Saint Petersburg Convention “Aquarium”

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Can three hundred people who undergo an experiment in unity and connection in Sochi give this feeling as a practical skill to the three thousand people who will come to the convention in Saint Petersburg? Is this realistic? Is this a physical activity, or do we need to seriously include the Creator here?

Answer: It would be wonderful if we could bring the convention participants to a “vibrating conveyor.” It is you who have passed a big “aquarium,” that must agitate and shake everyone internally. I suppose that this is possible.

We must attain a state of unity such that we will feel the shaking (vibrations) of each other and of everyone together. We need to bring the people to this sensory feeling that the tension that you feel here will be strengthened many more times at the convention in Saint Petersburg.

People require inner fulfillment. Yearning and longing for spirituality is felt in them, they want only this! We must make a convention where everyone will be filled with tears and will cry: either sorrow or happiness, or everything together. We must bring people to the feeling of goodness and pleasure from unity and connection, to begin to feel a preliminary sensation of feeling the Creator in unity, some kind of similar illumination, a glow. This is our mission.

You must make the Saint Petersburg convention an “aquarium” so that in the three days a trembling (vibration) like this will be created that will awaken the Upper Light.
From the Convention In Sochi 8/25/14, Lesson 1

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