whom I constantly think and care about: what to do for him and how to make him feel better. My love for him obliges me.

If the environment impresses me with the greatness and the importance of the Creator, I will begin to think about how to give to Him. Then the giving to the Creator becomes my receiving because I enjoy the fact that I give to Him, that I give to the one I love.

But now the question arise as to why I am giving: Is it for my own delight or for His benefit? This is where the clarification begins. Perhaps the Creator is suddenly so important to me because I fill myself and attain the upper world through Him? This means that I am simply using Him.

I have to know that I am actually giving to Him without any self-benefit. Here I understand that I have to detach myself from any receiving for myself, from any self-benefit. It is better if I don’t know that I am giving to Him, since this fact is already a great pleasure.

If I know how much I have given Him and how much He enjoys it, then it is already a great pleasure for me. The Creator knows about me and we give to each other, we are connected, and I see that this effort is worthwhile for me. Whoever serves someone great becomes great as well.

I have to reach a state in which I don’t want to receive any reward for my giving in any way. Then I begin to look for a way to detach myself from any reward, as if I throw all my efforts into space, all my love, and don’t feel anything in return. I only ask for the power to do this and for some discernments that I am giving to the Creator, and that I am not just playing and practicing by myself.

Here I feel the desire to recognize the Creator in a spiritual form, which is detached from me, and at the same time allows me to work accurately with regard to Him. It is a very special system that allows me to detach myself from my desire to receive, from my ego, and at the same time, to use it in order to give and to bestow unto the Creator, and thus receive accurate discernments of how I should work.

This is very difficult, but this system is revealed to us; it was already created by the shattering and the corrections that come later in the upper worlds of Atzilut, Beria, Yetzira, and Assiya.

But the main thing is to be incorporated in the group, which will bring us to this spiritual state in practice. It makes no difference whether we read about it or how much we understand it or not. We begin to understand the Creator as a result of the practical work, as it says: “We know You from Your actions.”
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 9/4/14, Writings of Rabash

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