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How To Find A Kindred Soul

632.3Comment: An Indian wisdom says, “Neither mother nor wife, nor brother, nor children can be trusted as much as a true friend.”

My Response: This is obvious. Because all of them are related to you biologically, they depend on you, and you on them. If not for this biological dependence, they probably would not be close to you.

And the one who is close to you without being your relative, is close to you mentally, you can really tell him more, explain more to him, and be closer to him.

A friend is a completely different level. You are close to each other. You are already created in this one soul of Adam in such a way that there is some connection between you. Yet, you are not related. Connections between relatives are only good at the level of our world. However, a sensory, spiritual connection is only possible with friends.

Question: Who do you call a true friend?

Answer: The one, with whom you can connect in order to reveal the Creator. Here the Creator is the source of our connection, so we feel close to each other, and we develop this connection in order to reveal the Creator more.

The Creator created us close to each other because He wants to be revealed in us. We feel this between us as a kind of spiritual closeness, and therefore we are friends, we get closer to each other in order to reveal Him between us even more.

Question: So, His summon comes first?

Answer: Of course. All of this is the system of Adam, in which we are all closed, tied up. It is all planned in advance. We just need to make a little effort by ourselves.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 10/22/20

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The Power Of Music

932Question: Psychologists have one common point for all problems—pure music, without words. Music is a remedy from stress, from pain, from depression. What is there in music that heals and cleanses and raises?

Answer: Music affects the ear. This is the most sensual thing in a person, not smell, not touch, not taste, but hearing. When harmony is properly tuned, it affects you almost immediately. A few beats, and a person is already in it.

Music is able to lift and lull and heal. But these are all such small, weak, earthly means.

Do not be seduced by this, because the fact is that it depends on the preparation of a person, on his upbringing. He must understand this music. The Papuans will not understand Bach. And the classics will not understand contemporary music.

But no matter what kind of music it is, it is still a very strong accompaniment to the entire history of mankind, because it is at the level of Bina, and this is the sense of hearing.

Music is very powerful.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 1/18/21

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How To Overcome Shame

294.2Comment: On the second Israeli TV channel there was a story about a charity canteen that opened in Tel Aviv.

The number of their clients increased by almost 70%. These are new people who come there for a free lunch. And these people feel very uncomfortable. They are the former waiters, former El Al flight attendants, a real mix of different kinds of people. There are a lot of young people, boys and girls. They do not look up so as not to see each other. They come up, get lunch, and carefully ask: “How much does it cost?” They learn that it costs nothing and step aside.

The feeling of shame was conveyed very strongly.

My Response: Shame is the most burning feeling. Stronger than any pain. Even sometimes stronger than death.

Question: Do you need to rise above this feeling when you go to such a place?

Answer: The point is that either you want to justify this feeling of shame: “I don’t care, everything is so, and I am like that,” and so on. That is, you can somehow chat about it at the everyday level, at the level of our world.

But, in principle, this is the most terrible feeling. Because the feeling of shame is actually a feeling of annulling a person in you. That is, you are really nothing and nobody.

We do not even understand to what extent we must remove what is called “I” from ourselves and leave only the animal shell from this. And the animal is not ashamed.

It is, of course, very difficult. And I do not think that humanity will correct itself based on this, although this is the most serious level of correction. I think that after all, we will reveal the path of light to people and not the path of suffering.

Question: Is this the path of real suffering?

Answer: This is the path of real suffering, because in fact, if a person is brought to a very serious feeling of shame, he will only pray to die. “Why did I live to see this ?!” I would like to just cease to exist.

Question: What do we do with this state?

Answer: We only need to reveal our purpose, that this is the highest governance, the system is so arranged and it causes such feelings of shame in us so that we rise above our “I,” so they would not annul it, but rise above it.

Question: Can you say how to rise above my “I,” which cries out, is ashamed, as it is said: “Death is better than this kind of life”? How do we rise above this “I,” above this shame?

Answer: With a good attitude toward people. This shame is designed to make us lose our temper.

Question: Then tell me, how can I not be ashamed? In difficult situations, what should I do?

Answer: You cannot be ashamed only in two cases: either you lose your human appearance and become an animal, that is: “Oh, I don’t care! I don’t care about anything!” In general, when you sort of annihilate everything that is outside of you. When you annul society, the whole environment, then you have no shame. You cancel it, so what are you ashamed of?

Or, when you annul yourself in relation to society and say: “I am worth nothing. I am ready to do everything for the sake of society, to belong to the society in everything! My “I” is nothing, only “we” exist!” And then shame also disappears.
This second option is preferable. But there are also higher ones.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 2/2/20

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Returning From The Other World

627.2Question: “I came back from dead in the full sense of the word: I  experienced clinical death after falling from the eighth floor of a building. I survived. What I saw and felt cannot be expressed in words—it was a sense of peace and love. The kind of love that does not exist. I now understand that it is not terrible to die. It is much worse to live in this world.

Can you explain what I saw and why I was brought back to this world? And why do we suffer so much here if it is so good there?”

Answer: I also experienced clinical death. I also felt this inspiration and this peace. So what? We must still fulfill all the conditions that are given to us from above, from the highest level of nature. You should not dwell on it too much.

You will not understand it now anyway, I am not going to explain it to you either. You must live by the law, that is, to try and stick to the good in spite of everything that nature awakens in you.

Comment: What about the fact that a person lives with this memory of how good it was and is no longer afraid to die? This man is no longer afraid.

My Response This too is given to him now. It is his destiny to undergo such states.

Question: Well, you know, there are a lot of TV programs and incredible books that people cannot put down, they become bestsellers. They describe how a person comes back from the other world and how good it was there: a tunnel of light, love, and on and on. Is this all to calm us down?

Answer: It has nothing to do with the truth. No connection.

Comment: You are breaking people’s hearts now. They are holding on to this notion.

My Response The main thing is to sweeten this life of yours. They say that life here is not that important as long as there is something waiting for us later.

There will be no Egyptian pyramids, no dancing concubines or whatnot—nothing is awaiting for us there at all.

Question: But you constantly tell us that if we reach the spiritual world, that it is a state of love, a state of bestowal, a state of peace. When you say that, what do you mean?

Answer: The upper world is a state of correct self-assessment. Meaning, it is more like a trial, a very deep psychological evaluation of your feelings, your thoughts, and your actions from the standpoint of truth, which becomes revealed when you break away from the body.

After all, what is it about living or dying? It is about giving up your ego. Only then can one see not through his ego, but the true picture of what is happening in the universe. Then a person can see what is called the future world, the upper world. Not through the ego. Through the ego, one only sees this world.

Question: So you can actually say that gradually, if you let a person break away from egoism, from this body even a little, that he can already experience the states that make such an impression on him?

Answer: Yes, you can say so.

Question: And the truth, is it a billion, many billion times greater than all of this here?

Answer: Yes.

Question: And you are telling us that man can come to the truth in this life, in this body, in this world? Even to a much greater state than he has felt and is dreamed of?

Answer: Of course! A billion times greater.

This requires a special inner state of man, of his desires, intentions, his strength. Otherwise, it will crush him. Therefore, man is not allowed to experience it until he acquires in this world the screen—the force of resistance to egoism—in order not to trade these special states for something sweet. Then it is given to him.

Comment: You are saying that there is such great, incredible love and happiness in store for us that we have to …

My Response: … be prepared for it. And a person gets prepared for it in this world If he wants to.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 2/2/20

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The Secret Code Of The Torah

151Comment: It is said that the first letters that appeared after rock paintings [pictographs] were the letters of the Hebrew alphabet: Aleph (א), Bet (ב), and so on.

My Response: They did not appear. They were discovered by Adam who lived almost 6,000 years ago.

He discovered these letters because he began to understand the correlation between the quality of bestowal and the quality of reception and the connection between them. He saw that there are only 22 connections, and that through these connections between reception and bestowal, he could express all the qualities of the world. Therefore, he depicted them in the form of lines and dots. From that time, we have the alphabet.

Question: What is the black dot in a Hebrew letter from which everything starts?

Answer: It is something that is completely opposite to the quality of bestowal and goodness. Bestowal, love, and goodness are the positive qualities that flow from one object to another only for the benefit of the other, and they are called light. And the opposite of it is called a black dot.

Question: Does any letter start with this black dot?

Answer: Of course.

Comment: And then we draw a horizontal line, and a vertical line.

My Response: Yes, on the background of white light. On the background of the white sheet of paper.

Question: When the whole letter is written, what does it mean?

Answer: I depict to what extent negative qualities can become similar to the positive qualities.

Question: Do you mean that this black letter can become similar to the white sheet of paper, to the white light?

Answer: Yes.

Question: And when I combine letters into a word?

Answer: By this you just explain how you move from one quality of bestowal to the second one, and then to the third, fourth, and so on.

Question: And when I write a sentence and completely fill this, for example, white light, this sheet of paper?

Answer: By doing this, you lay out all your capabilities of bestowal against the background of the white light. After the Torah was written, which depicts absolutely all potential mutual qualities of bestowal and reception, there is no point in writing anything else. Everything is just all sorts of additions and commentaries to the Torah.

Question: So, does the Torah describe all the desires and aspirations of man to become bestowing and loving?

Answer: Yes.

Question: What if a person writes in English, Russian, German, Armenian, or any other language?

Answer: The fact is that what is being written now, you cannot read correctly because the languages are constantly undergoing changes. If you take a modern Frenchman today and one who lived during the Crusades, they would not understand each other. The language has changed so much!

Question: What about Hebrew?

Answer: No. Hebrew has not changed. We read books that were written two or three thousand years ago. Adam wrote his book The Angel Raziel 6,000 years ago, and we read it as if it were written today. It is not very clear, but we read it. We could talk to Adam just as we would to our contemporaries.

There is no other nation that could meet their ancestor who lived thousands of years ago and understand him and speak with him in the same language.

And the Jews could easily!

Question: Is it because the code did not change?

Answer: Yes. It cannot change because it is the interaction between the light and the darkness, the interaction between two forces.

Question: When they say that there is a certain code embedded in the Torah, is it about this interaction between the light and the darkness?

Answer: Yes. Darkness is the letters and light is the background on which we write.

The letters represent the equivalence of a person’s quality to the quality of the Creator. When man comes to this equivalence, then there will be no difference between the letters and the light. All the letters will only express the quality of light.

All the letters exist only to emphasize all the qualities of the light in those lines, in those images where it is absent.

Question: Is it true that horizontal and vertical lines represent different lights?

Answer: Yes, of course. There are many different signs, and there are many secrets in this, that is, things that we have not solved yet.

Question: Are there really unsolved secrets in the letters?

Answer: Of course! There is nothing but letters. The letter is a sign between us and the upper force. There is nothing else but these signs.

Question: Can we say that the light passes from above through a stencil called “letter” and is imprinted in a person?

Answer: Yes, that is also true.

Question: You once told a story about a completely ordinary person living in Siberia who wrote you a letter in Hebrew in the highest, purest, poetic language.

Answer: Yes. I showed it to my teacher Rabash. And he said that it was a Kabbalistic text written by a simple man because he had such spiritual enlightenment.

Question: Can we conclude from this that all the letters are within us, within each person in the world?

Answer: Yes. Later I met this man, and he did not understand or know anything. He came to Israel when he was released from Siberia after many years. There was nothing left in him from the state he had experienced then. It was given to him as such a brief flash because he was suffering so much. He wanted to exit himself, his body, with all his might! And this tension brought him to such a state that he was able to write in Hebrew. It just came out into the world through him.

Question: But can we say that it was his prayer?

Answer: Of course.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 1/4/21

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A True Gift Of Fate

600.02Question: I would like to know if everything that happens to me, all this nonsense, is this my fate? I was fired from my job, scandals at home, my health is worse and worse. I am told: “Fate.” I don’t want such a fate. I want to know how to get out of this circle!

Answer: You must stop. Stop and think how to live nonetheless. And what to live for, which is the most important thing. And then you will be in a state when you can reveal the deeper meaning of life.

So, you actually are in a very good period in your life—a revelation. A revelation of the next level of understanding, awareness of nature and yourself in it.

Only do not close your eyes and do not try to run away from all of this. Continue to exist on the same level as you are now, like in an automatic mode, on autopilot, and at the same time dig deeper. From where, why, and how do all these commands manage me and people around me? Why is all this happening? And what does the commander of all this want from me?

And let everything else spin automatically. I am ready to agree with all this. Just like a machine.

I think that it will quickly bring a person to the connection with the true manager of his life.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 1/7/21

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Life Is A Game

610.2Question: In childhood, playing is the most normal state of growth. And we help children with this: we give them construction kits, puzzles, and suggest all kinds of games. The children play and develop.

Then games slowly disappear from life. I wanted to ask you: what about adults? Should we have games in our lives?

Answer: We must continue to play throughout our lives. If a person does not play, he does not grow, even at 30, at 40, at 50.

Comment: But I have grown up, I am already an adult. I acquired knowledge, a profession.

My Response: So, this is also a game because you are playing someone else, who you want to be. And when a person stops playing, he simply serves his body. He starts to turn back from the level of man to the level of an animal. And this is where a person’s life ends. For some years he will still live in the form of an animal serving his body. And that is all.

Question: Why do people think that playing is a child’s thing? When a person says that he is playing, he is talking about something invented.

Answer: Of course, an invention. I make it up. What does it mean to dare? It is playing something bigger, greater; all of this is aspiration, impulses. Like children, at whatever they play, they want to get better. Our game should be natural as well, but we have lost it.

In adolescence, a person is already given everything, does not require anything, and he stops playing.

Question: So this is the basis of all depressions, drugs, and so on? People stop playing?

Answer: Life does not force one to play.

Question: Should life force you to play?

Answer: “What is our life? A game!” Just a different one!

I really check myself and evaluate: Is there any desire in me to stand still? I would like at the last minute to aspire—pump! And that is all. It is all good.

Question: In this year of the pandemic, is the game a way out of the state humanity is in now? It is at a dead end, in reflection.

Answer: Of course. We must play the state that we wish to achieve. As Kozma Prutkov said: “If you want to be happy, be so.” This is very true.

Question: What game should we play now? Now, in this foggy time?

Answer: We must play at friendship and love. What else is there in a person? When this disappears, life no longer has taste.

Question: So this is the main game? All the time?

Answer: Of course. Flirting with life.

Question: And when you say “friendship and love,” is it to one another, to someone close, distant, to the world? You put everything there?

Answer:  Of course, that is all. There should be movement.

Question: But if this is a game and I internally understand that I do not treat another that way?

Answer: It doesn’t matter. Even if I do it on purpose, I may not initially treat him that way, and then I create.

Question: I create this game world: I do not treat him that way, but I want to love him all the time, I want to be friends with him. And then this world appears at this level. Am I entering it? Does it happen?

Answer: What you want to happen will happen.

Question: Is our main game the game of friendship and love?

Answer: Yes. Let’s not call it friendship and love. It is too childish. Only good connections between us, mutual assistance, feeling the need for good relations can lead us to a new world. Otherwise, there is nothing.

The new world is a new society where I will increasingly feel that my physical and mental health depends on everyone around me and theirs on mine. And we are constantly so much included in each other that it is impossible to tear one apart from the other.

I must realize that there is such a law of nature, a very strict law, that my attitude toward others determines their attitude toward me. This is so strange for us. But if we really try, then of course, we will gradually see that the world depends only on our attitude toward it and it will change for the better. That is, you design your world.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 1/4/21

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It Is Not Enough Just To Love Others

627.1Question: Scientists call oxytocin the love hormone. They believed that it is required mainly during childbirth. Then they realized that this is the main thing in the communication between mother and a child. Then they found that the basis of communication between lovers and friends is oxytocin.

Now scientists at the University of Toledo offer it as an anti-virus. They say that if the virus suppresses the immune system, then the love hormone, on the contrary, raises the immune system. This balance will give a person strength.

Basically, is your treatment based on injecting a person with the love hormone?

Answer: No, it is not about starting to love others. The point is that there is an inner reconstruction. Moreover, it must occur under pressure, at will, with the efforts of the person himself.

Question: As a result, are you against all these medical treatments?

Answer: No, I am not against them! Yes to the treatments! But not to cure a person of hatred. You cannot do it; you will suppress him. The Creator said: “I have created the evil inclination, but I have given the special, upper light against it, which you must apply gradually. You will feel and see how you make a human out of yourself.”

A person must go through all these very difficult states by himself. He must understand why the Creator made him this way.

A person must understand why he was created evil. He should slowly start by not removing this evil from himself, but covering it with good, with the help of the upper influence, the upper light, and getting closer to the Creator. He receives from the Creator the quality of bestowal and love that is opposite of the quality of a person—to receive and hate, which is the natural quality, i.e., the evil inclination in a person. Therefore, advance in such a way.

This is a serious job that a person must do by himself. This is what the Creator gave us to work with. We must create a human out of ourselves, to mold it ourselves.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 10/22/20

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The World Needs Lazy People

564In the News (The Guardian): “A German university is offering ‘idleness grants’ to applicants who are seriously committed to doing sweet nothing.

“The University of Fine Arts in Hamburg advertised three €1,600 scholarship places… . The applicants … will have to convince a jury that their chosen area of ‘active inactivity’ is particularly impressive or relevant.

“The application form consists of only four questions: What do you not want to do? For how long do you not want to do it? Why is it important not to do this thing in particular? Why are you the right person not to do it? …

“The idea behind the project arose from a discussion about the seeming contradiction of a society that promotes sustainability while simultaneously valuing success, Von Borries said. ‘This scholarship programme is not a joke but an experiment with serious intentions – how can you turn a society that is structured around achievements and accomplishments on its head?’ …

“All applications will form part of an exhibition named The School of Inconsequentiality: Towards A Better Life… . It will be structured around the question: ‘What can I refrain from so that my life has fewer negative consequences on the lives of others?'”

My Comment: Being lazy is not easy. In fact, it’s not a simple task. A person who can feel free, unencumbered by any obligations is first of all a creative person.

Usually, such people tend to be creative. Where did science, art, music, and visual arts come from? From the type of people who never had to do anything in their lives, the aristocrats.

Question: They didn’t have to go to work?

Answer: No. They met, traveled, and talked. They held balls, engaged in all kinds of musical activities, and so on. This gave rise to science, art, and everything out there except physical labor.

Therefore, if we want people to have the right attitude to a person’s spiritual pursuits, the spiritual quest in this world I mean, then we must give them time to do this, provide for them so that they won’t have to work 15 hours a day like those poor programmers and many, many others do.

On the contrary, we need to make sure they have free time. So that they would travel, discuss things, sit and talk, so they can be like the aristocrats were. We don’t need to be aristocrats, with millions behind us, but we do need to feel that we have a secure income and can afford not quite to be lazy, but not to have to work. This is the only way to create special works of art, literature, and music.

This should be a person’s attitude to the world. Otherwise, nothing will come of it. See what is going on in our times!

If people relate to the world this way and organize themselves in this manner, provide for special people who can create a reasonable standard of living, we will see a great benefit from this so-called “doing nothing.”

These creative people should be like the landowners, nobles, who once had a guaranteed income.

Question: Does the world need them? The world says: “They’re idlers.”

Answer: The world can’t do without them. They give the world exactly the right attitude to life, to creation, to the Creator, to everything. They conduct themselves correctly. That is, they have time for everything. A creative person should not feel pressure from the outside, only from the inside, if it arises.

Question: And what is your attitude to laziness?

Answer: Laziness is the most useful quality in a person. It is due to the fact that one does not want to be lazy that he does a thousand different, completely unnecessary things. Therefore, it is written in the Torah, “Sit and do nothing.” It is better than running around and looking for something to do. And this is actually true.

In order to find the right attitude to life, you have to be lazy. To do nothing extraneous, nothing unnecessary. Only when you really feel: “I have to do this,” then do it. And you will feel in it how life forces you, the Creator is there inside and He demands it from you.

Comment: You have raised the word “laziness” almost to the level of the most hard-working person.

My Response: Yes, it would be better if we did it this way. Why do we need all the things that we have created? Just look at this world!

And now the Creator must use the help of all sorts of pandemics to clean up this mess, to clean out these stables.

Question: What meaning did you just put into the word “laziness”?

Answer: Stop recklessly, thoughtlessly “creating” something. Stop all this, sit down. It will pass. This is better. Let nature, let the Creator, let everything around you develop. If it is necessary, you will see that it is necessary and you will get up and do it. But only to the extent that it is really necessary, not for your inner egoism, but for the whole of human society.

It is very important. Because we live in the animal kingdom, and the animal does only what it needs. This is their instinct. And if not, then they lie, sit, walk, communicate. Actually.

And we’re running around like ants all the time. Well, I hope we’ll get better!
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 11/26/20

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Elon Musk’s Mars Program

746.01Comment: Elon Musk, the founder of SpaceX, Tesla, and now the richest person in the world, announces plans to build an autonomous city on Mars, which can survive independently of the Earth.

He does not intend to abide the Earth’s laws outside of Earth, but instead wants to rely on the principles of self-administration “established on the basis of good will.” By 2050, he wants to send about a million people to Mars and build a city there.

My Response: What for? Even if people live well there, in peace and friendship with each other, they still will be dying, because this is the nature of biological organisms. And then what? So they will live on Mars.

What is the goal? Is it to demonstrate that people in spacesuits can live or bury themselves somewhere underground and live in their own artificial conditions?

Comment: I understand his hope is to build such a city of the future or a country of the future on Mars.

My Response: For this, you need to change people.

Comment: Maybe he thinks that we are going to make a complete mess of the Earth by 2050.

My Response: That’s for sure!

Comment: We will have such wars here…

My Response: This will happen much earlier.

Comment: Everyone will dream of escaping this planet somewhere to somewhere else because they will understand that it is impossible to survive on this planet, that is, when it will be just hell here.

My Response: If there is hell here, then we will build the same hell elsewhere.

Question: So we are not going anywhere from this planet?

Answer: Nowhere. We will have to make the right, good life on this planet. There is no place for us other than Earth. We may with great difficulties reach other planets, but we won’t be able to live there. They are not, according to thousands of parameters, adapted for people. People also will not be able to adapt to them. This is the first thing.

And the second thing is: This is not the mission of man to preserve his animalistic essence. He must rise above it, so that he would be able to fly in his spirit from star to star.

Question: Does it mean that right now I can move to another star?

Answer: Of course.

Question: Can I be on Mars right now?

Answer: You do not need spacesuits, you do not need an atmosphere, you do not need anything. You only need the correct desires, when you do not interfere with any systems, but you can be included in them in such a way that you do not bring any interference into them.

Question: What is interference? My destructive thoughts?

Answer: Of course, they are egoistic.

Question: Is this why this place won’t let me in? Because I have destructive thoughts?

Answer: Yes.

Question: What does it mean that we are so connected to the Earth?

Answer: Such conditions are created here that we can exist in this world, on this planet, in our egoism, which sets us these bodily conditions.

However, this is created artificially so that we could quickly change ourselves and prepare for a state above the earth’s conditions. Then we can move as we please, anywhere.

When we exit the boundaries of egoism, we begin to see a different universe. These planetary and stellar conditions no longer exist there. There are forces there. Matter does not matter at all. We do not see the matter, we just see a field of egoistic and altruistic forces. And it already depends on how much we begin to interact between them.

We then build our universe, the one called spiritual, because it is already built above egoism, on altruism, and we begin to build it ourselves.

Question: What does an ordinary person feel if he is in these forces?

Answer: He feels that he is already living in a system of spiritual, altruistic forces, not egoistic ones. That is, he has a completely different direction of mind, thoughts, feelings, and relationships—toward another, toward one’s neighbor.

Based on this, he already sees completely different states of matter. All this will come.

Why do we want to relocate egoists somewhere to another planet? What are they going to do there? They will make a mess of Mars. All this has neither the possibility nor the right to exist.

Question: Do you think it is better to invest all this money in education, in re-educating people, in correcting them?

Answer: Undoubtedly! This is our goal, it should be our goal—the re-education of humanity and the creation of a completely new, spiritual humanity from it. Humanity the way it is today has no future. We see this more and more clearly from day to day.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 1/11/21

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