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How Can We Prolong Life?

laitman_560Question: In an experiment, homes for the elderly were connected to orphanages and researchers noted that the daily functioning of the elderly improved with the presence of children and the fear, insecurity, indifference, and restraint formerly observed in the children disappeared and they became like ordinary children, noisy and restless. How can we explain this?

Answer: This happened because the two parties lacked these things. The elderly lacked young restless kids, and the children lacked what kind adults can give them. This is the best way that life complements itself.

The orphans acquire an accurate and clear sense of security and kindness toward the world and toward life. The elderly people soften the feeling of the world in many aspects.

Even if they don’t have a special connection, the transmission of energy, the external connection, and even the insight that such a phenomenon exists, create a totally different picture and atmosphere.

In fact, according to nature we are built to live with three generations together—kids, parents, and grandparents. Two generations are not enough.

A child needs to see that just as his parents created him and his parents were created by their parents. Thus, he sees continuity, a flow, evolution. He sees how his parents relate to their parents, and this is a model for him as to how he should treat his parents.

He has to learn a lot from his grandparents because we know that “Israel, Saba (grandfather), and wisdom” are a whole system in our spiritual connection, and it is thus very important. Here, when we speak about orphans, the outcome should be incredible.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 11/27/18

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Where Should I Donate Money?

Laitman_514.02Question: In the current state of the coronavirus pandemic, billionaires and millionaires are donating huge amounts of money. They even compete among each other as to who will donate the most, and, naturally, announce it. For example, Bill Gates has donated $100 million, Zuckerberg $25 million, Giorgio Armani donated to hospitals, famous soccer players Messi and Ronaldo are also making donations, etc. Is it good that they donate?

Answer: According to Kabbalah, it is unnecessary to bring humanity to a state where there are those who are so poor and so rich. But if they donate, let them.

In general, the very state when there is such a division is painful. Some have $50 to $100 billion, but the poor do not know how to survive until the paycheck comes. This, of course, is a terrible and ugly system.

Remark: Such is our world.

My Comment: Yes. This is how the egoistic world positions itself. What would you do? In this case, it is good that they donate.

Question: What would you use the money for?

Answer: I would direct them only to education, to Kabbalistic education.

Question: To Kabbalistic education?

Answer: Yes, Kabbalistic education.

Question: Is this what you are telling the world now?

Answer: I say this to everyone. The world needs nothing more than to know how to balance itself with nature. It is of utmost importance. Everything else does not matter, we will manage somehow.

So if we can find this dynamic balance that changes all the time, if we can constantly balance it, if we do something to change ourselves and thus balance ourselves with nature, then nothing will ever be wrong with us.

We will always be in a comfortable state to go forward, to understand nature more and more deeply, what it requires of us, what we should become, how we should change ourselves, society, family, how to understand this nature, what it is all about, and what it requires.

Then we can see the higher mind through it and we can enter this mind, get closer to it, feel it, and start merging with it. This is the real highest stage of human development.

Question: Is that what you would spend all your money on?

Answer: All of it!

Question: What is it? Building what? Where would the money go?

Answer: On the development of the person to the level of the highest mind, to the level of the Creator.

Question: Is that from kindergarten to old age?

Answer: Only in this direction.

Question: Is it so that a person would study all the time?

Answer: Not only study. He must learn and implement it in connection with others, so that the Creator would appear among people.

Within this good connection between people, a higher power is manifested according to the extent this good connection resembles a higher power.

Question: Does it take money to get started like this?

Answer: We must create such a system of education and upbringing. This should be done so that people will want it. And even if they did not want to, they would do it as a job.

Where will you put 80% of the working population of the Earth? How will you raise your children? Everything requires a huge amount of money and effort.

Question: Is it so that we begin to feel that we are inside nature and know how to talk with it, how to breathe with it, and conduct a dialogue?

Answer: Sure. Full mutual interaction with it.

Remark: You know what they will say: “Laitman wants money for himself.”

My Comment: What does it have to do with me?

Remark: You said, “for Kabbalah.”

My Comment: I give advice. But you do not need to pass any billions through me.

Question: Will you not be an intermediary?

Answer: No way!

Question: But can you advise where to send it?

Answer: Only advise—through virtual communication systems, Zooms, without any personal contact and shared accounts.

Question: Are you now calling for a revolution in upbringing, education, and thinking?

Answer: If not this, then the next virus will lead us to it, hopefully without a world war in between. We will still come to this.

Remark: You seem to be saying: “Cure not just a person’s health, but their heart.”

My Comment: Sure. Otherwise, we will be unable to get out of this state. The virus drives us to balance with nature. This is what it tells us.

We do not realize it yet. In another month, two, or three we will begin to perceive slowly. Eventually, we will come to that.

Remark: We used to say: “We don’t know if we will witness this.” Suddenly the virus turned our thinking upside down.

My Comment: Sure. I did not imagine that there could be such an effective change in the attitude of nature toward the person, toward human society. Only the Creator can turn everything around like this.

Remark: I hope that millionaires and billionaires will hear us one day. Maybe even now.

My Comment: I hope.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 3/30/20

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Evil, Hell, Love

laitman_628.2Question: This is the case that took place in Japan: a person who was infected with COVID-19 and clearly knew that he was ill went out on the street, to public places, began to hug people, even came to his family. Then he came home and died some time later. This serves as a moral example. Is there a so-called upper court when a person intentionally goes to do this?

Answer: Undoubtedly, this court exists at the level of the forces of our world, this does not disappear anywhere.

The fact is that we are connected to each other into one common whole, into an integrated system. If a person supports this system and wants to bring it to an integral form, this is his merit.

And vice versa, if he breaks the chains of good connection between everyone, then this is his loss, punishment. So, of course, the person has done himself a lot of harm. He brought evil between us by his actions, spread evil, and then this evil continues to work further.

What are the consequences? The fact that he has delayed the whole system from moving toward integrality, toward connection, toward love—all this is on him.

Question: Is there such a direct connection that you can say that this is all on him?

Answer: Of course. Now his desires became much more egoistic. When he died, he got rid of the body, of the manifestation of this desire on such a low level, but which still was ready for the correction.

Now he cannot correct himself biologically. And how can he correct himself spiritually, if everything in him is so egoistic, and now it is unknown when he will get the opportunity to start his correction and in what form.

Question: Does this apply to all evil in the world? To all bearers of evil?

Answer: Yes.

Question: People immediately remember the terrible executioners, murderers, and so on. Does this apply to them?

Answer: Even worse. A person who does not allow others to live, does not give them the opportunity to correct themselves normally with at least some freewill, creates huge problems for himself.

Question: Why is this given to a person? Why is this implanted into him by the upper force, the Creator? Why set a person up like that?

Answer: All evil must be revealed. It has to be! Therefore, those souls who have done such terrible things in the past receive an extra load in order to bring them down to such a low from which they can begin to rise. Since if they are somewhere between bad and good, they do not feel themselves as bad.

Therefore, they need to be given an additional surplus of evil, then they understand that this is how they really are and that they need to be corrected.

Question: You are saying that absolutely everything is directed to correction, to good, to warmth, to love. And we have to go through these terrible states and see these terrible people, and hate them, and sentence them to execution, to death. Should all this be on the path to love, on the path to good?

Answer: I do not want to say that execution and death should be done at all. It cuts off a person’s ability to correct himself, and everyone should correct themselves. So I am not in favor of the death penalty.

However, it is necessary to put a person in such circumstances where he would definitely want to correct himself, by any means! Literally, let the eagle peck at his liver!

Question: What is correction?

Answer: Correction is the realization of your own meanness, insignificance, harmfulness to others, corruption. It is the desire to become useful and see how harmful you have been.

The realization that you were unfit for human communication, harmful and evil compared to the way you see now, this is the state of hell. This is hell.

The death penalty, however, does not correct anything.

Question: How can you bring a person to such a state?

Answer: To do this, you need to work on him. To do this, there must be educators and those who lead him precisely to an individual definition: Who in fact is he?

Comment: In other words, educators should not hate him, but rather should understand that this is a way of correction.

My Response: Yes. They must show him love. This is worse than death for a person. That is, the educators love him but in such a way that they seek methods to bring him to the recognition of the evil in himself.

I hope we will see more of these things when people start to change like this.

Question: When will people begin to understand who they are, and that they are murderers from this hatred?

Answer: Yes. They will wander the streets like the dead rising from their graves and will search for ways to correct themselves.

Question: Does this require educators who will show them what true love is? Will they be looking at them, hating them, and changing to fit them?

Answer: Yes.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 5/11/20

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We Will Not Be Able To Hide In An Eco-Bunker

laitman_547.05Remark: In 1991, an experiment was conducted where scientists decided to seclude themselves for two years under a dome divided into sectors with fresh water, plants, and animals. An eco-environment was created for everyone—for plants, animals, and people.

The purpose of the experiment was to find out whether this ecosystem could develop harmoniously. They planned that plants would supply oxygen. Water had to be provided by natural circulation, and food would come from plants and animals.

What did the experiment show? Once the scientists settled in the dome, problems arose very quickly. Within a few weeks  one of the participants cut her finger while treating some plants. She was evacuated, had an operation, and returned.

Two teams of scientists were formed, who opposed each other in conducting experiments.

Photosynthesis did not happen as planned. Microorganisms began to multiply in large numbers, which consumed a lot of oxygen and destroyed the agricultural crops. Many plant species died. There were a lot of cockroaches, although they were not even brought there, and it was unclear where they came from. Due to the lack of wind, the trees became very fragile and began to break quickly.

Scientists barely lasted two years and decided that the experiment failed.

The experiment showed that all ecosystems are very fragile and highly dependent on external influences. It is very difficult to recreate a working ecosystem of Earth.

My Comment: Of course! Do they think that they will do the same thing on Mars later? They will be so disappointed there!

Question: It seems that people brought in a little bit of everything, as in Noah’s ark—a certain number of plants, a certain number of animals. They created an ecosystem so that there would be a cycle of metabolic cycles of substances in nature, and they failed. Why?

Answer: They wanted to do it artificially! Copy nature? If we are in it, then why? If I copy it through
my rotten brain, my egoistic qualities, then what will come of it?

Remark: Today we are talking about the fact that huge anomalies are occurring on Earth: an increase of carbon dioxide, burned down forests, and so on.

My Comment: This is the beginning of the end.

Remark: Man is trying to artificially recreate nature.

My Comment: You will not be able to build a bunker! No one could—not Hitler, not Stalin, nor anyone else. No man can escape from his purpose. Buy yourself a cottage, a villa, on some islands in the ocean, wherever, it will be flooded or something else will happen. It won’t work!

Remark: Everything seems to be perfect; everything is selected and weighed.

My Comment: Failure to comply with the main law of nature immediately leads humanity to destruction. You can make a garden of Eden on some island—which is what the scientists wanted to do—and you will see that it will all fall apart very quickly.

Remark: It would seem that the ecosystem is harmonious and recreates itself.

My Comment: Except for man! It is because he is the only pest in nature. Remove him and all of nature will simply flourish.

Question: What does man bring? Even if he enters with good intentions, something immediately begins to collapse.

Answer: He has no good intentions and cannot have because he is completely egoistic. He can only build everything to the detriment of others. Precisely to the detriment of others!

All animals, when they eat each other, do not harm each other. They, on the contrary, destroy the weakest, the sickest. Man is not like that. The intention is different.

Animals destroy what is harmful to everyone. Therefore, when a wolf catches a sheep or a goat, no matter what, it destroys the worst, from which only something worthless would be born and develop. All nature—inanimate, vegetative, and animate—is created perfectly. And man is all evil.

Remark: Man is also a creature of nature.

Answer: Man is not nature. There are inanimate, vegetative, and animate parts of nature in a man, but in all this his human essence prevails—evil, egoism.

Human egoism does not belong to nature. In nature, everything is balanced, but human egoism is not balanced. If there were some device that could suck this egoism out of a man, everything would be fine.

Question: Why was man given to Earth, and with such great egoism at that?

Answer: So that he would add himself! So he would add a good force to himself! This good force exists in nature, but it is concealed so that a person would discover it, would want to add it to himself, would want to consist of two opposite, equal parts and arrange himself between them.

Question: In one of your programs, you said that if humanity had followed the path of harmonious development, we would now be at an incredible level. Why was it given to a person to develop this aggressive force and then face the catastrophe that is now happening on Earth?

Answer: It is in order for a person to understand what good means. He has to grow out of the bad because the light can only be revealed from the darkness.

Question: Only by destroying everything, ruining the entire planet?!

Answer: There is no need to destroy. No one will let him destroy anything. However, he must feel the destruction.

Question: Does it mean that he can only understand the taste of Earth, the taste of this harmony, from the opposite?

Answer: Of course, how else? There is no other way! How do we attain anything? How do you attain this harmony? Only from the dissonance.

We start our lives from the fact that we break everything. We also bring up our children in this way—to assemble blocks from broken toys. We must create ourselves, and all of us together, from completely broken parts.

Where did it all start? From the Big Bang. That is, everything was shattered. Now we need to assemble it correctly. “Children’s blocks”—that’s what we have in front of us. This entire universe, everything there is—we need to assemble together with the correct connection between them.

Question: One can already see how everything is interconnected by the example of nature. Why do we follow a different path of development inventing additional systems?

Answer: Our little egoism does not let us! Take two children and try to make them play together. Each will grab a toy and will not give it to the other. He will hold onto it tightly and will not play with it. Here is what we are.

Question: How can a person break through, get off one path and move to the other?

Answer: Study the wisdom of Kabbalah. It will explain everything to you. There is nothing else! We have reached the point where we slowly realize this and can talk about it to ourselves and even to others.

This is a very good time! I am very glad that I was born and live in this time.

Question: What does Kabbalah give us? What additional thing will it give that a person would want to see?

Answer: It will give him relief from suffering on the one hand, and on the other hand, the attainment of perfection. Perfection! Attainment of the integrality of all of nature, its completeness, when from all the opposite parts the great absolute nature is assembled.

There is no greater happiness, no greater attainment, and no greater perfection than to attain the mutuality of all the parts of nature from their absolute division and opposition.

Question: What will egoism do in this corrected system? What role will it play?

Answer: It will play its role of the repulsive, despising, pushing apart, and distancing. That’s what the whole system will be assembled on. It is not possible to exist without a minus.

Question: In other words, will it be like a Pharaoh who disperses everything?

Answer: But how is it possible without him? It is not possible.

Question: Will a person just rule over it? Will he know how to do that?

Answer: When it is said that the people of Israel came out of Egypt, they came out of Egypt with gold bars, vessels, and livestock. That is, with vessels in which they can receive, already outside of Egypt, the upper fulfillment. How would you receive anything without Egypt?

Question: Is it the fuel that moves you toward the goal?

Answer: Egoism is the basis of nature. It is only thanks to it that we can attain the other side of it.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman,” 2/11/20

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A Baby Boom Won’t Happen

laitman_559Remark: As soon as the pandemic began, psychologists and doctors assumed that it would bring a baby boom—the birth of children. In other words, people would be together more, which would lead to a higher birth rate.

Now, when the same parents who initially had thoughts of having children were questioned, it turned out that more than half of the people have scrapped the idea. People don’t want to produce offspring at all; they don’t want to give birth.

My Comment: They don’t see a continuation. In the form we are shown our live’s today, we are shown a dead end. So why continue anything at all?

Question: In the most tragic situations of the First and Second World Wars, and so on, people thought about procreation, and now suddenly they don’t. Isn’t this a paradox?

Answer: This is psychology. At that time, it was not psychology, but more simply a physical condition. But here it is a state of mind. We are going nowhere, for nothing. What for? All this is suppressed.

Question: Does a person need to cope with this?

Answer: Now the question is not about giving birth, but about uniting. If this number of people could come closer to each other internally even a small distance, the world would be different.

Now everything is moving to a spiritual relationship. If I am drawn to a person, that is it. If not, then no. Previously, it was physiology; there was some kind of impulse, pressure from within; nature demanded it.

And now nature does not require this. It wants to rebuild us so that if you have a desire to be closer to a person spiritually, then you will have a desire to be closer to him physically.

Then the birth of children will be the result of a spiritual rapprochement, not a physical one. And the child will be called the product of love.

Question: And then he will be loved and he will love his parents?

Answer: Of course.

Remark: So, maybe this is an indicator that we are approaching a really different era—the era of love?

My Comment: Yes. This will be wonderful.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 5/11/20

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Which Is Healthier—The Good Or The Evil?

laitman_547.04Question: You have repeatedly said that it is possible to conduct a statistical experiment: to take 1,000 people who live in this world egotistically—I care for myself and you care for yourself, they suppress or dominate others—and take 1,000 other people who are beginning to move toward each other, to connection with each other, and are beginning to clarify what it means to love your neighbor as yourself, and how not to do to others what you do not want done to you.

And if you thoroughly check the statistics regarding the 1,000 people in both groups, you will find that those who start a positive process of love for their neighbors will be much healthier and not prone to depression.

Is there any direct correlation here?

Answer: It is not as simple and primitive as it seems. Otherwise, nature would create us like that and that is it! We would be just clockwork toys that would nod to each other like bobbleheads?

Comment: I would be glad to see such a logical connection: I behave well, and am healthier.

My Response: No. Then everyone would be egoistic like that.

The fact is that in order to create a person similar to the Creator, he must be put against the Creator. It means creating the exact opposite. And then, a person should make himself similar to the Creator. By himself! By his own efforts. The problem is how to do it.

It will not work otherwise, because if you make a man just like the Creator, it would be a toy. It would be just a copy and that is it. He would be made and thrown away. There would be nothing in him from himself.

And if a man is opposite to the Creator and at the same time begins to create his similarity to the Creator by himself, then this will be Man. That is, having been created opposite, he will independently begin to fight within himself to become similar to the Creator. And this contrast will remain in him as his clear egoistic foundation.

Question: What is the Creator?

Answer: He is the anti-egoistic property of bestowal, the property of love. And a man will ask the Creator for it.

Question: That is, he will want to become loving and bestowing, like the Creator?

Answer: Yes.

Question: How can this desire emerge in him, in such a receiver?

Answer: The Creator arouses this desire in him. That is, He makes a man from egoism, a property opposite to Himself, and apart from that, he puts a small drop of His property in a person. Thus, a person consists of two parts, two sources. And here such opposite states are fighting in him, and he is simply torn apart from within—what, where, and how. And everyone is like that in his own way.

And if he reaches such a state when he really wants to make himself similar to the Creator, then he must ask the Creator for this. Can you imagine such work?!

To find within yourself the strength and desire to become similar to the Creator, that is, the opposite of yourself, and ask the Creator to make you the opposite of yourself. Then the Creator gradually, sequentially, step-by-step carries out such corrections on you. And a person gradually becomes more and more similar to the Creator.

This process is not easy, it breaks a person and twists him around with a grinding sound: kh, kh, kh! And then a man becomes a Man, Adam, similar to the Creator.

Question: You say that the time has come when a person begins to move toward this breakage by himself. He begins to feel the point of the Creator in himself more and more. What, besides suffering, makes him pay attention to it now?

Answer: When this point begins to speak up in a person, then there are no questions. It is just right, this is the truth, it is my innermost point, and it is the foundation of the world. This is the point of the Creator. This property is from a completely different level.

Comment: The Creator Himself creates a person to receive and for this world. He Himself inserts a point into a person that is similar to the Creator. He Himself turns it on and leads a person to Him. All this is done by the Creator.

My Response: Of course.

Question: The same question constantly arises here: “Don’t I have any freewill?”

Answer: You do. You are present for all this and still want this. You are a witness, an accomplice, a partner in this process.

Question: What is my main task here?

Answer: To want the Creator to do this to you: “Break! Break me.”

Question: Will a simple person understand you?

Answer: He will. He will understand that it is impossible to live in this state anymore. He will understand that he cannot bear himself.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman,” 5/11/20

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The Time Of The Last Generation Is Coming

laitman_621Comment: Currently there is a lot of speculation about what will happen after the coronavirus. There are a lot of fears, mostly from the fact that there will be no work. People don’t have money right now. They are afraid of new viruses, they are afraid to leave their homes, they are afraid to send children to kindergartens, etc.

Surveys show that few people see the light at the end of the tunnel. Kabbalists say that this is the time of the “last generation.”

Many people are afraid of this word “last” generation. After all, the last one means that there will be nothing after it.

Please explain to ordinary people what the last generation is.

My Response: In the state of the last generation, we gradually prepare ourselves to move to the next state, the state of soul. To do this, it is not necessary to die physically, but simply to start living, to exist in a state of spiritual connection.

A sign of the last generation is that humanity has come close to correcting and getting rid of its egoism.

We will not need to pursue all the material and egoistic values. We will quietly be able to exist very simply, to the point that we will no longer pay attention to material values, to material life. We will only have direction toward the spiritual, meaning the connection between us. We will come to a state where we value only mutual interconnection in each other.

We will begin to work together to be even more than friends, even more than one whole.

Question: Do you think that humanity is now moving in this direction?

Answer: I see it absolutely clearly. Moreover, this movement is quite intense.

Question: You keep saying that nature will make us come to this connection. If we resist it, it will constantly force us. How do I make a person feel it? He needs to feel that he is a complete egoist? Isn’t that what’s important?

Answer: He will feel this as he goes along. On the one hand, he will feel that he has pressure to get closer to others, and on the other hand, when he begins to do this, he will feel the resistance of his egoism. He will understand that what is preventing him from connecting is his ego. As it is, he doesn’t even know where he is, his egoism.

Question: What are the laws of the last generation?

Answer: In principle, these are the laws that come from unity.

Question: A person should understand that there is no other way out?

Answer: Absolutely! We have no other choice. We have already stepped out on the road. There is no turning back now.

Question: So my task now is to agree, accept this, and start moving smoothly, little by little, toward this connection, to start talking and thinking about it?

Answer: Exactly. Understand that everything that exists is integrally interconnected. And we must be mutually connected with each other and with the rest of nature. Until we can love each other so much that “the wolves will dwell with the sheep,” we will not achieve our mission.

In other words, we must lead all of nature to reciprocity and love where all in nature will only care for each other because people care for each other.

Question: Does everything start with people? Is this the top? As soon as a person reaches this state, everything will be settled?

Answer: Yes. If I go to integrality in nature, all of nature will become integral.

A person can already see it from the virus. And the virus won’t let us go so we don’t think we can get out of this business. We must go only to global integral interaction. There we will find a right, good, easy existence. Which means, here we need to reconstruct ourselves.

Question: In order for us to rebuild ourselves, a humane, loving nature can bring us to great pain?

Answer: We, as egoists, do not want to change. It seems to us that a humane and loving nature should accept us as we are. It has created us to be the opposite of our final, correct state, and brings us to it gradually, so that we learn and understand the difference between these states. And then we’ll be adults.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman.” 5/11/20

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What Is Altruism?

laitman_594Question: What is “altruistic direction”?

Answer: Altruism is the opposite side of egoism. Egoism is when everything is directed to me, my beloved, and altruism is when everything from me is to my beloved, outside of me, to all of humanity. Egoism is inward; altruism is outward.

Question: How do I learn this?

Answer: It is impossible to learn this. This requires a special environment, a Kabbalistic environment. To do this, you need to study practical Kabbalah, which causes certain forces in nature that transform you from an egoist to an altruist. They invert you to the opposite. You become a being with reverse thoughts, desires, actions, intentions, and goals. All in the opposite direction.

Question: If everything depends on the force changing us, then what depends on me?

Answer: Desire. Nothing more. I want to be different. I am convinced that the egoistic forces are negative, harmful; they lead me and everyone else to death, to extinction. And only altruistic forces can revive us, save us, give us a new life.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman,” 12/17/19

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A Man Sold His Life And Became Happy

720Question: In Australia, a fifty-year-old man, Ian Asher, completely sold his life. He sold his house, all his equipment, a car, a motorcycle, including his life and his acquaintances. He put it all up for auction on eBay for one dollar. He said: “I do not need such a life. Whoever wants may take it.”

Within a week of bidding, the price rose to $305,000. All he had left was himself, his passport, and money. He said: “I have dreamed about adventures all the time, but in reality I had a dull job, I sold carpets.” He made a list of 100 goals and made a promise that in 100 weeks he would realize them all.

He traveled non-stop: he flew to Dubai to ski, he ran with the bulls in Spain, he swam with white sharks in Africa, he traveled in Japan, and walked on the Great Wall of China.

Two years later, after he had spent $270,000 and fulfilled 93 of the 100 goals, he decided to give up on the remaining 7—to learn to understand in a dream that you are sleeping, to sink to the bottom of the ocean—and forget about them. Instead, he bought a small island off the coast of Panama, built a house, and began living there.

Moreover, now he has a beloved woman. They opened their own publishing house, they publish books, and write fairy tales.

What kind of life is worth fighting for?

Answer: And what is worth fighting for if it all ends? I would not fight.

What to fight for? For the fact that you have been allotted a few more years, and you want to somehow live them, better or worse? You look at the end and see that there is no point in fighting.

Question: But what is really worth spending a lifetime? After all, it is so long.

Answer: Life is given to us only in order to attain its meaning in which a person already attains life itself. It is life itself that is attained in attaining its meaning.

The meaning of life is to reach its root, where we descend from, and where we return to; we descend into this world, and rise back.

Question: Why does a person need to descend into this world, to feel these problems, discontent, disappointment, and despair?

Answer: So that he departs from all these problems. He does not need any problems. He needs to understand the meaning of life. But it is not at all in this world and not in how to do something in this world.

Question: Why not immediately reveal the meaning of life to a man? Why should he go through this series of years of meaningless existence?

Answer: He would not appreciate it. He must reveal and earn it. Because when you work on it, you begin to develop an appetite for it, a desire according to which you begin to feel the meaning of life.

And I can pay everything for it. All I have. I will be paying solely for attaining the meaning of life through my whole lifetime.

Question: When a person became disappointed with his life, sold it and all his belongings, started all over again, and eventually found his little tiny happiness, he showed others an example that you need to set goals and achieve them.

Can a person who attains the meaning of life, and for him it acquires meaning, importance, value, also somehow set an example and pass it on?

Answer: But how can he tell others about the meaning of life? He has found it by himself, he has acquired it. It has a metaphysical value, not a corporeal one. It is not like I have bought or found some kind of a diamond.

For me, the value of my life is in life itself, in that I attain it by myself. And for another person it is when he attains it by himself. I cannot sell it. I can sell life. But I cannot sell the value of life.

Question: But a person is born with a certain aspiration for life, something initially attracts him. After that the whole society with its system overwhelms him. How can a person break through this global mass of disturbances and discern that it is possible to attain the meaning of life?

Answer: This is fate. This happens if a person has a special guiding thread, a fate, luck, a special property, a special angel.

Question: And what is fate?

Answer: Fate is a special force that invisibly, incomprehensibly leads a person by the hand to the upper goal.

Question: How can a person grasp it? You know how it happens when you lay hold of the tip of the thread, start spinning an invisible clue, and it leads you, while you are working, to unexpectedly great results.

Answer: This is only through a subtle property of the inner soul.

Question: If a person has not yet come to the brink of absolute despair when the reverse mechanism begins to work within him, how can he voluntarily rethink it?

Answer: If he has an angel, a fate, then he will succeed, but if not, it will not work. Each of us has a good angel. One has only to draw this good angel to him. To do this, one really needs to want it. It happens to the one who wants it.

This is an internal feeling of longing, a glow of the goal that you want to strive for, but you do not understand what it is, how to achieve it, where to find strength, desire. People who want this come to us.

If in each person a special property arises—to attain oneself, one’s own upper world, one’s predestination—then this means that an angel is already appearing in him. The force that is leading him to the goal, to attainment.

Question: And are we already in this generation?

Answer: Yes, we are on the threshold of the fact that each of us has an angel who is already telling him, whispering that there is a meaning in life: “Do not despair, go forward and search.”
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman,” 3/3/20

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“A Bailout Plan For A Country In Pain” (Medium)

Medium published my new article “A Bailout Plan for a Country in Pain

Look around, we need a bailout plan, and we need it fast. COVID-19 is winning on all fronts, the economy is crashing, anxiety is rising, and aggression is winning. But there are things we can do, if we have the guts, gumption, and grit.

If people stay home idly for more than a few months, they will begin to lose their ability to commit. Once they are in that state, it will be virtually impossible to train them and make them productive for society, and they will remain a weight on the back of society.

First, we need to free the world from the illusion that the coronavirus is a passing phase. It is here to stay. It may not remain the coronavirus that we know today, but its quelling impact on the capitalistic world we’ve known for generations will remain. So whether we like it or not, capitalism as we know it is over, and the sooner we get over the withdrawal phase, the better.

Next, the majority of the job market that we know today will not survive the transition. Anything that is not essential for regular human sustenance will fade, though perhaps not immediately, and the remaining occupations will shrink in size and volume to a fraction of what they are today. Alongside the demise of the old job market, a new scope of jobs will emerge. The New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman referred to them as jobs that “create more value with hearts and between hearts.”

These jobs will be occupations that deal exclusively with bringing people together, increasing mutual responsibility within communities, mutual care and concern, and a sense of accountability and affinity even among strangers. To engage residents in the process, another aspect of this new social work will deal with providing knowledge about the shift that the world is going through. The information will be given via courses that will explain the nature of the change we’re going through, why all of a sudden the economy came crashing down, why we must be responsible for one another like never before, the benefits of such a change of mind and change of heart, and what would happen had we kept going the way we did until the outbreak of COVID-19. The two kinds of training — for enhancing solidarity and providing knowledge — will run side by side and will keep people busy at least as many hours as they would be occupied had they kept working as before, perhaps minus transit time.

Third, the transition period between the capitalist era and the new era must be as short as possible. Human nature loves rest and becomes accustomed to it almost instantaneously. As a result, if people stay home idly for more than a few months, they will begin to lose their ability to commit. Once they are in that state, it will be virtually impossible to train them and make them productive for society, and they will remain a weight on the back of society.

Fourth, alongside the shift in the job market, society will transform its values from admiration of the powerful and narcissistic to esteem for the empowering and altruistic. This will not be a society that worships superheroes, but one that honors those who bring it together in solidarity.

Fifth, preparing the next generation for life in the new world will require changes in the approach to learning, teaching, communication between teachers and students, and between students and students. As in society, so at school, the most commended students will be those who excel in helping their peers work together. The idea isn’t a novel one; it’s been around for more than a decade. Perhaps the best expression of the practicality of collaborative learning is a quote that patent lawyer Lawrence Ebert J.D. found in an essay about high-school cheating: “In no industry is collaboration considered cheating. Only in school is this a problem. What are we teaching our kids?”

We have very little time to make the change. COVID-19 is pressing and old certainties are crumbling. Fringe groups have become mainstream and extremities the norm. If the bailout plan begins without delay, it can take us across the water to the other bank in relative calm and safety. If we let the current carry us where it is going, we will drown.