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In The New School Year

630.2Question: In the new school year, hundreds of millions of children went to school like in “battle” conditions: they have to sit with masks, separate from each other, not play with each other, and not get close to each other.

It is the same tragedy both for teachers who have to restrain the children and for the parents.

What would you wish for teachers?

Answer: To learn from children how it is incomprehensible to children that they cannot get close to each other, it is so incomprehensible to us how to relate to each other correctly. We do not have these properties, these sensations. How can I feel the other so that I can approach him correctly, so that by my correct approach I destroy this virus?

Question: What else would you wish for teachers?

Answer: To understand the nature of this virus, where it comes from, and accordingly, to educate children to have the right attitude toward each other, and the virus will disappear. Explain to children that we can fight this virus only by our good relations.

We do not lose anything by this! We win for sure! Let us try!

Teachers have always taught children to be good, to be close to each other, to interact with each other correctly. So, explain to them that the virus comes as a result of improper interaction, distancing,  and harming each other.

Let’s try to make the virus go away. Let’s eradicate it.

Question: What would you wish for parents?

Answer: In this case, I would like to wish parents to learn from their children.

Question: That is, children come from school and teach their parents?

Answer: At least they could tell their parents what is going on. First, in their relationship with each other. How the virus trains them to act this way. And then, as a result of this, perhaps we will indeed see good statistics.

Question: What else can you wish for parents?

Answer: To undergo the same education as the children. Everyone needs to be trained. Everybody is the same.

Question: That is, a parent should feel almost equal to the child?

Answer: Of course.

Question: What would you wish for children?

Answer: I do not know what can be asked of children at all. To listen to what their elders tell them, at least in this respect because otherwise, there will be still bigger problems, still bigger restrictions in their playing with each other, in visiting each other, in getting close to each other, and so on.

That is, let’s make it so that we stop thinking about what distance should we keep between each other, stop walking around with muzzles like vicious dogs, shying away from each other.

To do this, we just need to change our attitude toward each other and make it good. Let’s start getting used to it. It’s not that hard. Let’s set an example for each other. And we will see how it goes.

Question: Do you want this message to be heard in the classroom, in the teacher’s room, and at home?

Answer: And in the world.

The message is very simple: Everyone should be friendly to everyone like they are to themselves. After all, it is written: “Love your neighbor as yourself.” Take an example from this.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 8/31/20

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The End Of The Office Era

961.1Comment: Some journalists have noted that because of the coronavirus, the office culture that obliged us to look good, to drive certain cars to work to be liked, is not operating now. Instead there is a shift in focus from verbal to written communication. Some conclude these shifts pressure us to see who we really are.

My Response: Of course. There will be one simple communication: yes, no, and so on. Moreover, this will be very clearly accepted by everyone. And in no case will it hurt anyone.

There should be a definite clear greeting, but nothing more. Bows, praises, and so on—it will not work.

Question: And what do think about this will pressure people to see who they really are?

Answer: A clearer truth about a person is revealed.

Remark: Can you imagine how much a person thought about what kind of gift to bring to their boss?

My Comment: Yes, now it is over. The era has passed! Even if it partially returns, it will not be like that, of course.

Question: What does a person see when he begins to look at himself from the inside?

Answer: He begins to see who he is. And of course, he sees something terrible.

Question: Should he see this terrible thing?

Answer: Gradually, not immediately. From zero to 100% until he sees the realization of evil up to complete correction.

Question: Man cannot skip this stage?

Answer: No. What will he base his correction, his spiritual elevation, on?

Question: Is the realization of evil joyful or scary for a person?

Answer: I think it is joyful. One can gloat: “How much dirt, rubbish I have dug up in myself today!” As if you dig the earth with a shovel like this: dig, dig, turn yourself over, break into lumps in order to plant new young shoots.

This is not the self-scrutiny accepted by us previously: “How bad I am.” This is a kind of introspection where you change the principle of receiving to the principle of bestowal and want everyone to benefit from it. You turn the layers of dirt inside yourself from those below to those above. And then you can plant new life.

The fact that we have left offices, of course, will bring huge changes in everything.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 7/27/20

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Evil Should Not Be Destroyed

566.02Question: The Internet is full of fascist elements and racists, and anti-Semitism is through the roof. Look at what is happening in many countries: riots, oppositions to governments. There is a lot of evil in the world. Do you agree that there is really a lot of evil?

Answer: The Creator created a good world!

Remark: He said: “I create evil: I the LORD do all these things,” and now we see with our own eyes that He really created evil.

The great Kabbalist Baal HaSulam wrote, “All there is in reality, good, bad and even most harmful in the world has a right to exist. It should by no means be completely destroyed.”

My Comment: Yes. Just to correct it by balancing it with its opposite.

Remark: Then he writes, “Our task is to merely correct it and return it to the Source.” A person would like to destroy the evil that comes into the world; for example, one wants to get rid of this virus.

My Comment: It is because he is reasoning with his egoism. If he were reasoning from the point of connection with the Creator, he would have said, “Everything has the right to exist.” Everything has the right to exist! It is very good that there is evil, and it is very good that it exists.

But how will it lead us to good? After all, on one hand, everything is one, and on the other hand, it points to the opposite of itself.

Question: How can I reason so logically when it comes to me? Evil comes to me and my first reaction is to avoid it! I had a normal life, I had everything good both at home and in the family.

Answer: That is correct. This is instinctively true.

Question: But why should I suffer? Can you explain this to me?

Answer: You do not have to suffer.

Remark: Then I should destroy the evil.

My Comment: No, by this you do not destroy evil. On the contrary, it is how you grow it! That is what is interesting! Both left and right, good and evil, all of them, both from their own side only cultivate evil and in case destroy it.

Question: Why don’t they understand this? We see more and more confrontation over the years.

Answer: A one-sided view of the world.

Question: Can they do some logical scientific research and see that it only gets worse and that their resistance makes it worse for everyone and for the world? Can a person sit down and think?

Answer: You see that they cannot. Thousands of years of existence of human society and it has not been achieved. It happened once a little bit when people fought among themselves and seized fortresses. Then they even threw food over the fortress walls for their opponents because they wanted to defeat them not by starvation, not by pestilence, but by their valor.

There are a few such examples. Yet, that was a long time ago when people fought not with firearms.

Question: Then what can we do? How can we introduce into the brain, into the consciousness, and into the heart of those who are fighting evil that this is useless, that it only increases evil?

Answer: Only through education and upbringing. Only by explaining to them that evil cannot be destroyed. Evil and good are two qualities of the world that run in parallel. Thus, you cannot destroy one or the other. By increasing or decreasing one, you influence the other. But in no case do you destroy it.

Remark: Baal HaSulam says that all the villains of the world should also be protected, not destroyed. How do you explain this?

Answer: I speak about this absolutely calmly. The Creator is above them and He lowers every one of them on a string into our world. And they are rustling and bustling in it. We have no right to destroy them.

We need to reveal their insignificance, harmfulness, and in parallel with it, also the opposite characters and actions. If in our world evil manifests itself in the form of some villain or a bunch of people, no matter whom, you must to the same measure reveal the good in the world.

This is the only way you can fight evil. You do not even need to fight with it, you must balance it correctly. Then it will be revealed as a necessary thing for the manifestation of good. Initially, evil is revealed only in order for us to reveal, expand, and increase the good in our world.

Question: In other words, the bigger the evil, the more good is revealed?

Answer: Yes.

Remark: The second part about not destroying evil still requires some explanation.

My Comment: You cannot destroy evil because it is the force of the world—the force that manifests itself in human society. You can only balance it with good so that both good and evil will co-exist together eternally, and the most comfortable state of humanity will be between them when it absorbs both of these forces and builds an image of the upper force out of them.

How else can you build the upper force? Only by the correct combination of good and evil, and both come from Him. That is why the Creator says, “I created evil inclination. And then I have created good for its correction. ” Evil is the basis of the world! And good is for its correction.

Remark: This is beautiful! Yet, I still wonder if I could treat the real, terrible, huge evil like this!

My Comment: Rise above your egoism and you will be able to do this. Above egoism! Evil will force you to rise above egoism and good will not.

Everything is based on absolute inversion! Turn it inside out and you will get the truth!
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 8/10/20

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My Main Goal

269Confucius: “I am not bothered by the fact that I am not understood. I am bothered when I do not know others.”

If people do not understand me, I get upset because this is my second task, the second goal of my life, that people understand what I want to convey to them. The first goal is, of course, the Creator, but the second one is people.

Remark: It is truly important to you that people understand you.

My Comment: Certainly. Otherwise, what is my life worth? It is all about conveying something to people.

Question: Is it only possible to convey to them anything if you understand them?

Answer: No. It all depends only on the help from the Creator, the goodwill of the Creator, so that He opens their hearts, and I will tell them what to put there. The Creator cannot do it Himself. He needs intermediaries.

Question: So is almost your whole life aimed at being understood and heard?

Answer: Not me. What I want to convey. I as if build a channel, a kind of a pipe, and what I want to convey passes through it. It doesn’t even matter to me that it is going through me and how much I understand what is coming through. The main thing is that I bring it to them.

Question: Is it not important that they will say, “I received it through him”?

Answer: Absolutely not.

Remark: You have never made this a secret and always said that you even defended your doctoral dissertation so that maybe someone would say, “Oh, he has a Ph.D., I will listen to him.”

Answer: Of course! Otherwise, what for?

Remark: People defend their doctoral dissertations not only for that. They do it for salaries, for respect, for the academic degree, and for their resumes.

My Comment: I do not have any of it and I do not need it.

Question: Is everything directed to the fact that if it helps me to be heard, I will do it?

Answer: Of course. Only for this.

Question: If roughly speaking, now that you are known, people started talking on every corner: “Laitman! Laitman!” Would you say: “This is just in order to be heard”?

Answer: I think so, yes. Besides, I know that it will only be to the extent that the Creator needs it. To this extent, He will either raise me or lower me. I believe that what a person needs, he must experience. He must live through it, must endure it all, realize that it is for his benefit. There is no choice. Each performs one’s own function. Someone as if destroys, someone as if repairs, someone as if fills, someone empties, and so on.

Question: How did you know that it is your function to tell the world what it lives for, to disseminate the wisdom of Kabbalah? How did you know that this is your life?

Answer: I felt it although I was not really keen to do it. And later from my teacher Rabash, he directed me. Even more than that, he directed me not to the highest attainments, but to stay close to people, not to isolate myself from them, and to disseminate.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 7/27/20

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What A City Of The Future Will Be Like

959Remark: Working on the Internet and the coronavirus pandemic that has spread across the planet is making urban life obsolete. Many experts believe that cities may disappear and become ghost towns.

My Comment: I personally think that this is still a long way off. The creation of cities was necessary to bring people closer in order to better organize their lives. I think that people will nevertheless begin to understand how they should behave to each other, how to reshape their entire community, even the world community, so that everything is good and convenient for people.

Question: There are many examples in history when giant cities, successful cities, at the height of civilization collapsed because of growing internal ambitions, pride, and other negative relationships. And then it took a lot of time to restore not only cities, but entire civilizations.

What will help cities go through the stage of destruction and decay now?

Answer: I think it will not be destruction or decay, but stretching. Cities will sort of stretch.

Question: After deindustrialization, governments and city mayors invested in the development of city services. What should government and city leaders invest in now? Should they invest in the city or in the people?

Answer: Once we lived in caves and were very close to each other, a huge family of several dozens or even several hundreds of people. Then all this gradually began to disperse, turned into a village, a village turned into a city, and so on. That is, we gradually moved away from each other physically.

Then there was a division into professions, into specializations, and this also alienated us from each other. It so happened that somewhere there is a hospital, somewhere there is a school, somewhere there is a factory, and somewhere else there is a pasture and agriculture. And so we drifted further and further away from each other.

The following process is taking place today. We see that distance is not a hindrance to us. We are in such virtual connections that it is not a problem at all.

Question: Will this forced remoteness have an impact on the inner remoteness of people from each other?

Answer: While I am thinking about how not to get infected, it will be difficult for me to go out and communicate with others. But as soon as I start thinking about how not to infect others, it will become easy for me, and there will be no more boundaries. We will be able to stay together in a city, in the countryside, anywhere.

Question: In one of the programs you said that the walls of Jerusalem were built of bricks, but those bricks represented man’s desires, and that a city used to be a kind of protection, a bastion for a man, both for his inner and his external sensation.

What is a city from the point of view of Kabbalah? What does it carry deep within itself? Why would people still want to stay in a city and build a new city?

Answer: Here we are touching a special spiritual state. A city means a settlement of people who surround themselves with a special relationship to nature, to reality, to creation, to the Creator. And so they are, as it were, protected by so-called walls. Subsequently, they began to build walls around cities in practice.

In general, a wall is our common desire to be together and deter those opposed to us. And so the wall, in principle, was spiritual. Then they began to build stone walls, bastions, and so on.

So a city is a symbol of the fact that we limit ourselves to connection with each other and do not want to admit anything alien to this connection.

Therefore, there is a city surrounded by a wall. From the spiritual point of view, it is a community of people who connect with each other and feel how interconnected they are. Around the city there are even certain distances, which a person kind of clears around himself: 70 meters and then 2,000 meters. Thus, the city protects itself from any foreign influences, thoughts, and desires. It lives its inner life. This is called a “city.”

Question: What does it mean that a city protects its inhabitants from alien desires and thoughts? Who is an “alien”?

Answer: Inside a city we think only about mutual assistance to each other, and an alien does not want to act in this form, to be connected with everyone, and therefore, we do not let him in.

I think that in the future a city will cease to exist because the concept of a city is spreading all over the earth. People will be in good connection with each other. And then all sorts of borders between states, territories, and cities will disappear. Live where you want. You can come to any place and be in any kind of connection with other people. And everyone will understand you and you will understand them. I would like to see such a future.

Question: What is needed in order for a person to want to give up his self-identification, his city, his piece of land?

Answer: He will simply involuntarily feel that he is in his place everywhere. That is all. There will be no need to fence in, there will be no “I stay in my area, and you stay in yours; I have a certain social circle, and you have a different one.” Everyone can quietly develop in any place.

Remark: We see, on the contrary, that now there is a confrontation between countries and even between some cities.

My Comment: It still happens because we are going through a period of realization of the evil of our nature. And then it will stop. Simply, we will understand that this is evil and we need to rise above it to universal, mutual, correct communication, to universal goodness.

Question: Has an ideal city that the Kabbalists spoke of ever existed?

Answer: There were several such cities in Israel. They are Safed, Tiberias, and Jerusalem.

Question: What was so valuable in them that bound a city and its inhabitants together, due to which they were called ideal?

Answer: People felt their inner connection between themselves and with the Creator. We will have to build the same city all over the earth in which all residents will feel close to each other in spirit and understand each other. And it will make no difference at all where I live, in what area, urban or rural.

Question: What would you wish people who are now leaving the cities for the countryside, moving away from each other? What should they do: Stop? Think? What about?

Answer: Do not hesitate, leave! This is what I can tell them. You will not lose anything because any city today is a breeding ground for evil. Move away from it and you will find goodness. You will be closer to nature, and you will become better.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 8/17/20

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There Should Be No Schools

273.02“In one window looked two. One saw the rain and mud.
Other—green foliage ligature, spring and the sky is blue.
In one window looked two.” (Omar Khayyám)

Question: Why today do we only see one thing by and large?

Answer: We were educated in this way; this is not our fault. We were educated in this way by kindergartens, schools, universities, and by our attitude to people. The mass media makes such a leveling of everyone that there are absolutely no personalities left in humanity.

We need to look for our personal point of view of the world. This is not easy. We need to find our own thing and not to go with the flow and not be interested in what others are interested in. We see such children here and there who somehow reveal themselves in this way. We need to support them a little, to raise special individuals who have their own view of the world. They are usually different from others, maybe they seem a little strange.

Question: Do you mean such children who have some kind of talent?

Answer: No, they may not even have any talents. They just have their own view of the world. They may sometimes even seem less developed than others. It does not matter.

Question: Do we need to single them out?

Answer: Yes. Each person should be given an opportunity to develop according to his or her features.

Remark: We need to recognize this, it is not a simple task.

My Comment: No, there is no need to recognize this. It is just that in our society everything should be prepared as follows. Let everyone develop as they want. The main thing is not to push. And not that they come, stand in one line, sit down, get up, leave—assessments, slogans.

Remark: Then school is a big problem.

My Comment: School is not a big problem. There should be no schools, that’s all! Schools destroy personality.

A real school is when a person is given an opportunity to develop himself the way he by himself sees fit. This is a very serious, long-term, and gentle approach to everyone. It is not necessary to learn by heart all the writings of the classics and read dozens of all kinds of books. We have to do everything in a very, very unique way.

I would allocate more time, as it is written in the Torah, to the arts: dancing, painting, and music. It is due to the fact that they develop the inner world of a person more, and he feels where he is drawn, how he can express himself.

In addition to this, of course, a little bit of mathematics, a little bit of physics, astronomy is a must. Most of the time, however, should be dedicated to arts, but not formal ones, rather drawing, sketching, anything the child wants. To begin with this and advance more and more. Let the child develop himself in this way.

Question: What will grow out of the child if we live in this way?

Answer: The child will grow.

Question: So, I should not think what’s going to grow out of him? Is this approach wrong?

Answer: No, we do not have the right to churn out people.

Question: Then why did we churn out all of them like that? All this system is about churning out. You and I have been through all this! Does it mean that in fact, we killed something in a person?

Answer: We simply destroyed one’s “I” in the bud, that’s all.

This was what they wanted to do anyway. What should we be for those who rule this world? Just the performers, that is all. It means that we need to perform what they want. As a result, now what they want is all going nowhere, and so are we.

Now begins the formation of real humanity!

Question: “I” will break out from the concrete. Will it work out?

Answer: There is no escape; this is the law of nature.

Question: Then will it really be my “I”?

Answer: Yes. For each and every one.

Question: What is this “I”?

Answer: This will be my personal participation in the common humanity. Everyone will have to take their place. It will be individual, personal, only mine, the only pure one. I will think about how to complete this entire picture, the entire humanity, with myself.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 8/17/20

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How To Escape Hatred

961.2Remark: Sometimes I have a feeling that reality is much more sensual, stronger than any movie, any scenario. I will now read the letter that is addressed to you.

Dear Michael Laitman,
My name is Stanislav. I listen to your programs and don’t miss any of them. And it’s all thanks to my wife. I lived in perfect harmony with her for 28 years. We had no children, so we adopted a son. We raised him. Loved him very much, especially my wife, who adored him.

During the coronavirus, we were very careful. My wife and I were able to work from home and listened to your programs. We agreed with you. But our son took it as a challenge. He went outside, didn’t wear a mask, laughed at us. We couldn’t explain anything to him, he wouldn’t listen.

As a result, he infected us. I went through this illness easily, my wife was very ill. She died two months ago.

I can’t look at my son, I hate him! I understand that it’s impossible to bring my wife back, and I don’t want to live with this hatred for my son, especially since he feels guilty, I see it. But I can’t help myself. I look at him, avert my eyes, and try not to yell at him. There is no love inside me, no love at all! How do I get it back? What to do? How can I forgive him? I don’t know. Help me!”

I just feel what hell is inside a person.

My Comment: He must understand that all this comes only from the highest degree, from the highest decision, and therefore the son is absolutely not to blame!

Remark: I’m afraid it’s hard for a person in this state to hear.

My Comment: Never mind. He needs to hear it because it will save him from hatred after all. And hate is the worst thing.

Remark: He feels the hatred eating away at him. He wants to escape it and can’t.

My Comment: Therefore, he can be told it all comes from above, and therefore none of us are to blame for anything, except for one thing that we do not admit our mistakes. We must learn from them. Learn what the Creator reveals.

Question: What is his mistake now?

Answer: He should say to himself: “Enough!” He must raise the thought to the level of action. He can’t go on like this, it’s not right. He burns himself and everything around him.

Question: Have you ever had a state where you hated so much that everything just burns?

Answer: Yes, until realizing that this is not right.

Question: So one needs to feel it? What’s my first thought?

Answer: “There is none else besides him”! I must attribute all this to the Creator, whatever it is! There, at His level, are all the solutions. Absolutely everything! About this poor woman and her son, and the Holocaust, and murders, and all the terrible things that happen in our world.

Everything is at the highest degree. You have to go up there, and then you will see that everything is the opposite. It turns out that this is not some kind of supreme cruelty, this is the highest mercy.

Question: So this is not a punishment, but mercy?

Answer: Yes. It’s impossible to imagine all this. We should start hearing this slowly now, later we will realize it.

Question: Is this given to a person to the extent that he can endure?

Answer: Bearing is not a big deal. It’s like you give him painkillers and he endures everything. It is not necessary to bear at this level, but when he sees and understands the entire creation from beginning to end and can justify it on the part of the Creator. To the extent that he is equivalent to the Creator, he can justify everything that happens. Absolutely everything!

Otherwise, we will engage in self-criticism. How many people reproach themselves for everything they have done in life!

Remark: Look at how much hate there is in the world. The world is built on hate.

My Comment: In fact, we will see that this is not hatred, but love. The opposite is true. There is no need to continue to cultivate hatred.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 7/27/20

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Advice For Messi

626Remark: Lionel Messi, the famous soccer player who plays for the club Barcelona, suddenly decided to leave the club. And then all hell broke loose! The Spaniards forgot about the coronavirus. They prayed that he would stay.

At home, his wife and children, as Messi says, cried asking him not to leave the club and stay at Barcelona. And the king surrendered. He stayed at the club.

Sports have been elevated to the rank of a religion! Even now, when it seems that all thoughts are occupied with other things.

My Comment: This is because there is a huge force of public consciousness behind this, the fact that this is ours, this is mine, we are all rooting for this! What is the basis of all mass sports, especially group sports? A huge mass of fans unite into one. They live through this since everything else is really messed up. Of all social activities, sports are the highest.

Question: Even despite the fact that millions of dollars go through their hands?

Answer: It doesn’t matter. The person who plays is devoted to this. The individual is devoted. Even if he receives millions for it.

For us, it turns out to be above money. That is, we paid. The one who pays, says, “I am willing to pay for this! Another million? Another twenty million?  Another twenty million.”

Yet, they have such a passion for this! This is mixed with national respect and everything else. This is my team, this is my player, and this is the highest thing I have in life.

I think that even a player does not play for money. He plays to give please to the audience. At least, that’s what the people I talked to say. One of them said, “It was a game that 80,000 spectators attended!”

This is more than theater, more than everything. There is no greater connection between spectators and players than in such a sport.

Question: We have seen more than once that when a player scores a goal he runs, opens up to everyone, and shouts something to the fans. Do you think he is shouting to them that I did it for you?

Answer: Yes, I think so, yes. Inside this game, it turns out that when he does something, he is above money, he gives this to his audience.

Remark: And naturally he receives the appreciation of the audience.

My Comment: Of course! This touches very high feelings, the egoistic feelings of a person.

Question: Do you consider this as high?

Answer: For a person in our world, sport is the last thing left. Everything else, fishing, hunting, it all vanishes, it all disappears, it all is getting dressed in all sorts of mechanics.

Remark: This is a personal excitement for everyone, a person is there alone.

My Comment: Yes, but not in sports. A good game arouses interest all over the world. When so many people are involved, and everyone is watching, and millions, or sometimes billions, are watching the same ball, this, of course, is a huge force! I wish we had such a force!

My teacher Rabash had a lot of respect for the stadium. He said, “This place should be respected, it gives pleasure to the masses.” It was so unexpected for me to hear this considering such a religious man was saying this!

And we pass a stadium where no religious person ever goes because it is considered to be something the opposite.

This is the perception of a real, great Kabbalist.

Question: What advice would you give to Messi?

Answer: To be as honest and close to his fans as possible. To make sure that as many people as possible enjoy his game.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 8/31/20

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Rise Above The Ground With Your Inner Spirit

131Question: The head of the American Corporation SpaceX, Elon Musk, said that he plans to take one million people from Earth to Mars by 2050. Do you think we can colonize Mars and does it make any sense?

Answer: It definitely does not make sense. We must create such life on Earth so that we do not even think about other planets. As far as I once was also captivated by the discovery and conquest of space, now I do not see that this is generally worthy of investment of forces, knowledge, or funds.

Man must rise above the earth with his inner spirit. And everything that is around us, we can understand, appreciate, and feel without flying out in some “box” hundreds of miles away. It won’t do anything.
From KabTV’s “Kabbalah Express” 9/1/20

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Jewish Holidays Are Revelations Of Nature’s Laws

294.4Question: It seems that the autumn holidays, which are called Jewish holidays, are actually worldwide holidays. Especially now during the coronavirus, I am starting to understand this more and more.

Rosh Hashanah (the beginning of the year) symbolizes the discovery of the law of love and bestowal. This is the starting point of humanity, and this is where the counting of time begins. Why is this not a world holiday? Why do we call autumn holidays Jewish?

Answer: These holidays do not apply specifically to Jews. These are cosmic holidays that refer to the upper force that governs our world as it enters new stages of its influence over us.

Question: What does this new year require of us?

Answer: We must change, conform to nature, and not destroy each other. We must stop being controlled by our egoism like small animals. Can you imagine if the animal world had such egoism as we do? They would have consumed us and themselves; everything would have been devoured. And so only humans have it. The human being is gradually consuming everything. We have already reached a dead end! We must realize that our egoism is evil!

This year is a turning point. I hope that it will be such that we realize our evil nature and wish to change it.

Question: Is this your wish for all of humanity? Is it to realize its evil nature?

Answer: Yes, this is my wish for the new year.

Question: Is not the usual wish for everything to be fine, for there to be enough of everything at home, for everyone to be healthy?

Answer: No, no need to wish for that because it will not happen anyway. What is the point of all sorts of impossible dreams, suffering, and so on?

Question: Do you think it will be bad?

Answer: It will be bad, but the main thing is for us to quickly realize the cause of this evil in us. Exclusively in us! In addition to finding the cause, to have ability to correct it and transform it to the opposite. Humanity does not need anything else.

Question: Do you think this is feasible to execute this year?

Answer: If we do not, this realization will come through great unprecedented suffering! It is better to do it quickly. Because when a period of suffering comes, you cannot stop it. It comes for many years and with it brings such destruction and cataclysms, both ecological and societal, with pandemics and so on; it would be simply terrible.

Question: Let us say I heard you, and even the threat that the suffering could be great, what do I do now?

Answer: Tell everyone how we can avoid it, how to prevent it from happening. This can only be done through good connections between us. Just like people cling together like little animals in times of great suffering, that is what we have to do now.

Question: Warm, kind thoughts, getting closer to each other, connection, and unity, this what it should be?

Answer: Yes. If not for the good, then to avoid the bad, but we have to do it.

Question: The next holiday is Yom Kippur (the Day of Atonement). What does it mean for the world?

Answer: For the world, the Day of Atonement is a manifestation of a great evil inside it, which makes us feel completely powerless. There is nothing we can do but ask for the upper force to help us understand, to help us cope with our inner egoism.

After all, there is nothing external. Everything that exists in the world is only an echo of what is happening inside us.

Question: So, am I already revealing the evil inside me? Do I reveal that this is the most terrible thing possible? What do I ask for?

Answer: I renounce it, I do not wish to use it. This is the meaning of the Day of Atonement (Yom Kippur). That is, I do not use any of my egoistic desires. None! I make a restriction on them. Externally it is defined as the five prohibitions.

Question: What would I achieve if I were to do this?

Answer: You would have stopped working with your egoism. Then you can start building your attitude toward the world only from the angle of goodness and connection. This is characterized by the fact that you are building a hut.

Question: So, we come to the third autumn holiday of Sukkot. What is the construction of a hut called a Sukkah?

Answer: This is called “Sukkat Shalom“—hut of peace. It represents the screen, that is, the anti-egoistic force that covers all of us, all of humanity. This is what we need to build.

We can hide under this force. We can gather together, and in this way we want to live.

This is all that we need to do for the new year. If we pass through these states, we are ready for the new development which is the new year. This development is toward the complete unification of all mankind under such a world blanket.

Question: If this happens, should we not be afraid of the virus and all that?

Answer: The virus will disappear as soon as we wish to start moving in this direction.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 9/14/20

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