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Disasters In The World Are Modern Egyptian Plagues

laitman_293Question: Today, we see various blows of nature all over the Earth. In Africa, a locust infestation is destroying hundreds of thousands acres of crops and threatening a food disaster.

In Europe, a hurricane rising from the South to Scandinavia is causing very heavy damage. The coronavirus, which started in China, is spreading.

All this resembles the ten Egyptian plagues that the Lord once sent to Egypt. Have we become one big Egypt?

Answer: Yes. Today humanity has become one single whole. You can see what happens with any disaster, even a small one. It affects all countries: communication is interrupted, all kinds of supply chains are cut off. Today, we cannot live without each other. That is why it happens in such a way. Nature beautifully teaches us that we are mutually connected and that we can neither break this connection nor arrange it in the right way.

Question: Do we need to know the place of each character in order to correctly resolve the unfolding performance?

Answer: We need to enter integral nature as its necessary, important, and connecting part.

Question: How can we find this place?

Answer: It all depends on us. We must educate ourselves in this way and understand that by not being integral, we violate the integrity of nature and introduce negative perturbations into it.

Question: If we take the story from the Torah, Moses first came to Pharaoh and his sorcerers and began to speak on behalf of the Creator; he was a messenger.

On one hand, we see the gradual concessions of Pharaoh, but each time he took a step back, each time he strengthened himself and said: “Go, pray to your God, but I will still not let you go; you will not leave. Stay here.”

Will this game of humanity with nature follow the same path: “Yes-yes-yes, we agree, but no, nevertheless, we will do everything the way we did before”?

Answer: In general, of course, we, as stubborn humanity, as that stubborn Pharaoh, will hold on to our own. We, as a stubborn, as they say, stiff-necked, Jewish people will also hold on to our own.

The only one who works here against Pharaoh and against the Jews is the Creator, the upper force of nature, which unites and wants to bring everyone to a positive and correct connection. This is where the conflict arises.

In principle, the Jewish people are not far from Pharaoh; they want to obey Pharaoh. It is the Creator who is plotting here, not Pharaoh or the Jews. The Jews are ready to live there normally, they still shout at Moses: “What do you want from us? Look how good it is here! We have never lived like this before. The Pharaoh protects us, guards us, gives us an opportunity to live in the most fertile place in Egypt, in the land of Goshen. Where should we go?!”

I remember coming to Lithuania in the 70s to go to Israel from there. Many people were able to leave from there but not from other parts of Russia. I was told: “Where are you going? Why do you need this? Look how good you can live here!”

Question: How can a person differentiate in himself the part that wants to follow the laws of nature, to follow the Creator who demonstrates these miracles or plots?

Answer: There are some rather strange people, like me, who got up and started leaving. I was also in denial. This is the so-called “point in the heart,” which pulls a person to be separated from all those who resist and oppose. It longs to be free.

Question: How long will humanity have to face these global catastrophes?

Answer: We still have the third and fourth world wars ahead of us. So, there is still time.

Question: Where does this internal resource to not give up come from?

Answer: It comes from our egoism. After all, it is a force of nature, a great force of nature. It is all nature that we now observe and see. Everything we see around us, all the galaxies, all the stars, all the vast infinite distances, all of it is, in fact, in us, inside of us. It is all our great force.

Do you understand what it means that we actually include all the energy of the stars, all this alleged cosmic vacuum together with all the supernovas? Do you have any idea what this force is? And this is all within us, inside of us, inside people. We only see it as supposedly outside, yet it is our reflection. And this is only a small part that is in us.

Moreover, there are also entire worlds. The spiritual worlds are also in us, within us. You have no idea what a person is. When we gather it all together, we will find that we are the Creator.

Question: What do we need to gather together?

Answer: All of our energy, all of our qualities, we need to gather all of it together in order to make us integrally connected. Then we will have one system called “Adam.”

Question: What should people in Africa who are suffering from locust infestations, in Europe where hurricanes and fires occur, and in China currently fighting the coronavirus do?

Answer: Think about how to balance nature. Even with such small, toy-like examples. All these floods are not cosmic in scale. Therefore, we need to understand that we can do this, as they say: “with few losses.”

Human beings are not small creatures. They are enormous. They are dinosaurs that grab, devour, and swallow the stars, the entire universe, everything—nature’s most evil force.

Question: What will motivate a person? Is it fear or a desire for something bigger, better than now?

Answer: Suffering will motivate a person. We see this at all previous stages of our development, only suffering drives a person forward.

There are two types of suffering: either suffering felt in the animalistic body or suffering we feel in our mind. That is, when we imagine where we are going and how we should still get on our feet, turn in the right direction, and go.

A person must understand that the only thing affecting him is the upper force of nature, which requires him to interact correctly with all others so that he balances all the forces of nature through the actions between himself and his own kind.

Question: If we go back to the picture described in the Torah: there were Jews, there were the people of Israel, there was Pharaoh, there was the Creator, and there were also residents of Egypt. What should people associate themselves with in this game?

Answer: What does Pharaoh do? What does it all lead to? Pharaoh is a great seemingly negative force of nature. He pushes the Jews to agree to come together and exit Egypt.

Egypt is egoism. All of humanity is inside its egoism. To exit it, to rise above it, means to exit Egypt. With the help of all the Egyptian plagues, we are forced to break out of egoism.

The most important thing is for us to want it. Humanity should realize that it must rise above egoism. It means to exit Egypt.

Question: What prevents a person or, on the contrary, engages him so that he would say: “Yes, I want a new relationship, a new world”?

Answer: There are two forces: the stick and the brain. Where the stick hits, the brain must turn to it and ask: “Why am I being hit?” We can then avoid the next blow every time. If we use our brain and start seeing our cause-and-effect development and where it leads, we can avoid further suffering.

Yet, our head does not work in order to analyze and avoid further suffering but in order to get out of it. It works to try to get out from under the stick and, as it were, to continue existing as we wish for a little longer.

The Jews thus ruin themselves. They use their exclusivity given to them by nature in order to exit egoism and pull others after them in order to remain in egoism. They want to remain in Egypt a little longer. After all, it is not so bad there.

Question: The force of nature purposefully triggers both egoism and the second force that connects everyone. It does it all. What should a person do?

Answer: A person should choose the correct path and ask nature (the Creator) for support on this path. The correct path is only in connecting with each other through good relations. Israel and humanity will then connect and create such a system of relations between them that the Creator will be revealed in it.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman,” 2/11/20

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Hatred Of Children Toward Their Parents

laitman_583.03Question: One of the problems of modern times is that children hate their parents. There are many such cases. Children leave their parents, neglect them. These poor parents die alone despite the fact that they have many children. This is happening all over the world. Why did this happen?

Answer: We are rising from the level of beastly egoism to the level of spiritual or human egoism. But being human already means a spiritual level that does not exist in our world.

Therefore, we are losing the beastly connection that we had between us when parents lived together with their children, they would bring a bride, bring a groom or go to the groom, etc. And everything was one household.

Question: Could they live in the same house?

Answer: Yes. Even in the same room. Everything was so simple. Now all of this is changing because egoism is changing in our world.

Question: In other words, egoism enabled us to do this?

Answer: Yes. This is beastly egoism. And now, it begins to grow. It begins to push us to the next level of development. And therefore, we no longer understand the beastly kind of existence. Our children certainly do not understand it.

They are in such a state that they do not understand why they need to be attached to their parents. Or, I think that parents should spend their whole life with me. Why did they give birth to me? As long as they live, they must think of me. Or, if they are not concerned about me, so be it. I just leave them.

Question: How can a child feel this way toward his parents?

Answer: But he does not feel.

Question: He does not feel any pain, anything at all?

Answer: He does not. Because he has outgrown his beastly egoism and does not feel any connection with his parents, does not feel that he must help them, support them, think about them, and so on. Do not imagine something that does not exist. You cannot bring this back.

Lately, this is all dying out and it does not exist any more. That is, if you help your children, then they need you. You can be close to them. If you stop helping them, they do not need you. This is how it happens.

Comment: The only thing that bothers me is that you are generalizing. There are also normal relationships.

My Response: I am talking about the tendency of nature. This is why I am generalizing.

Question: So, what is next?

Answer: In our generation, parents are still able to give something, to direct, to leave children their possessions, and so on. In the next generation, however, there will be a breaking.

There will be such a relationship between parents and children that if they have the same spiritual goals, they will be somehow connected through them. If not, people will forget about their parents altogether. And frankly, parents will also not think about their children.

Question: What will parents think about?

Answer: How to spend time quietly with their elderly friends.

Question: With dogs and cats?

Answer: Yes. All kinds of game clubs will open; say, clubs for playing dominos or something else.

Question: What is good about this?

Answer: Nothing. A person must simply understand how he should be connected with others today. This is a completely different system, not a system of beastly corporeal connections.

Question: Is this not a parent-child system?

Answer: This is a system when parents and children, each individually, reveal the common goal. Then this goal connects them together.

Question: What is this goal?

Answer: This goal is to attain the meaning of life. For parents, children, and grandchildren. It is always one. If they reveal it and attach themselves to it, then they feel the need to be connected with each other and to help each other in this.

Question: What common purpose of life are you talking about? If parents have one goal with the children?

Answer: Parents will then be able to push their children toward the correct goal. Then the connection between them will be both corporeal and spiritual—for the revelation of the Creator between them.

Question: What is the revelation of the Creator?

Answer: The revelation of the Creator is the revelation of mutual connection and love.

Question: Only between them?

Answer: To begin with.

Question: You mean in this cell: children and parents?

Answer: Yes.

Question: Don’t they want to reveal this now?

Answer: They do not want to. Has anyone told them about this? Has anyone directed them toward this?

Question: Doesn’t their natural relationship suggest that someone has told them?

Answer: Of course not.

Comment: You are tough today.

My Response: I am not harsh. This is what is unfolding in the world. Am I harsh? You made the world this way.

Comment: But this truth you are now saying, I can imagine how many comments there will be.

My Response: I am for not hiding this truth. On the contrary, I suggest revealing it so that people can see what a low state they are in and what it leads to.

Question: What conclusion should a person draw after your harsh words: that there will be a breaking between parents and grandchildren and children, and that this is natural?

Answer: If they do not find a common goal, there will be nothing that connects them. Nothing at all.

Question: Are you calling on them to seek this common goal?

Answer: Yes.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman,” 1/6/2020

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“Coronavirus And The Value Of Life” (Thrive Global)

Thrive Global published my new article: “Coronavirus and the Value of Life

We like to think of ourselves as conscientious, moral people. But COVID-19, or Coronavirus Disease, is exposing our true nature: selfish to the core.

2019 was a record year for Dengue Fever in Latin America. Some 3 million people were infected, and 1,500 of them died. Each year, the disease is claiming more and more lives but hardly anyone outside Latin America knows about it. Why? Because it’s Latin America, and in the eyes of the West, Latin American lives are worth less than West European lives or North American lives. If we in the Western World valued Latin American lives the way we value our own, the media would give it due coverage.

Likewise, the coronavirus aroused very little interest as long as it remained inside Mainland China. Would we really be alarmed if the virus killed, say, 100,000 people, or even a million people in China, but did not migrate to other countries? What would it take for us to move uncomfortably in our seats? The answer is not a number, but the identity of the affected.

We like to think of ourselves as conscientious, moral people. But COVID-19, or Coronavirus Disease, is exposing our true nature: selfish to the core. This is why the world started panicking over the coronavirus only when it spread to the rest of the world; this is the sad reality of our lives.

Two Lessons from the Virus

So far, the coronavirus has taught us two very important lessons:

We are all equal in the eyes of nature. Whether you are rich or poor, a tyrant or a servant, the tiny bug could not care less; it’ll hit you just the same.

We are all mutually dependent. We are passing the germ from one person to the next and one person’s irresponsible behavior, even if inadvertently, can cost other people’s lives and numerous others pain and agony.

What the virus will not teach us is how to turn this negative interdependency into a positive one. This, we will have to learn on our own, through our efforts to build a new paradigm of living. If we focus our efforts on improving life for everyone rather than only our own, and often at the expense of others, we will transform our environment, the social and ecological ones.

The pandemic is an opportunity for us to develop a new outlook on ourselves, to envision success not as a triumph over others, but as empowerment of society as a whole. True, this thinking goes against our nature, but nature itself is going against our nature nowadays, so we had better start thinking outside the box. If we don’t change our mode of thinking, reality will force us to, and much more painfully.

Coronavirus Disease is a prelude to a stream of ordeals that will befall humanity until we’re willing to become mutually responsible on the social and ecological levels. It does not take a lot to see that the virus is a test to our mutual consideration. Look at how China reacted in the beginning of the outbreak, pretending that the virus was no big deal, and look how it has managed to slow down its spread—by placing everyone in quarantine until the spreading dwindles. And it worked. Look at how Italy initially dismissed the danger, and look at the catastrophic results.

Now we need to take the mandatory mutual responsibility to the next level and start reaping its fruits. We can do much more than heal society from the virus. We can heal it from the spreading alienation, loneliness, and depression that have plagued our societies long before the virus. All it takes is our willingness to accept that we are responsible for one another.

Cherish the Difference

If we accept mutual responsibility, we will learn to cherish each other’s differences. Our unique characters will no longer separate us; they will connect us and will give each of us unique ways to contribute to society, which no one else will be able to give.

Questions of race or gender equality will become extinct since each person will be priceless. How can you evaluate a person who has unique qualities that no one else has, and who is ready and willing to use those qualities to benefit all of society? Will it matter if that person came from Latin America, China, or Germany? Will it matter if that person is well educated or not, rich or poor, black, white, or yellow? None of it will matter. All that will matter is that that person has a priceless gift to give to all of us. This is the reality of people living in mutual responsibility.
— Published on March 11, 2020

“Sooner We Learn Coronavirus Lesson, Sooner We’ll Heal” (Newsmax)

My article in Newsmax: “Sooner We Learn Coronavirus Lesson, Sooner We’ll Heal

We’re still not getting what’s coming.

COVID-19, or coronavirus, is messing up our lives and we have yet to grasp the consequences. The masks, the quarantine, but mostly, the fear, are telling us that a new phase in our existence is emerging.

So, the sooner we get a grip on things, the better it will be for everyone.

Imagine this:

You’re sitting at home, cannot go to work because your employer went out of business, cannot buy food because the stores have all been emptied and there’s no supply to refill the shelves, and supply shipments have virtually stopped. But you have children to feed. What will you do? You can’t even send them to school where they can get a meal since all schools have been shut down by the virus!

What will you do, grow vegetables in the bathtub?

If it sounds mad, it’s because it is. But in a matter of months, this scenario could be the reality of tens of millions of Americans, Europeans and people in every country in the world.

The simple reality is that we cannot exist without provision from the outside, and the coronavirus is decimating that provision. If we don’t find a way to reboot the chains of supply that have been frozen still by fear, we could be facing hunger of a magnitude that will destroy our society and claim the lives of millions of people who aren’t even sick with the virus.

The Key to a Successful Reboot

Why is all this happening?

Because we are ignoring one simple, natural law: interconnectedness. Interconnectedness means that everything in nature is connected to, and therefore dependent on everything else.

We, on the other hand, live under the assumption that we needn’t recognize anything other than our own needs. Herein lies the problem: While the inanimate, vegetative, and animate levels of nature function in harmony and balance, the human level seeks only to exploit: We use nature and abuse each other simply because we can.

Now, in what seems like the first time, but certainly not the last, nature is saying, “Enough!” Reality is demanding that we become responsible, mature, but mainly, considerate of one another and of the environment.

Now we are called upon to raise our eyes, acknowledge the world around us, and begin to think more in terms of “we” and less in terms of “me.” This is how all of nature operates, and it demands that we do, too.

Becoming More Like Nature, and Less Like People

In order to start balancing our approach to reality, we should begin to work more like nature, and less like people, or at least less like the people that we used to be until the outbreak of COVID-19. To do that, we should start including other interests in our thoughts. What animals and plants do instinctively, we are required to do consciously.

While it is much harder for us to do than it is for animals and plants, it holds a unique reward: an enhanced perception of the whole of nature. The more parts of reality we include in our awareness, the broader our perception of reality becomes. It is an endless process of growth with infinite rewards, bound only by our willingness to exert in it.

As nature is interconnected, so we can become, if we set our minds and hearts on it. In that sense, the coronavirus is an unprecedented opportunity for growth, and it would be a horrible mistake for us to miss it.

By disconnecting our supply chains, the virus has reminded us that we are inseparably connected. By thinking about this interconnectedness and what it requires of us, we can defeat not only COVID-19, but also the “viruses” that sicken our society, pollute our minds, and make us destroy each other and the world around us.

In that sense, the coronavirus is a vaccine, not a pathogen, and the sooner we learn what it teaches, the sooner we will all heal.

Preventing Divorce

laitman_627.1Comment: Shelters for divorced men are opening up across Italy. According to the law, a man must pay an alimony to support his children and ex-wife to the standard of living she became accustomed to when married, so that she will not be in need. On average, it comes to 1,000 – 1,500 Euros.

My Response: We have come to a state when our constitution, our rights and other laws result in men no longer being men; they are like children, degraded elements. They cannot take care of nor provide for themselves. Greedy wives strip them down to nothing, and they are thrown to the sidelines.

Question: Why is there such an attitude of disregard for men on the part of modern women?

Answer: The human ego is growing. In the twentieth century, it soared to such a height that it has become impossible to get along in any relationships. A man and a woman can no longer live together. And it is this way in any country, any culture, and any religion. It is incredibly complicated.

Question: What are the roles of men and women in the modern world?

Answer: Women are no less and no worse, and they are not dependent on men. On the contrary, such laws and views prevail in society that a man feels demoted, flawed, and under greater pressure from society than a woman. This is the evolutionary stage of societal development.

Question: What will this lead to?

Answer: It will lead to the complete abolition of the institution of marriage. Or perhaps there will be very clear agreements prearranged by a lawyer and certified in court so that there will be no problems.

Question: Can you describe an ideal picture of harmonious relationships between men and women in the future? What should they be like?

Answer: There should be no demands placed on each other. We have to be educated so that we will not be conditioned to demand of others.

Question: What will happen with the shelters for divorced men? Will there be more of them all over the world, or less?

Answer: The whole thing will lead to the reassessment of our values. When we will no longer view marriage as means of achieving some material gains for women and of enslaving men. When we will view this as a natural state of human development that must be resolved, healthily and purposefully, instead of one trying to get ahead at the expense of another.

We need to involve society, men, and women, necessarily all three, so the involvement in raising children and their financial support falls in proportionate measures on both parents.

Question: A person has both male and female qualities. What should one do to bring them into balance? And what are these qualities?

Answer: From the perspective of Kabbalah, these are the desires to give and to receive, which truly have to be in balance within a person. We have to reached a state where these desires will be aimed at the common good, at the betterment of the entire society.

Laws have to be such that we would want to obey them. That is, we would receive such an education that would explain to us that the laws of society are the laws of nature, and the laws of nature are the laws of the Creator, and if we observe all these laws, we will be in an optimal state.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman,” 11/17/19

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The Fashion Of The Future

laitman_294.2Remark: We know that the age of mass consumption has passed.

My Comment: Yes, humanity has already realized that endless purchases do not satisfy them.

Remark: The time of clothing rentals is coming. Both designers and fashion houses are now developing a tendency to rent designer items. Instead of paying a few hundred pounds for owning a thing, you can pay 50-60 pounds and rent it. Thus, you can consider your wardrobe as a source of income.

My Comment: Then no one will buy anything at all. Nobody needs anything. How many rags do you need? People will go and buy something for themselves “on the go” and that is it. And they will not make a big deal out of it. It all goes away.

Humanity is changing from the inside. Once upon a time, a king would wear something, and he was considered a king. We judged a person by his clothes.

Today, this is no longer the case. That time has passed.

Question: You say that humanity is now striving to change from within. What is inner beauty?

Answer: It is our desire. It gradually transforms by various external conditions.

Strength—see how all kinds of active programs for physical education and other things are developing today. This is still not something we are doing; it is all being done to us in order to somehow sell something.

So it is everywhere. But it will not help. Another 10, another 20 years. All the same, humanity is moving to new states, to new, more internal desires. And they will not pay attention to appearance. They will pay attention to beauty; it will disappear last. But in the end, it does not determine anything.

Question: And what is this inner desire that you are talking about?

Answer: It is to embellish yourself—an inner desire to embellish oneself externally. After all, inner beauty is invisible. So, I will embellish myself externally, and everyone will think: “Look at how smart he is! Look at the special glasses he has on!” We want to pass off the external as internal, so we mock ourselves and others in this way.

We need to reach the point where we value the inner beauty in a person: kindness, participation, sympathy, and separation from oneself toward others. We neither feel nor value this, but it is what we need. It would be a completely different matter if we had the fashion for this.

Question: And how can we make that inner beauty you talk about noticeable and popular?

Answer: Education. There is no other way. It is so that I would look at a girl in class and evaluate her according to her correct attitude to everyone. A man should choose his wife similarly and not according to the length of her legs.

Remark: You say that beauty will be the last to depart.

My Comment: That is, it will leave our attention. When we stop giving it attention, it will be the last to leave. I will appreciate a person for a different reason. I will not see this ugliness; I will see inner beauty.

This, of course, is not easy and not yet within this world, which constantly attunes us to external evaluations. But I am sure that at the pace we are moving, with all these operations to remake faces, figures, and everything else, it is all a matter of the very near future.

The fashion of the future will be directed only toward a beautiful manifestation of the inner world. And there is no need to create any enterprises that exchange rags among themselves.

Question: And what will this beautiful society be like?

Answer: A beautiful society thinks only about the inner content of a person and lives by it. Everyone in it understands and feels the warmth of one toward the other. This is what people will be valued for. It will happen soon.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 12/10/19

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“Why Sanders’ Lead In The Democratic Race Should Concern American Jews” (Times Of Israel)

The Times of Israel published my new article “Why Sanders’ Lead in the Democratic Race Should Concern American Jews

I met a chief psychiatrist in New York during a joint conference years ago who said he was of Jewish descent. When we started a conversation about Jewish traditions, the only connection he recalled was his grandfather’s name, Chaim, a Hebrew name. This kind of episode is common in people who have distanced themselves from their Jewish roots. Some decide to revive connection with their roots only for personal gain and to make their anti-Semitic views appear kosher. Bernie Sanders is a case in point.

Why should this worry American Jews?

In the last few weeks, particularly after winning New Hampshire’s primary and Nevada caucuses, Sanders appears to be the Democratic frontrunner in four out of five polls designed to determine who is the preferred candidate to challenge Donald Trump in the next election. Since his presidential ambition has been recently invigorated, Sanders has conveniently shifted his political strategy from indifference about his Jewish background—as highlighted by multiple American publications, including The New York Times—to embracing and highlighting his heritage, portraying himself as potentially the first Jewish president in US history.

His new image as a liberal Jew sympathetic toward minorities, and as an old-but-skilled politician, is helping him gain popularity among the Democratic party’s left-leaning base, many of whom still think socialism is the solution to American inequalities. The Jewish card is also useful for advancing his anti-Israel agenda more freely in a similar manner to George Soros, who is accused of being behind multiple organizations against Israel.

Among his other anti-Israel positions, Sanders stated that he would condition military aid to Israel upon Israeli changes in policy toward the Palestinians. But the future of the US relationship with the Jewish nation is not of primary concern if Sanders is selected as the Democratic presidential candidate since, in the end, Israel’s future should depend on no one other than the people of Israel.

The problem that I foresee, should Sanders be elected, will be for American Jews. Undoubtedly, Jews will take the heat—as always happens when economic crises occur—for the certain failure of his populistic approach based on socialistic principles.

As history has shown, when populist socialist regimes fail to fulfill people’s expectations, National Socialism—Nazism—emerges. This certainly could happen again and the atrocities we thought were gone for good could resurface—a nightmare for American Jews.

At the outset, socialism appears to have the solutions Americans seek. The government lightens the load on the people’s shoulders, taking care of their basic needs. However, socialism falls short because it fails to take the egoistic quality of human nature into account: the fundamental need to fulfill oneself before any other person.

People innately lack motivation to truly benefit one another. As explained by Kabbalist Yehuda Ashlag (Baal HaSulam) in his article “The Peace,” written in the 1930s, but just as relevant today as in the past: “Where would the worker or the farmer find sufficient motivation to work?’ For his daily bread will not increase or decrease by his efforts, and there are no goals or rewards before him.”

The Trump administration might not be the final panacea for all American problems, but its pragmatic economic approach of boosting the financial and industrial sectors is aimed in the right direction for today’s world. This is because, while we are still egoistic beings each aiming to benefit ourselves at the expense of others, and currently make no strides to correct the human ego so that a sincere desire to benefit others would become a leading value in society, then a pragmatic economic approach to grow financially and industrially provides a clear measurable foundation by which a country can sustain itself, both from within, and in connection with other countries.

In contrast, the socialistic view, which depends on ideas of equality and kindness being upheld by society and the government, might be pleasant to agree with in theory, but in practice, personal benefit at the expense of others will remain as top priority, eventually shattering such a setup. The government could never impose on people a true motivation to contribute to society with an earnest desire to see everyone fulfilled and secure. A prosocial and altruistic desire to benefit others among society can be achieved entirely via regular engagement in connection-enriching education. The basis for such a form of education can be found in the wisdom of Kabbalah, a methodology that provides in-depth understanding of how nature operates, including the egoistic human nature, and how to rise above the human ego in order to attain a genuine desire to benefit others.

Jews, who long ago received this method at the foot of Mount Sinai, can spark such a learning process in society by first refreshing their knowledge of the principles of connection, and then implementing positive connection among themselves by rising above internal differences. By so doing, Jews would become a positive example of how to build relations of mutual support, consideration and altruism as a launch pad for a better world. Such an elevation above the ego of a critical mass of people within humanity will hold the power to unify society above its myriad differences, thus erasing any totalitarian threats. Moreover, this forward-looking shift is independent of any politician or regime. It depends on our desire for positive change and our commitment to apply ourselves to educational programs aiming to unifying us above our differences.

Death And I

Laitman_013.07Question: Our mind refuses to accept the inevitability of death. When one receives information that associates him with death, something tells him that this data is unreliable. We can sometimes predict the death of others, but will almost always be wrong about predicting our own.

Experts tell us that subconsciously we ignore facts and perceive ourselves as someone who will have a lengthy existence, if not eternity. Why do we feel this way?

Answer: It is because no living being can or should understand that he is mortal at all. Everything in this world should propel us forward. We must create, execute things, and leave something after us.

Question: To acknowledge one’s mortality, to have the fear of death, does it have an effect on us?

Answer: The fear of death is the fear of nonexistence. How can I imagine a world where I no longer exist? This is a terrible rejection of egoism.

What is a world? It is I who exist, I know the world, understand it, and feel it. I am in it, in the center of it. But here, I suddenly disappear.

What remains in the world? I can only perceive it through my senses. If there is no “I,” then this is the end of it all. Our ego cannot conceive of the notion that the world can exist without it.

The only solution is to explain to people that the world is eternal, endless, and perfect. It is completely different from the way that we perceive it. In order to see it differently, we have to rise up to the level of the quality of love and bestowal.

Question: Does it mean that we will break free and rise above our egoism?

Answer: Yes. We will see it in the quality opposite egoism.

The fact that we are created in a particular quality should not limit us. We have to see the world differently, multilaterally. We will then be able to see the world and ourselves in some sort of connection.

Question: Are you saying that if I rise above my egoism, I will reach the quality of love and bestowal and see the world as eternal? Thus, I become eternal too?

Answer: Yes.

Question: So, it follows that death does not exist?

Answer: Death does not exist in the quality of bestowal.

Question: Will people come to perceive themselves as eternal?

Answer: Yes, the science of Kabbalah explains this to us. We can only do it if we have the desire for it.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman,” 10/24/19

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Protests Vs. Cooperation: What Will Make Governments Listen To People’s Needs?

Dr. Michael LaitmanFrom My Facebook Page Michael Laitman 11/16/19

Mass protests are shaking the planet. Can protests really affect change in the world? What are people lacking in order to get into the right cooperation with the countries’ governments and make them really work for the needs of a particular society and the world as a whole?

The answer is connection. Protests give people a certain kind of unity, but it is a unity that is induced. They have an announced goal, several mottos, and blinding emotions. The main point of protest is “against,” not “for.” Therefore, those who come to protest connect around their personal hatred regarding something, or because of the external threat. As soon as it’s gone, or “a dog is given a piece of food” to calm down, the artificial unity disappears as it never existed before.

Can we get out of this locked circle?

Yes. Just as how hatred nourishes hatred, love nourishes love. Therefore, if people connect “for” something—a common goal aimed at building a new prosperous society—and show the government their unity “as one man with one heart,” their needs and requests will be immediately met and fulfilled.

How do we find that point of “for” unity? The wisdom of Kabbalah teaches us about it. See Less

Why Do Children Take Drugs?

laitman_961.1Question: Eleven-year-old girls in Berlin take ecstasy. An increase in the number of adolescents and children who abuse drugs has been recorded. This is of concern to both politicians and scientists.

When people take these drugs, they become sociable, feel like they are in love, and are more open to others. However, when the effect ends, they feel irritable, depressed, a loss of  strength and concentration. Such a “hangover” after taking the pills can last several days.

At the same time, a drug-related environment is growing in Berlin. You can go to a place where drugs can be tested for purity, and cleaned so as to avoid death.

These are eleven-year-old children! These are fourth graders. Where does such a craving for drugs come from in kids?

Answer: A young person wants to feel good and interesting. The world becomes good around him; something that he really lacks. The world becomes cheerful; something that is not in this world. The world is becoming friendly, which really it never is. He builds his world with this pill.

It is very hard for them. If some time ago people were in the ranks, and it satisfied them, they worked hard, and this put them in their place. However, the younger generation is unlike that, it does not want that. It wants to feel good in this particular way. Generations pass, and the German spirit is changing.

15% of Germany, France, and the UK are immigrants. This means that the social atmosphere is changing at a breakneck pace. The young generation of German children have to somehow adapt to this. They are taught, they are told, and they themselves see that they must somehow perceive the world that adults have made for them. This is not the same Europe anymore.

Question: You said that children are looking for a way out of themselves in order to leave the closed world they are in. How can I do that? What does the wisdom of Kabbalah say about this?

Answer: Kabbalah says that we have to make them a happy childhood. Adults need to try very hard to make this happen. We have to know how to do it, and they don’t.

Question: How can we do it?

Answer: By being connected through good relationships, and then, on this basis, create an atmosphere for children where they feel good, so that at eleven years old they would want to play among themselves, and not plunge into their world of illusion.

People have to build a society, but they do not. They obey multiculturalism and liberalism. The result is that they simply lose themselves and the next generation.

Interactions between people are something that they lack, and so they run away to pills.

We are present now at the rebirth of a generation. There was a generation of computers, then a generation of phones, and now this is already going to the next level.

Question: Scientists say that we live in a time that is lightning fast. Every second people send sixty million messages on social networks. If earlier, we perceived several frames per minute when we watched a movie, now we perceive several dozens. That is, we have become absolutely impatient.

Children apparently also want the result, they are perhaps unconsciously striving for, here and now. How can we overcome this impatience? In general, does impatience somehow help in our fast-paced time?

Answer: I disbelieve all of this because in the end a person needs to experience the fulfillment of his desires and feelings. He thinks he will fill it with a number of frames per second. It will not happen. He thinks that he will fill himself with the fact that he will travel around the world, forget himself, and feast his eyes—this will also end.

All this gradually ends. In addition, the crisis will not allow us to turn around the world this way and do what we want. A huge crisis is approaching, and I hope that it puts us all in our place.

Question: How can I replace an ecstasy pill with a spiritual “pill”—a “pill” of losing my temper?

Answer: Replacing with a spiritual “pill,” of course would be nice, but for this you and I will have to work very hard. We will have to spread this knowledge about the possibility of going out of ourselves into much higher spheres than ecstasy, telephones, computers, and so on.

The human being is practically unlimited in his comprehension, in his development, a sense of eternity and the perfection of nature. We have to show him that this is possible. We have to develop in him the opportunity to feel the upper world literally in childhood. I hope that we will live to see it.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman,” 7/14/19

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