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Pride Is The Best Helper

294.1Question: Psychologists, religions, and spiritual movements often tag pride as the greatest evil. Pride is behind insults, diseases, wars, and all kinds of sufferings. Author Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth contends that there are 41 evidences of pride, which include: self-infallibility, a patronizing attitude to others, a sense of self exclusivity, feeling like a victim, bragging, the ability to put an opponent in his place, and so on. All these evidence pride within us, but in disguise.

Why is pride given to a person?

Answer: This is our main quality!

This is precisely our egoism, which supposedly wants to raise a person above others. Pride is given in order for me to realize how sinful, vicious, insignificant, stupid, weak, etc. I am. It is in order for me to understand in all my actions and thoughts, that is, in my mind and desires, that if I want to do the right thing, I must act only by the force of connection with the Creator.

Question: Does it mean that it is not evil, but rather good?

Answer: Of course! It was created to show us how insignificant we are if we are under the control of pride.

Comment: Psychology and religions say that it is the greatest evil. Yet you, after all, say that this is the greatest good.

My Response: Evil leads us to absolute good. It is what the Creator created: “I created evil and gave the Torah, the upper light, to correct it.” So, go and correct yourself.

The Creator created pride so that we would realize our insignificance in it, and would want by all means to get rid of it, and therefore, to find strength, to find the mind to turn to the Creator so that He would do it. Thus, pride leads us to the Creator, helps us find a connection with Him, and allows us to reach the height of the Creator.

Question: What does pride turn into in this case?

Answer: Into complete agreement with the Creator. There is nothing left of it but joy in obtaining the greatness of the Creator.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 11/4/21

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Care That All Will Be Happy

962.1Question: The results of the regularly conducted survey “What Worries the World?” have been published. Coronavirus is no longer the main problem that concerns the inhabitants of Earth, it is in third place. It was overtaken by poverty and unemployment.

Poverty and social inequality concern 33%, unemployment – 30%, and the coronavirus – 29%. Then there is corruption, crime, education, climate change, emigration and so on. At the very end,  the content of social programs (Ipsos, “Coronavirus no longer the world’s top worry as it is overtaken by economic concerns”).

What will we come to? What will humanity care about?

Answer: When there is no goal, it is impossible to talk about anything. Each, like a swan, a crayfish, and a pike, pulls in their own direction and that is it.

Comment: However, they say directly that a person wants to be happy.

My Response: That is a separate happiness for everyone.

Question: Will a person’s aspiration for his happiness not lead him to this?

Answer: In doing so, he stumbles upon the desire for the happiness of everyone else. Thus, they pull in different directions.

Question: Should the aspiration be one, common, toward one common goal?

Answer: Yes. Until we come to agreement, none of this will happen.

Question: What is the main problem that should concern people?

Answer: People should be concerned about the question of what they exist for, what the most important thing in their life is, and how to reach this state. After that, I can already talk about the things that prevent or help me to reach this goal.

Question: In your opinion, what should be the goal?

Answer: To be really happy.

Question: What do you mean by the word “happiness”?

Answer: When everyone is happy, everyone is satisfied, everyone is fulfilled, and everyone feels good.

Question: Did you just say not that I would be happy, but everyone would be happy?

Answer: How else can it be? If not everyone is happy, then in the end it threatens me too.

Comment: So, I have to care that all the people of the Earth will be happy.

My Response: Only in this case can I guarantee myself absolute happiness.

Question: In what case will the people of Earth be happy?

Answer: When all of them will think about exactly that, and worry about making everyone happy.

Happiness is to be in absolute harmony with inanimate, vegetative, animate, and human nature.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 11/8/21

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This Is How You Become A Human

534Condemn first yourself,
Learn this art,
And only then judge your enemy
And neighbor on the globe.

First learn yourself
Not to forgive a single blunder,
And only then shout to your enemy,
That he is the enemy and his sins are grave.

Not in the other, but in yourself, conquer the enemy,
And when you succeed in this,
You will no longer have to play the fool  –
And you will become a man.
(Bulat Okudzhava)

Question: This Russian poem still spreads over the Internet, which means that people feel it is relevant. How do you become a human in such a difficult world today?

Answer: This is a problem. I see that this is impossible without the help of the Creator.

You can admit your lowliness, the lowliness of your nature, anything. But if you admit that you have been given this from above for correction and you have to turn to the same source, to the Creator, who created you this rude, egoistic, etc. way, and you admit that you need to correct yourself, this can start helping in some way.

What’s the use of what Okudzhava summons? We see that humanity cannot do this. If we are only within the boundaries of our nature, we can keep on saying anything. There’s only one thing left for us to do—get drunk. What else? Drugs. Do you see what humanity is doing? Nothing!

Question: So you think that to learn practically the art of “condemn yourself first” is difficult?

Answer: I think it’s impossible. I even think we should not condemn ourselves, after all, we are created that way. And then a person stumbles upon some kind of internal contradiction, “What can I do if I am created worse than animals?”

Animals don’t act like us. We are ready to destroy everyone, animals don’t. Any animal eats another because it sees it as a source of food and nothing more. Therefore, whenever it destroys, it does not really destroy the other, it feeds.

This is a completely different attitude to life, to another, and to the world than our perspective. We destroy the other, not because it is necessary for us to survive, but to be above him. And our desire is not limited by anything.

We see that the world is not moving toward a better state. It can’t move to a better state. We have to get worse and worse. Our egoism is growing more and more, and no one and nothing can help us in this except the awareness of where it comes from.

It comes from the Creator specifically so that we understand why we were created in such a terrible, egoistic, uncorrectable, incorrigible nature.

Question: You are speaking such a bitter truth, and yet the Creator’s script is for us to try to get out of this nature?

Answer: When we begin to realize that nature, meaning the Creator, which is the same thing, created us like this and precisely for some purpose, and we realize ourselves to be so vicious, then on the one hand, we are somehow lost. What can we do if we are like this?

We need to accept that we are like this and cannot be different. And then we have the only opportunity to turn to the same source that develops this evil in us all the time: “I created the egoistic desire. I created egoism.”

Then we need to ask Him to give us the opportunity to at least somehow limit this evil, somehow occupy it.

Comment: Then this last stanza of Okudzhava: “Not in another, but in yourself, conquer the enemy.”

My Response: But it’s not us, it’s through the Creator again, through the same source.

Question: So the victory over the enemy is to turn to the Creator?

Answer: This is a victory over ourselves, over our own limitations, so that we turn to Him and always urgently demand from Him that He change us. For this He created us so creepy, terrible, egoistic, and limited so we could understand that our egoism cannot be corrected or changed in any way.

We do not need to blame ourselves, we do not need to blame others, and we must admit that we are the ones who are worse than the rest of the world, both vegetative and animal, and anything else, and we must turn to the Creator to change us.

Comment: And then, as Okudzhava writes: “And you will become a man.”

My Response: Yes!

Question: Then what does “man” mean?

Answer: A person is one who wants to do good, like the Creator. Then we will see that the Creator is not the one who created egoism, but who created egoism so that we turn to Him for correction.

The first part is the awareness of egoism. The second part is an appeal to the Creator to give us the strength to correct it and to teach us how to correct this egoism. And then proceed to this practical work on correcting egoism. Thus gradually, gradually, from oneself being opposite to the Creator, to make oneself similar to the Creator.

This is what is called human, this is our mission. And what will become of him, will be called a man, Adam, from the word “Edomeh – similar.”
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 10/25/21

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We Need To Keep On Living

560Comment: In one of the video clips about the loss of a loved one, you said that you need to keep on living and accept it, and that you can even feel joy in life despite the fact that a loved one has been lost.

Tanya writes to you: “Having lost a 25-year-old son, can I, as a mother, go on living, enjoying life? For me personally, life is over—I simply exist, there is no joy. Before, all my friends were envious of how joyful I was—always smiling and laughing. It all ended five years ago. I am living and waiting for my time to meet my precious son.”

Answer: I think you shouldn’t live like this. You can try to feel him even now, in the state you are in. It doesn’t matter that you are worlds apart. It means that you have to try to rise above yourself a little, and you will begin to feel that this love of yours and your attitude toward your son brings you to the level where you can feel him. It’s supernatural but, in general, it’s normal. We just have to push the limits of our perception a little.

I would also advise you to try to keep treating people as you did before, and the way you would like to treat your son now. You will see how much it helps you, and how much it realizes your unclaimed maternal love.

You should engage in helping others. This way you will help both yourself and your son, and overcome this barrier that supposedly exists between you.

Question: Are you saying there is no barrier?

Answer: There is no barrier. It is only in your feelings.

Question: If it is given to a person, does it mean that he can, if he wants to, overcome this barrier?

Answer: Undoubtedly, he can.

Question: In other words, are we not given obstacles we cannot overcome?

Answer: Correct. Man is created so that he can reach his highest spiritual development where there are no barriers, and all his desires are positively realized.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 10/25/21

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Everything Will Be Stolen As Usual

547.04In the News (CNN): “A small group of ultra-wealthy individuals could help solve world hunger with just a fraction of their net worth, says the director of the United Nations’ World Food Programme.

“Billionaires need to “step up now, on a one-time basis”, said David Beasley in an interview on CNN’s Connect the World with Becky Anderson that aired Tuesday — citing specifically the world’s two richest men, Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk.

“‘$6 billion to help 42 million people that are literally going to die if we don’t reach them. It’s not complicated,’ he added.”

My Response: No amount of money can feed people. Everything will be stolen along the way. The number of people that should die, will die.

Comment: We are talking only about 2022, and then we will need more, more and more.

My Response: Every time more and more.

Question: Will people starve more and more every year?

Answer: Of course. There will be great abundance and at the same time great shortage in everything, in basic products, such as bread, water, and rice, the things that people need.

Question: So you do not think there will be a general lack of everything. Will there be reserves somewhere and everything will be in plenitude?

Answer: And huge armies will guard these reserves, and next to them the hungry people will be dying of hunger. It will be very open. All this will be in the news. People will see all this and say, “How sorry we are for these starving people.” And do nothing.

Comment: Please reveal the plans of egoism to us. It is so insidious.

My Response: Egoism in no way aims to satisfy us, but only to teach us how to act. It is in order for us to realize that our dependence on each other is our problem, but this is also our salvation.

That is, if we can rise above this problem, come to connection and use it correctly for our unification, then we will understand why this is given to us, and we will be grateful that this is happening.

Question: What is the conclusion? What should happen in order for humanity not to starve more and more? And an understanding of what?

Answer: Understanding that this is not happening so that we do not starve, but because we have to unite. We must unite.

Question: Will humanity understand this?

Answer: With a stick to happiness.

Question: Are you saying that it can only be understood through many famines?

Answer: Perhaps through many famines. Baal HaSulam talks about the third and fourth World Wars, which will be atomic ones.

Question: Why is egoism so unbending?!

Answer: This is nature. This is nature that we do not even know, do not attain, and cannot imagine. You can beat it as much as you want, but it remains the same.

Comment: It feels like nothing can conquer it.

My Response: Nothing can conquer it. There is only one upper force. If you can attract it, then it will sweeten this egoism, and you will be able to use it correctly.

Question: Does it mean that you do not believe in any corporeal plans?

Answer: There can be no good corporeal plans!

Question: Then what are we building them for? We are making all these plans, the future of the countries, the future of whatever you want. Is this also egoism pushing us?

Answer: Because we exist in this, we live in this, we do not see anything else, and this is what we do. We believe that we can do something and we do not understand that we are moving from bankruptcy to bankruptcy.

We have nothing else left, not for humanity, nor for you and me. We just understand why there is nothing left. Because we have already reached rock bottom, as they say. This is it! We have come to a clear understanding of the cause, effect, and end of everything. The world, however, does not understand. But it nevertheless has nowhere to go.

Comment: You also have nowhere to go. You have to keep saying this to the world, drop by drop.

My Response: I need people who can put this into the right words so that they shake the world after all. To shake up all of humanity somehow.

When we reach absolute despair, we will finally discover that only rising above our egoism, changing our nature, can save us. Then this action will happen!

Question: No money can save us?

Answer: What money?! It is the last thing.

Question: Why, then, does this illusion exist? Everyone has this small hope that these plans can be implemented, that money will help.

Answer: Because humanity has nothing else! Nothing! Therefore, what can we hope for? We need to ensure that there is a government reserve, a family reserve, or something like that.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 11/18/21

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There Are Only Two In Love

294.4In love are two. The whole world around is the scenery (Antoine de Saint-Exupéry).

My Response: This is natural because you see nothing else. If you love, you love only one thing or one person and nothing else. Love cannot be 360 degrees. It can only be narrowly focused. We have no other choice, no other option. Even take a mother who loves her children so much. All the same, if we fully understood her condition, then, probably, she treats the smallest with the greatest love.

Question: But everything else, as it were, helps this love and only exists for it?

Answer: Only this way, yes.

Question: Is this the way to love?

Answer: Spiritual love implies such a state of a person when he sees all of humanity as one single whole, as one united person, and he loves him.

Because he discovers that with such an attitude to this common, unified image he sees the Creator in him. He builds such a communication system with Him that he begins to feel in this the whole of nature, all of humanity, all of the present and the future. Other ideas about the Creator are untenable.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 11/18/21

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Make The Next Year More Benevolent

292Question: What should be added to our world in the new year so that it becomes more benevolent and so it would be easier for a person to go through all these pandemic metamorphoses?

Answer: I think that it is necessary to add to our world the awareness of its goal and how we can achieve it, which we can still do ourselves without expecting mercy from nature. This is the most important thing.

Question: You mean for a very clear goal to appear?

Answer: The goal still should be one. We will not arrive anywhere if we do not bring humans to the same balance with nature in which the entire inanimate, vegetative, and animate world exists.

That is, egoism of every type, of every level, to be in balance with the whole of nature or with the Creator, one might say. Man is not in balance with it. We need to find, realize, and implement this formula.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 12/20/21

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What Does A Person Feel Before Death?

627.2Question: Doctors and nurses of hospitals and hospices say that most often before death people admit to someone from their loved ones that they love them. The phrase “I love you” is uttered by most dying patients. A great number of people have a feeling that this is what they missed in life.

Even a materialist like Steve Jobs wrote in his final letter: “Treasure love for your family, love for your spouse, love for your friends. Treat yourself well. Cherish others.”

What can you say about the fact that a person before death says “I love you”?

Answer: A person before death begins to feel something from the world of truth. He is not just illuminated by the future, he escapes from the egoism of the past. After all, what does death mean? First of all, it means the death of our egoism. Whether he acquires something after that is another question.

Question: Is this some kind of a boundary between caring only about yourself and exiting into a completely different space? And there is a small truth there.

Answer: It is small, but this is where we begin to attain it and a new world opens up.

Question: Is “I love you” this truth?

Answer: Yes, this is where it starts. From the fact that you now feel that you did not love and what it means to really love.

Question: Do I feel at this moment that I lived for myself, loved only myself?

Answer: Very much so!

Question: What is in this last confession, this cry, this prayer?

Answer: A person realizes that his entire life in his egoism was basically wrong. Yet, there are people who say the opposite: “Drink, smoke, party, take everything you can from life.” I am serious. I have heard that. “Do not take anything else into account! Fulfill your desires.”

Comment: This is an interesting twist. Suddenly, from the romantic “I love you” to this…

My Response: This is not a romantic “I love you.” This is what a person really feels. These are not romantic feelings of “I do love—I do not love.”

Question: Is this an illumination of such truth?

Answer: Yes.

Question: Still, could you tell me what is behind “I love you”?

Answer: It depends on what kind of person is saying it.

Question: But in truth, what is behind the phrase “I love you”?

Answer: I love you means that I want to feel myself as something nonexistent that only fulfills you and rejoices in your fulfillment.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 11/29/21

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To Give Someone Else Happiness

630.2Question: Please tell us how Kabbalah relates to adoption?

Answer: Adoption is a good thing, of course, because we are talking about orphans, about people who have no relatives. And when you make them feel that there is someone nearby who cares for them, who loves them, etc., then adoption turns into an action similar to the action of the Creator.

The same way as we would like to find something higher, stronger, and superior, something that would help, endorse, and support us adults. And for a child, there is such emptiness, hopelessness, there is such desperation when he has no one to turn to, no one around! We cannot even imagine it.

Therefore, adoption—if it is really good adoption–is the most giving action in our world. And above it, there are spiritual attainments, human sensations.

Question: Can an adopted child grow to be at the same level as the biological child?

Answer: Even higher.

Question: When can that happen?

Answer: When a person really wants to get close to him and adopt him. Because those qualities that are the opposite of kindness—the Creator, connection, unification, which we reveal in ourselves as negative, as falls, and so on—they are given to us so that we overcome them and on their basis build connection and love, which are impossible without prior hatred.

Love will cover all sufferings. Therefore, a person who adopts actually has a much greater opportunity to show his love for another than an ordinary biological relative.

Question: Because of it he can rise higher?

Answer: This is higher. We see how this is revealed to us in Kabbalah and in humanity today, to what extent we are opposite, distant, in some kind of hatred for each other, and so on. This is only to reveal the opposite of love.

Question: So this is where love is revealed, when you take a child? And do you adopt him out of pity for him or out of self-pity because you are alone, because you have no children of your own?

Answer: It is natural. Man acts from the state in which he is.

Question: Which intention is correct and works?

Answer: Giving happiness to another.

Comment: It is a winning answer really!

My Response: Yes. But do people understand it? At least, in any case, this is a very noble, special act. And all efforts of someone who performs such an act are really great.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 10/25/21

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A Hole In The Soul The Size Of The Creator

534A person has a hole in his soul the size of God, and everyone fills it as best he can (attributed to Jean Paul Sartre)

And the notion of a “God-shaped hole” attributed to Pascal:

What else does this craving, and this helplessness, proclaim but that there was once in man a true happiness, of which all that now remains is the empty print and trace? This he tries in vain to fill with everything around him, seeking in things that are not there the help he cannot find in those that are, though none can help, since this infinite abyss can be filled only with an infinite and immutable object; in other words by God himself (Blaise Pascal, Pensées VII).

My Response: Yes, only the Creator can fill this hole with Himself.

Question: That is, I must call upon the Creator to fill this hole in me?

Answer: Yes, so that He Himself fills this hole with Himself.

Question: How can this be done?

Answer: This is His business.

Question: Is the feeling of the hole a feeling of emptiness? What is it?

Answer: It is a feeling that I really lack the Creator.

Question: Should a person feel that he lacks the Creator?

Answer: Yes. In order to fill the hole that the Creator initially created in him.

Question: Does it mean that the Creator created it on purpose?

Answer: Our egoism absorbs everything like a black hole and only the Creator can fill this black hole with Himself.

Question: I should say to Him: “Come and fill this hole, I cannot live like this anymore”?

Answer: I must say: “I ask You, I demand that the black hole in me that You created, You fill it Yourself because I can do nothing about it!”

This is our ego. Only the Creator can fill it up.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 11/15/21

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