The Decline Of Babylon, Part 6

Dr. Michael LaitmanComment: As a result of the global spiral of history we returned to a “Babylonian deadlock.” It so happened that the Jews brought the entire world to this condition because they played a major role in scientific and technological progress. Thus, they enhanced the process.

Answer: Abraham’s group maintained direct contact with the upper force, the positive power of nature, and equilibrium with nature comprised of basic binary forces (plus-minus, absorption-separation, etc.). Without this contact, philosophy, various sciences, and numerous developmental tendencies that were brought into this world by the Jews would have never appeared.

If not for the group that was connected with spirituality at that time, humanity have would expanded in quantity, but not in quality. Their advancement would not be based on their spiritual attainment. Subjects such as geography, history, biology, zoology, or any other scientific branches that explore this material world, would not have emerged.

It’s not about the Jews, but rather about their connection with the positive force that allows them to link “pluses and minuses” and regard nature as a system.

Science is a systematic study of nature at an inanimate level through such disciplines as physics, chemistry, cosmology, and astronomy. The vegetative and animate levels  are studied through biology, zoology, botany and others. Science studies inanimate, vegetative, and animate nature, whereas psychology explores human behavior.

So, if we dig deep enough, we’ll find the Jews who launched all sciences. By the way, medieval religious philosophers who studied these issues have written that the ancient Greeks learned the basics of their philosophy from Kabbalah and as we well know, all other disciplines stem from philosophy.

Question: So, the entire scientific and technological potential is about connection of two major forces, the positive and negative. It was transmitted to humanity through Abraham’s group, is that right?

Answer: Yes. It is so because human knowledge derives from a state of balance with nature. The condition for equilibrium with nature is the notion of “loving our neighbors as ourselves.” It occurs on the condition that both negative and positive forces are in equilibrium, thus letting the third, the upper force of nature called the Creator emerge between them.

However, only Kabbalists are able to perceive this force. Equilibrium can be understood through the methodology that the Jews, the people of Israel, revealed to the rest of the world.

So, it is quite natural that in the end, we are the ones who should be blamed for everything that happens in the world. However, we still need sciences because they do their job. By no means do they lead us to the upper world, the source and means of governance of this material realm. They only explore this physical reality. Still, sciences accelerate our growth and make us feel disappointment in our ability to achieve spirituality by staying at the material level.

Today, science has hit a dead end and there is now no room for further scientific progress. Scientific penetration into matter is purely mechanical. Moreover, there is no sense in any further development of the sciences. Our advancement is egoistic, is the basis of everything we do, and it’s our desire to feel the best we can. We see that as a means for improving life, upgrading the world, and enhancing society, science doesn’t cope with this direct task. On the contrary, it makes us feel even worse. So, why do we need it? The less we know, the better we sleep.
From KabTV’s “Babylon Yesterday and Today” 8/27/14

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