The Diverse Influence Of Light

Dr. Michael LaitmanLight is the characteristic of bestowal, and the Creator is identified in our perception of the Light . In fact, there is the upper light and something higher, its origin, which may not have the same characteristics, meaning that it is something that is completely disconnected from us.

This is because we feel the Creator with our characteristics, with our sensations, with our Kelim, with our senses; and through these, we judge Him by attributing to Him the appropriate names and characteristics. In fact, we don’t know how He feels outside of our senses nor do we know His image. A person gives names to the Creator according to how he perceives Him.

Feeling the Creator can be diverse, multifaceted, and varied. Light is called the sensation of the Creator, which teaches, corrects, fulfills, and shapes us. It is just the way a child perceives his parents in various forms, as teachers and educators, as protectors and those who are concerned about him.

So the Light is such a perception of the Creator, where in principle we don’t feel Him. But we do sense the power that shapes, corrects, and changes us so that we can feel Him.

In other words, the influence of the Creator on us, which prepares us for feeling the Creator, is called Light. Certainly the Creator and the Light are the same thing. This is because only this one source exists outside of us. Besides Him, only we exist, as only one person. Ultimately, each one of us will begin to perceive everything else as parts of Him without intermediaries.

In any case, we perceive everything like this. At first, we require the Light of the Creator and only after this do we want adherence with Him. This is the right relationship with Him. If you want to attain a state of similarity to Him, to relate to Him as He relates to you, then you must think about how to change and correct yourself. In this case it is possible to approach Him. Then our relationship to the Light will be directed towards being corrected and becoming similar to the Creator with mutual bestowal, like the host and the guest.

In any case, the Light is divided into many different influences on us. It is the Light of reason or the Light of feelings, under whose influence we begin to feel and understand who we are and in what way we are separate from the Creator.

Every understanding is built on our difference from the Creator. Even in our world when I perceive the people around me or a particular state, it isn’t important what, in any case we are feeling the Creator. It seems to us that these are some people or images. We are only feeling the Creator.

So we shouldn’t fool ourselves. When a person is involved with something or someone, especially with friends, he must understand that he is involved with the Creator. “There is none else besides Him.” This is one of the explanations; that there is nothing else besides the person and the Creator. And everything else that seems to exist for us, are fragments of my soul. So the main thing is the relationship with the Creator, since this is the Torah.

The Torah is all of those states that we must go through until full resemblance and equivalence with the Creator. This is all of the Light that we must perceive so that a change will happen within us from our first egoistic characteristic to the full completion of correction.

First we pass through a contraction of the ego; after that its neutralization, and after that, a correction, meaning the use of the ego for the purpose of bestowal. To the degree of these corrections, we perceive the Creator and begin to see that He relates to us like a concerned father who is teaching us.

Specifically, we feel the influence of the study, and this is called “Light.” And when the extent of this influence has itself been realized, then as a result of this, we feel the Creator Himself. And we feel Him differently, in a new way all the time, thanks to those characteristics and observations that are already corrected.
From the Convention In Sochi 8/25/14, lesson 2

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