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The Cry Of A Teacher’s Soul

294.3Question: A teacher, who has always considered teaching as her vocation,  loves her work very much, and loves children, writes to you:

“I have been teaching for 20 years. I watched your clip where you say that school destroys the individuality of the child and that wrong things are being taught. I was trained to teach mathematics and I am teaching it. You say: ‘The problem is with teachers.’ Is there no problem with children?”

Answer: The matter, of course, is not in mathematics but in the general attitude of a person to person, a child to a teacher.

It is natural that children have complaints against their elders. They believe that everyone owes them and that they, as children, deserve special attention and treatment. And in fact it is so on one hand. On the other hand, we do not educate children.

Comment: But this teacher educates. She writes that she invests in them.

My Response: She put mathematics into them but not an attitude to people.

That is the problem. And this has nothing to do with mathematics or any other subject. This is the most important subject schools should teach. And it is not there. There are no such subjects in school, such lessons, such exams, nothing. There is discipline.

School does not transform a child into a person. It makes him a physicist, a mathematician, someone who knows how to tighten the screws, and so on.

Question: Is this why such an answer is so essential for her? It is humiliating the teacher in front of the whole class!

Answer: A student does not even feel this, or he feels like a hero, an open, straight forward person. It seems to him that he did absolutely right.

Comment: But she sat with him in the evenings preparing him for the Olympics.

My Response: It does not matter. She did all this because she is a teacher. She still did not bring up a person in him, and that is what she gets in return.

This is not her problem. It is the problem of all education and upbringing. We give children some kind of education, but we do not give upbringing. They leave school—every day after school and generally at the end of school—and they are beasts.

Comment: You said a terrible thing: “They are beasts.” And we are to blame for this?

My Response: Of course. If parents are always busy at work and children are at school or somewhere with each other doing who knows what and how, what do you expect?

Comment: They are mostly on their Smartphones.

My Response: And that is what they get from there.

This will continue until humanity comes to its senses and takes the whole matter into its own hands under the strictest control. Because a person cannot see and hear everything that is given to him. He must be brought up! And upbringing involves a very serious attitude to life. If this does not happen, then we see where everything is going. Even scientists now measure the existence of humanity in decades.

Question: What would you do in her place? Now she is faced with such a question: should she enter the completely silent class? The whole class was silent!

Answer: It is necessary to explain to everyone, to work on her mistakes and mistakes of all teachers, all students, in order to understand where this terrible flaw in education is.

Question: Do you think that teachers, the principal, and the students can sit down and talk about this? Can such a conversation happen?

Answer: I think it can. It depends on the class, of course.

Comment: In high school, for example.

My Response: It can.

Question: So the children are ready to have such a conversation with them?

Answer: If you do not speak, nothing will come of it. Then it will all be in vain. And, of course, it will be a pity for all her tears and efforts. I sympathize with her, I understand her, but she cannot relate to it the way she got used to during those decades of her work.

Question: You mean when she was respected as a teacher? When they would say “Thank you”?

Answer: Yes. She respected herself.

Question: Now a generation has grown up that says terrible things to your face. And we raised it?

Answer: Of course. We did.

Question: So we need to sit down together and talk. What would you say to children if you were a teacher?

Answer: Let’s understand our life, our relationships. Well, okay, we are already old people, but you are the next generation. What should you be like to make life kind, good, safe, reliable, and so on? And what should we do? How can we raise such people?

We need to talk about it, we need to think about it. Because our main goal is to raise a person, not a mathematician, a physicist, or anything else.

Comment: It will not be easy to soften them up.

Answer: No, there is no need to soften them up. They should realize at least somewhat that the world to which everything is heading is inhuman, cruel, and mechanical, a very unpleasant world, unsuitable for existence.

Question: And they will understand this if we talk to them?

Answer: I think so.

Question: Can these children change?

Answer: Yes, but not with one conversation.

Question: So the change will happen through a series of conversations?

Answer: Even if it is several years. What is the difference? We have to push it all the time.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 10/5/20

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There Were No Mistakes in Your Life

627.2 Igor writes: “I am fifty-four years old, married with two children, and both my father and mother are alive. My father is eighty-four, my mother is eighty-two. I always took care of their health, but everything turned upside down. The doctors say that I have no more than six months left to live.

I found you too late. I watch your programs and I am not afraid. There is just one question—why so late? I spent so much time on needless worries and on work that no one needed. I have a big complaint against the Creator. I understand that one should not look back and regret anything, but I cannot help myself. I did not live my life right. I look at my children and I am afraid that they will repeat my mistakes. I just wanted to say thank you!”

My Response: I will tell you, Igor. Everything was correct. There were absolutely no mistakes in your life. You must accept all of it as a correct attitude to life, to the Creator on your part. You just have to calm down.

If you relate to the whole of nature, life, the universe, everything, and yourself as a manifestation of the Creator, then there is nothing you have to do, nothing to worry about. You should only think about how to agree as much as possible with what is happening to you. Then, through this attitude of complete agreement, you will begin to feel the Creator.

I am advising this to you and to everyone. Let go of the situation and do not worry. Stop the confusing complaints. None of that is needed. Everything happens as it should happen.

While it seems to us that we are running around, redoing things, and trying to get everything done in time, this is all nonsense! It does not change anything. We are always trying to do something, as it seems to us, while the Creator does His own thing. So, we end up being unhappy when things do not work out the way we want them to.

Let it all go and you will see that you have nothing to worry about, not in the present or in the past, and especially do not worry about the future. It is all in the hands of that very same upper force.

Comment: Can it possibly be that. I have to tell you, I was touched, because he is not writing about being afraid of death or afraid of anything. He is touched by the fact that he found us too late, in a manner of speaking, that he somehow lived his life.

My Response: This, too, is incorrect, and this, too, is the upper providence. So, nothing is too late, everything that is given to you is given correctly. Use the strength and the time that you have to the extent that you are now inspired by our idea, our path, and everything will be good.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 6/24/21

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China Is Taking Over The World

405In the News (Daily Mail): Seventeen schools are already owned by Chinese companies, but that number is set to rocket. …

“Nine of the 17 schools under Chinese control are owned by firms whose founders or bosses are among China’s most senior Communist Party members; …

“Schools are using educational tools for teaching children a ‘whitewashed’ view of China;

“One firm admitted its acquisition of British schools is aimed supporting China’s controversial Belt And Road strategy, which aims to expand Beijing’s global influence. …

“Last night, Conservative MP Tom Tugendhat, chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee, said: ‘China’s strategic understanding and reach means that they have an advantage in seeking to influence others and using established brands, including some of our own, to achieve that position. …

“The revelations will add to concern about the growth of Confucius Institutes at 29 British universities, and Confucius Classrooms, an offshoot, at almost 150 schools… .

“They claim to promote the Chinese language and culture, but critics say they are a vehicle for Beijing to spread propaganda and curtail free speech.”

My Response: The thing is that we do not know what is really happening. The fact that they tell us a little bit that they bought some schools is all child’s play. The Chinese are pragmatists. Absolutely clear ones.

Question: What is China for humanity?

Answer: This government policy is based on conquering the world without destroying it.

Comment: Without wars.

My Response: Yes, this is the new strategy. Therefore, they will enter into this gradually, step by step.

Comment: They enter into contracts with Iran, contracts with Iran’s enemies, contracts with us, with Israel, in some incomprehensible way.

My Response: They do not care with whom and how. They need hegemony. The hegemony of China. Although, in general, there is no ideology. This is not socialism, not communism, not capitalism. They only want power. Pure power.

Question: Do you think that power is an ideology?

Answer: Yes, the usual egoism. They had it locked up for years and years, and now it has started to break through. Thus, they implement it.

Question: Do you think they will implement it? Is humanity powerless before them?

Answer: No. The fact is that at the same time it all seems to be leveled. If I go somewhere and use something and pay someone for something, then I do not care who the owner is. The main thing is that I receive the service and I can pay for it. This is why I do not see anything Chinese or European in this.

This is the paradox. That is, they bought a factory, and the factory continues to work, but it now belongs to China. But I do not feel this and I do not know this and it does not matter to me.

I do not pay attention to what belongs to whom at all. A completely different card is played here—one from above.

Question: Can you tell what card is being played?

Answer: Eventually, we must understand that it does not matter who owns what. Everything is toward the Creator. It is important for us to know that if we want to use something correctly, we can only do that through mutual dependence, mutual connection between us.

What difference does it make to me to whom this belongs according to the banks or something else! It does not matter. This world in which we paid attention that this is German, this is Soviet, I want to live with this, I do not want to live with this, is over.

Comment: But we wanted quality service.

My Response: There will be quality.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 4/8/21

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Cannot Conceive A Child

291Comment: “I can’t conceive and give birth, and I really want a child. But we have already seen all the doctors and healers, and it has not helped. How does one maintain balance and harmony? They tell me that I have to accept it, but I want a child.”

My Response: No, you should not accept it in any case. You can continue to conceive a child in any way, through doctors, of course. Because naturally, you have already seen that this does not work in any way. This means that you should try to do this through any scientific, medical possibilities. Do not calm down until you are at least 60 years old. Today there are such cases.

Comment: This woman is told that she has to accept it, this is fate.

My Response: No way! And what is next? Take someone else’s child for upbringing? Maybe. Sometimes, by the way, this in turn helps to conceive. But still try to do it yourself. Don’t calm down.

Comment: You said an interesting phrase that taking an adopted child sometimes helps you to conceive yourself.

My Response: This excites additional internal, female systems in a woman, and then she is more capable of fertilization.

Question: And what is happening? What was sleeping in her, what was aroused?

Answer: Motherhood, connection, and attitude to the child, all this begins to be excited in action, in life. Then she is able to get pregnant.

Question: Why do they give a woman such a test?

Answer: It is impossible to guess. To this day, we see how everything is shrouded in such a supreme mystery that nothing can be done. Here one does not conceive and cannot conceive. Everything.

We see from the Torah that all our forefathers had problems with conceiving children.
But do not calm down in any case.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 1/18/21

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The World Is Facing Decline In Birth Rate

961.1In the News (NewYorkTimes): “All over the world, countries are confronting population stagnation and a fertility bust, a dizzying reversal unmatched in recorded history that will make first-birthday parties a rarer sight than funerals, and empty homes a common eyesore. …

“Demographers now predict that by the latter half of the century or possibly earlier, the global population will enter a sustained decline for the first time.

“A planet with fewer people could ease pressure on resources, slow the destructive impact of climate change and reduce household burdens for women. ”

My Response: It will be good for everyone. We will start thinking about the things we need to get rid of, what we need to stop producing, what is excessive. What is humanity occupied with? Production. So we will not produce what is not necessary.

Consumption will decrease and the birth rate will decrease accordingly. After all, in any family, when they want to have a child, they still plan: “Can we afford it or not, how will we cover the costs?”

Question: Do you think reason will prevail?

Answer: Everyone already has it, every family.

Only in animals everything is built on instinct, but another chain works for them: less food causes them to have a lower birth rate. Automatically. They do not think that it is necessary to give birth less, they have it instilled within their nature: less food, lower birth rate.

Question: Can you say that over time, we will become more conscious?

Answer: No, it is the same egoism that controls us and urges us to either give birth or not to give birth.

Question: Will it now lead us to the fact that predominantly we will not give birth?

Answer: People do not want to take care of others. Egoism is growing to such an extent. Why should I invest in these children who will not even thank me later? They just leave the house calmly as if they do not owe me anything, and I would like to demand at least something from them.

Everything revolves around egoism. Even if my children give birth to grandchildren, it still requires some kind of participation from me. I am not going to be the kind of grandparent who is burdened with the new generations.

Rabash said very simply about the attitude of children to their parents: “Close your mouth and open your pocket.” That’s it!

Comment: And it will get more and more drastic. In addition, the future is not particularly promising. In addition: “I want a quiet life.” And the birth rate will fall…

My Response: Everything will be fine. This is an auto regulated system by nature, no one else. Or call it “The Creator.”

Question: And what does He want?

Answer: He wants to create the most suitable conditions for our correction, for our self-correction.

We are at a crossroads: which part of our correction will the upper governance take upon itself and which part of our correction will we consciously take over.

So far, I do not see any movement toward this, no inclination on the part of humanity that realizes it should be different, more sociable, more ready to accept the challenges of nature consciously, and somehow address this, set these tasks for itself.

I do not see that research centers are created, as is usually done in humanity, to study this phenomenon: what is happening to us, to humanity, to society, to the family, to children and parents? There should be a lot of such institutions, different ones in every nation, in every group, in every country. We have to study all this.

We must produce all kinds of research on this topic. Instead, I see that not only statesmen are not concerned about this at all, I am not talking about them at all, they are only interested in their place, but even society, men, women, and families. There is no pressure, no challenge from society to create such research centers.

I have not even seen serious public research on the topic of the pandemic, really serious ones, not medical, not strictly specific, but concerning society, family, children, and so on. I do not see that they are engaged in this or that they are concerned about it.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 6/10/21

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When Will Hatred Disappear?

600.01Comment: Gulnara writes to you: “It is very difficult to unite people of different nations and faiths. I think it is impossible. They unite during difficult moments, but then, when the difficulties pass, they hate each other again. National hatred and faith exist in people just like blood flows through their veins. It is very difficult to correct people. We have gone too far to be able to fix this.”

My Response: This is true. However, we all have the single upper force, the one Creator. Therefore, we can still unite, unite in Him! Then we will not have any opportunities to escape and hide. Only in this way will we be able to reach our single root and find the right connection between us in it.

Question: Is this what a person should discover and start aiming toward?

Answer: Yes.

Question: Is it our task to tell people about this?

Answer: This is, in principle, the solution to all our problems.

Question: Then there will be no multitude of nations but only one, the nation of the Creator, right?

Answer: Yes, just humanity.

Comment: Humanity.

I think we are getting closer to it. Of course, we still need some blows and disappointments.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 7/1/21

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Is The Coronavirus With Us Forever?

220In the News (bbc.com): “Coronavirus will be with us forever, Sage scientist warns

 “Sir Mark Walport said people would need to be vaccinated at regular intervals.

“His comments come after the head of the World Health Organization (WHO) said he hoped the pandemic would be over within two years, as the Spanish flu had taken two years to overcome.

“Sir Mark said denser populations and travel meant the virus spread easily.

“He also said the world population was now much larger than in 1918.

“Speaking to BBC Radio 4’s Today programme, Sir Mark said that, in order to control the pandemic, ‘global vaccination’ would be required, but coronavirus would not be a disease like smallpox ‘which could be eradicated by vaccination’.

“‘This is a virus that is going to be with us forever in some form or another, and almost certainly will require repeated vaccinations,’ he said. …

“Sir Mark said: ‘We know that less than one in five people around the country have been infected, so 80% of the population are still susceptible to this virus.

“‘It is this terrible balance between trying to minimize the harm to people from the infection and protecting people, whilst keeping society going.'”

 My Response: There are still many mutations that should manifest themselves in humanity.

Question: Should we just accept it?

Answer: No. We have to accept this with a condition: this is happening because we are separated. If we were connected, the virus would not have penetrated us. This is how you need to understand what the connection between the two is.

Comment: Some experts have noted that humanity is too divided by national and political barriers to effectively combat the coronavirus.

My Response: That is regarding fighting the virus. And I am talking in general—before fighting the virus. The virus would not have appeared. Many, many negative qualities, sores, and diseases of humanity would not have manifested if we were interconnected.

If we approached the structure of Adamit would have healed us if we were coming close to this state. But we are only moving away from it.

Coming closer to the structure of Adam means the connection of humanity until reaching the condition “love your neighbor as yourself.” And then, humanity will be completely healthy and above all problems, including the matter of death.

Question: Does this mean that from above it is probably also understood that humanity cannot unite and we must be pushed toward this?

Answer: Nature teaches us this way. That is, if it is time for us to rise in our development to connection and reveal the new world in our unity, then the implementation of this unity is called “love your neighbor as yourself” every time, up to that state.

Now we are in a period when we must attain one of these states, these degrees, and realize it in a good connection with each other. But we do not realize it and fall into the opposite state. This pandemic, that war, something else—anything that we can only imagine.

Question: With this pressure, will we be guided to the upper intelligence?

Answer: Of course. We are being educated. We have stocked up lots of various good skills to make the world kind and comfortable for everyone: destroy barriers, make humanity more connected, be kind to each other, etc. There are means in technology, in science, in everything, but we do not implement them well.

Question: In other words, we have prepared good means to connect peacefully and without much difficulty, but we do not want to use these means?

Answer: Yes. And so, everything will happen the other way around.

Question: Therefore, all the means will not be needed at all?

Answer: The means will be needed to make war.

I see the future of humanity as dark and gloomy. People will believe in such nonsense, worship gods, gods that they have invented. People will only wish each other evil, and such evil is worse than death.

Question: Do you now want people to hear this and shudder?

Answer: Why would I be talking otherwise? So that it somehow influences people for the better. In general, the state of the world, of course, is very, very gloomy.

Question: Well, how can we convey this good, kind reality to humanity?

Answer: By shouting as much as possible at all crossroads and proclaiming at all corners the only possible salvation.

We should not fold our hands and sit, bang our heads against the wall or on the floor and say: “It will only be bad, only bad.” We have to work. And our work is very simple: it is in explaining, in educating. This is what we should be doing.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 6/24/21

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If There Is No God, Then What Is There?

610.2Question: A question that worries a lot of people was asked: “Why do you say that you do not believe in God? Moreover, you say that there is no God. As I understand it, this is a special trick, because then you keep saying: ‘The Creator, the higher power, and nature.’ You’ve got us all confused.”

Answer: That’s right. I didn’t confuse you, it was you who were initially confused and I want to untangle you. But in order to unravel this, we need you to see how confused you are. Then you will understand how to get back from imaginary ideas to the truth.

If you and I try to give some general definition of what God is, you will find that the God that you imagine now does not exist. And what I’m saying is there.

It is nature, it is the upper force of nature. The difference is very big: Do I relate to the whole creation, to God, to the Creator, to nature, as to something that exists in reality, physically, which I must reveal for myself, sense in my feelings? Or is it something so amorphous that I just say, “God, My God,” and nothing more. We have yet to determine this.

Question: Still, you can tell people whether there is a God or not?

Answer: The single force of all nature in all worlds, including our imaginary world. It is called “olam demyoni” – “imaginary world.” So, the upper force, which includes absolutely everything and naturally also us, is called the Creator.

Question: And how should we interact with Him, with this nature, with the Creator?

Answer: This is what Kabbalah teaches. You have absolutely come to a straight line: “How can I still turn to the Creator? What should I do? How can I find Him? How can I balance my state in relation to Him? And in general, what should I do with my life? How should I live? What if I suddenly get something for this?”

And here we need to understand what the Creator is. Kabbalah tells you how to act so that you do not feel bad. That’s all.

Question: So a person will not feel bad?

Answer: Yes. And why do you pray?

Comment: So that I feel good and everyone around me will feel good, my relatives, my children.

My Response: We are talking about actually feeling the control panel of the world and starting to really control your destiny. This is given to man. And the upper force that we know, the Creator, wants us to come to this.

Question: The God that many others think about, is He not there?

Answer: He is not.

Comment: And there is a God, as you say, that is called…

My Response: The Creator, the upper force. This is the highest force of nature, which includes all of nature. The Creator Himself is God. Nature itself is God. Only it is not the nature of our world, but an all-encompassing one, which we can already reveal to the point that we can merge with it, with this nature. We can even govern It. The Creator wants us to be at this level, so that we become partners with Him.

Question: What do you mean by the word “nature”?

Answer: I mean all the worlds. Our world doesn’t even count, of course. All worlds, which include five worlds, which in general are included and governed by one single force, one single law, is this law of unity that is the Creator.

Question: Is there a God for you?

Answer: There is a Creator for me. It is the one who created everything and also you and wants you to fulfill your destiny—to reach His level, to be like Him.

Therefore, a person is called “Adam” from the word “Domeh” – “similar” to the Creator, the quality of bestowal, the property of creation, and the quality of governing all the worlds. This is the state a person must achieve, absolutely every person in our world! Is it incomprehensible to the mind? Yes. But every person will come to this. Whether he wants to or not.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 11/26/20

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We Won’t Want To Live – We Won’t Have The Strength To Die…

761.1In the News (United Nations): “Humanity is ‘waging a war on nature’, threatening biodiversity loss, climate disruption and escalating pollution, the UN chief said on Friday.

“‘We will all be losers if we don’t achieve peace with the planet’, Secretary-General António Guterres told a webinar ahead of the International Day for Biological Diversity…

“He said one million species are at risk of extinction; ecosystems are disappearing “before our eyes”; deserts are spreading, and wetlands are being lost.

“Every year, 10 million hectares of forests are lost, oceans are overfished and ‘choking with plastic waste’ as the carbon dioxide they absorb is acidifying the seas, bleaching and killing coral reefs, he added. …

“‘We are depleting resources faster than nature can replenish them’, the UN chief continued. …

“’Three-quarters of new and emerging human infectious diseases are zoonotic’, jumping from animals to humans, and against this backdrop, the UN chief said that tackling the current COVID-19 crisis provides an opportunity to recover better.”

Question: What would you say? If we don’t make peace with the planet, then what?

Answer: The planet will spew us out, squeeze us out. It will make us defective, miserable, sickly, and pathogenic.

Question: Can there be an end to the earthly species?

Answer: No. Until we move to another dimension, nothing can happen.

Question: Will only a few of us remain, but we will nonetheless be compelled to conclude an agreement with nature?

Answer: I don’t even know if there will be a few left, but we will remain with such a life that death is better. No one will want to live and there will be no strength to die.

Question: What does it mean to “make an agreement with nature”?

Answer: It is to rise above our egoism. Because it is only our egoism that actually destroys nature. If we were like inanimate, animate, and vegetative nature, then everything would be fine. We would live in a normal ecosystem, we would not violate it.

Question: Because we could not violate it? Do we exist in this law?

Answer: Yes. And now we rise above it and destroy what must exist.

Question: His conclusion: since we are invading the habitats of wild animals, then there are all sorts of epidemics, is it wrong?

Answer: We are invading the habitats of not only wild animals, but also inanimate, vegetative, and animate nature. We have no right to interfere in it! We must be like it on our earthly level.

Question: How would we use it then?

Answer: Only to the extent it is necessary for our existence! Not one iota more!

Question: Does it exist for us to communicate with it this way? Would this raise us above egoism to the level of “man”?

Answer: Yes. We don’t need anything else.

Comment: And all infectious diseases, all troubles, and all illnesses…

My Response: This would never have happened!

Question: Is this a response to the violence?

Answer: Yes, because we trigger them.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 5/31/21

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How To Be Reborn Every Moment


The Power of Childish Thinking 

One of the most tenacious myths about how Einstein discovered is that he relied on adopting a naive, simple mode of thinking. This mode authorized Einstein to discount and ignore all the difficult technicalities of the existing literature, whose distracting complexities, we are to suppose, block progress. The way ahead is to adopt the mode of a precocious child asking childish questions. Einstein himself seems to have advanced this myth in part through self-deprecating remarks. Here is how one such remark is related, third-hand, by one of Einstein’s biographers: One of Einstein’s typical remarks was reported to me from Falmouth, Massachusetts by James Franck … 

‘‘When I asked myself,’’ Einstein said to Franck, ‘‘how it happened that I in particular discovered the relativity theory, it seemed to lie in the following circumstance. The normal adult never bothers his head about space-time problems. Everything there is to be thought about it, in his opinion, has already been done in early childhood. I, on the contrary, developed so slowly that I only began to wonder about space and time when I was already grown up. In consequence I probed deeper into the problem than an ordinary child would have done (John D. Norton, How Einstein Did Not Discover).

This is correct. You don’t have to make yourself ignorant, you have to be naive.

Question: How do you erase knowledge that already exists in you? The knowledge exists and somehow I have to take it and remove it in this moment, as if I don’t know?

Answer: I don’t know anything. Actually! I say this absolutely frankly. I feel empty anew every minute.

Question: Why? You have been studying the science of Kabbalah for 40 years.

Answer: This is such a science that it denies itself. It crosses out everything you knew before so that you can take the next step. But the next step is not after the previous one, but instead of the previous one. They don’t add up together. In the spiritual, everything is built on denial.

Question: So I go and go, I am at some stage, and suddenly it completely disappears?

Answer: I start all over again. It’s fine! In fact, this is most correct. It is like I’m being reborn. Doesn’t the child open his eyes even wider?

I don’t feel tired. I am ready every day, every lesson, every morning to start all over again, to be reborn.

Question: And when does a person feel tired?

Answer: If he doesn’t have the excitement of new desires, new questions, then, of course, he can no longer reveal the child in himself, and then he is already an old man.

Question: Is this moving toward death?

Answer: Yes.

Question: When you say that eternal life is possible, are you talking about these constant updates?

Answer: Yes.

Question: When is constant updating possible, in what circumstances?

Answer: Always. It does not depend on the body. This is a desire, it does not depend on the body.

Question: So you have to start over all the time? Updating constantly?

Answer: Yes. And that’s great!

Question: What would you say to an ordinary person who does not study Kabbalah?

Answer: Nothing. Find yourself a hobby and keep going.

Question: And rejoice at new discoveries all the time?

Answer: Yes. Just like my teacher said about the soccer stadium that this place must be respected, it gives pleasure to many people.

He had never been there, had never seen inside, but he knew that there was a game that 100,000 or 200,000 people were watching at the same time and were enjoying life. Joy comes from the Creator, so he rejoices for them that they receive pleasure from the Creator. They do not curse Him at this time. Therefore, this place must be respected.

Comment: The biographer wrote, “One of the most tenacious myths about how Einstein discovered is that he relied on adopting a naive, simple mode of thinking. …The way ahead is to adopt the mode of a precocious child asking childish questions.”

My Response: A person who feels in any state that this is a state of the question, he does not stop at this, he looks for his own answer to it. And he makes a discovery.

All of this alone consists of questions and answers.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 3/15/21

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