The Essential Secret Of The Jews, Part 49

From the book: The Essential Secret of the Jews, M. Brushtein:

Organisms Unite

An organism is a biological system with different levels of organization: molecular, cellular, tissue, etc.

An organism functions as a whole living being and has a set of properties (metabolism, growth, development, reproduction, heredity, etc.) That distinguishes it from inanimate matter. (Academic Dictionary)

Organisms take up the “social” baton from cells, and, like them, begin to connect with each other. We are talking about the present law itself.

The essence of this law is that living structures always form a coalition when there is an opportunity. The participants in an association are able to solve problems which are too big for each of them separately.

The scope of this principle covers all the levels of the organic world, from the interaction of cells that compose a body, to social relationships in populations of all living beings on our planet, including Homo sapiens. (Eugene N. Panov, Escape from Loneliness)

Let’s agree for a moment that it is the law. Then, what can we do with such a terrible disease like cancer? It is known that cancer cells, aggressors, act in the exact opposite way, and that social sentiments are foreign to them.

Scientific studies of the behavior of normal and cancerous cells in an artificial environment have shown that the latter, unlike the normal cells, become socially unmanageable. This means that cancer cells fail to respond to the vital signals from cell-partners and begin to behave like anti-social individuals. (Eugene N. Panov, Escape from Loneliness)

The easiest way to say it is that the exception proves the rule. However, this is not our case. It turns out that cancer cells are not less, but perhaps more social than the injured party.

Eshel Ben-Jacob, physicist at Rice University in Houston states: Cancer is a sophisticated enemy. There’s growing evidence that cancer cells use advanced communications to work together to enslave normal cells, create metastases, resist drugs and decoy the body’s immune system. (Source: Rice Unconventional Wisdom)

It seems that all cells do prefer cooperation to individual pastime. Even cancer. We will continue our research on a more advanced level – vegetative.

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