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How To Get Out Of Apathy

565.01Question: Recently, I see how people close to me seem to have turned over. They were full of feelings, the meaning of life, joy, hatred, and love. And suddenly indifference to the goal, to others, to the troubles of others, to the happiness of others. There is not even envy.

Suddenly such a state came after all this crises, all these blows. Suddenly the person hid in this niche and it is good for him to live in it. What is it?

Answer: First, it is the awareness of a person. That is, a person must realize and say that he is in such a state. “I was struck by this state. I am in it, and I do not see how I can get out of it.”

Comment: But if so, this is already a prayer. He already wants to get out of this state.

My Response: No, he doesn’t want to. The fact of the matter is that he sees that he does not want anything, he is absolutely apathetic to what is happening, and has an unwillingness to change anything because he sees that nothing can be changed! And no matter what he does, it will, perhaps, only get worse.

“Therefore, we do not need to change anything! So we will live as long as we need, we will live, when necessary, we will die. Everything will be fine. Why twitch? We see that from all our interventions in what is happening things can only be worse. Let’s not do anything, let’s leave it all. Like in a boat, we see that we can’t get anywhere and do nothing. Let’s throw away the oars, we’ll sit quietly.”

Question: And he even sort of feels good?

Answer: Of course he feels good. You understand that you surrender yourself to the will of the waves.

Question: You made an accurate diagnosis. Now, how can we get a person out of this or not?

Answer: Who can one withdraw? Who has the ability and understanding of where to withdraw?

Comment: Sit down and talk to him.

My Response: About what? What can I tell him?! I can tell him the other way around: “You have come to the correct conclusion. Sit down and don’t fuss.”

Exactly. Because he has no solution, he does not know or understand anything. He is not in connection with the forces of nature that attract us to somewhere. And therefore, the best thing about it is to surrender to the will of the waves.

When Rabbi Akiva was asked how he escaped from the sinking ship, he said: “I grabbed the board, bridled it, sat on it, and for all the waves that passed, I bent my head, and they passed over me. And so these waves pushed me to the shore. Why? Because I did not resist them.”

Question: That is, you propose, as a recipe for a person in this state, first of all, not to interfere. Secondly, that he be in this state of floating at the behest of the waves?

Answer: Yes. And this is the most true when you surrender to the will of nature. Because you still have no other choice. And in nature you know that there are great forces, there is a great mind, and there is something that is above us, some laws, unknown to us, eternal, and so on. And there is something in it that still controls us. So why should I resist? I will only drain my strength, fall to the bottom of my boat, and that’s it.

Comment: So your advice is to wait? Time will take its toll.

My Response: It’s not just waiting. This is a type of prayer, this is agreement with the higher nature: “I am ready to obey you.”

Comment: Do what you want with me.

My Response: Yes. And in fact, you always do what you want with me. But now I finally begin to feel that I don’t need more. This is already a stage of comprehension, a stage of communication.

Question: That is, if a person comes to this thought, this is already a great advance toward the Creator, one might say, toward the law of nature, which governs everything?

Answer: Of course. He does not climb with his limited thoughts when he wants to spoil nature even more and more. Enough! Do not get involved, do not interfere with the flow of nature and what it does to us! So it is said in the Torah too: “Sit and do nothing—it is preferable.”

Question: Is that how you feel about a person who has entered the spirit of indifference?

Answer: And he has nothing else. Where will it come from? Therefore, he is right. This is the surest way out in his condition.

Question: And what is your advice to me, as his friend?

Answer: It depends on how this friend can understand where he exists, in what forces of nature and if he can use these forces correctly. That is, add yourself to the same direction in which nature wants to lead him. That is, in this case, I do not resist the will of the waves. I am ready to go along with the waves in the same direction, also including my forces in this.

So everything is very peaceful, calm, and good.

Comment: So you have sung such a hymn to the indifferent now.

My Response: This is not indifferent, but reasonable.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 3/22/21

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Will The End Of The World Come?

629.4Comment:  Igor wrote a comment about one of your videos about the last generation: “You have come up with a terrible name, the last generation. But I like this name. Yes, we are the last generation because the end of the world is approaching. And I am glad about it.”

My Response: I do not know what he imagines as the end of the world. I do depict the end of our world.

The last generation is the last generation of egoism, the last that exists in this egoism, in this terrible relationship between people, etc. And then the next generation will come. It is not the last; it is the first generation of the new world.

We are still the last generation. We must recognize the evil of all of our past states and simply swear that we will never use it again.

Question: This generation should realize the evil of egoism?

Answer: Yes. So much so that it will never return to it so that this impression from the recognition of evil will remain in it and serve as the correct support, the soil for germination of a new generation.

Question: What is your job? To make people understand and accept this?

Answer: To inform them that we are egoists, that we must rise above it, that we must take the positive force of nature as the basis of our existence and not the evil, not the negative force of nature. And thus move forward.

Question: When such people ask questions, it is clear where they are leading to, that there will be an apocalypse, the end of the world, it is written in many holy books. What does it mean? What is the end of the world?

Answer: The end of the world means the end of our egoistic existence.

Nature is eternal, nothing ends, we will not disappear. We will still grow over and over again. So, nothing threatens us. On the contrary, we will be forced to return to these states again and again in order to draw the right conclusion and live correctly.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 3/15/21

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Why Cancer Affects Everyone

510.01Question: Humanity has been living with cancer for many, many centuries. Even ancient Egyptian papyrus from the 7th century BC describe breast cancer and so on. Humanity is always fighting this disease. We have invented chemotherapy, created all sorts of drugs, and still, this disease is defeating us.

Scientists have come to the conclusion that the cancer cell is unique, and in general, cancer is different for everyone. Thus, the approach should be very individual with each patient. What do the Kabbalists say about this disease, and how do we break free of it?

Answer: It is a violation of the program in the functioning of a cell or of an organ in a human or animal body. Cells and organs experience disruption. It is like in a computer, for example, when there is a failure, and it is already doing who knows what and destroys itself.

Only from the point of view of Kabbalah, we do not say a failure occurs and it destroys itself. A failure occurs, and everything goes according to a different plan. It is still going according to a plan, they are not some completely random forces. There is no such thing as random in nature. In nature, everything is predetermined, everything is totally interconnected. Therefore, cancer is a violation of the correct, healthy program of the existence of protein cells.

The right, healthy program of existence is when the body functions in order to lead its master, the owner of the body, to the right connection with others and to unite, to reveal a common unifying force through it.

Since the master is not engaged in the correct assembly of these cells, there is a disruption between them such that they begin to multiply incorrectly among themselves.

Question: What is the proper development of the cell?

Answer: It is in proper care between themselves.

Question: Does it stop caring about other cells and care only about itself and start destroying everything around it including itself?

Answer: Yes. It is a purely egoistic attitude to the environment, to its surroundings, because it cannot find the correct positive interaction with it.

Question: So, in fact, can you call the relationships between us, between people, cancerous?

Answer: Of course!

Question: Meaning that we live in a world afflicted by this disease?

Answer: Yes.

Question: And the same thing is happening within us?

Answer: Absolutely the same processes.

Question: What is the solution, what is the cure?

Answer: To realize what has gone wrong in the development of cells, in the wrong relationships between us, in the wrong human relationships between ourselves, and to correct the way we relate to each other.

And we will see almost immediately according to the changes between us toward good relationships, the correct interaction between malignant cells and tissues.

Question: Can a person break free of this disease by himself?

Answer: There may be a chance, possibly. But only through very serious work on oneself and others. If one is even allowed to do so. The fact is that cancer is actually an egoistic tumor of all of humanity. Therefore, it can affect people who are completely unselfish by their nature, by their character. They are affected also.

Question: It is as if reflected from all of humanity onto them, right?

Answer: Yes. And in general, in this respect, we misunderstand nature. Because nature does affect people who, perhaps, are the least likely to relate to such evil manifestations toward each other.

Comment: So the righteous can be the first to suffer.

My Response: True.

Question: Why?

Answer: Well, because they are above the others and, therefore, they get the first blow.

Question: It is a shame.

Answer: No, it is not a shame. This is a universal law of nature, thus, we need to think about everyone.

Comment: You once said that when a person feels bad or is gravely ill, if he finds the strength not to think about himself but to think about others, by doing so he can conquer the illness.

My Response: It can defeat the disease but, in our time, when everything is so tied and interconnected, it is very difficult.

Question: What is your prescription?

Answer: You should still think about others. This is the surest and the greatest remedy for such an evil egoistic disease as cancer.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 3/22/21

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How To Beat Drugs?

273.01Comment: An article “America decriminalizes heroin: the war on drugs is lost” in EADaily.com contends that the 1971 war on drugs declared by Nixon seems to be completely lost.

In America, marijuana is legal almost everywhere. And in the state of Oregon, a law partially allowing the use of hard drugs has been passed. They claim the advantages of this are huge.  “In FY2020, marijuana tax revenues to the Oregon treasury increased 30% from the previous year to $ 133 million, up 545% from the 2016 cannabis tax collection.

Interestingly, opinions are divided. Opponents claim that the health threat to young Americans cannot be justified by any commercial gain.

“But in response to all the arguments presented, the advocates of legalization say that they regret the stupid choice that compatriots can make in favor of drugs, but free will and the goals of profitability should prevail in this matter.”

My Response: Humanity has had a craving for drugs throughout its history. Humanity needs to invent something that would make its existence easier. Otherwise, it is hard to live.

With our brains today we have developed to the extent that everyone begins to ask themselves: “Why is all of this? And what is all this for? Do I need it?”

This is called the last generation. The time has come when such questions begin to be raised, they are our inner desires and people demand an answer to them.

Question: And when there is no answer, then a person wants to forget himself?

Answer: Then you have to do something. Drunkenness and, of course, drug abuse will rise.

Question: Is there any way out of this? Will prohibition help?

Answer: No bans will help. If it comes from man’s needs, he will drink, smoke, sniff, and swallow anything anyway.

Question: Even if there are laws to imprison, to execute?

Answer: They will bypass these laws. As a result, these laws will be canceled because you cannot jail everyone. Everyone you put in jail costs the state a lot of money.

Question: So where are we going and where should we end up? What would you say about this?

Answer: I would say that people should be educated and given the opportunity to reveal the meaning of life, the meaning of existence. Then a person will not have to run away anywhere. He will, on the contrary, strive to replace running away from life with striving for a different life.

Question: That is, then he will even be afraid to escape into something that will divert him or put him to sleep?

Answer: Of course, because he is losing eternity.

We are moving toward the fact that people are starting to ask themselves about this and they will eventually move from such questions to reality.

A person will fully reveal this question: “What do I live for?” And one will be able to find the answer to it in this life, in this world.

Proceeding from this life, from this world, he will find the answer. He will reveal the real, true world that stands behind our world, that controls it and fills it. And then he will somehow connect with the system that controls our world. He will begin to understand that everything that he is experiencing now leads him to a truly high goal. He will then understand why he was led in this way, what he was led to, and he will justify it.

Question: What will fill a person? How will he feel it?

Answer: His desire is to find meaning in his existence. And he will discover this meaning. And then he will understand why this desire has been ripening in him for so long, for so many years, maybe hundreds of years, gradually, step by step in the cycles of life, and he will justify all this.

Question: Will he feel that he is standing in front of absolute warmth, love, and kindness?

Answer: Yes. And truth. There is something we receive in the mind and something we receive in the heart. Therefore, there must be a filling in both of them.

We live in a time when we can approach this.

Question: But do you have the acute feeling that we are approaching this?

Answer: Absolutely! But I would like it to happen as soon as possible.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 2/22/21

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How To Stand Out In A Crowd

269Comment: Scientists say that in order to be most productive, you need to be different from others.

My Response: You do indeed need to be different from others because one-sidedness and similarity rob the world and levels it.

Comment: Dissimilarity eventually awakens sharp edges.

My Response: But this is development. When we begin to appreciate differences correctly and try to integrate them correctly, we end up with development.

Question: According to scientists, it is not enough to differ from others, a person needs to differ correctly. What does it mean to differ correctly?

Answer: To differ correctly means to connect opposites correctly so that none will be harmed because of the other. On the contrary, we should connect them in order to bring out the different attributes, the uniqueness of each opposite, in the best way.

Comment: Steve Jobs said: “…the people who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world, are the ones who do.”

My Response: Yes, a certain amount of madness is necessary. Madness is expressed in the fact that you do not concede your ideas no matter what because you understand that they are the basis of the world and that the whole world is mad. What does mad mean? It is outside of, external to, our mind. This is why one is out of their mind.

Comment: Thinking in terms of mutual cooperation between systems and time is not a simple matter, but such thinking is the best means to differ from the masses. You simply understand that it is the formula of the whole creation, not only of our world, but of all the upper worlds.

My Response: So we need to operate in order to be compatible with creation, and to draw others to follow us, to push them forward, to mutually cooperate with everyone in order to be Adam, human, and not be bored somewhere in the corner, wearing slippers and dozing off on the couch in front of the television.

Question: What is the image of this person? Is he a warrior? A scientist?

Answer: This person is courageous in spirit. Not necessarily physically, but in spirit. This means that he understands that he has to give humanity something. If they take it, he succeeds, if they don’t, he does not succeed, but he should. A person who feels that he should is Adam.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 2/3/19

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Tell The Truth Flat Out Or Keep Silent

292Comment: A writer asks, “I want to understand how I can cope with myself. I cannot help telling the truth to people. I feel bad if I hide it and, therefore, I constantly break up relations; I speak the truth. I do not know what to do.” This is such a heartfelt cry.

My Response: This is not a heartfelt cry. It is a cry of egoism because he wants to impose his opinion on others. He believes that he understands the state of others, their wrong state, their possible correct state, and he wants to impose his understanding on them. This is absolute egoism that must simply be destroyed within oneself.

Who gives you the right to impose your opinion, your feelings, and your tastes on others?! Do they expect this from you?! Even if you think that this will make you better, it still does not give you the right to approach them and start filling them with your reasoning, tastes, goals, and so on.

Comment: I must say that there are a lot of people who think so.

My Response: This is such upbringing.

Question: Is there, generally speaking, such a truth that needs to be told to a person?

Answer: Truth is only in giving a person freewill so that he chooses his truth and that’s all. This is the most important thing in raising children and in relationships between adults as well.

Question: How can we do it?

Answer: Teach a person the technique of the correct revelation of life. If it were so, then we would all live perfectly, and so it will be someday.

Question: What if a person has a 100% belief that he is right and is simply obliged to pass it on to another?

Answer: Then he must shut himself up and swallow himself in order not to choke on his own truth!

What egoism he has! This egoism does not even allow him to feel it. The only thing that a person can do is to simply understand how selfish he is, that he is obliged to fill another with his opinion.

It’s horrible! This is stated very simply: “The highest limit of wisdom is in silence.”

Question: That is, you are better off keeping quiet at this moment?

Answer: Yes.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 3/15/21

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We Will Destroy The Whole World Of Violence

962.1Comment: Oleg writes: “After watching your clip about the way to relate to evil, I do not know what to think. What does it mean to destroy evil? In this case, could you please comment on the words of a famous song [translated from Russian]: ‘We will destroy the whole world of violence to the ground and then we will build our new world, who was nobody —he will become everything!'”

Answer: This is wrong. We do not need to destroy anything; we need to add, to build, over the past: love will cover all crimes. Over all problems and deformities of the past world, we just need to cover them with a kind attitude and love.

If we destroy, we make it twice as bad. This is exactly what we have now.

Question: How do you do that? How do you cover with love?

Answer: We must never touch evil! We must not try to increase or decrease it. We must only build goodness over it. Connect with each other in goodness. And evil, it exists to lead us to this. That is, we will suddenly begin to discover that evil forces us to do good.

Question: So, the world of violence will remain?

Answer: No, it will not remain. After all, we are already engaged with something else. We are already building goodness! But over the former evil. We will create the world of goodness above the world of violence. Otherwise, we will be just destroying.

Remark: What about the next phrase: “Who was nobody —he will become everything!”

Answer: The one who was nothing really becomes seemingly everything. But inside, he remains nothing. This is first.

And second, what kind of world will you build if you do not take into account the past egoistic world that you destroyed? You need to take it and build a new world out of it, over it, in spite of it.

Question: What about the one who was nothing and that is how he felt, that he was nothing, so depressed and desperate, who does he become if he can really rise above this state of his? Can he become everything?

Answer: He can become everything. This depends only on his evaluation of his actions.

Question: How should he evaluate them?

Answer: That he builds, he makes, he creates. This does not mean that he becomes the head of state and begins to destroy everyone and everything. This suggests that serious, intelligent people such as Professor Preobrazhensky from the “Heart of a Dog” should understand what they are doing and realize what kind of world they are building.

Comment: If a person feels like nothing, how can he become everything?

My Response: By his attitude to the world, his attitude to his deeds. If he builds, then he becomes everything. It does not depend on how many people he kills, dispossesses, and deports along the way. The new world is not built by preparing execution lists. You cannot build anything by this.

As a result, you build a system that will be a curse for centuries to come. You break people, you break the system, you break the country, half the world, you plant your egoistic values everywhere. You think they are unshakable.

Question: Does everything have to start from education?

Answer: Of course.

Question: What should this education include? That a person understands what he is like?

Answer: A person understands that nothing needs to be destroyed but to be built. The new is always built upon the old. This new thing created from the old grows out of the old. It already manifests itself as an addition to the old. Or even if the old is denied but the new grows out of it correctly, it does not destroy anything.

Question: Many called the great Kabbalist Baal HaSulam a communist. What did he mean by communism?

Answer: Connection of all without any distinction. This was the first sign of communism for him. Then, of course, taking care of everyone without exception: providing work, housing, everything that a person needs.

The most important thing is the correct, fair connection of people with each other on equal terms.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 2/18/21

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The Paradoxes Of Kabbalah

629.1There is nothing more whole than a broken heart; there is no greater scream than silence; there is nothing more upright than a crooked ladder. (Rabbi Menachem Mendel of Kotzk)

Comment: In this quotation, everything seems to contradict each another.

My Response: This all happens when a person is looking for the truth and he understands that it is impossible to get to it by a direct path. And it is only possible when you go against logic, against the opinions of those around you and your own, as well.

Question: Is this called a “broken heart”?

Answer: Yes, not in your pride to overcome all this and put yourself above others. You are looking and you are looking and you are looking. And you have the willpower to agree with what is against you. You try to find a truth that would be against you. That is, you investigate everything, and you see that everything in you resists.

And then, when it resists, it is necessary to check well, to dig deeper into yourself, because here, perhaps, there will be a way out like that of Pinocchio, a passage to this magical world.

Question: What does “there is nothing more whole than a broken heart” mean to you?

Answer: These are shattered desires, shattered hopes, shattered attitudes toward the world you are accustomed to.

Question: Why is there nothing more whole than a broken heart?

Answer: Because after you are disappointed, you give up your old dogmas and you can find the real path.

Question: And what does “there is no greater scream than silence” mean?

Answer: Because if it is quiet, then it is not good. This means that your ego agrees with something here. So you should check well.

Question: Is there an inner cry? If so, is everything correct?

Answer: Yes.

Comment: And what does it mean “there is nothing more upright than a crooked ladder”?

My Response: A ladder cannot be straight at all, it always stands at an angle. Otherwise, a person cannot climb. So a crooked ladder is a straight ladder that stands at an angle and leads upward. Only on it can you climb.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 3/8/21

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Dancing Conquers Souls

552.03You are asked a question on Instagram:

I am a dancer. I am 31 years old. I work as a coach with children and in the course of my work I came to the conclusion that the main principle for me is not to harm or break the child. Also, the sport of dancing itself is not about dancing, but about what I can teach children for their future life. This is the way I think.

My question is: how can I guide and help them to be able to find themselves in the future? How can I make sure I don’t break or kill the uniqueness with which they come to me? How should I define my task with each child? How should I understand what each child needs me for if they have come to me?

Different types of children come; those who are incredibly talented dancers and those who shouldn’t train at all. Nevertheless, we met each other for a reason, although, perhaps I am mistaken about this. Please help me figure this out. With great respect, Yegor.

Answer: Here is my answer. First, everyone who comes to you is led to you. The upper force leads them; there are no accidents in the world. Therefore, you should value each child, not only because he is especially suited to dancing, but due to the fact that he was led to you.

Your next step is very important. Maybe he will leave you now and will not return again; however, the coming to you and leaving you will also play a certain, possibly big, role  in his life.

You are already becoming a participant in his destiny. Therefore, you must make his imagination of you, of dancing, and of your art remain positive, even though it is fleeting. This is the first thing.

Second, try to give him the impression that dancing forms a person, that a person wants to express himself through dancing.

Dancing is, one might say, the oldest, most stable, and natural expression of oneself. Primitive peoples danced around the fire with each other. Doves whirl with each other and so on. It’s all in the dance. It is not through speech which was created later, but dancing.

That is, dance is an internal expression of the soul’s impulses and aspirations. Therefore, it is a very serious language from within nature, very deep, and the most natural.

Ballet can express any aspirations, desires, and feelings including empathy. There’s no need to say anything. If it’s a real action, then literally any movement of one’s little finger or turn of one’s head means everything!

Dance is a whole science. We know that there is a science of facial expressions and movements. All of this is connected with the nature of man, with one’s place of residence, and so on. This is a very deep conversation that is very far from us today. Today we are blocked from all of this.

Dance is an expression of the soul. This can astonish a person, infect, tie to oneself, drag away, or subdue.

Question: It’s beautiful! Have you ever learned how to dance?

Answer: No. I just understand it. I have some kind of inner yearning that people do not wield it, including me.

A lot can be said about this because there is no layering from all kinds of schools or periods of history. It is actually the language of the soul.

Question: Yegor also asks: “How can one preserve the uniqueness of each child who comes?”

Answer: To do this, you need to be a very serious teacher and only take a couple of students and no more, as the ancient sages did. They did not run huge schools. There were those like Rabbi Akiva’s, of course, but usually there were two or three people whom a sage taught and that was all.

Dance is actually a language. I’m not talking about modern ballet. I’m talking about what can be expressed through movement.

Question: That is, by teaching dance, one can actually raise a sage?

Answer: Of course! This is not dancing; one teaches the language of communication with other people. Besides communication, we do not need anything, in principle. This is the correction of the world. So, in fact, dance, as the science of Kabbalah teaches, is simply a high level thing.

This rapprochement is sensory, without words, and even without music. It is an expression that is not superficial, although both words and music can complement it. When it’s expressed correctly, the body movement is sufficient. We see that dancing is everything to animals. One animal sees another and they understand each other and interact.

Question: What should be the goal of a teacher who teaches this language of communication, dance?

Answer: Language is also very specific. It is impossible to impose a language on a person because every language is limited; it is violence. One makes him express himself exactly in this way. In movement and dance, if a person completely relaxes, then one can express oneself, and the rest will understand him precisely because he expresses himself and that is all.

Question: Meaning, the task of the teacher, in general, is for the learner to be in the dance?

Answer: Of course. Precisely to free himself from any external constraints.

Question: How is it? This is impossible to teach!

Answer: You teach only how you can free yourself from your inner limitations. Then, you can already sing your own way and express yourself. There is nothing here! The others just have to cancel themselves as much as possible, enter you and your understanding of some inner experience, and then they will understand your dance.

Without music, without words, without anything—just movements.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 1/25/21

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Joy Of Birth Or Misery Of Parents?

626Question: New research shows that after the birth of a child parents are less happy. About a million parents were interviewed. Parents talk about financial difficulties, about needing a bigger apartment and a bigger car, that children require money, and so on.

What do you think about the news that parents do not feel happier after the birth of a child but the opposite?

Answer: There is no family. A family is when there are three generations. These three generations are not together. The three generations are the grandparents, the father, the mother, and the newborn. They provide the correct foundation, confidence, knowledge of childcare, family structure, and support to the family in everything. They should be an example, they should live together.

In modern apartments, of course, there is no room for this. However, it is desirable to live together. Otherwise, you will not understand what a family should be like, its origin, and the way it existed for thousands of years.

Question: Do children feel that their parents are not very happy about the fact that they had children?

Answer: Of course! The child feels it perfectly; he feels the entire surrounding atmosphere.

Comment: That is, even if they are talking quietly in the kitchen: “Look, we need to spend more money, we need to change the apartment. Why did we do this?”

My Response: All of it is reflected in everything. The child was in the mother’s womb, and now he is in a larger space and feels this space.

Question: So, if there are such thoughts, do they all influence him?

Answer: He feels them all, absorbs, and reacts accordingly.

Question: Even if parents think that it has become harder for them, how should they behave?

Answer: It does not matter that it is harder. They must be prepared that it will be harder. Of course, it will be harder! It becomes harder every day, and it will be harder for them until they die. They cannot escape it, this baby will get bigger and bigger, demand more and more, and so on.

However, they must understand all this and support each other for the sake of the child’s development. This is a very complex system, and it must be supported by society, the government, and the family. And certainly by the closest family!

Question: And what then is the joy of bearing a child?

Answer: To see your future in it, that children are born, and that they will be the continuation of the family. I am not talking about anything spiritual but simple everyday life.

Question: How did this gradually disappear?

Answer: Our egoism has separated us, divided us, put everyone in his own corner, and that is it. This is how it works. It is good for the ego when each of us is inside of himself and cares only about it.

Comment: And even about him, the closest and dearest one, we say that he is a burden to us.

My Response: He is not the closest and dearest. We say that he is a burden to us, he prevents me from taking care of my child, the one within me!

Question: Does it mean that my “I” is the closest and dearest?

Answer: Yes.

Question: What have we come to! I wonder what will happen next?

Answer: It is going to get worse. We will get to the point where we will all run to different corners, hide in our own corner, and not want to communicate with anyone! That is all! I will just be ordering myself a pizza and a coke, or something like that.

Question: And what will happen next?

Answer: Humanity must see the dead-end. Once we realize that this is a dead-end, then revelation will come from this dead-end: that we cannot continue like this.

I think we need to come to an understanding. That is, there should not be wars, there should not be any riots, excesses, but there should be clear awareness of the hopelessness and utter futility, and then we will start thinking: “What should we do?” Then we will remember: “Wait, I have heard something from Kabbalists.”

Question: “There is a book on my shelf, there is a clip,” and so on. Will a person look at it and start moving toward correction?

Answer: I am sure of it.

Question: So we must put everything on shelves, in computers?

Answer: Of course! We have no other choice.

Question: Even if we come to the same conclusions all the time?

Answer: It does not matter. If you have a small child who is growing and developing, you still have to tell him what to do, how to behave correctly. You cannot just leave it.

Question: In what will the correction of humanity be?

Answer: In learning to come closer to each other. They need to come out of seclusion, from their corners, and connect with each other in the right way. In the end, they will discover in these right connections the positive force of nature, the Creator.

Question: Why have we not discovered this until now?

Answer: We did not need it. There was no recognition of the evil of our nature. Everything was all right. We had everything: sports, football, all sorts of lures, everything you want, everything you need. Live peacefully and enjoy.

Question: Will there be a greater need to connect?

Answer: There will be no choice. Only hopelessness will lead humanity to the solution that there is a need to change the paradigm.

Question: If a person can hear you now, what decision should he make and what should he think about?

Answer: What the right life should be and what needs to be changed to make it happen. And to see that it is not so difficult. All the means for it are there. Let’s do it!
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 3/8/21

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