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Everyone Turned Out To Be Thieves

962.2Comment: There is a legend that Arthur Conan Doyle once sent a telegram in jest to twelve of the largest London bankers, and, as it was claimed, the most honest. He wrote in a telegram: “All is discovered! Flee!” According to the story, the next morning, all twelve bankers disappeared from London. Everyone turned out to be thieves. And this well-known principle is that everyone is a thief, and even more so bankers.

My Response: Sure.

Question: In what case can we say: “Honest bank, honest banker” and is it even possible?

Answer: The banking system is built on the principle that there can be no honesty. So I can’t imagine how it could be. After all, you’re always thinking about how to win, how to give some interest, and so on. That is, everything is built on winning, and winning cannot be honest.

Question: In what case can this system be honest?

Answer: Only if you are the bank of the whole world, and the whole world will be yours, and you will think only about the good of the world, then maybe something will work out.

Question: So I’m kind of responsible for the world as a bank, and I have to assume that these are not my clients, but my children?

Answer: Sure.

Question: Is this system possible, in principle?

Answer: In principle, it is possible, of course. Why not?

Comment: But this is a completely idealistic, detached from life system.

My Response: We just need to cut egoism out of humanity, and then the normal “meat” will remain that will only care about everything’s existence.

Question: On what principle is this bank based?

Answer: On making everyone feel good, everyone has everything.

Question: And due to what will I live as a banker?

Answer: Due to the fact that you will see how what you do benefits everyone.

Question: And this gives me vitality?

Answer: Absolutely everything.

Question: Will I have something to live from, to support the bank?

Answer: We’ll leave you something.

Question: And this “little bit” will be enough for me?

Answer: Yes.

Comment: Meaning, I will not have an inner cry: “More and more!”

My Response: No. You won’t have anything at all!

Question: What will I have?

Answer: You will have a great, deep, personal pleasure from a well-lived life.

Question: And is it worth all the money? And is it worth everything at all?

Answer: You will have perfect status!

Comment: Today it is clear that the whole system is rotten because it works exclusively for itself—to profit.

My Response: If it will work for everyone, and everyone will participate in everything, then it can be applied and played with forever.

Question: What will be the currency of this bank?

Answer: Happiness, tranquility, and peace of mind for everyone. And the most important common property will be boredom. 🙂

Everyone will be bored. Why move, live, do something? Nothing! Everyone walks with dull eyes, they don’t see anything in front of them and that is how they lost the meaning of life.

Question: So what is happiness then? What kind of bank have we built if everyone is bored?

You said, “Happiness. The main currency is the happiness of all.” I want it to be like this. This is the main currency of the bank, and it exists for this.

Answer: I do not know what can be done then. If you take away a person’s egoism, his nature, then he will not have happiness.

Question: Then what can egoism be replaced with so that we still have happiness and there is such a growing one? What is the best way for us, for humanity?

Answer: No, we will not get rid of egoism. And if we get rid of it, then we will fall into such a state that death is better.

Question: How can we turn it around then, this egoism?

Answer: It is only possible when we work in an appropriate healthy team that will work according to the system of Kabbalah.

Question: And what will egoism be transformed into?

Answer: It does not transform. It simply begins to feed on giving, love, and the saturation of others, in the same way a mother enjoys when she gives to her baby.

Question: And this is a likely option?

Answer: This is a possible option. A woman who is breastfeeding enjoys the fact that the baby is sucking on an animal level. It’s the same with animals.

If in this way you feel that you can create such a society so that people feed each other like this, from themselves, then you will succeed.

Question: But all the same, you say that this society is based on egoism, only inverted?

Answer: Yes.

Question: So I get pleasure from feeding others?

Answer: Yes. Or if you find a way, although this is also questionable, to make everyone feel like relatives, but very close and dependent on each other, then it is also possible.

Question: So we have come to the conclusion that a bank that is happy because it feeds everyone, this bank will exist?

Answer: Yes.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 11/24/22

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The Past Needs To Be Cut Off

627.2Question: Marina writes: “We are immigrants. We left the country recently. And everything seems to be fine. My husband works and I study. But we can’t get used to our new life in any way. We dream all about our life where we grew up and became adults, where we were happy, met, got married, and had children. But we understand that all this happiness will never return. We harass each other when we remember how good it was for us, and we can’t stop. My question is: how do we break away from the past and start a new life? How do we do it?”

Answer: It seems to me that this is a psychological problem, not any other. There are people who have moved from one country to another and the next day they are already walking the streets and feel free.

And there are people who even after 30 or 40 years feel that they are still new immigrants. There’s nothing you can do. It is psychology. It is probably necessary to involve doctors, scientists, and psychologists who could fix this problem.

Question: Do you think it is necessary to love this country where you have moved to? Do I need to accept it slowly with my heart?

Answer: This is a must! And forcibly fall in love! Because there they put into you a forced love for the former country. And here you have to do it yourself.

Question: But do I have to start entering the country and learning the language?

Answer: It is necessary even to do it in advance if there is time. I studied the history and geography of Israel. I knew and understood a lot of things. I even knew the language a little. I had no problem going to town and buying something or asking for something.

Question: Tell me, please, you keep saying that you can’t turn back to the past, that you need to cut it off and not look back to the past. How is this done?

Answer: I think it is just a belief, a self-persuasion, that I have no connection with the past. The past falls off, is cut off, disappears, vanishes, and melts like a haze.

Question: And do I have to master the present?

Answer: Yes.

Question: If these two, husband and wife, are like a group, how do they work with each other? I really want to help them.

Answer: They must mutually support each other in the fact that they find themselves in a new environment, and this environment is their real one. Meaning, it is their today and tomorrow. And there is no other and there will not be, and there is no need for it to be. They have to convince themselves of this. It is all just psychology.

Question: Tell me please, if we take the upper governance, the Creator, and look at the human world, look at these eight billion people as the Creator does, is there any place in which a person should be and in general is his place? Or does nothing particularly belong to him? He thinks he has a homeland.

Answer: It is all psychology. A person can be thrown anywhere and he will get used to it there and will consider it his home.

Question: So a person can take this step and say, “This land is my home”? And move from place to place, and live like that?

Answer: Yes. As soon as I realized that I had to leave for Israel, I immediately moved from Belarus to Lithuania. And I got into a different condition.

Question: In order to make it easier to leave?

Answer: Yes. There the first question was: “When are you leaving?” And in Belarus they were afraid to say this. And it was all very simple.

Question: So a person should accept what already exists now and enter into it?

Answer: Yes. Cut off the past.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 12/8/22

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Break Through to Your Heart

527.02Question: There is a story that Darwin was explaining his theory of evolution to a nobleman for a long time. The man was listening, agreeing with the scientist’s impeccable logic. In the end, Darwin concluded: “Now do you agree that man descended from a monkey?” The nobleman replied, “Maybe you have, but I have not.”

A lot of people write to you: “Indeed, the world is egoistic. Selfish people, neighbors, friends, and even relatives. But I don’t feel that way. I both give and love.”

Why can’t a person break through to himself and say, “This is how I am,” and really feel it?

Answer: He doesn’t feel it. We don’t see outside ourselves! Maybe a little, perhaps, but not everywhere or always. Sometimes I have some remorse for the past; however, it is partial. Here and there I’ll come up with maybe a dozen times in my whole life.

Question: But I won’t flagellate myself?

Answer: No way! That very ego protects us from this and does not let us see the truth.

Question: At the same time, you say the truth is when one realizes his evil, not someone else’s evil, but one’s own evil. If so, how can we approach it?

Answer: We will work on ourselves. We will attract the upper light with special actions—rapprochement between us—and then we will feel that we are truly egoistic.

You really need to break into yourself. The war is about getting into your own heart, not into the heart of another.

Question: You talk all the time about connection, getting closer to others, and so on. How does this make its way into your heart? Let’s say I am trying to connect with someone I hate or, perhaps, dislike.

Answer: Don’t start with someone you hate.

Question: Even for the sake of good connection, for general rapprochement. How does it pierce my heart?

Answer: It opens your heart and brings it closer to other hearts. These are the first steps that need to be taken.

Question: Do these steps get more complicated?

Answer: Naturally.

Question: So, what is the biggest challenge? Can you tell us what the end goal is? What is the final stage? What do we reach?

Answer: I don’t know that yet.

This is a total correction of all beings you can incorporate in your heart. It will include them and give them all a place and fill them with your love.

Question: So, do I include the whole world in myself?

Answer: Into myself. And I fill it all with love.

Question: You keep saying that the name of the Creator is love. Does it mean that I am filled with the Creator?

Answer: Yes, you are filled with the Creator. You include in yourself all desires, all qualities, of everything that exists, and fill them all with the Creator, that is, with love.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 9/22/22

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Judges and Prosecutors Decided to Spend Some Time in Jail

961.1In the News (SOT): “Fifty-five judges in Belgium chose to spend a special weekend: they voluntarily locked themselves in a prison in the Brussels region to see what life is like for a prisoner, Belgian Justice Minister Vincent van Quinkenborn said in a statement.

“‘Judges obviously know what it’s like to be inside a prison, but experiencing this experience offers them a unique opportunity, which can help them impose sentences with full awareness,’ the minister continued.

“They will follow the prisoners’ daily schedule, will not be allowed to use mobile phones, will follow the same diet and have the same responsibilities as the prisoners.”

Question: In principle, prisons in Europe are somewhat different. For example, in 2020, the European Court of Human Rights ordered the country to pay five thousand euros to twenty-five prisoners who complained of violation of hygiene rules and lack of physical activity.

So, it is clear what kind of prisons these are. But how do you like the fact that prosecutors and judges went to prison, to see what conditions prisoners are in?

Answer: That’s great! I would let all of them through such institutions. People need to know what they are doing with prisoners, where they are being imprisoned, and whether prisoners have any opportunities to improve.

Question: How can this affect the correct sentencing? For example, the judge felt that it was terrible for him. What will be his next steps?

Answer: The next step will be to let them sit and figure out who felt what and who thinks what needs to be corrected. They have to make a prison so that people who have served a certain time in it, each of their terms in appropriate conditions and for appropriate offenses, would come out of there corrected. Otherwise, what is prison for?

Question: Why has everything changed so much in our lives: prisons have changed, judges have changed? Why did such a coup happen? You are now talking about the ideal…

Answer: No. I’m talking about what should be, but never was, because people don’t care. Previously, they just dragged a man to the block, chopped off his head and that’s it. And by doing so, they were ridding the world of him.

Comment: Or they were put in terrible conditions, in some pits or shackles, and so on. There was such evil and hatred all the time. Imprison him!

My Response: Yes, in order to eradicate them.

Question: What is it? Why is there no desire in a person to “fix” so that he goes through this process of correction?

Answer: What for? Do we need another person in society? It is better to isolate him, to send him somewhere.

Question: So, this nature acts in a person, to ruin, to putrefy?

Answer: Yes. Get rid of the unnecessary, as it seems to them, elements.

Question: What can be done to make something else triumph, so that some spark of love arises in a person?

Answer: No, our world is absolutely not striving for this. Therefore, why should we make some special, correct people out of prisoners? What does “the correct people” mean for our world?

Question: How can we turn the situation around?

Answer: Nowhere, in any country in the world today, are correctional institutions engaged in correcting people. At best, they are organized for some kind of work, and they work eight or ten hours a day. But this is good, it somehow still straightens them a little.

Question: But how should the world change in order for all this to change?

Answer: We need to change ourselves! We need to understand that we are prisoners in this world and must correct ourselves!

And we have to work on our correctional work that is internal, correcting ourselves. And then we can begin to correct the world around us.

Question: Which means, only as a result of correcting myself will I be able to look at the other correctly and direct him to correction, and not ruin him?

Answer: Yes, of course.

Comment: It’s a long way to go.

My Response: I don’t think it’s long. It all depends on awareness.

Question: If there is awareness, can it happen quickly?

Answer: By itself, no. You just have to talk about it and explain a lot.

Question: But did these prosecutors and judges do the right thing by deciding to be imprisoned themselves?

Answer: Yes. In some ways, they will straighten up a little, within the framework of our world.

Question: So they can have some kind of minimal correction of their own?

Answer: Absolutely.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 9/22/22

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How Can War Be Stopped?

538Comment: On October 19, 1914, the First Battle of Ypres began. The month-long battle marked the first of three destructive and brutal battles during the First World War on the Belgian Ypres Salient. More than 200,000 lives were lost on both sides. About a month later in the Flanders’ trenches what is known as the Christmas Truce took place throughout two-thirds of the 4 mile-line.

“The first signs that something strange was happening occurred on Christmas Eve. At 8:30 p.m. an officer of the Royal Irish Rifles reported to headquarters: ‘Germans have illuminated their trenches, are singing songs and wishing us a Happy Xmas. Compliments are being exchanged but am nevertheless taking all military precautions.’ Further along the line, the two sides serenaded each other with carols—the German ‘Silent Night’ being met with a British chorus of ‘The First Noel’—and scouts met, cautiously, in no man’s land, the shell-blasted waste between the trenches. The war diary of the Scots Guards records that a certain Private Murker ‘met a German Patrol and was given a glass of whisky and some cigars, and a message was sent back saying that if we didn’t fire at them, they would not fire at us.’

“The same basic understanding seems to have sprung up spontaneously at other spots. For another British soldier, Private Frederick Heath, the truce began late that same night when “all down our line of trenches there came to our ears a greeting unique in war: ‘English soldier, English soldier, a merry Christmas, a merry Christmas!’” Then–as Heath wrote in a letter home–the voices added:

‘Come out, English soldier; come out here to us.’ For some little time we were cautious, and did not even answer. Officers, fearing treachery, ordered the men to be silent. But up and down our line one heard the men answering that Christmas greeting from the enemy. How could we resist wishing each other a Merry Christmas, even though we might be at each other’s throats immediately afterwards? So we kept up a running conversation with the Germans, all the while our hands ready on our rifles. Blood and peace, enmity and fraternity—war’s most amazing paradox. The night wore on to dawn—a night made easier by songs from the German trenches, the pipings of piccolos and from our broad lines laughter and Christmas carols. Not a shot was fired.

(Smithsonian Magazine, December 23, 2011, “The Story of the WWI Christmas Truce”)

In 2014, a monument was erected there—a soccer ball. A soccer game was played in no man’s land between the Allied and German trenches.

Four months later in the same area, the Germans launched the Second Battle of Ypres and introduced a poison gas offensive.

Yet, at that moment on Christmas, they could have stopped the war if the entire front line had been aware—if everyone had found out and gone to the same meeting in the same way. The question is very timely and pressing. Was it really possible to stop the war from below?

My Response: If the soldiers wanted to, of course they could have. What would those generals do?

Comment: It is amazing. Back then, they were really killing: with bayonets, they fought hand-to-hand. It means that you see the blood. You do not just shoot guns and missiles. You see them and hate him, and yet you agree to fraternize. It means that it is possible!

My Response: That is certain! Undoubtedly, it is possible to turn over everything, even the greatest hatred in one second.

Question: Must there be some event that unites everyone? What should happen?

Answer: Nothing should happen. It is like it happens when you keep fighting with someone, and suddenly—voila!—the hatred disappears, the reason disappears, and in general, everything disappears.

Question: Where does this come from? What kind of miracle is this?

Answer: It is simply that we are controlled in this way.

Neither love nor hate make any sense. Love as well. There is no difference between them!

Question: Do you mean that there is the same outburst of emotions? Plus or minus?

Answer: Of course. Suddenly, you do not know what to do, why you loved him, why you did not love him, and now there is nothing! There is nothing left.

Question: Definitely nothing left. All divorcing couples say to each other: “Why did I love you?” Yet, they were so much in love!

But, anyway, help us sort this out. What kind of work is this—from above?

Answer: We can sort this out only by faith above reason. When we connect with each other not according to our feelings, but according to our ideas. That is all.

There is only one idea—rapprochement, cohesion, connection, and unification up to absolute non-separation, and I would even say adhesion.

Question: Is this the state we should be in? What is the root of this?

Answer: The root of it is the upper root. The fact that we come from the same upper root, and therefore, we must reach this state.

Question: Is the basis of all humanity this single root?

Answer: Only the Creator. Since He is One, Unique, and Unified, He forces us to come to Him. By hook or by crook. Either by suffering or by a slight effort.

Question: How do we come to this root?

Answer: We must be convinced that everything else is against unity, the opposite of it, that is, absolute stupidity, and that we cannot come to anything good if we are the opposite of the Creator.

Question: What about those random upsurges of reason?

Answer: They have happened at war, in many places. But what can you do? That is the way people are.

Question: What do they indicate to us, these upsurges of reason?

Answer: I would say that here, of course, it would have been necessary to play differently. But the high military command and others had to do it.

Question: So, did they have to continue this flash mob?

Answer: To join it and end the war.

Comment: But this is against any military command.

My Response: Naturally!

Comment: That is, one way or another, the war ends from above. I mean, not from Above, but from above.

My Response: The war, actually, ends from Above.

Question: How can we beg to end the war from Above?

Answer: By realizing that we understand why we needed it. We recognize it, and that is enough.

Question: But what kind of recognition is it?

Answer: That the suffering we have been through is enough for us for today, and we promise to be good.

Of course, this will not be for long. Then it will happen again.

Question: Is this a peace treaty with the Creator or a peace treaty with each other?

Answer: It is a peace treaty between us.

Question: Is this the only thing that exists?

Answer: I think we are moving toward this somehow.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 12/15/22

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Why Live Bestowing and Loving?

547.02In the News (Science Daily): “An area of the brain specifically involved in putting in effort to help others out has been pinpointed by scientists at the University of Birmingham and University of Oxford.

“The research, published in Current Biology, shows that effortful altruistic behaviour -choices people make that help others — takes place in a different part of the brain from that used to make physically demanding choices that help oneself. …

“The area identified, called the anterior cingulate cortex gyrus (ACCg), is located towards the front of the brain. It is known to play a role in social behaviour, but has not previously been linked to putting in effort to help others. Interestingly, the researchers found that the ACCg is not activated when individuals make effortful decisions that only benefit themselves.”

Question: You always say that altruism is a consequence of correcting egoism, that we come to altruism, and it is quite a difficult job. Yet, it turns out that we can just make an altruist out of a person by surgery.

How do you feel about this? We can just activate this part of the brain and that is it, and we will live bestowing and loving!

Answer: But why live bestowing and loving? That is, the purpose of all this, what is it for?

Comment: To make me feel good about it.

My Response: Then we do not need any altruism or something else. Then you just need to inject a person with something cheering and that is it

Question: So, is this not a discovery for you?

Answer: No. There is no correction of the world and of a person in this.

Comment: Even if in this way we can turn criminals, for example, into kind, warm people?

My Response: This is not about people and not about every person. The fact is that there is the upper force of nature with which we must connect, come closer to in qualities, and participate with in the correction of all of nature.

Question: Is this such a program?

Answer: Yes.

Comment: Can it not be shortened by any operations or anything at all? Humanity is coming up with different pills, looking for any opportunities to shorten this path.

My Response: Where have you seen at least one person who would change or correct himself with a pill?

Comment: No one has corrected himself. You insist on this word all the time that a person should “correct” himself. Few people want to be corrected in our world. This word, on the contrary, scares people away.

I do not want to correct myself. I want someone to do good things for me, and I want to feel good so that nothing hurts me, so that I get up in the morning and sing along with the birds and go for a walk.

My Response: To do this, you need to be a little idiot and that is it.

Question: Is this not a person’s destiny to be a little idiot? 🙂

Answer: No, we are developing, and we need more and more. Therefore, I do not know whether there is any good ahead of us.

Question: If I come to such a happy, childish state, do you think that it will change sooner or later anyway, and I will get out of it?

Answer: This is an idiotic state.

Question: Will I be taken out of this idiotic state one way or another? Will I not be able to live like this?

Answer: Nature will throw you out.

Comment: That is why we are dealing with drug addicts who, in general, probably feel good. They are sitting disconnected, and we want to take them out of this state all the time.

My Response: Because their cheerful, disconnected state is a lie. Therefore, the world does not agree with this.

Question: Even if they do not harm anyone, is it still a lie?

Answer: Of course! The cheapest thing is to distribute drugs and calm humanity.

Question: Is the path of correction always so hard that everyone shudders from this word? Or not? Can I somehow accept it and say: “Okay, I am walking it”?

Answer: I think that the path of correction is, in fact, not really difficult. But it depends on dissemination, advertising, persuasion, and explanation. This is the problem of our wisdom.

The wisdom itself is not easy. A person begins to study it and does not understand what it is talking about. It takes several years for him to start hearing and to adjust himself at least a little.

Question: Why did Kabbalists make it so difficult?

Answer: Kabbalists did  not do anything. They take nature and try to twist it in any way, just so that it gets closer to a person. Nature is the opposite of a person. Therefore, there is nothing we can do with it.

It must be turned and twisted somehow so that a person begins to see it from several sides, so that he rises above his egoism, so that he begins to see the world in a different light, in a different guise.

This is the task of the wisdom of Kabbalah—to bring it closer to a person, to tell a person that there is an opposite nature.

Question: From hatred to love?

Answer: Love, yes.

Question: What if we repeat constantly that there is such a thing as “love”? Not only can you fight, kill, hate, and live with your egoism, but you can also love, you can learn to bestow?

Answer: No, we do not know what it is yet. Love is a pure quality of the Creator. We do not know what it is. With us, it all takes on some ugly forms.

Comment: More like animals.

My Response: Yes. And all this is wrong.

Question: Does it mean that in order to raise a person to the level of this upper love, upper nature, we need to turn him over?

Answer: To turn him over. That is, to tear him away from his egoism. And to attract to him the quality of love that will remain in him after this separation.

Question: What will remain?

Answer: A small dot. But only it can be adhered to the quality of love. It will develop and grow together with it.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 10/27/22

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Why Is the Creator So Unkind to Us?

619Question: Olga writes: “Dear Michael Laitman, I have been listening to you for a long time and usually agree with you. But I can’t agree with one thing, which you think is the main thing: that the Creator is kind. But it’s not like that; He’s not kind. Look around. Even if I repeat like a mantra that the Creator is good, this horror will not stop anyway. Why is He so unkind to us? In fact, innocent people are suffering.”

Answer: It is true that people suffer. It is true that the Creator is unkind. But He is fair.

Question: For whom, I wonder, is He fair?

Answer: For those who follow His instructions. He set the bar and the conditions: “This is so, and this is so.”

Question: And what are the bars? Can you say?

Answer: Be kind to each other.

Comment: Look at what is happening around!

My Response: We make our own future and present. We wrap everything up ourselves.

Question: What about His governance? You keep saying, “The Creator’s governance is good, kindness, and doing good.”

Answer: Only we need to be consistent.

Question: So is this law of good relationships the main law?

Answer: Yes. He set everything to spin like this, and it will spin. And if you want it better or if you want it worse, you make it yourself. It is a rule.

Question: Can we be kind to each other?

Answer: If we try very hard, then yes.

Question: By ourselves? Without any help from above?

Answer: Yes, without any help. There is no Creator, there is nature. We do well and we get correct, good actions from it, or vice versa.

Question: By the word “nature” what do you mean?

Answer: “Elokim” (Creator) according to gematria, in its internal numerical meaning, means “teva,” nature. And there is nothing else.

Question: When you say nature, what do you mean?

Answer: Nature is everything! The whole universe.

Question: Is there a law of the universe that we do not comply with?

Answer: Yes. This is the law of absolute kindness, love, connection, and so on. We are inside this law and do not comply with it.

Question: Can we start matching it? Without any help from the upper?

Answer: Yes.

Question: So can we stop starting all these wars and all these troubles, and not hate each other and so on?

Answer: It all depends on us.

Question: How do we do it, anyway?

Answer: First convince all Jews of this, and then it will be easier. The world began with them, and the world will end with them!

Comment: Start with the Jews so that they themselves are on good terms and show the whole world an example of good relations. Such a simple phrase, and we have not been able to approach it for millennia.

My Response: We cannot; we cannot give an example and achieve this.

Question: What do we need to do in this case?

Answer: To tell all this first to the Jews and the rest of the nations of the world. And for all of them to start this fight for peace, and to convince each other that this is the only way to restore order on Earth.

Question: But first you still have to convince the Jews, you say?

Answer: Yes.

Comment: It follows from all this that all this horror, everything that is happening, all this hatred, that the Creator is not kind, in all this…

My Response: The Jews are to blame.

Comment: It’s no secret that they don’t like Jews, they hate them, and put all the blame on them.

My Response: This is an unconscious sense of truth.

Question: We suffer because Jews haven’t done their job. Is this the truth?

Answer: Yes. This is how every person in the world feels. Except Jews.

Question: Olga asks a very simple question: “Why is He so unkind to us, as innocent people are suffering”?

Answer: He wants to lead us to good. And we resist.

Question: Then the question is: what is it about us Jews that we don’t want to take these steps? Or do we take them, but incorrectly?

Answer: There is a central point of the world in us, which is connected with the whole of nature in general, and is the central point of nature.

Question: So there is a point in us that is connected to the central point of nature?

Answer: Yes. And if we adjusted it and balanced it, then everything in the world would be balanced.

Comment: What a responsibility and burden do you place on the Jews!

My Response: I’m not placing anything! I’m just explaining.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 12/8/22

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A Major Illness Is Not a Sentence

627.2Question: A woman fell into a coma after an accident. The doctors said there was virtually no hope, that it might last a long time, maybe forever. For a while, her children and relatives were nearby, hoping for a miracle. As time went by, they lost faith and slowly disappeared. Only her husband stayed by her side and spoke to her all the time. After 11 months, she came out of the coma. The first thing she said to her husband was: “Thank you for being here with me and telling me these wonderful stories.”

What does a person hear with?

Answer: Clearly not with one’s ears. The vibrations that he and she feel is what they transmit to each other. There is such a resonance.

Question: So, he practically resuscitated her?

Answer: Yes, of course.

Question: Was it stronger than all the medical interventions? She must have been undergoing treatment.

Answer: Naturally.

Question: Can you hold a person this way if you focus on it?

Answer: I cannot say yes and always, but, as you can see…

Question: So you believe this story?

Answer: Undoubtedly. This may well be so.

Question: Can we conclude that we should never lose faith in our material insights?

Answer: As long as a person is in a comatose state, in a coma, we must of course make every effort to stay connected with him and keep awakening all kinds of responses in him.

Question: Where does a person, in this case the husband, get the strength
when he sees that in front of him is just a vegetative state? The person is not moving. Where did he get the strength to keep talking this way?

Answer: Out of nowhere. It was sent from above, that is all. He did not have it in him.

Question: So, he does not have such a steadfast faith?

Answer: No. It can happen to any person; he was cued from above, he acted on it, and it worked.

Question: Can we say that this was a result of his feelings for his wife? Can we say that love has something to do with it?

Answer: It is not necessarily what he felt before. It does not matter at all. It could be that at the very moment she was in that state something suddenly clicked inside him.

Question: And he carried her? As if holding her in his arms the whole time?

Answer: Yes. Was it 11 months?

Question: Yes. Doesn’t it shock you that she heard everything?

Answer: No, it does not shock me. Many people in a comatose state report knowing,
hearing, seeing, and so on.

Question: Can we conclude that where medicine fails strong spirit arises?

Answer: Yes.

Question: Can this be said even about diseases for which there is no cure?

Answer: It is true with any condition. In any state, as long as a person is still alive, you cannot lose hope, and you need to talk to him. To him and to the Creator.

Question: Was this a conversation with the Creator or not?

Answer: No, I think it was an ordinary person. But he really wanted this. There must have been something there, of course.

Question: But the Creator was present in all this?

Answer: Yes. Because this was an unusual situation.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 12/1/22

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Bury the Axes

202.0In the end, our relationship deteriorated to such an extent there was only one thing left: to agree that we respect each other extremely (George Bernard Shaw).

My Response: Yes.  🙂 That is all that is left.

Question: How is it possible to bring a relationship to this point and not to blow up, break up, or destroy it, but arrive at mutual respect and the ability to communicate?

Answer: “We respect each other”; that is, we know for sure that we should not stab each other nor get too close, but respect each other at a distance.

Question: Is this called rising above hatred?

Answer: We rise above it; we take our relationship into account. And we understand that we cannot achieve much more for now. But gradually, of course, everything can come back again.

Question: What can we do so that we do not let it happen again? We have a bad relationship, we hate each other. But here it says: “We need to sit down and start respecting each other.”

Answer: Break up and gradually start getting closer, this is what everyone generally advises. But get closer gradually so that I clearly understand the boundaries and so does my partner.

I have to see that they are not trying to hurt me, and I have to show how much I am trying not to hurt them. And then, as we start getting closer, we will feel how close we should get. This depends on inner sensitivity.

Question: Is this a necessary path toward further closeness?

Answer: Of course.

Question: What is achieved as a result? Do we connect somewhat or not?

Answer: We can connect in a way that will be even better than with those we had a good relationship with.

Question: So, from such hatred we can come to such closeness?

Answer: Yes.

Question: Is this how it happens that from the greatest hatred people come to the greatest closeness?

Answer: That is how it usually goes.

Question: So this is the most important way: break up and start slowly getting closer?

Answer: Yes, it is highly advisable. The whole ancient political superstructure, program, and politics were always conducted this way.

Question: Why do we not hear much about it today?

Answer: We have weapons. That is, everything has been replaced. It used to be that I have a saber and you have a saber; I have a spear and  you have a spear; horses here, horses there. But today, it is all about the number of planes, tanks, missiles, and everything else; therefore, there is nothing to negotiate about.

Question: How can the world come to such everyday simple wisdom? You have just spoken not of higher wisdom, but of our earthly wisdom. Or is it still higher wisdom to operate this way?

Answer: The world has no ideals today. Humanity has no respect for anyone. If before it was the Pope or a special king or someone else, today there is not.

Question: Why are there no ideals left?

Answer: Because force replaces all other considerations.

Question: So, it becomes an ideal for me to be strong?

Answer: Yes, I have a bomb in my pocket and that’s it.

Question: Why is that? We talk all the time about the upper providence, the upper force. Why would it bring the world to such emptiness?

Answer: So that we understand we truly do not have anything at all. We are faced with the need for some real ideals in order to judge and compare ourselves with. In the meantime, there is none of this.

Question: What is, in fact, an ideal?

Answer: In fact, the ideal is, I would say love.

In the age of nuclear power when we can break everything and leave nothing, love is the opposite of it. What else can you do? Nothing. If we could beat each other up and then make up, that is another story. But when we are on the verge of a nuclear conflict, there can only be the opposite of it—love.

That is why I believe, in our days, there is an opportunity to come to such a state, to such a rapprochement called love. Because there is no other way.

In our time, peace is possible for the first time in many millennia! Because I have all sorts of nuclear weapons and so do you. Thus, there is nothing left to do but to put it aside and try to get closer to each other in order to find the benefit.

Question: You have one simple answer: live based on love?

Answer: Yes. As Longfellow, an American poet of the 19th century wrote: “Bury your war clubs and your weapons… Smoke the calumet together and as brothers live henceforward!” That is what you need.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 9/29/22

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562.02Comment: The Sufi mystic Mansur Al-Hallaj was once asked: “How can one become free from your attachments?” Mansur approached the nearest column of the temple, grabbed it and shouted: “Help! Save! Release me from the column!”

And right away he asks: “What do you think, is it me holding the column or the column holding me?” Their answer was, “Of course you are holding it yourself.” Mansur then says,”It is the same with all your attachments. These are your chains. But they do not hold you, you yourself cling to them. Let them go, and you will be free immediately.”

My Response: It is very difficult! To let them go means to get rid of egoism. This is not just some petty attachment, but our whole nature that binds us with chains.

Comment: All the “chains” and “pillars” that we grab onto are all egoism that attracts and grabs us. And I thought it was possible to talk about how I can distract myself from any attachments and become free.

My Response: Call it attachments, but in fact, it is our whole nature.

Question: It turns out that we cannot be free?

Answer: We can. But we cannot become free ourselves.

Question: Meaning that we ourselves cannot push off and run away from this column, our ego?

Answer: No! There is no way!

Question: Then how can we run away from it? How can we tear away from this column, from all our attachments?

Answer: Only with the help of the upper force that created us so egoistically and forged us with chains to this column. And only if we succeed in begging this upper force, convincing it, and even forcing it to release us, then we hope it will help.

Question: What do you mean by the word “column”?

Answer: It is egoism that binds us to what seems pleasant to us.

Question: Is it all the desires of this world? Is it all our attachments? Money, honor, power, and everything else?

Answer: Absolutely everything.

Question: Meaning that we ourselves cannot break away from this, only the upper force can help us?

Answer: Yes.

Question: And what should be the request?

Answer: Free! And nothing else.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 9/22/22

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