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A Happy Union With Nature’s Holiday

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe inner changes required for a person to connect with others to a complete adherence with connection, unity, and mutual sharing that balances us with nature is not a simple process. The stages of changes of this type are connected to a cycle that ultimately closes at a beginning point.

It is up to us to pass through this entire cycle, to correct ourselves, and transform into a useful part of nature, not a cancerous tumor within it that devours everything around it and destroys the globe. A person must be a source of health and comfort for all the good and balance in nature.

Every year these states return as in a spiral and repeat themselves on higher levels. Essentially, a year is the number of stages through which we must pass in our connection and in order to reach the goal.

This cycle of stages of correction was discovered by Abraham in ancient times. He taught his students who became the source of the creation of the Jewish people. So this is expressed in the annual cycle of the Jewish holidays.

We must understand that the Jewish holidays are not the tradition of a particular nation or of one people. Rather they are symbols of unique spiritual states in which we attain mutual bestowal, love between us on higher levels, and a greater depth of integration in this connection in heart and mind.

This is not a celebration of particular historical events that were experienced by some isolated people and not relevant to the general program of nature. These holidays reflect spiritual states of the people as a community. They are already latent in nature as particular levels of our equivalence with nature as we advance towards states of balance and harmony.

If we identify ourselves as a people and connect among us to one degree or another by attaining a particular level of unity that is latent in nature, then we specifically celebrate this event. When we rise a little further to the next level of connection with nature and equivalence of form with it, we again celebrate this attainment.

A person doesn’t establish the holidays for himself according to his decision; rather, he celebrates the attainment of similarity and adherence that already exists in nature. So these holidays cannot be changed.

In our state today we are completely opposite to integral nature. All of the parts of nature are linked one hundred percent in a unified system. Only the human species is found in total destruction and opposite the natural unity.

However, if humanity, or at least part of it, will begin to transform itself into becoming similar to nature, will approach its form of unity and totality, then we will reach a particular degree of connection. First of all, it is up to us to recognize that we hate each other. This is the nature with which we are born.

This is called “recognition of evil,” the awareness that our opposite nature doesn’t allow us to reach harmony and balance with it. For this we require internal scrutiny, and we must pray to Lehitpalel (incriminate –Lehaplil) ourselves. Such confession prior to Rosh Hashanah is called the “month of Elul.

At this time, we scrutinize our true state in relation to that good and wonderful state of connection we must reach. This means that we discover what is said to be the corrected state, we compare it with our present state, we see the immense gap between them, and so we pray to Mitpalelim (judge ourselves).

We understand what criminals we are and what we must do with ourselves, so we begin to organize the work to begin to advance towards connection. The power that is found in nature and connects all of its parts we proclaim as the ruling power that controls us! This power holds the entire system together and becomes our goal. We yearn to resemble it. This is called Rosh Hashanah, the beginning (Rosh) of our changes (Shinuim) and the new cycle at the end of which we want to be like the general power that permeates nature.
From the program “A New Life” 9/14/14

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My Beloved World

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: If I correct my perception of reality, where do the changes happen? Is it in me personally or in the entire surrounding world?

Answer: All of the changes happen only within a person. You never see anything outside of yourself. There is a screen in your head upon which this whole world is portrayed.

If you want to see the true reality instead of this, it is necessary to attain love for everyone. Then all of the creation will become one simple Light. People and this world will not exist; only you will be left, swallowed in an ocean of white Light; then there is only you and the Creator.

And then who are we, but you? We are an example of your uncorrected characteristics that you must correct to be similar to the Creator. If you will love each one of us, and all of us together, as yourself, this will indicate that you have corrected yourself. So then we will disappear, and instead of us, you will feel the Light.

If you love others as yourself, you remove all of the differences in the world. In fact, there are no different colors: blue, black, white, red; there aren’t so many noises and sounds that we hear; there is no above and below; there are no right and left sides; there are no people, animals; there is nothing.

Gradually, to the degree that you begin to love, this entire world loses all the characteristics that typify it, the entire variety of forms. After all, if you love, you don’t see all kinds of characteristics in the beloved, no nuances, everything in him seems good! We must reach a form of perception like this, until everything will become absolutely white.

This is because we feel everything within our desire to receive that evaluates things all the time about what is good for it and what is bad for it. The whole world is divided only according to this principle: more beneficial or less beneficial to my ego. That is how all the sounds, tastes, people, animals, plants, and rocks appear; everything receives form within your desire to receive.

But the moment that you begin to relate towards the whole world with love, then all of its differences disappear and it all becomes white Light. This is called: (Proverbs 10:12) “Love covereth all transgressions (meaning, all the differences)”!
From the Convention In Chile “Day One” 7/30/14, Lesson 2

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Art Of The Future

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How do you relate to art?

Answer: Art constitutes the natural expression of our inner world, that part of a person, which he wants to express, display, to sing, forever.

Question: Is this art egoistic or altruistic?

Answer: Of course it is egoistic.

Question: Does that mean we have to get rid of it?

Answer: No. We need to completely change it. All our nature is egoistic, but we don’t need to destroy the ego.

It is here we touch a very interesting question. Egoism is not destroyed but transforms into altruism. It becomes the opposite, and this is called, “help against you.”

Question: Is it possible to express it by creating art?

Answer: And how! You will see what masterpieces will be! This is because man can achieve and demonstrate not only his egoistic impulses but also the altruistic ones by connecting to others as one unique whole. He does this by feeling the others as himself, and in this cooperation (symbiosis) creates a new creation. In him will appear completely new sensations and feelings and also ways to express them!
From the Interview with V. Kanevsky, 8/5/14

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The Perception Of Reality Within A Simple Light

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe Upper Light is at absolute rest, and the Creator is good and benevolent. This means that we are always standing in the presence of the Light, the absolute good that never changes. We are the only ones who change.

It is possible to pray only for my own correction. To ask the Creator to change is worthless because He is absolutely good to everyone, without exception, and cannot be otherwise.

The correct perception of reality is the understanding that there cannot be change in the Light and not even in us, but in me alone. This is because how I feel each one in the world and all the changes that everyone undergoes are determined only by how I myself am changed. Instead of demanding that others change, through mutual cooperation with them, I must summon a change in me, and then the whole world will be changed.

Wise people have long understood from their life experiences that it is meaningless to try to change others. Nobody is going to change and everything depends upon me. The wisdom of Kabbalah brings a person to a very simple perception of reality and explains that each one must correct only himself and not others.

But in order to convince myself to change, I require an environment. By influencing society, I influence myself. I seemingly want to improve the environment, but ultimately the environment influences me and changes me.

I play with the Creator and with the environment, but this is to influence me. Ultimately I change myself this way, by becoming similar to the Creator. I then attain a true perception of reality and I will see it as it is seen from the side of the Light, from the side of the Creator.

The Creator gave us this opportunity to change ourselves gradually, to constantly produce changes within ourselves to become more like Him, through the environment. If I perceive the whole world and all of the friends as perfect and only myself as requiring correction, by accommodating myself to them, I will be found in constant work that brings me closer to the level of the Creator.

And in truth, it doesn’t matter what happens in the environment, who is right and who is wrong. I perceive all of this as the Creator’s game with me. He is the one who organizes all of this theater around me to help me adapt myself to Him. For if there is none else besides Him and He is good that does good, then any other image that doesn’t come from the only good force testifies to my inner corruption that I must correct.

So I must be in a process of scrutinizing myself all the time, in an internal dialogue with the Creator scrutinizing what He is giving something to me to see, to hear, to taste, to touch, to think, and to imagine. What memories float up in me, what thoughts spin around within me?

The Creator creates an entire world around me so that I will not forget, even for a moment, that all this is made by Him, that I am conducting an incessant dialogue with Him, that I want to discover Him, and to understand! This is like an infant to whom something is said, but he doesn’t understand anything, and just looks with open-mouthed excitement. This is how we also must try to understand at every moment what the Creator wants to tell us through this whole world that He shows us.

Essentially there is only a very small desire for pleasure to receive, that feels itself as if it exists in a physical body with hands and feet, and around it there are other forms, other bodies, a whole world. This immense world is changing all the time, everything goes around within it. All this exists only in my inner perception, in my desire to receive and is portrayed within my imagination, but doesn’t exist in reality.

We live in an imaginary world like this. All of its images are shaped within our ego so that we will interpret them correctly. If we accept the intention to bestow over our desire to receive, then instead of all of the forms of this world, we will feel the Upper Light that fills all of reality. We must reach such a final form of perception.

All of the work is to correct our inner perception, to be released from this pathological imagination in which we now exist, from this imaginary world, and come to the simple, Upper Light. Through work with the environment, imagining ourselves as closer and closer to the Upper Light, meaning bestowal, “Love your neighbor as yourself,” we can change our perception; and instead of this world, we feel the Upper World.

This distorted perception that portrays this physical world for us will disappear and in its place we will feel the one Creator, and see that besides Him, there is nothing. And we exist within Him and everything is immersed in an ocean of white Light. This will be the true perception, and not the imaginary reality in which we now live.
From the Convention In Chile “Day One” 7/30/14, Lesson 2

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Mandatory Disclosure Of The Wisdom

From “Who Are You, People of Israel”

As the world groans under the pressure of two conflicting forces—the global force of connection and the separating power of the ego, we are falling into the state that existed in ancient Babylon prior to the dispersion. Alas, today we cannot draw apart and sedate our egos. Our only option is to work on our positive force that balances the negative power of our ego.

The people of Israel, descendants of the ancient Babylonians who followed Abraham, must implement the wisdom of connection, namely the wisdom of Kabbalah. They are required to set an example to the whole of humanity, and thus become a “Light for the nations.”

The Key to Happiness

The laws of Nature dictate that we will all achieve a state of unity. However, there are two ways we can come to that happy end: 1) a path of world suffering, wars, catastrophes, plagues, and natural disasters, or 2) a path of gradual balancing of the ego, the path that Abraham planted in his disciples. The latter is the one we suggest.

The complete text of the brochure is here

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The Decline Of Babylon, Part 6

Dr. Michael LaitmanComment: As a result of the global spiral of history we returned to a “Babylonian deadlock.” It so happened that the Jews brought the entire world to this condition because they played a major role in scientific and technological progress. Thus, they enhanced the process.

Answer: Abraham’s group maintained direct contact with the upper force, the positive power of nature, and equilibrium with nature comprised of basic binary forces (plus-minus, absorption-separation, etc.). Without this contact, philosophy, various sciences, and numerous developmental tendencies that were brought into this world by the Jews would have never appeared.

If not for the group that was connected with spirituality at that time, humanity have would expanded in quantity, but not in quality. Their advancement would not be based on their spiritual attainment. Subjects such as geography, history, biology, zoology, or any other scientific branches that explore this material world, would not have emerged.

It’s not about the Jews, but rather about their connection with the positive force that allows them to link “pluses and minuses” and regard nature as a system.

Science is a systematic study of nature at an inanimate level through such disciplines as physics, chemistry, cosmology, and astronomy. The vegetative and animate levels  are studied through biology, zoology, botany and others. Science studies inanimate, vegetative, and animate nature, whereas psychology explores human behavior.

So, if we dig deep enough, we’ll find the Jews who launched all sciences. By the way, medieval religious philosophers who studied these issues have written that the ancient Greeks learned the basics of their philosophy from Kabbalah and as we well know, all other disciplines stem from philosophy.

Question: So, the entire scientific and technological potential is about connection of two major forces, the positive and negative. It was transmitted to humanity through Abraham’s group, is that right?

Answer: Yes. It is so because human knowledge derives from a state of balance with nature. The condition for equilibrium with nature is the notion of “loving our neighbors as ourselves.” It occurs on the condition that both negative and positive forces are in equilibrium, thus letting the third, the upper force of nature called the Creator emerge between them.

However, only Kabbalists are able to perceive this force. Equilibrium can be understood through the methodology that the Jews, the people of Israel, revealed to the rest of the world.

So, it is quite natural that in the end, we are the ones who should be blamed for everything that happens in the world. However, we still need sciences because they do their job. By no means do they lead us to the upper world, the source and means of governance of this material realm. They only explore this physical reality. Still, sciences accelerate our growth and make us feel disappointment in our ability to achieve spirituality by staying at the material level.

Today, science has hit a dead end and there is now no room for further scientific progress. Scientific penetration into matter is purely mechanical. Moreover, there is no sense in any further development of the sciences. Our advancement is egoistic, is the basis of everything we do, and it’s our desire to feel the best we can. We see that as a means for improving life, upgrading the world, and enhancing society, science doesn’t cope with this direct task. On the contrary, it makes us feel even worse. So, why do we need it? The less we know, the better we sleep.
From KabTV’s “Babylon Yesterday and Today” 8/27/14

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The Essential Secret Of The Jews, Part 49

From the book: The Essential Secret of the Jews, M. Brushtein:

Organisms Unite

An organism is a biological system with different levels of organization: molecular, cellular, tissue, etc.

An organism functions as a whole living being and has a set of properties (metabolism, growth, development, reproduction, heredity, etc.) That distinguishes it from inanimate matter. (Academic Dictionary)

Organisms take up the “social” baton from cells, and, like them, begin to connect with each other. We are talking about the present law itself.

The essence of this law is that living structures always form a coalition when there is an opportunity. The participants in an association are able to solve problems which are too big for each of them separately.

The scope of this principle covers all the levels of the organic world, from the interaction of cells that compose a body, to social relationships in populations of all living beings on our planet, including Homo sapiens. (Eugene N. Panov, Escape from Loneliness)

Let’s agree for a moment that it is the law. Then, what can we do with such a terrible disease like cancer? It is known that cancer cells, aggressors, act in the exact opposite way, and that social sentiments are foreign to them.

Scientific studies of the behavior of normal and cancerous cells in an artificial environment have shown that the latter, unlike the normal cells, become socially unmanageable. This means that cancer cells fail to respond to the vital signals from cell-partners and begin to behave like anti-social individuals. (Eugene N. Panov, Escape from Loneliness)

The easiest way to say it is that the exception proves the rule. However, this is not our case. It turns out that cancer cells are not less, but perhaps more social than the injured party.

Eshel Ben-Jacob, physicist at Rice University in Houston states: Cancer is a sophisticated enemy. There’s growing evidence that cancer cells use advanced communications to work together to enslave normal cells, create metastases, resist drugs and decoy the body’s immune system. (Source: Rice Unconventional Wisdom)

It seems that all cells do prefer cooperation to individual pastime. Even cancer. We will continue our research on a more advanced level – vegetative.

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Spiritual Pleasure In Physical Action

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Can I learn to discover the Creator through physical pleasures?

Answer: It depends on what is meant by physical pleasures: pleasure for oneself or those pleasures clothed in the physical actions of our world.

If the pleasure is clothed in a physical action of this world, it is possible to discover the Creator in it, but if it is intended for oneself, then it is impossible. Every action “for oneself” is called physical, and “from myself” is called spiritual.

When we connect between us to complete adhesion, then we really feel in substance this state in which the Creator is discovered. But this is only on condition that we use it for our unification above personal yearning and desire. The Light does all the rest, it is not necessary to be involved with this in particular; it only confuses a person.

It is necessary to study the articles by Rabash and Baal HaSulam, which are interspersed with little information about the conditions for spiritual work, and try not to leave them. They must become the fundamental conditions that one must maintain all the time, and when you run across them, check yourself according to them.

Then the Light will create the appropriate characteristics within you, and you will begin to feel that the entire physical world is not essentially physical, but only seems that way. In fact, that is how the spiritual forces portray our sensations for us. When the one power of nature begins to be discovered through this, we finally begin to understand the secrets and characteristics of our perception.
From the Convention In Sochi “Day Two” 7/14/14, Lesson 6

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Daily Kabbalah Lesson – 09.28.14

Shamati #68 “Man’s Connection to the Sefirot

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