I Pray For You!

Dr. Michael LaitmanComment: When our friends in Sochi went out to disseminate, the rest of the people who didn’t go out arranged a “mirror” workshop, carried out the same activities and discussed the same questions. We did this as a support for our friends; we tried to be with them as a single whole.

Answer: Your concern for the success of your friends is the main thing. You created an atmosphere for yourselves that you can only dream of. What can be more spiritual and more useful for attracting the Upper Light?

Wherever our friends go out to disseminate, we are concerned for them. We feel them.  Make it so that everything will succeed for them! We are ready to give everything, only so that they will succeed. There is nothing higher than a prayer like this. Certainly everything will work out for the best for them!

If we create such a state at the Saint Petersburg convention, or in whatever other circumstances, then this is destined to succeed from the start! So, you have grown! It is called the “prayer of many(Tfiflat Rabim) when I pray for my friend. Believe me, there is no need here for anything else!
From the Convention In Sochi 8/25/14, Lesson 1

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