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The Switch For The Higher Light

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What does it mean to give pleasure to the Creator with the right intention? “Giving pleasure to the Creator” sounds rather abstract.

Answer: Suppose we have the privilege of working with each other. We must become friends. I must reach a state where I feel you are so close to me that it seems that a part appears between us as a single whole, as if we were conjoined twins. There could be one liver or one heart and all the rest is different.

Something in common appears between us, and in this commonality, I feel the Creator who is connecting us together. He deliberately made a separation between us and is now connecting us. Ultimately we become connected together as a single whole.

Question: So to whom am I giving pleasure?

Answer: You discover in the connection between us a common force called the “Creator,” and you feel how happy He is about the state where we merge and become “One.” By merging into a single whole, we feel Him there because He is One.. This is already a single Kli (vessel) that can feel its upper source, the Creator.

This is one precise activity and there is nothing else like it in nature. As in mathematics, there is zero and something different from zero. Everything else is built only on this. So at the moment, when you reach the One, when you and a friend merge together, then his spiritual source, the Creator, is revealed in him. All the effort that you invested in your connection now becomes happiness that you discover in him.

In this is the right effort, to become connected together, “as one person with one heart.” “With one heart” means that you have the same desires, a single intention, the same thoughts, and the same yearnings to help and complete each other. This is what you must attain here, at least in some particular place under these conditions.

Comment: I don’t understand to what I must connect myself.

Answer: The Upper Light will influence you. You must do this! Only you can summon it. There is a kind of switch, and when you turn it on, the Upper Light works.

Question: Where is this switch found, in the mind or in the heart?

Answer: In the heart. The mind is necessary to understand what to do with the heart. The switch is found in the heart, meaning the desires, where are they directed, towards what states? “And the next state that I want to receive emotionally indicates the direction of the heart.”

Comment: I haven’t understood anything.

Answer: It is good that you understand that you haven’t understood anything. This means that already in you there is a very good internal collection of characteristics and feelings. You understand that this isn’t simple, that everything slips away, that our ego becomes an obstacle for us. What can you do with it? It is precisely because you want to feel everything deeply that you say that you haven’t understood anything. The heart understands, the mind doesn’t, and we don’t need to become confused about this. The mind is given to us only to scrutinize and analyze our states.

I am trying to answer you emotionally only, but I could convey everything through diagrams, like Kabbalists do. When my students have no spiritual states, I make sketches for them. And then, when there is an inner state, I address that specifically. Basically, how could this be portrayed? Every person already draws it for himself in his heart.

Turn on the switch, so that the Ohr Makif (Surrounding Light) will influence you. Nothing else will help! Only the Light! But you must know its direction and imagine that correctly within yourself.
From the Convention In Sochi 8/25/14, lesson 2

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Similar To Light

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What does it mean to be similar to Light?

Answer: Light is the characteristic of bestowal that is realized in us in only one form, mutual connection. So what must I bestow, give, and to whom? How? What do I have? Suppose that I give you my coffee or a slice of bread….

No. My giving is not giving something external; rather, I give myself. This means that I adhere to you, to your desires, aspirations, and yearnings. With this I become a complete helper to you. We produce the characteristic of bestowal this way, or an even higher characteristic, love. That is how our similarity and equivalence with the Creator is realized. As He is within us, He wants to be discovered. That is also what we want regarding every friend.

So it is impossible to become similar to the Creator before you transform to being like Him with the help of higher bestowal towards your friends, or at least one of them; that doesn’t matter. When you don’t work for your own sake, then you are completely indifferent to the rest of the world, you don’t feel it and it is tasteless. And if you can connect with it, you become similar to the Creator.

The entire external world is the revelation of the Creator in a form that is our opposite. The moment that we attract this world to us and become adhered with it, with love for everyone, for our haters, for our opponents, for the masses of millions of people who are completely unimportant to us, gradually, in circles, we develop an identical relationship with the Creator. The Creator is found in them, and we discover Him in them. This is called: “I dwell among my people” (Kings II 4:13).
From the Convention In Sochi 8/25/14, Lesson 2

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Readiness For The Upper Light

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe Torah, “Leviticus” (Metzora), 15:19-15:21, 15:24: If a woman has a discharge, her flesh discharging blood, she shall remain in her state of menstrual separation for seven days, and whoever touches her shall become unclean until evening. And whatever she lies on during her menstrual separation, shall become unclean, and whatever she sits on, shall become unclean. And anyone who touches her bedding, shall immerse his garments and immerse [himself] in water, and he shall remain unclean until evening. If a man cohabits with her, [the uncleanness of] her menstruation shall be upon him, and he shall be unclean for seven days, and any bedding he lies upon, shall become unclean.

This speaks about the division of the pure and the impure desires. Touching an impure desire is being infected by the Light. A spiritual contact takes place when I somehow recognize myself with my ego. Therefore I have to enter an ark and shut myself from the egoistic desires and constantly be in a spiritual shell.

The Torah, “Leviticus” (Metzora), 15:25: And a woman whose flow of blood flows for many days, outside of the time of her menstrual separation, or she has a discharge after her menstrual separation, then all the days she has her unclean discharge, she shall be unclean just like the days of her menstrual separation.

In the past women kept away from the house chores during their monthly period and waited until it was over. Today there are tribes who still keep this custom.

When the period was over a woman used to purify herself and then get back the house chores. It was all according to the law of branch and root. But in our world, people tried to follow the external form of the Torah instead of observing it not only externally but internally as well.

The Torah, “Leviticus” (Metzora), 15:29: And on the eighth day, she shall take for herself two turtle doves or two young doves, and bring them to the Cohen, to the entrance of the Tent of Meeting.

A purified woman takes her corporeal desires and raises them to the level of the Cohen (priest), the level of Bina. In that case Malchut rises to Bina and is ready to receive the Upper Light. It is ready for the next level.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 3/5/14

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The Perfect Society Of Abraham, Part 2

Dr. Michael Laitman

Question: The Torah tells us that the Creator told Abraham what land he should go to from Babylon. So, did he initially know where he was going?

Answer: No. It is not about the coordinates on a map. If we do not think about millennia of history, we do not consider kilometers of the earth’s surface either. Time and distance have no control there. When a person’s inner feeling, called “his Creator,” tells him what to seek, where to go, it means that he should move not to another location, to a new place of residence, but on to the next spiritual state, which will be called “the land of Israel.”

Question: That is the “land” that he found in himself?

Answer: Of course. Because the concept of “land” (Eretz) is derived from the “desire” (Ratzon). “Eretz Yisrael” means the desire aimed “straight to the Creator” (Yashar-El). When you get to the point where all your desires are directed to the Creator, then one would say that you arrived, entered “the land of Israel,” whether you are in Canada, in Africa, in the US, or anywhere. After all, our body is not taken into account. The whole matter is in a person’s desire.

Let’s go back to Abraham; he worked with his students on unity. Many Kabbalists write about this, especially Maimonides, the great Kabbalist of the 11-12th century. Abraham began to work with them according to the system “love thy neighbor as yourself,” and thus began to unite, assemble, and “form” a completely new society from them, in which everyone was internally connected to everyone else.

States, countries, and people are also connected, but externally, meaning that they have health care systems, social security, laws, education, etc. But we are not talking not about the external but the internal systems of connection between people. This approach of Abraham’s is different from the concept of Nimrod, who offered people dispersing so as not to interfere with each other and, at the same time, keeping in touch from afar.

It would seem, indeed, let the diplomats negotiate, let traders take caravans along the “Silk Road” or “from the Vikings to the Greeks,” let the sailors discover America, etc. But here we are talking about another journey, about connecting with each other internally. We are not talking about bodies, but intentions, focus, and overcoming internal obstacles. A person travels not in the mountains, not through the Sinai desert, but through the desert of the soul, because he feels his attitude towards others is a wasteland that dries him out, in which there is nothing with which to be fulfilled.

That is why the way to get closer to others is through the desert. Then, a person really gets closer to them; internally through the “Sinai desert” he comes to the “land of Israel.” And here he finds his desire “flowing with milk and honey,” emanating, “radiating” all the good things.

In essence, this is a “paradise.” In the past there was a desert, or even “hell,” and now the “Garden of Eden.” Unwillingness to come into contact with others, hatred of one’s neighbor, all of this is turned into goodness.
From KabTV’s “Babylon Yesterday and Today” 8/27/14

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The Creation Of The Soul

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe Torah, “Leviticus” (Metzora), 15:19: If a woman has a discharge, her flesh discharging blood, she shall remain in her state of menstrual separation for seven days, and whoever touches her shall become unclean until evening.

It is about the revelations of very serious corrections of Malchut and the cycle of the moon to which everything is connected in our world. In the past all the women in Israel had their monthly period at the same exact time of the month, for one week in which the discharge of the blood occurred at the same time for all the women together: on the same day at the beginning of the month. This indicates that by being corrected under the clear influence of the moon they were connected into one woman.

The moon symbolizes our resemblance to the sun. An eclipse of the moon by the earth or the revelation of its illumination symbolizes the level of correction. On the whole we bless the new moon since we begin to work on the revelation of the moon, which means on our resemblance to the Creator.

Eventually, after the end of correction, the two great lights will illuminate to the same extent: the big light, the sun, which symbolizes the Upper Light and the small light, the moon, which symbolizes the created being. This means that the moon symbolizes the level of our resemblance to the sun, to the Creator.

Therefore, previously, in the correct state, which means in the state of resembling the sun, the monthly period of all the women began at the same time. But when the ego entered these pure desires and the shattering occurred, the women’s period was disrupted. In any case, the moment the blood appears a woman should wait until the discharge of the blood ends and then consider herself impure for another seven days.

From a spiritual perspective, a discharge is the desires that cannot be corrected in a certain month and so they have to come out because they cannot be corrected. Once they have come out and the body has been cleansed and purified of them it is possible to work with them and to become pregnant. In our world to purify means to immerse in the Mikva and in the spiritual world it symbolizes the purification under the influence of the Upper Light.

When the discharge of the blood ends, the seed that the woman receives is nourished by the blood of the pure Sefirot that are left in her. Thus the white seed of the father and the red (blood) of the mother develop and an embryo is created. The Creator gives the soul, the Light, which connects them, and the next level is born.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 3/5/14

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The Diverse Influence Of Light

Dr. Michael LaitmanLight is the characteristic of bestowal, and the Creator is identified in our perception of the Light . In fact, there is the upper light and something higher, its origin, which may not have the same characteristics, meaning that it is something that is completely disconnected from us.

This is because we feel the Creator with our characteristics, with our sensations, with our Kelim, with our senses; and through these, we judge Him by attributing to Him the appropriate names and characteristics. In fact, we don’t know how He feels outside of our senses nor do we know His image. A person gives names to the Creator according to how he perceives Him.

Feeling the Creator can be diverse, multifaceted, and varied. Light is called the sensation of the Creator, which teaches, corrects, fulfills, and shapes us. It is just the way a child perceives his parents in various forms, as teachers and educators, as protectors and those who are concerned about him.

So the Light is such a perception of the Creator, where in principle we don’t feel Him. But we do sense the power that shapes, corrects, and changes us so that we can feel Him.

In other words, the influence of the Creator on us, which prepares us for feeling the Creator, is called Light. Certainly the Creator and the Light are the same thing. This is because only this one source exists outside of us. Besides Him, only we exist, as only one person. Ultimately, each one of us will begin to perceive everything else as parts of Him without intermediaries.

In any case, we perceive everything like this. At first, we require the Light of the Creator and only after this do we want adherence with Him. This is the right relationship with Him. If you want to attain a state of similarity to Him, to relate to Him as He relates to you, then you must think about how to change and correct yourself. In this case it is possible to approach Him. Then our relationship to the Light will be directed towards being corrected and becoming similar to the Creator with mutual bestowal, like the host and the guest.

In any case, the Light is divided into many different influences on us. It is the Light of reason or the Light of feelings, under whose influence we begin to feel and understand who we are and in what way we are separate from the Creator.

Every understanding is built on our difference from the Creator. Even in our world when I perceive the people around me or a particular state, it isn’t important what, in any case we are feeling the Creator. It seems to us that these are some people or images. We are only feeling the Creator.

So we shouldn’t fool ourselves. When a person is involved with something or someone, especially with friends, he must understand that he is involved with the Creator. “There is none else besides Him.” This is one of the explanations; that there is nothing else besides the person and the Creator. And everything else that seems to exist for us, are fragments of my soul. So the main thing is the relationship with the Creator, since this is the Torah.

The Torah is all of those states that we must go through until full resemblance and equivalence with the Creator. This is all of the Light that we must perceive so that a change will happen within us from our first egoistic characteristic to the full completion of correction.

First we pass through a contraction of the ego; after that its neutralization, and after that, a correction, meaning the use of the ego for the purpose of bestowal. To the degree of these corrections, we perceive the Creator and begin to see that He relates to us like a concerned father who is teaching us.

Specifically, we feel the influence of the study, and this is called “Light.” And when the extent of this influence has itself been realized, then as a result of this, we feel the Creator Himself. And we feel Him differently, in a new way all the time, thanks to those characteristics and observations that are already corrected.
From the Convention In Sochi 8/25/14, lesson 2

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There Are No Coincidences

Dr. Michael LaitmanBaal HaSulam, “The Essence of the Wisdom of Kabbalah”: Indeed, if you take the body of a small animal, whose only task is to nourish itself so it may exist in this world for enough time to father and carry on its species, you will find in it a complex structure of millions of fibers and tendons, as physiologists and anatomists have discovered. And there is much there that humans have yet to find. From the above, you can conclude the vast variety of issues and channels that need to connect in order to achieve and to reveal that sublime goal.

Have we ever thought about the essence of the process called evolution? About how all of the matter of the universe with all its complexity and variety was created out of a tiny particle, out of a grain, the first unknown matter that was the foundation of creation? According to which plan did all this take place and according to which laws? What determines the still, vegetative, animate nature and the human body?

We seem to think that it all happens by itself, but is that possible? Is it possible to make one step forward without clearly knowing what we are doing it for? On the contrary, “drifting” leads us into trouble.

But we continue to believe that there are redundant parts in our body or in nature in the whole, in the vegetative and the animate, which nature has forgotten and left by chance. We attribute nature with such misses after which there were more attempts…but one judges according to his flaws. We attribute our qualities to nature.

It says first, think, then act. There is not one detail in evolution that is not predetermined, not aimed at the final goal, and not already in the state of the end of correction. Therefore, there is nothing new in the whole process except for what the created being has to develop by himself. Evolution leads the created being, prepares, and obliges him to establish the new additional component: the adhesion, the recognition, the understanding, and his own feeling of the Creator. All the other things develop in order to bring a person to the element he has to establish by himself. Therefore, everything is predetermined and nothing is coincidental or random as different philosophers and scientists think.

We have to try to somehow imagine this enormous mechanism that includes and encompasses the beginning and the end of creation, including all the processes, and everything possible, all the details separately and together, on all the levels that are still unknown and not understood. These are all a network of forces, a system that the wisdom of Kabbalah tells us about a little, and we cannot even understand this explanation. But at the end of our evolution, this system will be ours internally, and then we will feel it, control it, and understand it.

We must understand that there isn’t a single detail in our world that is not connected to the rest of the system and that all the laws also relate to it. When an individual performs a certain action it is because he is forced to do so and he causes the reaction of the whole system that responds and advances accordingly.

Thus everyone advances together from the beginning to the end and from the end to the beginning. We think that we understand something in our world but it is merely a meaningless part in a system that we will have to discover; all this is called the wisdom of Kabbalah.
From the 5th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 8/19/14, Writings of Baal HaSulam

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The Essential Secret Of The Jews, Part 37

From the book: The Essential Secret of the Jews, M. Brushtein

An Atom – Is A Product Of Unification

“About one hundred seconds after the big bang, the temperature would have fallen to one thousand million degrees, the temperature inside the hottest stars. At this temperature protons and neutrons would no longer have sufficient energy to escape the attraction of the strong nuclear force, and would start to combine together to produce the nuclei of atoms of deuterium… .” (Stephen Hawking and Leonard Mlodinow, A Briefer History of Time)

Interestingly, it took only a minute and a half after the universal explosion, and the process was reversed. Figuratively speaking, matter, torn to shreds, began to recover.

A question arises. Are we heading to the original state or, perhaps, to something else?

This question requires a special investigation that is why we will leave it to better times and move on to more pressing things. For example, to atoms—the concrete results of the policy of unification.

“The atom (from the Greek, ‘atomos’ – indivisible) is the smallest particle of a chemical element that retains its properties. A positively charged nucleus is in the center of the atom, which focuses almost the entire mass of the atom; electrons, forming the electron shells, which size determine the size of the atom. The atomic nucleus consists of nucleons—protons and neutrons.” (Academic Dictionary).

It seems that the process of unification began to gain momentum. Separate, distinct in their properties, elements are becoming united into a whole system.

Interestingly, what is the behavior of the quantum – the smallest amount of any physical property, of the substance or radiation, which a system may have? (Academic Dictionary) What about its unification? It turns out very well. Some researchers even apply the term “social” to the quantum.

“Quanta are highly sociable: once they share the same identical state, they remain linked no matter how far they travel from each other.” (Ervin Laszlo, The Interconnected Universe)

The above statement is confirmed, for example, in the experiment conducted in Switzerland.

Researchers from the University of Geneva attempted to detect the coordination of “entangled” photons. It turned out that the “entangled” photons, put far apart from each other, “managed” to change their states absolutely synchronously. The speed of coordinated reaction of photons exceeded the speed of light a thousand times!

We are talking about a phenomenon that is also called “quantum entanglement.”


“Quantum entanglement is a physical phenomenon that occurs when pairs or groups of particles are generated or interact in ways such that the quantum state of each particle cannot be described independently – instead, a quantum state may be given for the system as a whole.

Measurements of physical properties such as position, momentum, spin, polarization, etc. performed on entangled particles are found to be appropriately correlated.” (Wikipedia, “Quantum entanglement”)

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