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The Secret Of Black Holes

Laitman_152Remark: Black holes have been verified. Time stops there; the laws of physics do not apply. The gravitational field is so strong that it consumes everything, including the light.

My Comment: The laws of physics of this world do not work there.

Question: What does this knowledge give us?

Answer: It lets us understand that there is a border for time, space, and motion. Completely foreign laws are in effect there that we cannot approach or study.

That is, we can guess based on what we know that everything is different there. But how different? In a few more centuries, we still will be no closer to discovering this because we are standing behind the radio-telescopes that gave us a picture of that black hole.

We are trying to research this phenomenon with our egoistic minds that are quite mechanical rather than quantum, and therefore, nothing will come from it.

In order to perform a serious study of what lies beyond, of what happens inside the black hole, where totally different laws of physics are at play, we too need to be different.

We have only caught a glimpse of our universe to this point of transition to some other space. This is the boundary of our attainment. We call it “the border.” It is the boundary of time and space. Neither exist there.

We have no knowledge of whatever lies inside these black holes. One thing is clear: everything disappears there for us. It would be interesting to see how we would appear from up there if we looked at this world through this black eye.

Remark: This would be interesting, indeed! To look, from a different dimension, at our own.

My Comment: We would appear to be very primitive, below the speed of light. It is the most primitive state in all of nature—existence below the speed of light. This means that I am completely under the power of mechanical light. I am overpowered by it and controlled by it; I am nothing. I do not exist because my “I” cannot be felt.

Question: What will bring us to the understanding that when a person changes, so does the world?

Answer: When our world becomes a black hole where everything disappears.

Comment: When will humanity arrive at this state?

Answer: We will arrive at it through the recognition of evil, which we are gradually approaching. We can feel this evolution.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman,” 4/23/19

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“One Small Step For Man, One Giant Leap For Mankind”

laitman_928Exactly 50 years ago, a significant event happened: the world watched with bated breath as man made his first steps on the Moon. All the radio stations and TV channels were broadcasting the words of Neil Armstrong: “That is one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.”

Now, after 50 years, can we say that it really was a great breakthrough for humanity?

Back then, I was a young man, 23 years old, a student, and I remember how I was inspired by these shots. I used to dream of such journeys. There were a lot of people around me and we all kept our eyes glued to the screen watching what was happening.

First of all, I was interested in this as a scientist, which I was preparing to become. It was a major breakthrough in science. Of course if you look at this event today, it does not seem so fateful. Today no one is impressed by space travel. However, at that time, people were very passionate about it. Man wanted to get out of the earthly framework, to break away from the Earth and find out what is happening beyond it.

This really was a giant leap for humanity, looking up from Earth, we established for certain that the Earth is round. In ancient times, people generally considered it to be a disk. I remember being struck by images from the Moon: the globe rising above the horizon just as we usually see the Moon rising in the sky. It was a very interesting inversion.

We began to understand that we are in a vast universe that is empty. There is no other life in the entire universe except for the one unique ecosystem which connects inanimate nature, plants, animals, and people on Earth, and gives us life. We took a step into space, opening a new space, but it was dead.

Here humanity is beginning to realize two opposites: we face the endless open space of the universe, but there is no life in it, just stones and a vacuum. Therefore, we need to take care of our planet—there will be no other place. It is necessary to perceive all people as living together in one house. I do not see that going to the Moon has changed people’s attitudes in this sense. But at least it has triggered research in this direction.

Over the past 50 years humanity has developed significantly, but for the worse. We have proven that we are alone in the universe and that the Earth is a unique place that gives us life. Yet, despite this, we are destroying it, approaching an irreversible red line, and we do not consider anyone. It shows us how destructive our egoism is; it is killing us and we need to do something about it.

The next “small step for man, which will become a giant leap for humanity” will be a step toward unification between us. To do so, you do not need to step on the Moon or another planet, but you need to step on yourself. Each person must step on his own egoism, then we will really make a huge breakthrough for all humanity because we will be able to save ourselves from self-destruction.

If each of us takes a small step out of himself, stepping on his own selfishness, it will elevate us all much higher than the Moon and the stars in a completely different dimension. We cannot abolish our egoism, but we can rise above it. This requires a special force; no rocket will be able to raise us above ourselves.

Each person is held by the force of gravity of his own egoism, and therefore, it is necessary to awaken the opposite force, which will tear him away from the love for himself. The wisdom of Kabbalah is intended for this purpose and only it gives us the power to elevate ourselves above the surface of the Earth, to tear us away from the egoism that presses us to the earth.

We would like to rise and grow above our egoism, but we cannot. This requires a special method of connection, which is taught by Kabbalah. Then we will feel ourselves in a rocket in the boundless universe. By breaking away from egoism, we will understand what special forces the Earth, the Moon, the Sun, and the entire universe have. We will learn why this system is built this way and what our role is, why we exist in it. Everything will become clear to us; we just need to rise above our egoism.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 7/18/19

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How To Raise Children

laitman_543.02Remark: In Japan, any physical punishment of children will soon be banned. The ban on physical punishment of minors applies to parents, social workers, and teachers.

My Comment: How can I express my dissatisfaction with the child’s behavior if it goes beyond what everyone says is acceptable for society, the family, and so on?

Let them give me a full distribution of the influence on children in order to educate them. Because education implies limiting.

You must express your discontent so that the child understands. And he would understand that it is for his benefit. That is, you do it not because you are annoyed and full of nerves, but because you wish for his good. This is of utmost importance in education.

Question: How do you keep in mind that you are not unloading your emotions onto a child?

Answer: To do this, educators must be educated.

Question: That is, you can’t do anything with prohibitions?

Answer: You cannot do anything. So what if there will be the law? What, they will be fined, imprison the parents? It will make such a mess in society.

When the state introduces such a law, and in general any laws, it must necessarily teach how to comply with this law and give it appropriate reinforcement.

Question: What is a proper upbringing?

Answer: It is said: “Man is born to small animals.” Gradually, if we do not educate him, he will become a big animal. In order to educate him, it is necessary to apply a certain pressure—simultaneously with his development.

Letting him know that I am putting pressure on him regarding the animal in him and not about the man in him. I want to develop man, and I want to curb the animal… and the animal is wild.

A child should know that he consists of two parts: good and evil, and we must limit evil.

Remark: I anticipate outraged comments on Twitter …

My Comment: It doesn’t matter. What difference does it make whether or not there are outraged comments? Most importantly, say the truth, and then it will become realized after a while.

Question: So your conclusion is that you need to educate parents and educators?

Answer: Of course. It is necessary to raise parents before raising children. Otherwise, parents will raise their children even worse than themselves.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman,” 4/9/19

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Whom To Leave Billions?

laitman_600.01Remark: The ten richest people in the world are not going to leave their fortune to their children.

My Comment: The custom of leaving possessions to the next generation has become outdated. People understand that it does not give children any happiness.

That is, a child has to be given a good education, and a minimal, normal right to exist, slightly above average. But no more than that. That way the child will make efforts to achieve more. He will also learn to save himself and his family in order to protect himself from all problems. Without this, one will be all over the place and will not know what to do and where to hurry.

It corrupts people. By the way, the Torah says that a father should not tell his son about his wealth and that it will go to his son.

Question: What about the fact that rich people leave their millions to charities?

Answer:  Where else could it be left? People will donate to research and for the ecology, and little by little it will all be gone. There will be all kinds of organizations that will advise about how to divide one’s money, dissolve it in parts, and that is all.

Question: Is giving everything to charities a selfish act? Some people have earned a lot of money.

Answer: Yes, they earned the money, but now, at the end of their lives, they understand that this money cannot be taken with them, that nothing can be done, and no one is eternal. They hope that in this way they will nevertheless leave their name and themselves with humanity. This is some kind of redemption.

Remark: There is a word: “to perpetuate.”

My Comment: Perpetuate, yes. But I do not envy them. If they still hope that this will proved them with some service after they have already parted with this life, then, of course….

Question: It does not serve them? What would serve then?

Answer: I do not want to talk about this. Let them leave their money to charities.🙂

A man has nothing left! Absolutely nothing but good deeds. Good deeds are only in being able to push this world to unite. That is all, just this!

Only this can somehow really be recorded in a person’s soul. When man engages in uniting the world, he engages with his soul, with his inner property. Therefore it remains in him, and death has no power over it.

Question: What kind of action is for the unification of the world?

Answer: It is a mutual desire of people to help each other, even at the earthly level. The most important thing is uniting to reveal the higher mind, the highest property, the highest power, the Creator, the property of love and bestowal.

If they will direct people to this, then it will in fact remain with them and it will be their eternal great contribution to the development of their own souls.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman,” 3/19/19

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How To Turn Shortcomings Into Merits?

laitman_245.09Question: Many people suffer from their shortcomings. How should we work with them?

Answer: It is very simple: you should love the other person so that through the external flaws (physical, physiological) you would see his or her inner value. Then all these external flaws, on the contrary, will emphasize their inner worth.

Question: How can one see one’s shortcomings positively?

Answer: I do see everything in myself as positive. We are arranged this way. Even if sometimes, at some very bad moments of life, I curse and criticize myself, I need to think about who I am criticizing.

Nature, or you can call it “the Creator,” which is one and the same, created you this way. Why then are you cursing it? How do you know? Perhaps you need all these flaws precisely in order to reach the level of the Creator by rising above them? After all, this is our destiny.

Question: How can we use the flaws correctly in order to rise to the next level of development?

Answer: Love. Love them, that is, love them for the fact that precisely by rising above them, by turning them into merits, we reach the highest level of development. It would be impossible to rise without this.

Question: What is the background against which a person will see that everything he has a complex about can be used effectively?

Answer: He should study the wisdom of Kabbalah. He must receive correct examples and strength from this wisdom with which he can try to change himself, to demand, plead, and eventually change.

Question: Which of your qualities or properties that seemed to you not so good did you use for development, for the ascent to the next level?

Answer: I am very jealous. I am very envious, and I would like to be even more greedy. The only thing that I have a great passion for is discovering the meaning of life. This great passion is based on great egoism: “Why do I just exist? I cannot allow this, I do not want this. I must understand why I exist and how can I correctly realize every moment of my life.” This is because of great greed and a big ego!

Although this quality of mine is a very bad one, in general, it is good. Thanks to it, I develop. To this day I am very greedy—greedy to know, to understand, and attain. If I see it in someone, why can’t I do it? Not for some materialistic purposes, but for a spiritual, scientific, etc. purpose.

I am very envious. I watch someone playing a violin or a piano, conducting an orchestra, or singing, and I have none of this.

Question: So, how do you express it?

Answer: I want everything!

Question: What do you do?

Answer: Nothing. I cannot burst out; I work in my field. I decided that this is the only and the greatest treasure and that I must achieve it.

If I had copper, zinc, tin, iron, and diamond mines, which ones would I develop? The diamonds. You cannot help it; they are the most precious.

It is the same here. I have chosen for myself that the most important thing in life is to reach the root of my development, the next level of existence, and this is my only aim.

Question: Does it mean that to have a goal is the most important thing in life?

Answer: Yes. The most important thing is to “Live with the lightning.” “Shine, shine my star!”
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 1/27/19

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Political Views In Our Genes?

Prison Is Not What Reforms A Rapist

laitman_283.02Question: Your Instagram readers are asking: “How can we accept evil?” You answered: “There is no evil. Evil simply points out to a person that he hasn’t reached perfection in goodness.

That is, concealed good is felt as evil. It is felt acutely so one will pay attention to what other possibilities exist for him to correct this property and turn it into good.”

One of your readers is asking: “What about rape? Abnormal behavior in our connections?”

Answer: This is egoism, it is excess. Of course, this is evil. But egoism must be corrected, and then there will be no evil. That is, this is an incorrect attitude toward another. The intention toward another is just intention. If it acquires either a positive or a negative form, then we have to discern and correct the “minus” into a “plus.” But the intention itself cannot be changed. In other words, we cannot castrate a rapist; we need to reform him.

Question: But how?

Answer: How to do it is another thing. Actions will not change the world. We have to delve into the root of the problem, into why some people treat other people in such ways, and correct that direction,or in other words, his intention. This is what the science of Kabbalah deals with.

Question: Suppose someone commits violence against others. What does it mean to correct his intention, that the same actions of the same person would be beneficial to others?

Answer: Did he intend to hurt others? No, he wanted to fulfill himself. So let him fulfill himself through different actions: acts of kindness toward others. He needs to be corrected, reformed, and educated differently.

He will then receive the same pleasure, even a much greater one than he would have felt while perpetrating violence. Kabbalah can give him pleasure that is 620 times greater. Instead of violence, it will be acts of kindness toward another person, as that person will be enjoying it together with him.

Question: What accounts for such transformation in a person?

Answer: The upper force, the upper light. This is not a simple matter. Nor can the rapist do much about it. A person must be changed, re-educated.

Question: But what can be done?

Answer: At the very least, do not imprison him. According to the Torah, there is no concept of prison. There is no concept of “isolating one from the society.” In order to isolate him—there were six cities of refuge. That is where one would get re-educated.

Question: What happens to a person when his intention changes, when his attitude toward others changes? At what level does this change take place: chemical, psychological?

Answer: On the spiritual level. On the highest, most inner level. He has to change his attitude, his understanding of where he is: in a society, in the world, his attitude toward life and death, toward the whole universe, everything has to change inside him. This correction takes place under the influence of the upper light.

Question: Suppose a rapist wants to change his attitude…

Answer: Even if he doesn’t want to change, we will gradually influence him in such a way that he will want to change himself, and will be changed.

Question: What does it mean to influence him in such a way that he will change?

Answer: Through examples, education. It is an educational system that has to influence him over a long period of time. People that were sentenced to the refuge cities could not leave. If a person killed or harmed anyone, he could find a refuge there, turn himself in and admit his crime, and then the societies in the refuge cities would work on him.

He was influenced in such a way that the upper light could affect him. One has to put himself under the influence of the upper light. A person cannot do it himself, he is completely corrupt. Therefore, he is aided in such a way that the upper light begins to affect him.

How is this achieved? By inclusion into society. The collective works on attracting the upper light, and a person, by being in the society, whether he likes it or not, receives a portion of the upper light through it, and the upper light reforms him.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 2/28/19

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What Is Stronger: Time Or Patience?

laitman_761.2Question: You wrote on Instagram: “If you change, the world will change. And do not demand changes from the world if you do not change yourself. Improve yourself and everything will change.

“The world depends only on a person’s change, not on the change of others. You will find that they should not change. The whole world is in complete correction.”

While these processes are taking place, what is stronger: time or patience?

Answer: Time is like something that does not depend on us. Patience is something that depends on us. But we can, with the help of our patience, change time, speed it up or slow it down. Therefore, I believe that the most important thing is our attitude toward the world, that we change as quickly as possible, and then we will see the world rapidly changing in a good direction.

Question: In the end, it turns out that time will be subject to us?

Answer: Time will be subject to us and changing the world will be subject to us, depending on our own changes.

Question: What does it have to do with patience?

Answer: Patience means that we do not have to endure anything, we do not have to wait for something to change. We must change ourselves.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 2/3/19

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Einstein Quotations Part 1

 202Question: Could you please comment on some quotations attributed to Albert Einstein?

Quotation: “Only a fool needs order, genius can handle chaos.”

Answer: Yes. A person usually rushes to order because he cannot embrace what is in front of him.

The genius on the other hand, feels that he must dissolve in the chaos and then he will see an internal order in it: not the one he imposes on the existing world, but the one that initially exists within this world.

Quotation: “There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.”

Answer: If miracles did not exist, then everything would be very simple and clear. I too want to explain to everyone: “Why are you suffering? Look, everything is written simply. You are trying to do something in your life with incomprehensible attempts.”

This is one life when we try to grasp the immensity with our minds. But we say in advance: “Why is it there? Everything is simple and good,” embrace it all in our mind.

And the other is when we dissolve in the spiritual, in space, when we understand that we cannot swallow it and we believe that we can only enter into it, dissolve in it.

Thus, we accept the world by entering it. At the same time, we belittle ourselves, our minds, our capabilities; we see nature above us, not us ruling over nature. As Sir Isaac Newton [and often attributed to Einstein] said: “to myself, I seem to have been like a boy playing on the seashore, diverting myself in now and then finding a smoother pebble or a prettier shell than ordinary, whilst the great ocean of truth lay all undiscovered before me.” Only in this way can we enter nature and begin to truly understand it.

Remark: Then we seem to say: “Some wonders abound!”

My Comment: Yes. And this is the correct approach. In fact—only miracles. Why miracles? It is because I cannot comprehend them with my mind. However, when I say that these are miracles and I want to be in them, then I begin to understand them, precisely because I cancel myself before them.

Quotation: “Education is what remains after everything learned in school is forgotten.”

Answer: What does education mean? We form, or we can say, format our brain. As we launch certain programs into computers and then with the help of these programs, we start processing materials, working with them. Education should be just that. In and of itself, it does not matter. Only after I begin to treat life correctly with its help, do I begin to appreciate it.

Question: And what does it mean to forget education in general?

Answer: What did we study at school? I don’t remember history, geography, even math, I don’t know all those equations. Of course, I can somehow speculate about them. In principle,  in college, how much was seemingly unnecessary? Yes, it is all necessary in order to develop brains, develop and stir them. Otherwise what? Will I only be able to count my goats or cows in the herd? Or should I still be able to work with the conceptual apparatus?
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 2/26/18

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Absolute Love Or How To Find A Soulmate

laitman_294.2Question: From the point of view of science, isn’t the love a person feels for another simply a chemical process occurring in his body?

Answer: Of course, these are all chemical processes.

Question: What is love in terms of Kabbalah?

Answer: It is love at another level. But ultimately it is realized in us in the same physical and chemical processes. Only in Kabbalah it is studied from its upper source, from where it appears in us.

In fact, everything is determined by what is called “soul affinity,” that is, how much our souls, our spiritual components, are in a close state to each other in the common system of all souls in the world. Accordingly, we become attracted to and find each other.

It seems like it is a coincidence, that there are some circumstances. It is nothing of the kind. There are no coincidences in the world. Only the upper root brings us into some kind of movement toward each other. It obliges us to pay attention to each other and get close. At what level and in what sense to get close depends on the quality of our spiritual roots.

Question: How does this spiritual convergence occur?

Answer: A person in our world does not know this. We, as they say, “sniff” each other, study each other. It seems to us that we are suitable or not. It seems to us that circumstances lead to this, and everyone says: “You are so alike, similar,” and so on. This is all the world of dolls, the world of a game. But in fact, spiritual forces, spiritual roots, determine everything.

Question: How does one search for a spiritual partner?

Answer: People will not be able to. People do not understand. We study this in the science of Kabbalah and understand how it works. But in our world, we still cannot realize it.

Question: Is love a relationship of souls?

Answer: Love is the attraction of kindred souls. But this is spiritual, ideal love.

Question: What is a soulmate?

Answer: Soulmates are those who are in very close combination in the spiritual world.

There is a common soul. In it, there are many, billions of private souls that coexist with each other in all sorts of combinations. Their combinations determine the convergence, separation, and movement, including physical, in general, all this Brownian movement between us in our world.

Question: Does the name “my other half” imply a soulmate?

Answer: This is the perfect case.

Question: What is lovesickness?

Answer: Lovesickness in our world is purely egoistic suffering because I need fulfillment and I cannot find it. “Where is my second half that will fill me?” It’s just like: “Where is my dinner that I want to eat that I’m supposed to have?” It is absolutely the same. It is also the same with sex and with all the other fillings.

Question: What should be the principle of relationships of love in terms of Kabbalah?

Answer: This is a mutual understanding, the pursuit of a common goal, in which we unite together as one. But only in a common goal.

Question: Can this goal be anything?

Answer: No, only the spiritual goal! A spiritual goal is the union of our souls. As the great English poet Chaucer wrote: “Reach the merging of our souls in the tangle of our bodies.” He laughed at this—what we want.

Question: What is the lovesickness (“suffering out of love”) in Kabbalistic terms?

Answer: It is when I want to find my soulmate, including all the other souls in the world, in order to reach a state of spiritual connection between us, when I give everything, and through them I give it to the Creator. This is called true love. Eternal.

Question: Can there be a separation between soulmates, a break in communication? Why does it occur?

Answer: I did not observe such effects in our world. We are still in a state where our world is broken, and it only just begins its approach to the spiritual, corrected world.

We will definitely enter it. The question is when? We will reach a state where we will simultaneously perform actions in our world on the basis of spiritual actions. Then, we will fall in love with the soul and unite “soul to soul” as they say. Then everything will coexist in this way. I cannot imagine that separation is possible at this state.

Question: Then separation will not exist?

Answer: No. This is eternal love!
From the TV program “News with Kabbalist Dr. Michael Laitman”, 2/28/18

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